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Friday Poll: If You Could be the CEO of an Android Manufacturer, Who Would It be?

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Fans of tech talk a lot about how they would change this or that when it comes to new phones or tablets, they question leadership of their favorite companies quite often, and almost always think they could have made the newest line of flagship products better. Well, what if you had a chance to do that? Not that you actually will, unless HTC’s CEO job opens up, but think about the company that you would most like to lead. To be more specific though, think about the Android OEM that you would most like to command. Would it be Samsung and their dominant position globally? Would you like to see if you can give Motorola the restart it so desperately needs? Can you save HTC? Could you turn LG into the next Samsung? Or is there another company (Google doesn’t count) that you would love to take over?

As always, feel free to explain your choice in the comments.

If You Could be the CEO of an Android Phone Manufacturer, Who Would It be?

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  • Stephen

    i voted samsung because they’re doing pretty well, and I could have the chance to remove touchwiz and make anything stock. well, i would do that on any carrier. HTC i like their hardware though.

  • casualsuede

    lg, easy for me. it is a matter of elimination. Samsung is #1, only way to go is down. htc is hamstrung with their single business model that is not making money and motorola is a subsidiary of google, meaning you will never be the boss and google doesn’t fund motorola to market. lg, like SS, has the money, technology and the ability. the only other one is sony, who is small in the us but bigger in europe and asia than lg, htc or motorola.

  • Knlegend1

    Motorola because they have the most potential. Samsung, so we can stop making some many big a$$ phones.

  • samsung!

    Would it be Samsung and their dominant position globally?

  • adudeapart

    Nokia. Mostly I am just curious to what their Android offering would be like. I had a chance this past week to take a look at my friends Lumia 920 and I did like the hardware styling quite a bit.

  • TheApprentice

    Other: Huawei

  • 윌 스튜어트

    I chose Motorola but I’d really like to be the CEO of Google!

    • TheApprentice

      The Agent wants to return to source. Aww how cute!!.

      • 윌 스튜어트

        What are you talking about?

        And regarding our discussion on Gsmarena (comments are closed) – I proved you are an idiot – swearing at people during a debate, making up facts and figures, lying about owning an Android phone…

        • TheApprentice

          Nothing, carry on. My point is that it was neither techy nor economics related, if you were really here for what you have said then you would not bother that much in proving me something. Hence poved you are a liar. Liar. I have never swored at anyone except you. Cause you are my fav. 🙂

          • 윌 스튜어트

            What wasnt techy nor economics related? I want quotes

          • TheApprentice

            Where the tech and economics in calling people names, and assuming they are idiots, accusing them of having multiple accounts?

          • 윌 스튜어트

            “calling people names” – where have I called anyone names? Find me one post. “assuming they are idiots” – I proved they were idiots. I’d be happy to provide evidence. There is a serious problem with people copying other people’s account on Gsmarena I was merely having a discussion with 2 people about this.

          • TheApprentice

            I have two books for you. Memory Improvement and Understanding Comments for Dummies(this isn’t released yet, but looking at your replies, they might just release one) 😀 :D. Accept it Will you are a liar, bigger than anyone one us here on Disquss.

          • 윌 스튜어트

            I’ve asked you for evidence to prove your claims not more nonsense. Again, I want to know the source of these claims you have made (other than your imagination). I can’t help you without anyone proof.

            Something tells me you are not going to tell me where these theories have come from.

          • TheApprentice

            You called me idiot. Do you accept?
            You called Ron liar. Do you accept?
            You have accused me of having multiple accounts without concrete evidence. Do you accept?
            Asking me to learn mandarin. Do you accept?
            Your saying but I proved you are an idiot and Ron a liar. Do you accept?
            That comment about certain TA you made the other day. Do you accept?
            These things are not tech related. Do you accept?
            These things are not economics related. Do you accept?
            No ifs no buts, only yes or no. Do you accept?

          • 윌 스튜어트

            No to all of them, I have never called anyone anything. I PROVED they were idiots, liars, and found some evidence to accuse you of copying everyones account. I also had sufficient reasons to recommend Mandarin. And they are related to tech – I proved you were spreading misinformation about tech and I proved Ron was making up figures about tech. Again, I can provide evidence to back up these claims.

          • TheApprentice

            You were suppose to answer only yes or no and you failed.

          • 윌 스튜어트

            You asked questions that will be misinterpreted if answered only Yes and No.

          • TheApprentice

            😀 😀 😀

          • 윌 스튜어트

            I’m glad you understand you were wrong here.

          • TheApprentice

            I was laughing, cause I proved my point, that you don’t comments.

          • 윌 스튜어트

            Oh? Which bit didn’t I understand?

          • TheApprentice

            I had said “No ifs no buts, only answer yes or no? Do you accept?” Yet you didnt. Proves you don’t understand comments. That book might become reality cause of you. Have a nice day Sir. 😀 :D.

          • 윌 스튜어트

            I think it is you who needs that book, “You asked questions that will be misinterpreted if answered only yes and no” – I think you misunderstood the debate, I have replied why I chose my answers. I’ve suggested you take language classes many times in the past and I’m asking you again. You shouldnt be on this website if you can’t understand what you are talking about.

          • TheApprentice

            Those questions where as straight forward as the shortest distance between two points and even today none of replies were tech related or economics related. You are just a big faker. Giving suggestions based on your assumptions. As if you know whats better for others.

          • 윌 스튜어트

            Would you rather have me answer questions that you don’t understand or would you rathet have me explain my comments? Again, if I only answered yes or no you would have misinterpreted my answers.

          • TheApprentice

            Assumptions again. :D. You could easily be one of those analyst, that make stupid assumptions or that fanboy/hater journalist at The Independent.

          • 윌 스튜어트

            You’ve clearly misunderstood my points. I didn’t do any of that.

  • niuguy

    Motorola, because then I could work in downtown Chicago and not have to move 🙂

  • Verizon Engineer

    All of them, so I could do this.

  • Jim Jameson

    can I be the CEO of Verizon so they could stop being retarded?

  • HTC because I would love to rebuild that company

  • Ameen Alaa

    I’ll Go With Samsung ..

  • Brian P.

    Probably LG…They are far from my favorite OEM but they have a lot of positive momentum in the smart-device game right now. I think they are attacking the industry head on and are getting the recognition needed to be in the spotlight. Yes, they are following in Samsung’s, their roll model, footsteps nonetheless a good place to be when releasing ground breaking innovation, which is exactly what LG plans to do in Q4 with the flexible display.I’d love to be an LG CEO to take the credit of an underdog’s rise to the top. LG said last year that big things were in LG’s future and by George I believe they’re right!

  • proparham

    other : SONY
    xperia devices have great design and ( mostly) good build quality. and in case of hardware they are good too. but when comes to display, they suk.
    and software updates come very late compare to aosp release. but they are fairly good with developers (unlockable bootloaders & …) but when they leave a device behind , they leave it completely ( no drivers and libs for next android version eventhough they have those)

  • feztheforeigner

    Motorola cause then I’d be working for Google

    • Bob

      You would be working for Motorola, and wouldn’t have really have any of the benefits of working for Google. Google has stated countless times that the changed at Motorola since it’s actuation was that Google now handles more of the financial things.

      Even employees that moved to Motorola from Google had to give up their Google badges.

      So no, you would not be working for Google. You would be working for Motorola, and Google would just be making sure you didn’t go under. That is really about it.