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Hands-on Gallery of the Samsung Galaxy NX, Galaxy S4 Zoom, and Galaxy S4 Mini

Samsung Galaxy NX

Shortly after today’s Samsung Galaxy Premiere event, our man Dave had a chance to spend a few minutes with some of the devices they featured on stage, most notably the Galaxy NX mirrorless-Android-powered camera. The Galaxy NX is Samsung’s new top-tier camera with interchangeable lenses that also runs a full version of Android through a 4.8-inch HD LCD display. This is no low-end camera like the original Galaxy Camera of last year, that also happens to have Android along for the ride – this may be the real deal.

The NX wasn’t all that Samsung had on display, though. We’ve got pictures of the Galaxy S4 Zoom (the phone-camera) and Galaxy S4 Mini down below as well. We didn’t have a chance to fondle the Galaxy S4 Active or ATIV Q, so coverage of those will have to continue another day.

For now, enjoy the pics! We’ll be back with more in a bit. 

Samsung Galaxy NX

Samsung Galaxy NXSamsung Galaxy NXSamsung Galaxy NXSamsung Galaxy NX

Samsung Galaxy NXSamsung Galaxy NXSamsung Galaxy NXSamsung Galaxy NX

Samsung Galaxy NXSamsung Galaxy NXSamsung Galaxy NXSamsung Galaxy NX

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Galaxy S4 Zoom

Galaxy S4 ZoomGalaxy S4 ZoomGalaxy S4 ZoomGalaxy S4 Zoom

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

galaxy s4 mini

galaxy s4 minigalaxy s4 minigalaxy s4 minigalaxy s4 mini

More coming later, including Dave’s initial impressions of everything he saw today.

  • chudilo

    How many live-bloggers do they think they can sell this to? Who would carry the NX around with them at all times? S4 zoom seems reasonable though.

  • Jeff C

    the S4 Zoom looks like one drop and that thing is in a world of hurt. although if that is a metal bumperish thing i see around it, well done sammy

  • Elliot Kotis

    Unfortunately not a video.

  • Ccrazyman

    *Throws money at the screen for the NX*

  • Downtoearth2

    Unfortunately too small.

  • Lonnie Kerchief

    I’d totally doctor up that camera side of the S4 to look like a rotary dial phone.

  • Jarred Sutherland

    Does the NX require you to be in the camera app to shoot, or can you be in any app and with a press of the shutter still take a shot? To me, that would be a deal breaker if not .. having to be in the app to take a picture would be irritating.

  • Trueblue711

    I didn’t even realize it was supposed to be a phone until I read your comment. The only reason I think it’s a good idea is because no one expected phones over 4″ to be popular until they were made, so maybe this could be the case with these camera phones.

    • I mean I really like the idea of having an almost professional level camera attached to my phone (and therefore with me all the time) but from the pictures it looks ungodly thick and it just looks overall quirky.

  • Swag

    Ok, so in the midst of his Samsung news, does anyone know when the Galaxy S4 update is coming to the U.S? (The one that allows you to put apps on SD Card.)

  • DJyoSNOW

    The s4 zoom has a wrist strap!! I’m in….

  • Josh Shaw

    I hope you’re talking about the “S4 Zoom”

  • BSweetness

    Not everyone has iPhone size hands.

  • Dwoah

    I have it and while I was worried about that, it really isn’s that bad. I got used to it pretty quick and the only place I have trouble reaching is the top left as my hands aren’t the biggest