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HTC Nabs Robert Downey Jr. for $12 Million Marketing Deal?

robert downey jr

Samsung inks LeBron James and Jay-Z to multi-million dollar marketing deals, HTC goes with Tony Stark? According to a report out of Bloomberg, HTC and Robert Downey Jr. have agreed to a $12 million global marketing deal to help promote the Taiwanese company’s smartphone brand, likely starting with the One. And actually, according to this report, the campaign will feature Downey Jr. as himself, not any of the characters he has played over the years. 

Can RDJ help save HTC? That is quite the task, especially after the company just posted one of its worst quarters in history. I guess we’ll find out if the man behind one of the most successful superhero franchises has any influence outside of the Iron Man suit. This report also claims that Downey Jr. will have final say over creative elements.

Smart move? Ready to see Rob on billboards, in print ads, and TV spots to showcase HTC’s newest products?

Via:  Bloomberg

Cheers Aadi!

  • michael arazan

    they would have needed to Pay Marvel for the licensing, not RDJ, since he probably signed away his likeness for the movie deal

  • Tyler Durden

    Don’t spend that $12 mil on drugs and booze RDJ!

  • Chris

    I wouldnt mind if he installs J.A.R.V.I.S. onto all future HTC phones .

  • Now I would be all over a Verizon HTC One like Droid with Iron Man theming!

  • JMonkeYJ

    it would be very bizarre if HTC had hired RDJr to play one of his characters in ads

  • SeenThisBefore

    HTC: ‘Quietly Mismanaged’

  • The Kraken

    HTC: Yea!!! We got Iron Man!!!!!
    Lawyers: [whispering]
    HTC: Yea!!!! We got Robert Downey Jr and we hope everyone will think he’s Tony Stark all the time!!!! Or Sherlock Holmes but not that douche from Weird Science or Back To School!!!!

    • zurginator

      Would be relatively easy… do the Stark hair and have him driving an A8. Everyone would automagically assume Tony Stark.

  • Raven

    I love that scene pictured above. Perhaps they should release the HTC Jericho. It will be the biggest HTC bomb yet.

    “For your consideration… the Jericho.”

  • Soon..

  • Blue Sun

    Just in time for some Verizon HTC One adverts… soon(TM)…

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    Even Iron Man can’t save HTC.

  • Ian Smith

    what kind of creative say does he get to have?

    “hmm, let’s convert this stylus holder here with a… rolled up dollar bill holder for my nose vacuum”

    • nwd1911

      It feels like this is too soon.

  • cancerous_it

    They should’ve paid an engineer 0.01% of that money to design a phone with removable battery and micro sd card slot. They’d get the same return.

    • jdk2

      Wish I could up vote this remark 1000 times!

    • zurginator

      But then no aluminium. Or at best very little. D:

      • S2556

        my og droids metal body disagrees with you

        • zurginator

          Only the ring around the top and actual battery panel are metal on that iirc though.

    • d-rock

      Honestly, HTC is just following Google and Apples lead on this. I love the removable battery, but if I remove the battery and SD slot from the equation, the HTC One blows the S4 out of the water. Those were the only things even making me consider an S4 over a One. then I remembered that I loved my nexus 4 without the battery door or sd slot and then my decision was made.

  • sc4fpse

    Samsung: LeBron James.
    HTC: Robert Downey Jr.
    Motorola: Hey, Moto: Protip: Just release a phone already. My Galaxy Nexus is on its last legs.

    • EC8CH

      Pretty sure Bionic is Moto’s paid spokesman.

      • Shaunwin

        Lee Majors? 🙂

      • sc4fpse

        A true celebrity around here, that’s for sure!

    • LukeDukem

      Is your Gnex super laggy also?

      • sc4fpse

        Yes. Something in the last 4.2.2 update is problematic for Galaxy Nexuses. There are all sorts of bug reports for this, including a giant thread on reddit that had a few fixes, one of which actually worked.

        • NorCalGuy

          I had issues with ” memory leaks” , but there are a number of custom kernels that have solved this issue and brought my phone back to life.

  • Shaunwin

    HTC One Jarvis Edition

    • If they could make Google Now sound like Jarvis, I would buy one!

    • Brenda Thompson

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  • Alex

    Hey, I’m not complaining. I think people actually pay attention to these celebrity adverts. Just last night my roommate (sterotypical iphone user) asked me if I’d seen the Jay-Z samsung commercial..

  • NorCalGuy

    A red and gold One I could Handel that!

    • ihrtspllng


      • musicpun

        I think he actually did mean Handel…to blast with BOOMSOUND

      • NorCalGuy

        Its actually french for I don’t give a s**t

  • Mitch Joa

    The Iron Man phone returns, this time by HTC not LG.

  • punkroyale

    This will definitely save the company.

  • Eric

    That would be amazing. lol The Iron Man phone that is.