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Facebook Announces Instagram with Video, Will be Available Day One for Android


Today at Facebook’s small press event, Mark Zuckerburg and Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom announced Instagram with video. Yep, Instagram will now have video capabilities. Using the same app that everyone already has installed, users can record up to 15 seconds with the ability to add separate clips, just like Vine and Cinemagram. In addition, users can choose from 13 custom video filters for their clips. 

The feature will be available for Android starting on day one, so no waiting like we are used to. Thanks, Instagram.

Anyone saying goodbye to Vine?

  • Taylor

    not working for me, theres no option to make a video, even after i downloaded the latest update

  • karen

    I can see others videos but I don’t have the record option on my Samsung Galaxy…
    I’ve updated Instagram…but it’s still not there! Please help!

  • nabadass

    i can see other peoples videos, but the option to take one is unavailable on my droid x -.- whatever. its not like i was going to use it anyways XD

  • steve

    i cant record with my htc, yeah its updated, i see everyones videos but i cant record the icon doesnt show up for recording..

  • douglasaharry

    Vine’s interface totally sucks.

  • lara lobramonte

    4.0.4 version have that video in instagram????????

  • JohnnyB. ig @doitforjohnny89

    smh i still dont see the new features to instagram on my galaxy s3 is anybody else in the same situation?

  • krochelle

    i updated but i still dont have the video icon..

  • Erin

    It loads so slowly ugh!

  • Kiara

    Please Let Android 4.0.4 Get It Yall Tightin Up

  • Daisha

    The update is finally up!!! I just downloaded it. Hurry up and update Android users!

  • Alexis

    It still doesn’t work for androids

  • Angel Cato

    How come the play store isn’t updated yet? :/

  • Guest

    Waiting for the play store update. Can someone let me know if it’s already updated please? Thanks. :)))))))

  • Angel Cato

    I’m using galaxy note 10.1 and I cant play or record a video. And i have no idea why. Help!

  • Jen Graham

    My HTC Rezound won’t let me do or see video on Instagram.

  • Tatiana

    I updated Instagram for Android and now I can watch videos. But the video symbol won’t show up when I click on the blue square on Instagram! SOMEONE PLEASEEEEE HELP ME!!!!!!!

  • jd

    ca you guys put the update already!!

  • Joel Funk

    Not that I would probably ever use it, but I wish this app supported Android 4.0+ instead of just 4.1+. I have a ZTE Warp Sequent, which runs android 4.0.4 and doesn’t look like it’s going to be getting a jellybean upgrade, and due to that, I can’t even get to use this. At least the hunk of junk that is Vine for Android supports 4.0

    • Blake

      Yea, I have a Galaxy S Blaze and it doesn’t look like I’ll ever be getting jellybean. I don’t think I would use the video feature but I’d at least like to be abe to watch my friend’s videos.

  • Fiorta

    The Android hate from iPhone users on Twitter right now is comical. One tweet literally said “Android users will NEVER be great!”

    All over an app lolol

  • Dave

    Now your $700 phone with state of the art camera technology can take pictures and video that end up looking like 70’s garbage.

  • Phresh

    No update yet! -_-

  • jpippo4

    HURRY UP ANDROID! My sushi is drying out and I NEED everybody to see videos of it!

  • Kevin

    I’m an Android user & my update isn’t there…

    • Jay

      I use a HTC Rezound, and I don’t have the option to post videos. can watch them, but not post them… 🙁

  • Robert Macri

    My selfies are going to be so much better now /s

  • Daniel Dlugos

    Now I can watch my friends eat dinner!

    • JoshGroff

      In HD!

      • picaso86

        and hear the toilets flush with those “amazing” bathroom shots!

  • jbegs

    This is great that you can use existing videos as opposed to have “setup” a video for Vine.

  • BRIM

    Vine neglected Android…now they’re going to never gain the masses of Android users it could have.

    • Tyler Durden

      It’s got the masses of the sheep.

  • fish1552

    Goodbye to Vine? Umm, yeah. I tried over and over to see the appeal to Vine, but still cannot find out why it was so highly rated. Nothing but a bunch of stupid video clips that could have been done as animated gifs. I doubt Instagrams will be much different – except that I already follow some people who are not the type of people who feel the need to post their trivial daily activities.

  • James McGraw

    I have a droid dna and I haven’t gotten the update for the video. Should I just wait or is something wrong?

  • Omar McFarlane

    When is this update ganna be live?

  • anezarati

    “If you’re taking videos on the go, you might find that they’re a little shaky. For iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, we’ve built a Cinema feature that lets you stabilize your video after you take it.”

    looks like iphone only

  • Kyle

    Only iPhone 4s and 5 via Engadget.

  • Tareck

    No update for it in the Play Store….

    • James McGraw

      yeah I haven’t seen it yet either

  • Eric

    Wait where is the update? iOS already has it…..

  • i dont use instagram, dont really see the point just to get the picture filters.

  • Alex Rocha

    did they say anything about a release date?

  • Tareck

    Wow, Vine is out of business.

    • Fresh2infinity

      That’s what they get for putting out such a POS app on Android!!!

  • Max D

    im pretty sure its on both Android and iPhone

  • TSY87

    Another interesting thing I noticed is that the promo video showed the app on a Galaxy S4… just a year ago, almost all ads for Apps would be shown on iPhones… the times are changing!

    • BeLogical

      That’s an S3 🙂

      • TSY87

        haha, sorry! They look so similar to me! I’m still rockin my galaxy nexus, waiting on the note 3 or HTC T6… excuse my ignorance! 🙂

        • Mark Mann

          you can be forgiven…samsung pulled an apple with the s4…”oh, lets upgrade the specs, add some gimmicky features, but have it still look the same, and call it the next generation”

          • Tyler Durden


          • Mark Mann

            visual evidence says yes

    • Alix8821

      It’s same with commercials… Banks, apps, etc.

      More Androids (specifically Galaxy S)

      I LOVE IT

    • Icebird

      actually it showed it on the galaxy s3..

      • jae Joe

        How did it show on your galacy s3 it doesn’t on mine!

  • BeLogical

    I never said hello…

    • EvanTheGamer

      I did…briefly. haha

    • Lucas Tetrault

      I did for about a week … only to watch other’s videos … now I’ll actually post videos using Instagram because I’m about 99% sure that their interface and app will work 100% of the time rather than what Vine was like.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Unfortunately that isn’t the case here. It might be 100% now, now that they’ve updated the app since adding Video, but right when I first updated Instagram, the app force closed on me sometimes when I tried recording a video/processing, etc. Only a small percentage of the time though, definitely not always.

        Or it could have been because I needed to clear cache. lol

    • manilaboy1vic

      me either..i would just use youtube if i NEED to share a video.. like my tomahawk killcams on COD or something.. 😛

  • EatUrCrap

    :/ I mean, that’s cool I guess, but I started using Instagram way more than Facebook because I like how it’s simple, you know, just pictures. Especially because in my house I have such bad WiFi and cell service, Facebook doesn’t load on my phone, but Instagram does. I guess if it doesn’t slow down the loading, then that’s ok.

  • chris420o


  • cjohn4043

    Ugh. I like Vine better but I know this Instagram thing will overtake it. Vine forces the person to get very creative with their video, this kinda takes the fun away.

    • Joseph Pojunis

      How does this require you to be any less creative?

      • JoshGroff

        I guess because you can take a clip out of a video you already have, or maybe the longer time limit.

    • chris420o

      prob same concept as vince with the hold to record n release….but better since u know people can actually follow u and u can actually follow people on the android app unlike vine which is useless

  • kynyrd synyrd

    when is day one?

    • Joseph Pojunis


  • All my ios friends are using it. Waiting for the play store update.

    • James McGraw

      Me too!! How long before it gets to the play store???

  • Kakashi Hatake

    one thing i am sure is that facebook knows how to make good video ads

  • hoodlum

    Yeah, before introducing a new feature they should fix the old issues first. Been over a month already and still they have not bothered to fix the issue with Galaxy S4. When i try to apply “lux” effect, the picture turns overly green and even without it the pictures look very blurry and pixelated.

    • Fazor

      So it wasn’t just me having this issue. Phew!

  • Anthony

    Did they even mention a release date? haha

    • robniep


    • TSY87

      I’ve been checking play store for updates every few minutes.. lol… #soithascometothis

  • Kakashi Hatake

    yeah at least i will be able to use search

  • Doesn’t look like anyone is hating on it. I think everyone loves the idea. #RIPVine

    • Geoff Johnson

      Sorry I should have been more specific, I meant hating on it from other news sites such as Engadget

      • Oh, well they aren’t very open minded like we are. We love ourselves some IG over here 😛

        • Stephen Parker

          I think that Vine is just terrible on Android. THey should have waited another month or two, regardless of the demand.

          • EvanTheGamer

            I don’t think it’s terrible. I’ve actually had a blast messing around with it. But now that Video on Instagram have been announced and will feature 13 eye-poppin’ filters and a handy dandy delete button, I won’t be using Vine for much longer(once VoI is released).

          • dopey57

            So s3 can view just no recording?

          • Robert Macri

            They wanted to get it out to android before this instagram announcement.

        • Geoff Johnson

          Yup! Which is odd, because Engadget is more of an Apple-lovers crowd, which seems to be the larger target for IG.

          • sadfsdfasdfjjjjjjjjjjjjj

            Don’t you remember when IG first came out on Android? iFan’s get butthurt easily.

      • EvanTheGamer

        They’re naysayin’ idiots. Don’t listen to ’em!