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Friday Poll: If You Could be the CEO of an Android Manufacturer, Who Would It be?

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Fans of tech talk a lot about how they would change this or that when it comes to new phones or tablets, they question leadership of their favorite companies quite often, and almost always think they could have made the newest line of flagship products better. Well, what if you had a chance to do that? Not that you actually will, unless HTC’s CEO job opens up, but think about the company that you would most like to lead. To be more specific though, think about the Android OEM that you would most like to command. Would it be Samsung and their dominant position globally? Would you like to see if you can give Motorola the restart it so desperately needs? Can you save HTC? Could you turn LG into the next Samsung? Or is there another company (Google doesn’t count) that you would love to take over?

As always, feel free to explain your choice in the comments.

If You Could be the CEO of an Android Phone Manufacturer, Who Would It be?

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  • Stephen

    i voted samsung because they’re doing pretty well, and I could have the chance to remove touchwiz and make anything stock. well, i would do that on any carrier. HTC i like their hardware though.

  • casualsuede

    lg, easy for me. it is a matter of elimination. Samsung is #1, only way to go is down. htc is hamstrung with their single business model that is not making money and motorola is a subsidiary of google, meaning you will never be the boss and google doesn’t fund motorola to market. lg, like SS, has the money, technology and the ability. the only other one is sony, who is small in the us but bigger in europe and asia than lg, htc or motorola.

  • Knlegend1

    Motorola because they have the most potential. Samsung, so we can stop making some many big a$$ phones.

  • samsung!

    Would it be Samsung and their dominant position globally?

  • adudeapart

    Nokia. Mostly I am just curious to what their Android offering would be like. I had a chance this past week to take a look at my friends Lumia 920 and I did like the hardware styling quite a bit.

  • TheApprentice

    Other: Huawei

  • 윌 스튜어트

    I chose Motorola but I’d really like to be the CEO of Google!

    • TheApprentice

      The Agent wants to return to source. Aww how cute!!.

      • 윌 스튜어트

        What are you talking about?

        And regarding our discussion on Gsmarena (comments are closed) – I proved you are an idiot – swearing at people during a debate, making up facts and figures, lying about owning an Android phone…

        • TheApprentice

          Nothing, carry on. My point is that it was neither techy nor economics related, if you were really here for what you have said then you would not bother that much in proving me something. Hence poved you are a liar. Liar. I have never swored at anyone except you. Cause you are my fav. 🙂

          • 윌 스튜어트

            What wasnt techy nor economics related? I want quotes

          • TheApprentice

            Where the tech and economics in calling people names, and assuming they are idiots, accusing them of having multiple accounts?

          • 윌 스튜어트

            “calling people names” – where have I called anyone names? Find me one post. “assuming they are idiots” – I proved they were idiots. I’d be happy to provide evidence. There is a serious problem with people copying other people’s account on Gsmarena I was merely having a discussion with 2 people about this.

          • TheApprentice

            I have two books for you. Memory Improvement and Understanding Comments for Dummies(this isn’t released yet, but looking at your replies, they might just release one) 😀 :D. Accept it Will you are a liar, bigger than anyone one us here on Disquss.

          • 윌 스튜어트

            I’ve asked you for evidence to prove your claims not more nonsense. Again, I want to know the source of these claims you have made (other than your imagination). I can’t help you without anyone proof.

            Something tells me you are not going to tell me where these theories have come from.

          • TheApprentice

            You called me idiot. Do you accept?
            You called Ron liar. Do you accept?
            You have accused me of having multiple accounts without concrete evidence. Do you accept?
            Asking me to learn mandarin. Do you accept?
            Your saying but I proved you are an idiot and Ron a liar. Do you accept?
            That comment about certain TA you made the other day. Do you accept?
            These things are not tech related. Do you accept?
            These things are not economics related. Do you accept?
            No ifs no buts, only yes or no. Do you accept?

          • 윌 스튜어트

            No to all of them, I have never called anyone anything. I PROVED they were idiots, liars, and found some evidence to accuse you of copying everyones account. I also had sufficient reasons to recommend Mandarin. And they are related to tech – I proved you were spreading misinformation about tech and I proved Ron was making up figures about tech. Again, I can provide evidence to back up these claims.

          • TheApprentice

            You were suppose to answer only yes or no and you failed.

          • 윌 스튜어트

            You asked questions that will be misinterpreted if answered only Yes and No.

          • TheApprentice

            😀 😀 😀

          • 윌 스튜어트

            I’m glad you understand you were wrong here.

          • TheApprentice

            I was laughing, cause I proved my point, that you don’t comments.

          • 윌 스튜어트

            Oh? Which bit didn’t I understand?

          • TheApprentice

            I had said “No ifs no buts, only answer yes or no? Do you accept?” Yet you didnt. Proves you don’t understand comments. That book might become reality cause of you. Have a nice day Sir. 😀 :D.

          • 윌 스튜어트

            I think it is you who needs that book, “You asked questions that will be misinterpreted if answered only yes and no” – I think you misunderstood the debate, I have replied why I chose my answers. I’ve suggested you take language classes many times in the past and I’m asking you again. You shouldnt be on this website if you can’t understand what you are talking about.

          • TheApprentice

            Those questions where as straight forward as the shortest distance between two points and even today none of replies were tech related or economics related. You are just a big faker. Giving suggestions based on your assumptions. As if you know whats better for others.

          • 윌 스튜어트

            Would you rather have me answer questions that you don’t understand or would you rathet have me explain my comments? Again, if I only answered yes or no you would have misinterpreted my answers.

          • TheApprentice

            Assumptions again. :D. You could easily be one of those analyst, that make stupid assumptions or that fanboy/hater journalist at The Independent.

          • 윌 스튜어트

            You’ve clearly misunderstood my points. I didn’t do any of that.

  • niuguy

    Motorola, because then I could work in downtown Chicago and not have to move 🙂

  • Verizon Engineer

    All of them, so I could do this.

  • Jim Jameson

    can I be the CEO of Verizon so they could stop being retarded?

  • HTC because I would love to rebuild that company

  • Ameen Alaa

    I’ll Go With Samsung ..

  • Brian P.

    Probably LG…They are far from my favorite OEM but they have a lot of positive momentum in the smart-device game right now. I think they are attacking the industry head on and are getting the recognition needed to be in the spotlight. Yes, they are following in Samsung’s, their roll model, footsteps nonetheless a good place to be when releasing ground breaking innovation, which is exactly what LG plans to do in Q4 with the flexible display.I’d love to be an LG CEO to take the credit of an underdog’s rise to the top. LG said last year that big things were in LG’s future and by George I believe they’re right!

  • proparham

    other : SONY
    xperia devices have great design and ( mostly) good build quality. and in case of hardware they are good too. but when comes to display, they suk.
    and software updates come very late compare to aosp release. but they are fairly good with developers (unlockable bootloaders & …) but when they leave a device behind , they leave it completely ( no drivers and libs for next android version eventhough they have those)

  • feztheforeigner

    Motorola cause then I’d be working for Google

    • Bob

      You would be working for Motorola, and wouldn’t have really have any of the benefits of working for Google. Google has stated countless times that the changed at Motorola since it’s actuation was that Google now handles more of the financial things.

      Even employees that moved to Motorola from Google had to give up their Google badges.

      So no, you would not be working for Google. You would be working for Motorola, and Google would just be making sure you didn’t go under. That is really about it.

  • ahhh yes

    Sony here as well…. Really guys moto?

  • yummy

    I would build a phone chassis
    that everything can be switched out
    of, so you could upgrade your chip
    without needing a new phone.
    Call me. Oh, and it would be
    made of a bamboo resin.

  • MariaxXT

    HTC is the best i will only be the CEO of HTC the rest are copycats

  • Viva Movil

    Motorola. People saying Sammy for making more dollars makes sense. I would love the CEO position for moto. They have great potential and I wanna lead that into success. Not just my wallet.

  • HellRa1SeR

    1. For one its Google owned
    2. Its the mobile pioneer. I, being an Engineer, have utmost respect for the company.
    3. I love Moto’s previous products.
    4. The competition is not that great.If Nokia or BB would have been there I would have thought for a second.
    5. I want Moto to take the top spot.


  • Josh Shaw

    Everyone that said anything other than Samsung is a bad businessman.

    1. CEO for a month and you’d be set for life
    2. They sell EVERYTHING!

    3. S3 Sales.

    4. S4 Sales.

  • iamnotfan

    I didn’t know Motorola will be on the top when I clicked it.

  • joejoe5709

    Samsung is crazy. They have their hands in everything. Lots to lose in that game. HTC is a disaster. LG isn’t exciting enough but probably my second choice. I think Moto would be fun. Working with Google on some exciting stuff in a very promising revival. Easily my choice.

  • Phillip Bee

    Other .. Asus !!

    Their products are almost stock Android anyway. They do deliver faster and timely updates that aforementioned OEMs.

    I believe there can deliver an excellent innovative Asus Nexus phone and/or Nexus Padfone like product internationally released. That would set the Android community on fire !!

  • Verizon Engineer

    All of them. Then I could plaster the VZ logo on every device. It would be beautiful.

  • Travis H

    motorola… duh… because i would be working for GOOGLE

  • Jonathan Ly


    I think HTC could have made a dynamic splash this year, but the HTC One launch was so horrid that everyone in their senior administration is trying to bail out.

    HTC has had potential and it just keeps squandering it.

  • Jordan Pfingsten

    Motorola. Who wouldn’t want to work for Google?

  • morpheus282

    Any of them would be fine with me. One year of a CEO’s salary at any company would set me up for the next 20 years.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Samsung, who else?

  • SkylaC90

    I would love to run Sony, not the mobile division but the whole company. There’s tons I would change starting with their Mobile and TV divisions. i’d bring as much as I could in house and i’d condense and unify every part of the company until the whole company runs as a cohesive unit.

  • Daniel

    Motorola so I could encourage a high-end qwerty slider Droid 5 into existance

    • Downtoearth2

      QWERTY keyboard are dead,deal with it,you need to adapt to trends.

  • Jeff “Big Red”

    As much as I love Moto I’d go to SAMSUNG because they are making more money. Kind of a no brainer….

  • Mvrcel Lgt

    I think LG has so much potential…

  • ojaymayo22

    Other- NOKIA.

    Easily the best overall manufacturer, they just need to start making android devices.
    They care about USER EXPERIENCE, invest the most money in research and development, and simply care about their consumers with all of their return policies and build quality.
    If android ever wants to live up to the “build quality” of iOS or Windows Phone (yes, I know android has the phones with the most powerful specs BY FAR), they need to get Nokia to be a manufacturer.

    • Maximus

      Nokia shouldn’t build Android devices. The market is already saturated. Without a history in the market already, it would be a waste of money to try to compete with the likes of Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG, and Sony. That’s not even considering the brands that are starter phones. Their best shot at this point is to hope MS improves marketing.

  • Bill Hill

    HTC so I could turn that company around, its such a mess atm

    • Downtoearth2

      I feel sorry for HTC too,with these lawsuits, first it was Apple, now Nokia.They should quit android altogether.

  • Maximus

    Realistically, Motorola has THE most potential. When you’re on top, you’re only place to go is down. Which is where Samsung is headed. LG can’t compete. HTC isn’t being smart, for some reason or another. The Maxx battery technology is so amazing, they should brand ALL their phones with it. Kill droid line, and begin the Maxx line. And all their phones have solid build quality. They are build like trucks. I’ll take Motorola any day…

    • Jonathan Ly

      So what your saying is….if they put bigger batteries in the phone…it lasts longer?

      • TrevorSP

        That’s not really the point he’s making. He means that they make the batteries have a high mAh but they still keep the the phone relatively thin.

        • Jonathan Ly

          Galaxy S4 – 2600 mAh 130g (4.59 oz)

          HTC One – 2300 mAh 143g (5.044 oz)

          Droid Razr Maxx HD – 3300 mAh 157g (5.538 oz)

          Color me unimpressed.

          I swear everyone clings to Motorola’s cred from the OG Droid and they truly haven’t put up a revolutionary device. The original Razr Maxx was not a simultaneous launch with the Razr, one could argue that its a revision because of the original Razr’s paltry 1780mAh battery.

          The fact that the Maxx differentiation still exists shows Motorola’s lack of commitment.

          • Franz

            The HD has the same 3300 mAh battery as the non-HD Maxx which came out in January of 2012.

            That’s about 16 – 17 months before the HTC One and Galaxy S4 was released.

            A more fair comparison would be to grab a phone from HTC or S4 from the same time.

            HTC One X (Feb 2012) (1800 mAh) (130g)
            Maxx (January 2012 (3300 mAh) (145g)

            So it still loses on the weight, but that’s an exactly 100 mAh per 1 gram.

            In either case, the Maxx’s battery tech is early 2012 (and developed in 2011). It’s not fair to pit them against HTC’s and Samsung’s new flagships. Motorola doesn’t have a flagship at all this year (yet).

          • Jonathan Ly

            How is that a fairer comparison?

            The Razr Maxx HD came out in October of 2012. Oh, so you’re saying I shouldn’t compare OLD TECH because instead of improving it, Motorola trotted out the SAME BATTERY 10 months later…got it.

            My point being is that the Maxx battery is not some unique characteristic. Its nothing special, its just a larger battery. I’m not going to herald a company for doing something it already should do.

          • Maximus

            No, you herald a company for making something revolutionary. Just because they didn’t move with it like they should have, doesn’t make it any less revolutionary. Each phone we buy has something about it that makes us buy it. HTC had the best software. Samsung phones were the fastest. Motorola had the best hardware. If Moto kept up that good hardware with decent software, they would eat up Samsung. If any Maxx battery phone had 2GB of RAM, I would rock it as appose to the S4 I currently use. Moto phones just take more of a beating. This is my point. The company has THE most potential to do great things. They just lack the sense for whatever reason.

          • THIS^^

            Hopefully Google’s acquisition of Motorola can get some heads rolling and they can turn the company around!

            Oh and Jonathan, the Maxx lineup is revolutionary because they basically put a small tablet sized battery into a phone form factor and they not only made it fit but they made the device feel premium in the hand (using the extra weight of the battery as a benefit instead of a con).

          • Stephen

            have you ever used a Maxx HD? A friends gets at least two days battery with it. I agree it isn’t the thinnest/prettiest, but if someone makes a good looking phone with a battery that large, i’m in.

    • markmobley3

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  • justpassinthru

    The numbers don’t lie, I figured Motorola.

  • Nicktrance

    Samsung because it’s the most stable and successful of all of them…

  • Google.

  • Bionic

    I wanna be the CEO of Vivid entertainment

    • oxy-moron

      You should be the Fluffer for Vivid….with your expertise on cupping Sarges balls and all!….haha

      • LiterofCola

        You’re an idiot

  • Justin W

    Didn’t expect Moto to be winning, but they have amazing potential with Google as their owner.

  • Kevin McDole

    Hmm…I really have no idea.

    • Downtoearth2

      By your handle I guess HTC isn’t?

  • Dave

    Samsung….so I could swim in money all day.

    • Michael Ta

      you mean bloatware and tons of mid-end, low-end…etc all kind of -end phones?

      • Sean Royce

        Yeah, that’s why we have the Galaxy S series, and Galaxy Note series. Because they’re low end.

      • Dave

        Well, they now account for 7 of 10 new Android axtivations, clearly people don’t really have serious issues with their devices. Also in 2013, with chips near 2.0 ghz and massive ram, bloat ware doesn’t really have much effect on performance. About the equivalent of an extra adult in a Dodge Viper.

      • Cory_S

        No..he meant money.

  • James

    I voted Samsung cause there devices are amazing but just need some tweaking

  • Motorola, even before the Google takeover

  • BitchAssFemales

    Why so much hate for LG?

    • Probably because LG should stick to fridges.

      • Sean Royce

        You could say the same about Samsung. LG have been pretty good as of the past year.

        • Lifes Food

          The only reason we mention LG is because of 3 things: The G Series (which barely is a reason”, the Nexus 4, and because the ones with their fridges see it every time they want food.

          • Sean Royce

            “and because the ones with their fridges see it every time they want food.” What?

  • h8thepain

    It would be Motorola. I would open them wide up and FIX their customer support! I sent in a Razr HD to have the screen replaced (willing to pay the $100 for this), and they said it had liquid damage and sent me back a device that won’t even power on now!

    • Cory_S

      That’s spooky. Samsung id the exact same thing to me.Took me hours of arguing until I got high enough up the support chain that someone just authorized a full repair…but then they lost the phone for 3 months.

  • Anon

    Motorola, because I’d have the most chance to make a big, positive change to a brand I’d love to see succeed.

    HTC as a second choice, for the same reason.

  • john

    Moto, cause you can only go up from here.

    • MicroNix

      It definitely needs a lot of help.

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    lg because right now they just seem to get it.

  • Bionic

    Motorola. Because they really need my help. I could also leak my devices in the droid life comments. Oh wait…… I’m already helping to do that!

    • Liderc

      At least your rumors may be true then.

      • He’d still get them wrong.

        • Sean Royce


  • imneveral0ne

    I can’t even vote on the poll lol. Just shows the results.

    Anywho, I guess my unofficial vote will be for HTC. Seems like they’re really making a comeback, and it’d be very exciting to be there right now I think!

  • Bionic

    The Batcave

  • ConCal

    Samsung and I would completely change their hideous design language.

    • uzo ufondu

      Samsung and you?

      • ConCal

        Lol, I totally wasn’t thinking when I wrote it.

  • Radgatt

    I would like to be Sony’s CEO and get them more of a presence in the US. Especially on Verizon. I guess since Verizon is primarily CDMA right now that is something that Sony doesn’t want to experiment with anymore. I guess the Xperia Play was a flop to say the least. Any guesses on the number of years it will be before Sony makes another phone for Verizon?

    • paul_cus

      Sony doesn’t like to make CDMA phones, so it might be awhile.

      • Radgatt

        That’s what I’m afraid of. Their phones are the best but at the same time Verizon has the best network where I live and I don’t want to give up my unlimited data just to go GSM and not have as great service. Any idea on when Verizon may make a VoLTE phone? Any chance Sony could make one of those phones? That is a question I would ask as CEO of Sony to Verizon.

        • xgshortbus25

          Talked to Verizon rep today volte will startup last quarter of this year first of next year at the latest! New phones beginning same time they are beginning to move away from CDMA all together! From what he said anyway only thing I dont understand is volte a gsm like service or will it still be Verizon exclusive and will the phones move to gsm?

          • Radgatt

            From my understanding VoLTE is GSM based and at that point if the phone is compatible with the network then it’s all good with whatever phone you want. I could be wrong though.

  • Why is apple not a choice? Are we no longer calling ios 7 a rehash of android?

    • See the title? It specifically says…
      Friday Poll: If You Could be the CEO of an *ANDROID* Manufacturer, Who Would It be?

      • Johnny

        didnt get the joke

        • Joseph A. Yager

          Explained the joke

          • antny

            If you have to explain the joke, it’s not funny.

          • Joseph A. Yager

            Edit: He ‘unwittingly’ explained the joke

          • KleenDroid

            While I understand what you are saying the truth of the matter is that there are many people who are not members of Mensa.

          • Either that or Chamption1229 is just a moron…

  • chris125

    Samsung. They have boatloads of cash and you could really make some awesome devices

    • Chris Hannan

      Yeah. Samsung is definitely the best choice. They’ve already got the popularity, so it wouldn’t take much to sell new devices, but you could make them however you wanted.

      • chris125

        Agree. I mean especially how it seems samsung is willing to do anything so its not like they would shoot your ideas down. Plus they have the potential to make great devices, they just choose to stick with “cheap plastic”

        • That would be the first thing on my list of “to do’s”! Scrap the cheap plastic and make devices that not only have premium internals but premium external materials!

          • Downtoearth2

            What about easy replaced batteries?

          • That’s kinda one of those things I have learned to live without. I used to only own devices with removable batteries but after VZW customer service stuck me with a Droid Razr (non-removable battery) I have just kinda learned to not need a replacement and its actually kinda nice. The phones seem to me to be much thinner and have bigger batteries (besides HTC, I don’t know who thought a 2020mah was enough for the DNA) especially the Motorola made ones (see Droid Razr Maxx HD). The only drawback is needing to have a charger in my car but even that is still much easier than carrying a replacement battery and having to swap them out (try swapping batteries on the go, its a royale pain ).

        • Sean Royce

          “cheap plastic” was that meant to imply that it isn’t cheap? Because you realize the minority are the only ones who scream about the exterior build quality. The average joe doesn’t care.

          • chris125

            The coating is what makes it feel cheap. I don’t currently have a Samsung but I had the s3 and galaxy nexus and both were dropped multiple times without issues. It was just another thing people like to complain about. Hopefully with the s5 they can move away from this so people don’t complain

          • Sean Royce

            I’ll admit that I didn’t like the glossy colour and feel. But it was suffice, and the only thing that caused my S3’s screen to smash was me being drunk and dropping it on to it’s face.

          • I beg to differ, my whole family was in the market for new phones lately (my mother and father are helpless when it comes to tech) and I purposefully never said a word about any of the devices until we all went out to dinner one night and a VZW store was across the street. After dinner we all went in and just browsed (no one bought anything that night) but literally everyone commented on how the S4 and Note 2 look and feel cheap compared to other devices on display (see Droid DNA, Razr MAXX HD, etc).

          • Sean Royce

            To each their own, but they aren’t literally “cheap” devices.

    • michael arazan

      Samsung needs to take the Flexo screen and create a phone that folds out to a small tablet

  • Ryan

    I would say LG. Honestly because I feel there is so much unused potential with the hardware and can really make a great device with proper marketing.

  • LiterofCola


  • Matthew Merrick

    Other – Sony

    Sony keeps making these devices that are sooooo close to perfect, but always have a couple flaws that stop them from being #1. Especially with the power to bring in all Sony’s other divisions and make a superdevice…. Yeah, that’d be great.

    • Scott Jordan

      I agree with you. They are close to recapturing a top spot in electronics. If they can put all of Sony together in one package I see them taking on HTC successfully. To take out Samsung as number 1 requires a lot more marketing money.

      • Matthew Merrick

        Taking out Samsung as #1 is difficult, if not impossible. But getting the #2 spot would not be hard at all.

        • Jose Daniel Zuniga

          If Nokia went Android, I’m pretty sure they would take out Samsung

          • Matthew Merrick

            Have you ever held a Nokia? Giant fat bricks, not comfortable to hold at all, pretty ugly too, at least to most people. If modern Lumias ran android they wouldn’t sell much better than they do now.

        • kashtrey

          Sony is probably one of the few companies that could take on Samsung, if only they would fully commit and go all in with a phone. They’re a behemoth of a corporation that could probably out spend Samsung in ads. Their strategy is so tentative though just like their phones. They have all the capability in the world to knock it out of the park but they always come up just short.

        • Sean Royce

          Near impossible. The company is worth extravagant amounts of money.

        • Mvrcel Lgt

          If Samsung keeps on this way it will end up like Apple in no time. And yeah, everyone hates Nokia…but actually I see alot in my city and would want a Nokia with Android myself, Im bulky, so are my phones 🙂

    • paul_cus

      Took the words right out of my mouth. I would also want to run Panasonic and start making Android phones for outside of Japan again. They gave up way too easily after the ELUGA. I’m still mad at them.

      • Matthew Merrick

        Completely forgot about the Asia-exclusive OEMs. I’d love to bring some of Sharp’s more premium products to the USA. Especially that new 7″ Tablet they were showing off…..

    • Tyler

      Sony needs to bring their smartphone to the big carriers in the US. Their Xperia line is nice (with the exception of viewing angles). Yet, they aren’t releasing phones here.

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      • a) youth.in.asia

        How much were you making at Shoprite?

    • mariebryson325

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    • LiterofCola


  • Scott Jordan

    I think this pool has inherit bias, because most people who really care and are interested enough to follow all these android stories tend to support stock android and are be fans of Google. So naturally moto is higher.

    • antny

      Vanilla > Touchwiz/Sense

      • Sean Royce

        Eh, I tend to disagree sometimes. I mean, I have a Nexus 4, but it’s kind of bland. Even when you tinker with it. Sense 5 looks alright besides the app draw and blink feed.

  • Maniko (Meister_Li)

    Sony. So I could kick them in the ass to finally bring out hardware when it’s new. Those tossers.

  • Annduhroo

    I’d be CEO of Samsung
    I feel that I could satisfy the normal consumer with business as usual, but also satisfy the nerds with a more premium line in a focus on build quality

  • One of the smaller companies (like Oppo or something) so I could have more freedom to break the mold and try new and interesting things instead of worrying about my brand name or whatever.

    • I’m on board with this idea.
      The Find 7 sounds impressive.

    • michael arazan

      Problem, R&D cost lots of money, especially building a line of prototypes from scratch and by hand, not to mention the engineering and designs just to see if it is theoretically feasible to put together, for one phone. Need a company that has stacks cash to do that with, and pretty much guarantee that money will never come back. I’d go with Motorola, Having Google as a sugar daddy is nice.