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Amid HTC’s Constant Struggles, CEO Peter Chou Won’t Quit His Job


As HTC continues to remain in a downward spiral in terms of revenue and sales, their fearless leader Peter Chou, isn’t done quite yet. Chou co-founded HTC back in 1997, turning absolutely nothing into a company that creates some of the world’s most desirable smartphones, although lately, the company has not been doing so hot. With profits dropping a reported 98% in previous quarters, Chou has taken much of the blame for the company’s recent woes. While dealing with this uphill battle, he is still optimistic and said in a recent interview that he won’t be quitting his role as CEO at HTC anytime soon. 

I know you guys want to ask, will I quit. There are a lot of rumors that say I would quit, but I never said that. I’m not going to find another job.

When companies take large dives such as this and can’t seem to get back on the right track with a winning formula, it is not uncommon to see a changing of the guard. According to an interview with one of HTC’s board members, David Yoffie, not a single time has a discussion been made about removing Chou from power. “The board has a lot of confidence in Peter, and share price is not going to drive decisions on the future of the chief executive.”

With the new year already half way behind us, HTC has given off a lot of positive signs. They have unified their hardware design language, brought their top-selling flagship device to the major four U.S. carriers (still waiting on Verizon’s variant), and still have a decent amount of marketing presence across the globe. Sometimes that is hard to keep in perspective when a company like Samsung has a limitless amount of power in those important departments.

Nevertheless, we can expect to continue seeing Mr. Chou as HTC’s CEO for the time being.

Via: WSJ

  • I’m not a big fan of HTC but the other guys in the office at (http://marwickmarketing.com) love it!

  • Mark Long

    HTC isn’t really in a downward spiral anymore. They haven’t completely turned things around yet, but they are in the right track and the worst is certainly behind them. HTC will be okay. There hardware and design are unparalleled and there Sense software is among the best, if not the best manufacturer interface in the industry. With the positive reviews they are garnering on The One and their new focus on marketing they will be knocking on Samsung’s door in the not to distant future. They were once the king of Android and if they keep doing what they’re doing they can certainly reclaim their throne over the much overrated Samsung, whose devices are in fact inferior to those of HTC.

  • Elliot Kotis

    I think HTC should be back to the rise soon, the HTC ONE is an amazing phone, it pulled BOTH my parents away from iOS (even though they have many paid apps on iOS), and they continue to innovate, with specs (their displays), and even have quite good battery life with that. The camera is amazing in low light, zoe and new the launcher is amazing.

  • mechapathy

    Never fear! KAZAM is here!

  • Mvrcel Lgt

    I wonder at what point people did say bye to HTC and hello to Samsung. I started my Smartphone-affinity with a Desire which is still up and running. Exchanged it to lot of other phones not being HTC. But then came back to see the One X was just brilliant. I crashed it just 3 months later and got myself the cheapest option available at that time (n4). I would always hop on the HTC-train again and don’t understand why the customers did let down on HTC so fast the moment they saw how much afford Samsung puts in PR to it’s mobile sector. Did people forget about Tizen, the Samsung way to discredit android on the long term or are they just focused on specs, more specs and updates? Im not an HTC fanboy, I like LG and Huawei a lot too, it’s just pain to see good companies (and CEOs that take all the blame?!) struggle againt the monsters Apple, Samsung AND their customers created.

    • Hanz Sprungfeld

      I can tell you from personal experience working in the industry most people go with name recognition before anything else. It doesn’t even matter if they don’t know what it’s called… “oh do you have the new galaxy (s4, 4s, 5, 5s, gs4, sg4, sgs4, 6, sgs2-4, etc.)”… they always say “galaxy” or iPhone. If it isn’t a galaxy or an iphone… people don’t know what it is 99% of the time.

  • fritzo2162

    I thought the HTC One is selling like hotcakes?

    • LANCE

      its selling but not in samsung numbers like they need it too, its a marketing problem ive only seen ONE person with the phone since it came out >_<

      • Elliot Kotis

        Yep, Samsung steal sales, because they are benefiting from marketing and past innovations, and their gimmicks. HTC needs a new marketing team.

      • eibook

        When Verizon finally gets around to releasing it I Sense a few more HTC Ones will be sold.

        • LANCE

          hehehe i see what ya did there

  • Didn’t they report a 50% increase in revenues from April to May? They’re projecting a positive Q2 and have already surpassed Q1 revenues in just 2 months. There are signs they are recovering and the fact that they never ever went into loss through these tough 2 years, it’d be a shame to ask Chou to step down. 2 bad years cannot wipe out 15 years of building a company from nothing to a global brand. They’d lost focus and needed those two tough years to bring their focus back to where it should be. Although, I hope they don’t keep repeating blunders like the First.

  • Bill Hill

    The captain goes down with the ship

  • Tim242

    Of course he won’t. That’s one more lie from HTCoffin.

  • yummy

    I think I can…I think I can…
    …I think I can….

  • Weber

    Dude looks tired.

    • In that pic, he was probably jetlagged. I believe that was in Menlo Park at the HTC First unveiling.

  • SewWhat

    HTC formula for success = keep making high quality phones like the One…Abandon Sense COMPLETELY…go stock Android but still have the goodies baked I.E. camera software blah blah blah… and get the Updates out in a timely fashion.

    My biggest turn off with HTC is Sense… It’s far more obtrusive and resource hungry than any other “skin” even MotoBlur. It’s as if they were trying to make an uber phone that would do anything.. they seemed to forget that all those customizations they’ve tried to bake in could be done via 3rd party apps/widgets.

    • Mitch Joa

      I’m a little surprised you’re comparing MotoBlur to Sense. MotoBlur is basically stock when compared to Touchwiz, Sense, or even what LG is using these days.

      • Ryan

        Maybe the reference was before Motorola removed many of the Blur elements? I mean, before ICS and JB came about. I’m only guessing though.

    • Geary Saddler

      Thank You, If they keep on making device that just include Beats Audio, Boom Sound, Camera Features, An Sense line (Launcher, Twitter, Address Book ex.) of Android apps to download from Google play give’s the consumer choice of customization then they would be the best device / software manufacturer in the game..

    • John

      Actually sense 5 has gotten a lot leaner and faster than previous sense versions, and if you take a look at the leaked sense Ui for 4.2.2 than you will see that it actually is a lot cleaner than touchwiz and less laggy btw.

      • feztheforeigner

        MotoBlur has too. Its nearly stock Android at this point!

    • Hello, time traveler. How do you like the year 2011?

    • Mark Long

      Getting rid of Sense makes no Sense. Sense and their hardware designs are what make HTC HTC. The market for stock Android is very small and pretty much just consists of tech enthusiasts, myself not included. People buy these phones for the features they have and stock has nothing to offer when compared to Sense or any other skin for that matter.

  • Geary Saddler

    You know what, HTC is a great company and I’m actually getting the HTC One for Sprint as a promised birthday present from family.. I’m not hating on HTC in anyway, shape or form though I kind of had a feeling something was going to start becoming bad for them after the had to settle with apple (from a big dispute they had)… With that being said they was no way I’m going buy a device from a company with issues that if they become worst then I stuck with the crap I spent my money on..

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    More HTC news with nothing from Verizon. I love you Verizon.

  • Ted Ockels

    HTC One has got to be one of the greatest phones ever made (srs). Maybe Stark can breathe some life into the company.

  • Taylor Abrahamson

    The picture you chose and reading this made me a little sad inside 🙁 I’ve said bad things about HTC. But when you think about one person and how it affects them it makes you not feel so good. Ugh!! I am clearly not suited for internet trolling.

    • KleenDroid

      Don’t worry, you will get used to it. Most people grow Internet muscles at some point. 🙂

    • Justin Barrett

      Well said.

    • BA_Carroll

      I wonder how much his salary is versus his workers? Not sad anymore.

      • jose

        Too bad they’re not a US public company. Otherwise you’d be able to see executive salaries in the 14A Proxy filing.

      • LiterofCola

        You take the trouble to create a large corporation from the ground up, you’d have a higher salary than your subordinates too.

    • Brenda Thompson

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  • Geary Saddler

    I truly didn’t bother getting an HTC One on Sprint and just focused on the Galaxy S4 cause with Samsung & Apple at each others throats for market share… Samsung is a better choice for long term reasons (Upgrade Of The OS)

  • DanSan

    no worries, they will all be unemployed when that company goes belly up

    • Mark Long

      [email protected] HTC isn’t going belly up. You silly doomsayers crack me up.

  • JamesU513

    Maybe they could improve if they hired the real Mr Chow….(Mr Chow voice) heheheheheh

  • Akira

    If you ask me that is the type of leaders CEOs need to be, someone that is that committed and persistent even through hard times.

    • michael arazan

      A Man who would be more afraid to take a hit to his Ego and ruin a company, than release control of a company for it to flourish

  • The only HTC phone I ever owned was a T-Mobile G2. I loved that phone. My only complaint was that, even though it ran a stock Android ROM, it took HTC just as long to get updates out as it did for Sense devices. I wish HTC a lot of luck. They’ve made some crap products, certainly, but they have put out plenty of good stuff over the years too.