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Verizon Posts Trailer for New Augmented Reality Game D:COM – DROID Combat, Disappointing is an Understatement

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Yesterday, Verizon and @DroidLanding began teasing some sort of augmented reality game called D:COM – DROID Combat that involved warrior robots. In the past, we have seen nothing but contests for either current or upcoming devices from this Twitter account, some of which included augmented reality. So with little information available, other than a leaked .apk for the game that was posted into our comments almost immediately yesterday afternoon, we were hoping that Verizon would find a way to tie-in a new phone launch or contest with the release of this game. Why wouldn’t they, right? They couldn’t possibly tease for two days and then only announce a terrible augmented reality game that no one would play, would they? 

With the official trailer for the game now posted to Verizon’s YouTube account, we’re now leaning towards that being the case. Again, we knew Verizon was launching an augmented reality game called D:COM – DROID Combat, but if there is no contest or new phone to help push this game, we’re 100% confused. This game looks awful. What’s the point in even producing something like this if you aren’t going to couple it with a reason (that being a contest or phone launch) for people to use it? Isn’t the point of poorly made and themed apps to use them alongside campaigns for new products? Ugh.

If there is one last line of hope, you’ll see in the trailer at the 57-second mark a mention of “90 days to domination.” Maybe something worth talking about will happen then? Oh, and the app will officially be made available tomorrow.

For now, file D:COM in the same place as Viva Movil. We just got J-LO’d.

  • rewarding penguin
  • npooty

    Just a thought, Verizon said HTC One in late summer.. for the northern hemisphere, summer 2013 is June 21 to September 21… soooo last week of summer is within the “90 days till domination” period and it certainly doesn’t get any more “late summer” than the last week of summer.. sucks if that’s how long they are waiting to release the HTC One.. by that time the next Nexus 4 and Moto X should be announced or available.. I’m just about ready to leave Vzw..

  • jgabler5025

    Given the Droid Landing posts, it seems that what will happen is that the scavenger hunts will culminate in fights with this thing. Ick.

  • Brian Zultowski

    I’m seriously excited to try the game out. To me it looks 1000 times better than Ingress….at least with this one, there is some action going on not just floating dots on the map that you walk towards. Would it have been different for people if it wasn’t Verizon pushing it and instead it was some big time gaming company?

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    The VZ Navigator of video games.