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Here are the New Support Docs for Verizon’s VRBMF1 Galaxy S3 Update

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 7.29.33 AM

Last night, Verizon began pushing a new update to their version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 after the last update went horribly wrong, causing LTE connections to become incredibly unstable. We now have the updated support documents for this new build of VRBMF1, however, nothing in particular states that this is a bug fixer. In fact, it’s an exact copy of the VRBMD3 document that lists out multi-window, but with two bullet points added on to the end for “Support for VMWare” and a “Google security patch.”

Even though there isn’t a¬†mention of a fix for connectivity, reports from readers in last night’s post suggest that this does indeed address LTE data issues.

The update is 129.1MB in size if you did not update to VRBMD3. If you did, the new update will be much smaller. To grab the update, head into Settings>About phone>Software update. It should be live for all. 

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 7.29.44 AM

More info.

  • student

    Just had this problem. I didnt know all about these issues and well….you kinda guessed what had happen. Yeah, i clicked the update. For the past 3 days I could not contact anyone at all. What bothers me most is that this problem is recent, those who faced this kind of problem was about a month ago. Its so frustrating that i cant reply to important text messages or make phone calls to my family and friends. Im worried that samsung and verizon would not mind this problem…..i just hoped they would take notice and be able to fix it.

  • Brian Gilmore

    VRBMF1 is crap too. Allowed it to install and now it is not recognized by KIES. I cannot browse the contents on the phone among other things.

  • TonyR

    If you have a working S3 and can keep from updating you should do so. This update turned our 2 lightning fast 4G S3’s into 1x and worse. Also… battery now runs hot and drains faster.

  • Chad

    I am upset because I lost my ability to swipe a contact or recent item to call them. This was very nice for me because I dispatch a towing company so I frequently call someone back who just called me after doing updates now it added another step. I wish I had my swipe to call back…

    • tverichka

      I have same issue with swiping left to right to make a call but no problem swiping right to left to text. Also phone key pad gets frozen and it freezes on the swipe. Any suggests on how to fix this?

      • Michelle Coss Montgomery

        you now have to swipe from the contact name and not the contact picture

  • Lynne Standley

    Words With Friends is blocked by multi page tab. Can I uninstall the update?

  • Randal Bradakis

    Has anyone else had a problem (that started after this 4.1.2 update) with noise on the headphone jack when plugged in to a USB charger? Or the audio output just going completely silent while playing? (I use Audible and Waze at the same time, and for months it’s been fine, this morning I installed the update, and I have these surprise problems.)

  • DayDreamHero

    I just seem to be having issues connecting to a redirected (work) wifi … which is ridiculously annoying, but aside from that, no issues here!

  • Forethought

    Updated to JZO54K.I535VRBMF1 last night (6/24); had NOT updated to xxxD3. Update went smoothly, multi-window and gallery enhancements work well. No issues with 4G or text messaging that I’ve noticed so far. In fact, 4G speed and signal strength seem slightly better from my work location. I may regret saying this tomorrow, but right now my S3 appears to be performing great.

  • angelycam

    I wonder if this update is only for those that have the VRBMD3 downloaded and then update it to this newer one is what is fixing issues? From what I am reading anyone who waited or got refurbished phones and put off VRBMD3 update and now trying to install this NEW VRBMF1 is having troubles again. IMO…no thanks Verizon, I’ll wait for you to fix this correctly or mention who actually needs to really download this new update! I hate having to reinstall apps and reconfigure my phone…such a waste of my valuable time!!

  • Larry

    Got the vrbmf1 update yesterday for my Verizon SCH-I535. This update may have a bug. I am not able to delete text message threads. Has anyone else seen this?

  • shawn

    i gotta say this seemed to fix my issues. 4g has been running good and fast and the battery seems wayyyy better again

  • Lorenzo Segarra

    Did the update on the latest refurb that was sent to me (replace the last refurb that was messed up with the update before this one)…. So far so good. On lets see in a few days… it seems that every update since I bought my S3 last July has messed up my 4G. I am on my 4th phone and 6th sim card….

  • David Caccavo

    Also appeared to improve my GPS signal somewhat

  • Don

    So having ruined my phone with the initial update, this updated fixed all of those issues and my phone is running normally again. Looks like people who didn’t do the previous update are having problems after loading this one. Verizon and/or Samsung totally screwed the pooch this month….

    • angelycam

      I agree about previous update. If you didn’t install it and now trying to do the new update, therein where the problem may lie. Not cool on Verizon’s part!!

  • jim

    Wifes S3 is working perfectly

  • Octal

    This update was a disaster. I
    avoided the previous update after they recalled it. After I updated
    today I have no 4G any where I previously did. Simple texts I cannot
    even send. At least multi window works… yay.

    Anyone else having this issue??

    • the bob

      My s3 worked perfectly until this “fix” downloaded this morning. Now I have no 4g, one, maybe two bars signal strength, texts failing to send, and every other call getting dropped. Its like I’m using Cingular all over again.

      • Michael Deprato

        I had both updates and my phone was working great last night but tonight it is having 4g problems again and text failure issues

    • Don

      I did the earlier update and my phone was ruined. They even sent me a new one but all of the connectivity problems continued. This update yesterday fixed everything and my phone runs normally again.

  • SilentPatriot

    No good news here. It’s actually WORSE than before, and yes, that is possible. It won’t drop back to a 3G connection at all now, it just hangs with whatever app is trying to use the data. Seeing 2 bars and 4G LTE data arrows are flashing like it’s trying to work, it just doesn’t. Already been on the phone with Verizon who had me restart in Safe Mode where the issue is still happening. They’ll be calling back in an hour for the bad news…

    • jdhas

      What ROM are you running? TW-based or AOSP?

      • SilentPatriot


        • pizzaparties

          I’m having issues too. It’s better than the first update, but it’s still very spotty. I’m getting speeds around 0.5-3mbps mostly in the 0.5-1mbps. They’re sending me another new phone.

  • droidrazredge

    If this is the update that was pushed late last night someone in the original post had said that Multi-window functionality was removed as they updated their phone. It seemed like a fix more for their connectivity problems they said. Now it shows the enchantments of the last update plus some additional improvements and fixes. So I’m still wondering like I was last night does this update include all of the enchantments of the build VRBMD3
    update just with the patch to fix the issues that it caused or is this update just a patch for those who downloaded the build VRBMD3 update in order to alleviate their issues ? Can anyone confirm this for me please as my friend would like to know if she can update her phone since she is still worried about the last update. I’m also wondering if anyone is experiencing any problems with this update as well.

  • Joe Bertolino

    Why is my 4G icon showing all the time now when connected to wireless?

    • pizzaparties

      disable caller ID app

      • Joe Bertolino

        Well I’ll be damned. Leave it to VZW. Thanks, guys!


      From what I have read that is due to the Caller ID app that Verizon added to the system. Freeze it or disable it and that should do the trick .. :/

      • Steve

        You can actually uninstall the caller ID app in the caller ID settings to remove it completely.

  • Ian

    “nothing in particular states that this is a bug fixer” …That would require Big Red to admit that there was indeed a bug, and that it got through their incredibly slow thorough review process.

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    I’ll wait and see how this update goes before downloading. Learned my lesson from last time.

    • hkklife

      I was able to pull it manually around 11Pm EST last night. I was having HORRIBLE LTE and general connectivity issues before this. LTE speeds are still slower than the guy sitting next to me with a RAZR Maxx but otherwise I am having no issues establishing an LTE connection or sending text messages.

      No performance improvements that I can notice one way or the other. I must say I am p,easantly surprised by the speed with which VZW and Samsung got this bug fixed. I just wish everyone would hurry up and get a proper release of 4.2 on the GSIII.

      • Michael Deprato

        Mine was working great last night after the update but tonight seems to have reverted back to the slow 4g speeds and having issues sending basic text messages.

  • Bob Buttons

    Looks like nothing worth leaving CM10.1 for.

    • jmsbwmn

      I’m going back and forth. It bothers me when CM hiccups, but I remember just how much I hated TouchWiz. The curious geek in me really wants to try the updated software though, if only to form my own opinions…

    • umbrellacorp

      There is for me. I switched to AOKP and never went back to CM10.1. It caused my SGIII to reboot to randomly and had terrible flickering and bluetooth was hit or miss.

      • Bob Buttons

        That’s strange. I have the VZW 32gb White model and haven’t had any issues. The only problem I have with my phone is spotty GPS but that happened under TouchWiz as well.

  • Eric

    LOL! Easier to turn NFC on? Isn’t it just a check box?

    • JoshGroff

      And isn’t there a toggle in the notification bar settings?

      • pizzaparties

        There actually is not a toggle in the notification bar.

        • JoshGroff

          I just figured there was because my DNA has one, and it made sense to have one on the S3, especially with how much they hyped NFC. I don’t have an S3 personally. Not sure why I got downvoted for asking a simple question.

  • Michael Deprato

    Real 4G connectivity at last!

  • Go Hawkeyes

    Link to just the radio available yet for those of us running custom ROMs?

    • jdhas

      When it’s ready, it will be here:


      • MrBrady

        Looks like it’s up there now.

        • Geoff Calver

          Since the site lists that radio as being uploaded on 5/29, I wouldn’t trust that it’s the latest, fixed radio. It’s most likely the old, wonky one.

          • RMG

            It lists VRBMF1 as being uploaded today.

          • Geoff Calver

            Yup, you’re right. I was looking for VRBMD3 to be updated.

      • Go Hawkeyes

        I had checked there and it wasn’t there. Didn’t know if anyone else uploads it other than invisiblek.