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New DROID Coming Soon to Verizon? @DroidLanding Twitter Reactivates Self (Updated)

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Oh boy, let the hypebeasting begin. The @DroidLanding official promotional Twitter account behind a handful of DROID-related scavenger hunts and phone teases over the years has reactivated, sending its first Tweet since November 2011. What does this mean? Well, we don’t know for sure other than we are supposed to stand by for “further instructions.”

I smell a contest or a phone launch of some sort. We haven’t had a DROID phone from Verizon since the DROID DNA launched last year – what could this be? Something from Motorola? Something from HTC? You tell us.

Update:  Another Tweet has gone out, mentioning augmented reality in the process. We have seen scavenger hunts in the past through this account, also that used augmented reality as a way to discover hidden devices that are a part of their contests. Something is coming, it’s definitely going to be DROID branded, and will likely involve a scavenger hunt in order to win one. Stay tuned! 

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 3.10.18 PM

Via:  @DroidLanding

  • bananatroll

    Would Bionic care to comment of the sad possibility of Motorola once again digging its hole deeper with another DROID device?

    • Bionic

      Yup. Not a good thing.

  • Tyler James Edward Hills


  • bionic 2 hittin that fashoo

  • bananatroll

    if its DROID anything it will be filled with bloat, and have Verizon’s stupid logo all over the device in laser inscription so you cant remove it – I’ll pass.

    Those who want to buy a DROID…

    You’re Verizon’s favorite free advertising.

    Enjoy life as a walking poster board.

    • PuttsMoBilesiCit

      >Every other Verizon device doesn’t have a logo on each side.

      • bananatroll

        Actually the DROID line up have big red’s branding on BOTH sides.

        • PuttsMoBilesiCit

          I’m well aware of that, I am looking at my Droid razr maxx HD at the moment and see it. I just looked at other ATT phones and they have a logo on the front screen and back on most of their phones.

          • bananatroll

            with the exception of the GS4 and a few others. But yes most do. They want to remind you every time you use your phone who you send the bill to.

    • LiterofCola

      You’re an idiot

      • bananatroll

        go fu*k yourself bro

  • John Jenness

    Unless it’s got a quad-core…I’m moving on.

  • John Jenness

    El Droid! Viva Movil!

    • LiterofCola

      El Droid Not Original

  • pran

    DNA 2? With Butterfly S scheduled to be unveiled tomorrow…

    • Matt Johnson

      I like the sounds of this

  • Joseph Pojunis

    DROID-Life returns!

  • Daniel

    ::prays for a Droid 5::

  • PuttsMoBilesiCit

    I am excited. All the DROID line haters, please step aside. Most phones that come out have zero accessory support or they come out long after the phone is out *cough* Nexus line *cough*. The Droid line phones all come out with products to support the phone from the launch and ALL the accessories they come out with are solid. Lazers and all that stuff, it’s just their brand. They use that to show a “futuristic approach” or head of its time if you will. While that was all true with the OG droid, Bionic being the first dual core phone / early 4G LTE device and the DNA being a first / early device of the 1080p screen. Overall they tend to have technology in that program that paves the way for the mobile phone industry. Keep your eyes open if they decided to launch the first DROID phone since the DNA…

    • Not to mention the Droid lineup of devices are usually more durable than sammy devices!

      • PuttsMoBilesiCit

        +1, never have felt the need to buy a case with a Motorola phone. But when I had the Nexus, the phone felt like a twig and could easily be snapped in half. Now with my Droid Razr Maxx HD I do not feel this at all.

  • It’s bound to be either the DROID Moto X or the HTC DROID One. Either way Verizon will have unmercifully degraded yet another device that would have been better off untouched

  • Weber


  • Chad

    Motorola Droid Nexus, anyone?

    • bananatroll

      Nexus is never coming to Verizon again – they banned them on their network!

      • MK17

        Mine still works…

        • bananatroll

          youre grandfathered

  • MariaxNY

    HTC ONE Droid

  • Austin

    X phone time

  • Joshua Bailey

    Introducing the new…

    Droid Tortilla coming to a Viva Movil Retailer near you…

    • Greyhame

      ..Just…. no.

    • RoadsterHD1

      I LOVE that….

    • LiterofCola

      You’re a moron

      • Joshua Bailey

        Why is that? A little sensitive are we? I was making fun of Verizon not Spanish people. Lighten up.

  • ManBearPig618

    I would think the DNA 2 (Butterfly S)

  • ahhh yes

    droid x?

  • MichaelFranz

    What about this…the HTC One with Droid branding, available with Black and Red accents…I think that would be a sexy device. Even if they did the HTC Metal with some red

  • BRIM

    DROID Viva Movil

    • LiterofCola

      Droid Jump off a Bridge

  • duke69111

    probably just the xfone, nothing to get excited about. Next!

  • Kevin

    I have three words for Verizon. “Can u not?”

  • jose

    Please make it stop.

  • MichaelFranz

    Lets just hope its a top tier device and some some crap

  • EC8CH

    Please don’t be anything Motorola.

    We are all hoping Moto moves away from the Droid VZW exclusive strangle hold they’ve been in.

  • Joseph Pojunis

    The DROID X…fon

  • Shane Redman

    The world’s first VoLTE phone….

    • shehippie

      I have a feeling you may be on to something.

  • TheWenger

    It’ll be a new ZTE phone with 2011 specs.

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    I hope it’s a new phone, one with a capacative touch screen, over 400 ppi, a camera with an 8mp+ sensor, more than 16gb internal storage space, a battery that lasts me two thirds of the day, and a physical home button…. oh boy I hope.

    See boys and girls? Lower your expectations and there’s a 50% chance you won’t be disappointed.

    • S2556

      and noise canceling mic!

  • shecalledmejay

    It’s better have on-screen buttons.

    • Ian Smith

      It’s better not.

      • Blue Sun

        It’s making me laugh.

    • PuttsMoBilesiCit

      Look at the DROID Razr HD’s they have on-screen buttons. That was the latest Motorola launch of the DROID line.. Just sayin ;D hope its a moto device.

  • teardropcity

    DNA Jr.

    • ahhh yes

      dinosaur jr

  • schoat333

    Could it be something that hasn’t gone to the fcc yet? Or are we looking at a Droid re branding of another model?

  • myz06vette

    Who remembers Darvolind Frobuirdge?

  • Droid Doesn’t

    The all new Droid Turd Maxx HD X

    • LiterofCola

      Or, the all new Droid go F Yourself

  • joe

    How can tablets with equal specs and larger screens be cheaper than off contact cell phones?

    • MyStroPro

      Conceptualized demand – tablet demand isn’t as high as cell phone demand. In order to sell tablets, you have to market them cheaper, since you are competing with end users who likely have a smartphone that does most of the tasks well enough already.

      One would expect smartphone prices to drop because of increased competition, but that hasn’t happened at all to date after rapid adoption. Retail and Subsidized prices have plateaued.

    • fauxshizzl

      To be fair there are a whole bunch of phones with top of the line specs priced in line with or below tablets, unfortunately most aren’t sold in the US aside the Nexus line through Google. If you are a user of a GSM network you should have no problem finding awesome phones to order for sub $300 prices though. Check out Oppo, Blu, or Huawei brands just to name a few. As soon as my Verizon contract ends that is exactly my plan. There are much better phones than US carriers will ever have for much cheaper prices, no bloat, and unlocked right out of the box.

  • Kyle

    You’re all WRONG…it’s gonna be the DROID J-LO, it’ll have great on screen butt…ons

    • Stan

      God dammit Kyle.

      • El_Cartman


  • DanWazz

    Hopefully it will be a device worth some attention. Droid Nexus! bwahahahahaha!

  • Ryan5609

    Droid Razr X….My best guess

    • John

      …Maxx HD

  • EricRees

    I know it’s weird, but I’m pretty excited about this honestly. Brings back good memories, let’s hope they don’t mess it up too hard.

    • dtraini30

      The tweet honestly gave me chills. Sounds so damn cool.

    • EC8CH

      They’ve been messing up the Droid brand since the Droid X

      • mjmedstarved


        I loved my DroidX.. for the time, it was a great phone; bulletproof.

        • EC8CH

          and locked down… remember efuse! good times

          • mjmedstarved

            Oh I def remember that.. birdman saved us.

            The phone itself was a great phone.

          • Kevin Simpson

            Tony Hawk saved the Droid X? Is there anything that man can’t do??? 😀

      • Fit

        The Droid X was a great phone, and my current Droid 4 is Great too.

    • LiterofCola

      Droid Xperia Z? Wishful thinking….

    • tyguy829

      My gut tells me either the htc one will be a droid sequel to the dna, or it will be that moto xfon thing. But then again, both of these companies made it pretty clear they wanted unity across carriers. I think that’s why i’m excited too. it could be a phone that hasn’t leaked and we don’t already know everything about

    • zepfloyd

      it could be a tablet and not a phone

    • michael arazan

      They just came out with the New Second Butterfly phone which was identical to the original DNA. I think Verizon might be releasing that new DNA , but will call it the Droid One. Hopefully not, but we all know how verizon likes to be an anl retentive control freak, I knew they would ruin the new htc one somehow, also it has boom sound, but not the metal case

      • j

        I want to think this, but I cannot see them releasing the One and the Butterfly S as a Droid at basically the same time.

    • USAndroid

      could actually Motorola’s XT1050 (dubbed as “XFON” by evleaks) be the new DROID?

  • Droid X & Droid One

    • zwade

      Droid X already exists and is like 3 years old.

      • Fozzybare

        not like they couldnt reuse names…i mean apple has the iPad and the iPad

  • Stevedub40

    The Verizon DROID Ram Rod. Lube sold separately.

    • plastikman

      Say it Thorny

      • LiterofCola

        Car Ramrod!

  • Warwick

    Whats the motto now?
    Everything they do…

    DROID Doesn’t.

  • nexusplay

    Wasn’t this used for Moto droid’s only? Moto X time.

    • Kyle

      Droid Charge = Samsung, Droid DNA = HTC, etc so not limited to Motorola only

      • trophynuts

        Droid Incredible as well

      • Guest

        I meant the twitter thing. The whole droid landing thing.

  • chris125

    Htc droid one

    • Sirx

      This…this guy knows…

      Either that or Droid Incredible One.

      • latebloomer

        Ugh… that would make my next upgrade moving from a phone called the “Droid Incredible” to the “Droid Incredible One”. But skipping at least two interim versions. Naming conventions, amiright?

  • George Fayad

    First the HTC One, then the Xbox One, now the Droid One

    Why increment your counter, when you can endless loop it endless loop it endless loop it endless loop it endless loop it endless loop it

    • CW Larson

      Don’t forget Apple genius plan of going from iPad, iPad 2, back to iPad. It was REVOLUTIONARY!

    • sc0rch3d

      2013: Droid Infinity – the last phone you’ll ever have

      2014: Droid Zero – we’ve started over and rethunk everything

      • Greyhame

        I LOL’d. Naming conventions are absolutely that ridiculous.

  • Shouldn’t YOU be telling US?? =P

  • AndrewScottRox

    The Droid branding was an awesome launchpad for Android starting with the OG Droid, but it’s very played out now and needs to focus on the Android. Lasers are cool, especially on sharks, but it’s time to move on.

    • Stevedub40

      Or when Catherine Zeta-Jones dips beneath them

      • Workaholic

        Oh Oh Oh lol

        • kashtrey

          She has entrapped me and Sean Connery… Woah oh oh..

          • TSY87

            you guys win… take it sleazy!

      • a.d.AM

        I hear she will be announcing the new DroidHPV!!!!

        • KleenDroid


        • EC8CH

          Must be a Nexus device then as they are named for fish

        • EC8CH

          Great… now I’ll probably get ear cancer.

    • Geoff Johnson

      What’s funny is everyone still calls Androids, “Droids”. Whenever I ask a non-techie friend what phone they have, they said “I have a Droid” when they’re talking about the Galaxy S2 or LG something, lol

      • Jeremy Sheehan

        I’ve heard more people call Android phones Galaxy’s now instead of Droids. The whole Android/Droid thing used to really get on my nerves, tho.

        • Cory_S

          I even had techy friends who knew better calling their HTC non verizon phones Droids.

      • fritzo2162

        Same. If it runs Android, it’s a “Droid”.

        • Mark Mann

          well, considering “Droid” is the abbreviation for “Android”…

          • Corey Foltman

            at this point its almost acceptable to call any Android a Droid…Considering that is basically what Verizon does…

          • Mark Mann

            i normally don’t care if the average consumer calls a phone a “droid” i may educate them on which “droid” they have…but beyond that i don’t care…it’s when product manufacturers call them all droids that it upsets me…there was a bluetooth speaker advertised on facebook that was described to work with any “droid” i asked them if it only worked on droids or if it worked on any android phone and they replied that they just relay information given to them by the manufacturer…

    • j

      I think the Droid line still has a place with Verizon exlusives.. What shouldn’t happen is having seemingly every single phone be released as a Droid, which waters it down with crappy products and gives it a bad name,
      Maybe 1 Droid device per year.

  • Robert Willis


    • Bob

      Me too. My Droid 3 is losing it. I now do a factory reset every few months, keep it stock blur, and barely download any apps.

    • Fit


    • John Davids

      Oh please this.

    • timrcm

      I… am not even a Verizon customer anymore, and I want this. Physical keyboards will ALWAYS be better.

    • I hope THIS will be Verizon’s version of Moto X. {{-_-}}

  • Dave

    One Droid to rule them all…

    The Droid brand needs to die already.

    • MONICA

      NO YOU DIE

  • The DROID Charge 2. Come on now, you know y’all want it.

    • I would’ve taken a Blunderbolt over my old DROID Charge. Worst phone ever.