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Video: Hands-on With New Instagram Video on Android

instagram  video android

Not that it was much of a surprise after a couple of reports broke the news in the days leading up to today’s Facebook event, but yes, they announced that Instagram now has video support. Similar to what Twitter did with Vine, you can record short video clips and then share them with the world.

The new video sharing in Instagram differs a bit because you can record longer clips (up to 15 seconds), toss specially made filters on, and even choose cover art to be displayed in your timeline. I think the biggest deal for me, though, is the fact that I don’t have to open a separate app anymore to see short video clips from friends or people I choose to follow. I now have access to all of my Instagram connections within a single app that does both video and photos. Win, win. So far, the new functionality looks great, aside from a crash or two.

In the clip below, you’ll find a quick overview of the new video features, along with some timeline tips so that you aren’t surprised during a quiet dinner with grandma when your friend posts a video at a metal show (with sound).

The new version 4.0 of Instagram can be downloaded here.Β 


  • Amy

    I have a Galaxy 3 and I do not have the instagram option when I want upload a video. How do I adjust so the instagram app appears as an option?

  • sweg

    it crashes when I hit the ” choose a cover ” part… help me ?

    • valentina

      Same heree -_____-

  • Bev

    I have Instagram 4.0 on my android and do not have the option to choose video, just choice between camera and gallery. I see other people’s videos, but like Maria, don’t have a recording button. (My phone is 2 yrs old–due for a new one in January)

  • cheenorevilla

    i can only record video using the front camera.. IG crashes everytime i use the rear camera. any help here? no issues with viewing videos. my galaxy note is running in 4.1.2

    • Fiance

      I have the same problem. Running 4.1.2 on LG Optimus G

    • ginnypot

      Same problem. My phone is running on Jellybean 4.1.2
      Recording on the front camera works fine. When using the rear cam, it’s just black. πŸ™

  • kentlakefalcon

    Every time I try to take a video and I let go of the record button the whole video just restqrts like it just disappears…

    • kentlakefalcon

      Can someone please help me!?!?!?!?!

  • Praveen Rai

    Any One tell me the keyboard name used in this video would like to buy it

  • Praveen Rai

    Any one tell me keyboard name used in this video

  • Praveen Rai

    can any one tell me the keyboard name used in this video on samsung device its look cool to me is it SGS4 Original keyboard

  • Rodrigo Psycub

    If you have already 4.0.2 just change the options to “use instagram advanced camera” and you will able to record videos.

    • Barbara Chen

      it doesn’t work on samsung gs2

  • rebekah

    I have an HTC one x and I seem to be having difficulty in hearing my own videos. Like I can record videos and they do have sound but the sound is ridiculously quiet. Everyone else’s videos are the right volume too. If anyone has any idea what I can do to fix it, let me know!

  • Roland

    i have the PANTECH DISCOVER 4.0.4 and i updated my Instagram and cant record MY OWN Videos somebody HELP !

  • This is what I’ve been looking for. Thank you!

  • Kasun Gayantha

    new instagram video option now working with android 2.5 .. i already download instagram 4.0 … but where was not a video option in my app πŸ™

  • tylor fountain

    Mines crashing :/ It crashes at cover frame, HELP?!

    • Julia Mayer

      same here, on the galaxy tab 7.0

  • Coco

    Recording video crashes the app & forces my phone to restart every single time. So frustrating.


    I Have The Samsung Galaxy S II is not work on my phone

    • brianna

      So do I. I updated it but nothing changed.

      • Barbara Chen

        SAME!!! Ugh Androids always get the updates late or sometimes never

        • ihateidiots

          I blame Apple…developers seem to ensure that it works on iPhone, and then take a nap. YO, there’s a huge amount of Android users.

          • -_-


  • Amir

    I have HTC one x, I got the update but the phone automatically turns to silent when entered into the video mode. Thus no audio in video recordings

    • Masson Liang

      I am also using AT&T’s HTC One X, with the CM10 ROM and JB4.2.1.

      I am experiencing similar issues. I cannot record any videos without it crashing every time. Huge fail.

      • Amir

        I feel being left out right now

  • jena

    my video turns into a picture…

  • starnovsky

    Needs more filters, current filter set is boring

  • Eric G Canoy

    did anyone else get an update to their Instagram? 4.0.1?

    • DeAnna Sowder

      Yup, mine is the same way. No video function either

      • Eric G Canoy

        was this on your phone or tablet? I have video function on my phone, but I can only view videos on my tablet rather than make videos from my tablet version

        • DeAnna Sowder

          It’s on my phone. I’ve tried manual installs from this site and the normal updates through Google Play and no matter what I don’t have the video function.

          • Eric G Canoy

            what kind of phone and what is the Version Number of Android are you running?

          • DeAnna Sowder

            Rezound, I’m still on ICS πŸ™

          • Eric G Canoy

            for video, it needs to be on Android 4.1 or greater (jellybean), my xoom is still on ICS as well and lacks the video function

          • DeAnna Sowder

            Crap! I didn’t even realize that was a stipulation. Well, that sucks lol thanks for your help!

  • Hoffman

    I see Kellen is still suffering with the Fleksy keyboard. It may be time to just throw in the towel and use the Minuum keyboard. Better prediction, but also annoying to use. Swype is still the best on a phone.

    • dreadnatty08

      Nope, Swiftkey.

  • Freddy Oxford III

    Updated and works flawlessly with the Note 2, best download since the Og Droid roots

    • Freddy Oxford III

      cuz i can now see my instagram stripper hoes thanx Based kellex

    • toni

      My note make my voice sound crazy

  • nicole

    I updated it now it keeps force closing.. i updated it right before i figured out you need the 4.0 i have 2.3.5

  • Sarah

    I can finally see the videos but can’t post one on my htc one x any help?

    • Masson Liang

      Experiencing similar issues.

      My wife’s HTC One X runs it fine, but I’m on JB4.1.2 with the CM10 ROM and it’s not working for me.

  • julia

    I have an HTC one x, and no instagram update:( how do I get instagram video?? Please help.

  • Anon908

    If you can only view videos and NOT record videos use instagrams advanced camera. TO turn this on go to 1) Options 2) Advanced Features 3) Tick Use Instagram’s Advanced Camera.

    • Barbara Chen

      it still doesnt work on gs2 even if you do that

  • zombiewolf115

    so now people are going to record what they are eating now?

  • Erickarenee

    I have a galaxy s3 and I have video capabilities. All I did was clear the app data, removed the app and then I re-installed it. It updated to the 4.0.1!

  • Joseph J Pfister

    deeznutzyayay LOVES those kicks.

  • Tipper Nicole

    Finally got it to work! So excited!

  • Ray Gray

    A couple things i dont like: I dont like that you have to actually press the button vs. holding anywhere on the screen in Vine and i i dont like that you cant switch between front and back cameras on the same video! Other than that the app is great

  • diversion

    What about the stabilization feature ‘Cinema’ that was featured during the live stream? Is that just enabled automatically? I’ve been playing with the new version but haven’t seen anything about it in there.

    • phil kooistra

      ios only

      • Ðan Cota


    • chris420o

      coming ina few to an android near you…ios got it..easier to impliment a feature like that when u only have one type of cam to worry about

  • melinda

    have instagram 4.0 on my android 4.1.2 but cant record nor view video any one else having this issue?

    • Max Fireman

      Your phone is too old. Get with the times.


      LOL its android what do you expect? Works perfectly on my iPhone 5.

      • lolz

        your username is ihatehipsters and you’re boasting about your iphone 5? raught. out. roud.


          He loves to go around trolling android articles. LOSER!!!

      • ihateidiots

        LOL we expect it to work. Vine has same software issues with Android, as does Instagram. We just have to wait for updates in this Apple-App-biased world of smart phones. Snub off bucky.

    • Maria Struzberg

      i updated my ig and i can see other peoples vids but i cant make my own vids i dont have the recording button at all!

  • b.shigley

    I have the Galaxy S3 and show no update for Instagram!

    • S.LaShawn

      I have Htc vivid and i have no update for instagram . Im pissed

      • diversion

        Did you watch the whole video? He says right at the end that you can download the updated apk from droid-life.com

    • It’s being rolled out to certain areas first. Not everyone will get it all at once.


      HAHA should have got an iPhone.

      • S2556

        Why are you here? take your toy and go play on BGR.

      • S2556

        Why are you here? take your toy and go play on BGR.

        • Tania

          Your such an asss are you trying to brag that you have a iphone.? I hope you drop it an it cracks all over.

  • Michael

    Our version still isnt as intuitive as the version on iOS. on iOS you are able to switch between front and back cameras while recording. On android once you start recording in either front or back mode you cant switch between them. Just a little annoying. You can also turn the noise recorded on or off in iOs and there is no such editing option on Android.

  • timsim38

    With the update my lux button is gone. At least i think thats what its called(lil sun Icon) guess its not a huge loss since it turned everything green on my S4. But i was hoping they would fix it. Not just remove it. But the video is nice and smooth compared to vine.

  • Visual360

    Locking up my International Galaxy Note 1. πŸ™

  • Bionic

    Coming soon to a phone near you. 15 seconds of POV porn videos shot in “Sepia” and “halo effect”

    • mechapathy

      #instaass #instaclass

    • KDubz624

      #dirtysnapgram πŸ˜‰

  • Bionic

    Am I the only one who does not see a point? Its not hard to record the video using your phone’s native camera and then hit the share button for facebook or whatever else.

  • Bionic

    Samsung’s native photo editing app > instagram

    • PIO


      • Bionic

        your mom does

    • starnovsky

      It’s not that Instagram is such a great app, but it’s a social network

  • Dr. Death

    Hmmm, any reason behind the Rainbow shooting into his mouth?

    • Bionic

      he’s puking after going to a gay pride parade, haha.

      • Dr. Death

        hahaha, good one! i thought he was taking a gay shot his mouth.. “Taste the Rainbow”!?!?

        • Bionic

          LOL, wow, gross.

          • Nathan Ranson

            Both of you are absolutely ridiculous, and I don’t mean that as a compliment. You can take your close-minded, anti-gay comments elsewhere because they’re not welcome here.

            Grow up.

          • Bionic

            First of all, im not anti gay, one of my best friends is gay. Second of all, its called joking around. Third of all, its the internet.

          • Gerald M

            “one of my best friends is ____” lol. Why is that always the statement made to prove you aren’t a racist or homophobe? :p

          • diversion

            One of my best friends is a racist homophobe. So THERE.

          • Nathan Ranson

            “Lulz it’s just the internet” is exactly the response I’d expect from someone who doesn’t realize that “he’s puking after going to a gay pride parade, haha” is offensive and rude.

            You say that you’re not anti-gay all day, but the fact of the matter is that statement is anti-gay. Believe it or not, people who aren’t exactly like you will read this blog post. Comments like that do not make them feel welcome. The slurs you guys put out there were not acceptable and I won’t let it go unnoticed.

    • RR
  • Ceci

    I have a Galaxy S2, and my phone doesn’t play or make videos. Why is that ?

    • mechapathy

      Have you updated your phone to 4.1?

      • mariie

        how do you update to 4.1? i have at&t s2

        • mechapathy

          You need to download Samsung’s Kies software on your computer, connect your phone, and update that way.

          • mariie

            ok im doing that now, ill update you on my progress

    • ramifications

      The instagram update isn’t out yet for everyone. It’s rolling. Be patient and you’ll eventually get the update.

    • Ðan Cota

      im using an s2 i can see videos but not upload them

  • Rich

    Get ready for 15 second ads popping up. This is facebook after all.

  • ArrTooDeeToo

    There’s no reason this shouldn’t work on a Galaxy Nexus. What the crap?

    Also on the nexus 10, the videos are sideways. Again, what the crap?

    • Jonathan Gonzalez

      Are you using the Instagram camera, or the stock camera? Doesnt work with stock, only their camera

      • ArrTooDeeToo

        It doesn’t give the option. It acts like the old instagram app.

        • Adrian

          clear your app data. I had the same issue until I did. Then all of the options showed up. Before that, it was 4.0 but still looked like the old instagram

          • evams

            odd. Seems like a lot of Samsung owners including myself do not have the video icon. Cleared App Data.

          • erica

            i also do not have the video option after restarting my HTC Sensation. this isn’t exactly a fair update..is it….blah

          • Josh

            Same problem with my HTC one s I can watch the videos now, it says im on version 4.0, but I cant record anything

          • Gerald M

            I cleared it and still have no video option. Also have Nexus 4. Uninstalled and reinstalled app, still no video. No love. πŸ™

  • dtraini30

    Pro tip: You can also turn off Auto Play in the settings menu!

  • tharealoc

    What keyboard is that? It looks clean.

    • dtraini30


    • Quintin Williams

      looks like fleksy keyboard

    • tharealoc

      Thanks, that’s what I thought, but wanted to make sure. I like the subtle animations.

      Oh and really a down vote..psh

  • jpippo4

    Kellen, quick question. If HTC One is your everyday device then why are all your hands on videos with the GS4. Any reason?

    • DanSan

      because he really uses an GS4 but doesnt want to admit it

    • mechapathy

      If you have both, why use only one?

    • brkshr

      He’s taking the video with the HTC One…