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New Instagram With Video is Technically Live on Android

instagram android

The new Instagram with video is technically live on Google Play at this moment. What I mean by “technically,” is that we’re seeing another staged rollout, so not everyone can grab the update at once. Also, capturing videos is only supported on devices running Android 4.1 and up.

Should you be one of the lucky few to get in early on the staged rollouts, feel free to share the love in the comments. 

Here is a note about the update from Instagram:

Video on Instagram!

We’re excited to introduce Video on Instagram and bring you a new way to share your stories.

When you go to take a photo on Instagram, you’ll now see a movie camera icon. We also added 13 new filters that we built specifically for video.

Note: Capturing videos is currently supported on devices with Jellybean (4.1) and above. All Android versions can already play videos on Instagram and we’re working around the clock to enable capturing videos on many more Android devices.

Play Link

Update:  A couple of links for those who can’t access the update yet:  Mirror 1 | Mirror 2

Update 2:  We’ve got video footage up here.

Cheers Ryan!

  • Desiree Nicole Bisby

    When I try to upload a video it crashes. So I have to reinstall the app. But today o tried to reinstall and it said “package file is invalid” I have already done everything to fix it.. but it still won’t work. Please help me!

  • Hallie

    My phone wont let me record it just acts like nothing was recorded. I have an android LG optimus G

  • pins

    i have a lg optimus g running on 4.1.2. Downloaded the latest instagram, Can view videos and even have the video recording button, but it just cant seem to record down anything. Held it down a few times, and nothing gets saved. Anyone facing the same problem?

    • Random

      Its a bug.. some iphone-android users have it, only record whit the front camera.

      • instawhat

        yeah. right now it looks like you can only record with the front facing camera

        • JenniferA

          Same phone, same Android version, but mine does the same thing either camera. Already tried uninstalling and reinstalling Instagram.

    • Glenn Butzlaff

      Same problem with my new LG Optimus F3 running 4.1.2; I hit the record button, but nothing saves.

  • Zak

    I’ve got an s2 and everytime i try to do a forward facing video the app freezes and i have to restart it. so annoying! All the other old features and self facing video work fine though.

    • Meshia Francis

      Same here. Only the front facing self camera works for me in the s2

  • MayaTigers

    Every video I record my voice sounds like the devils how can I fix this anyone !? #HelpMe

    • pshayla

      i have the same problem! its so nice until i post it and i sound like a evil blob -____-

  • lamya

    I have a galaxy s too and it still won’t of they don’t have the video option and I updated it still not workin

  • htcvividgirl

    I have an HTC vivid and I downloaded jellybean 4.1 and its still not letting me record videos..

  • Lorraine Arellano

    you guys should make the update work with the huawei ascend y, because i can only see videos and not make any 🙁 itll be the best if you guys can!!

  • rodtard

    I got the update just now. Got a nexus 4 it’s working good so far

  • lilo

    thanks for posting the link! I am playing around with it rite now!

  • nick

    ok i cant play the video?

  • camtinker


  • Bryan

    Untrue. :/ Droid DNA running 4.1.1 can’t watch or record video.

  • nick

    uhm what do i download excatly?

  • BICS

    Posted APK works on Bionic ICS!

  • nolaaaaa

    still cant post video! Viewing vids is working tho. Galaxy S3 4.1.2… downloaded mirror1.. any help?

  • Darnell Shaw

    So i have a galaxy S2 skyrocket updated with 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. I’ll be able to get this update right?!

  • Antonio Parker

    With this it lets me see the vids but when i try to record it crashes…?? thanks thoo!

  • Andrew Mok

    Not working on my Galaxy Nexus. First video only posted a still from the recording. Second attempt says failed while posting.

  • phillysdon04

    I’m using CM10.1 on my S3 but it reboots my phone every time I try to record a video, smh.

    • Stefanie Lynn

      Same! Also have CM10.1 on my S3 and it reboots every damn time.

      • phillysdon04

        I just reverted back to the stock and that problem is gone.

  • Alix8821

    ALL of the APKs let me watch other pple’s videos, BUT when I try to record, it freezes then FCs after, when trying to edit said recording…

    VZW Galaxy S3

  • Joshsleeps

    Can someone walk me through installing the APK on my galaxy s2? I am technologically impaired. Do i download from my computer and install onto the phone, or do i download it straight to the phone? Sorry.

    • elvisgp

      Visit this webpage on your phone and click the link then install. It should install normally. Also make sure you have installation from unknown sources checked in settings.

      • Joshsleeps


  • eddieg28sp

    I got the APK to work on Droid Razr Maxx running CM 10.1 RC5.

    So far so good. Def much better than Vine and All their issues.

    Thanks for the QUICK upload.

  • taylor

    this is pointless because if no one else has the update you can not view the videos

  • Booyabobby

    Found one small problem with the new update. You have to choose either the front or back facing camera. After you press the record button, you cannot switch to the other unless you start over.

  • AppleJacqueline

    Uploading videos seems to take ages and battery life…

  • Travis Carr

    Anyone notice the hillarious product description in the play store?

    “It’s a simple way to capture and share the world’s moments on your iPhone.”

  • Blake Curtis

    instagram video sucks!!!

  • Robert Macri

    Don’t try this on 3g… instaslow

  • ragingpdm

    Thanks droid life. Just downloaded it via mirror

  • James_C_L

    Videos sound is fucked up. Slowed down

    • Joe Bertolino

      same problem with Vine.

    • sheena

      Yes mines too! How can it be fixed?

  • MRM

    Working with no problem on Nitro HD on CM10.1 R5 / Wind 2.3. It’s cool that you can start and stop video capture. That said……….the filters aren’t as noticeable (at least to me) as they are with photos — there are no frames, focus, or color saturation options you have with photos. Frankly, Paper Camera has a ton more fun stuff for video — I’ll continue to use Instagram for photos.

  • Steven Libretti

    bug with my RAZR HD on CM10.1.

    i can’t take videos at all

    could be a bug still with the video camera that was just fixed

  • Fahad Beg

    Getting some strange freezing on My AT&T S2, works fine on the s3

  • John B.
  • Steven Libretti
    • Npompei

      Thanks dude working great for me! Verizon S3 running Clean Rom 5.xxx

    • KD

      Thanks friend!!!!

  • Tony

    I dont have it on my phone yet…no update yet…did anyone using andriod get the new update

  • StormFreak

    Just installed it from the posted APK on my S3. Seems there is a split second of silence when recording video before audio kicks in… Anyone else notice this? At least the front facing camera works!

  • Fahad Beg

    Copy, Paste much? great job Facebook.

    • Jonathan Lamonte

      While I do agree it’s lazy, us Android folk should be blessed they actually had both app versions released on the same day. This is incredible considering it took Vine six months and it still doesn’t work.

      • Fahad Beg

        True, True. Instagram is still bit buggy for me but that might be cause of the rom

      • tman

        Wow, Instagram just did the same thing Vine did, released a terrible buggy app. Copycat to the fullest.

    • #FAIL

    • John


      This app crashing on record for any iother Galaxy Nexus users that have side loaded it?

      nevermind. if you tap the record key quickly, it crashes. you just have to hold it down

      • Meshia Francis

        Mine actually reboots my s2 when i hold down the record button

        • rhomany

          Freezes and reboots my Galaxy Note no matter how fast or slow I press the video option.

          • akshay

            did u got ur prob solved? cos im having the same prob

          • rhomany

            OMG! I BLOODY LOVE YOU!
            Hard to see what you’re recording, however, a well placed hand mirror helps.
            TFS that tip 🙂

          • rhomany

            Do you know any way to flip the video? It records ‘backwards’ from my front camera for some reason.

          • akshay

            i got it !! record only with the from camera it will then work 🙂

          • akshay


    • Drunken Monkey

      I deleted my instagram app and reinstalled it from the website playstore. When I tried to download it from the appstore on my phone it was saying the file was invalid. It is working for me now.

    • Tre Johnson

      So I need to have a newer Android?! Because I don’t have it on my Droid Incredible 2. If so, that doesn’t seem right

      • That phone came out in 2011, it doesn’t have enough hardware capablities to even utilize the new IG features.

  • mom

    So ridiculous that if you don’t have the newest phone you can never get updates. It’s so lame.

    • Robert Macri

      sorry mom, we’ll get you a new phone for Christmas

    • Daniel

      I have the Nexus 4 (latest updates phone) and instagram video isn’t working (even after a reinstall)

  • keithsmith22

    Still nothing. Uninstalled and reinstalled from the web and it is still the same. What gives?

    • Chris Pinola

      I think Google finally closed that loophole. staged rollouts really suck.

  • Ryan Markwald

    I was able to update by going to my computer, opening the Play Store, finding Instagram, clicking install and selecting my device.

    • Lucky man. If you are rooted, feel free to share the love. 🙂

      • Ryan Markwald
        • Thank you sir!

          • Chris Pinola

            can we get an MD5 from the official release? something this popular is a prime spyware candidate. to be clear: I’m not accusing ANYONE of ANYTHING, but I think it would put some of us at ease.

        • Dorian Brooks

          Thanks. It’s working now.

    • John B.

      Same here…

    • Dorian Brooks

      Still showing 3.5.5 for the Razr M. Don’t get me started on why I have a Razr M.

  • Jonathan Lamonte


  • diversion

    Non-jellybean users don’t have anything interesting to post anyway :-p

    • mom

      How ignorant

      • lederp

        does sound like something my mom would say