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AT&T Slashing 50% Off Smartphones Through End of June, Including the Galaxy S4 and HTC One

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 7.33.50 AM

Up until June 30, AT&T is willing to slash half the price off of a new phone should you be interested in signing a new contract with the wireless carrier. In a new promo that went live this past weekend, AT&T is offering up 50% discounts to any phone available in their online shop , including the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One (iPhone 5 too if you care). All you have to do is shop from their site, add the device to your cart, and then proceed to checkout where you will see the discount being applied. As you can tell from the image above, this even worked on the brand new Galaxy S4 Active

Phones eligible range from $0.99 to $199 in price.

Now, we’re not big fans of wireless contracts, but we also understand that a large majority of smartphone owners aren’t interested in forking out the $600+ it would cost to pay full retail and remain contract-free. Should contracts be something you are willing to accept, you have to admit that this is a hell of a deal.

Again, you have until June 30.

Via:  AT&T

  • yellowcanary73

    Also Iphone isn’t included.

  • Of course this offer doesn’t include the Galaxy S4 32GB. Of course it doesn’t. 🙁

  • tech247

    Some folks are getting this to work with the month 2 month plan and cancelling after getting the phone for half price. S4 and HTC One for around $350 contract free sounds pretty good to me.

  • hkklife

    GS4 32Gb, GS4 Active, Optimus G Pro, HTC One…AT&T is absolutely destroying VZW’s handset lineup right now. Throw in the compatibility with the Nexus Experience handsets and you can make a very strong case for switching from Big Red IF you’re not on grandfathered unlimited data.

    • VerizonCEO

      Even I would jump on that

    • monkey082506

      I have unlimited on Big Red, my contract expires next month. I am really considering giving it up for the better phones because my Gnex is well…hurting bad. This deal is really trying to convince me to go back to AT&T. However, unlimited 4G for a phone and (when tethered) my N7 is pretty awesome.

      • John

        Yes, AT&Ts line up is far better than vzw’s but I definitely wouldn’t leave if I had unlimited data. Vzw has the S4 is “eventually” going to get the HTC One, Note 3 and Moto X. Just wait a few months are your options will open…

      • Nick Klenchik

        Stay with unlimited as long as you possibly can. I have 6GB shared on AT&T and I hate having to worry about toggling wifi all the time.

    • Alex

      If I didn’t have to wait until Dec for my VZW contract to expire I would be all over this!

    • Bob Buttons

      Also depends on coverage.

    • Nathan Ranson

      I thought I was someone who used a significant amount of data with my unlimited plan. Turns out, I’m well under what I thought I would be. I’m making the switch from VZW to AT&T. The cheap phone plus the ability to use a new Nexus when it’s released is too good of an offering for me to stay with Verizon and their unlimited plan.

  • KG

    June 30th is the end of their fiscal quarter, so must be a last minute push trying to hit the numbers…

  • Josh C

    Any possible way that Verizon would match this?

    • VerizonCEO


      • Josh C

        I know…dreaming.

        • Richard

          Only reason I’m staying with Verizon is their great coverage and customer service over the phone/online. Other than that Verizon sucks.

  • Ryan

    This is a reaction to the Optimus G Pro dropping in price.

    • Blue Sun

      I would think that this is AT&T giving you yet another reason to not consider spending $649 on a Nexus edition. They’d rather make 5% profit than 0% & lock you down on a 2 year contract to make some more $$$ on top of that.

  • r0lct

    Being on Verizon forever I’m going to ask what might be a dumb question. Will the bands in these ATT phones work on TMobile later if you wanted to switch? HSPA+ and LTE?

    • cgalyon

      Using AT&T phones on T-Mobile’s network is a bit tricky. Many phones do not have the radios to support T-Mobile’s high speed network unless the T-Mobile network has been refarmed in your area (meaning they’ve taken existing bands and re-allocated them for the highspeed network). My experience has not been good with that, but for some people it works great. I’d recommend asking your local T-Mobile reps about their network status.

      • r0lct

        Sounds like the N4 is the safer bet than.

        • JoshGroff

          Definitely, you don’t want to miss out on the 1700mhz HSPA band.

    • AndroidUser00110001

      If you are looking at the S4 than go with T-Mobile version. It has all the bands you need for AT&T plus the boot loader can be fully unlocked. Sim unlock is a breeze following instructions on XDA. I switched from Verizon to T-Mobile and noww on AT&T. I gave up unlimited data on both carriers but in my area AT&T is better than T-Mobile and on par with Verizon. I went with the new go phone plan that allows LTE devices and my T-Mobile S4 works great with AT&T LTE.

  • komradefox

    This upgrade is difficult if you have a FAN discount but still doable. ATT in store and call center reps seem to have no knowledge of this promotion. Online does not require trading in a smartphone but in store does.

  • sc0rch3d

    maybe one clarification you could make…? I signed into myATT and this also applies to upgrades (I’m with ATT but not on contract).

    For those of us…the discount still applies but I still see a $36 activation fee. Nevertheless, still tempting!

  • robniep

    Unfortunately they fixed that. It only lets you select 2 year now.