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New DROID Coming Soon to Verizon? @DroidLanding Twitter Reactivates Self (Updated)

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Oh boy, let the hypebeasting begin. The @DroidLanding official promotional Twitter account behind a handful of DROID-related scavenger hunts and phone teases over the years has reactivated, sending its first Tweet since November 2011. What does this mean? Well, we don’t know for sure other than we are supposed to stand by for “further instructions.”

I smell a contest or a phone launch of some sort. We haven’t had a DROID phone from Verizon since the DROID DNA launched last year – what could this be? Something from Motorola? Something from HTC? You tell us.

Update:  Another Tweet has gone out, mentioning augmented reality in the process. We have seen scavenger hunts in the past through this account, also that used augmented reality as a way to discover hidden devices that are a part of their contests. Something is coming, it’s definitely going to be DROID branded, and will likely involve a scavenger hunt in order to win one. Stay tuned! 

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Via:  @DroidLanding

  • Dave

    The “new” Droid one, August 1st!

  • Mike Thornhill

    The Droid Note is coming… A Galaxy Note with a slide out qwerty…wishful thinking.

  • Corey Foltman

    HTC Droid One…

  • I’m William Dammit.

    You mean theres a new droid coming that hasnt been leaked 1000 times by now???? woah.

  • Eric R.

    If you watch the video its the DROID COMBAT

  • Bionic

    Ghost for Verizon. It sucks that they are using the droid brand for this.

    • bananatroll

      Im assuming this means Motorola got bent over by Verizon again and it will be the thickest motoblur ever. DROID marketing extravaganza all over again.

      Lol I bet Motorola will subsequently deny the moto x phones very existence, and carrier exclusives will be the King all over again.

      Verizon has just about succeeded at pushing me away from the Android ecosystem since I joined.

      All we want is AOSP…

  • fritzo2162

    It’s called the “DROID ONE”!!!!!!

    Wait…what the????

  • Tyler Casilio

    htc Droid One DNA? “One DNA to Rule them all” as the tagline

  • YouSeeLA11

    What the difference between the Droid X & the Droid X2?? Why is the Droid X revered, and the Droid X2 kinda left out of the picture, or even shunned??

    • jhouk

      The Droid X2 was/is super buggy either by fault of hardware or software. They seemed decent at the time of launch with a dual core and RAM upgrade, but soon after the bugs started to creep in. My wife and I both had one. Within a year hers lost GPS functionality, constantly suffered from random reboots, and also had times when it would not send/receive texts or calls. Mine was slightly less buggy, but I also had random reboots and freezes (TG for removable battery), and eventually it killed the battery life. By the time all the problems came to fruition, it was just past the 1 year warranty and Motorola and Verizon wanted more than $200 to do anything about it. Funny thing is… my wife just junk drawer’d hers and picked up a Droid X cheap on Swappa to ride out the remaining months of her contract. It worked pretty flawlessly the entire time.

      • Nathaniel Newman

        I hear ya! I too had a Droid X. I loved it! But the X2 was junk. Not only was it a cheaply made phone too. The plastic was paper thin. So when I played music over the speaker the speaker vibrations could be felt through the entire phone. I got an X2. But argued Asurion with them til they sent me a X again. Worked fine til I got the Bionic!

      • Nathaniel Newman

        I hear ya! I too had a Droid X. I loved it! But the X2 was junk. Not only was it a cheaply made phone too. The plastic was paper thin. So when I played music over the speaker the speaker vibrations could be felt through the entire phone. I got an X2. But argued Asurion with them til they sent me a X again. Worked fine til I got the Bionic!

  • Am I the only one having issues with the comment system?

  • Ronaldo

    Droid FB! The first Droid built exclusively for Facebook. Doesn’t matter, Motorola and VZW waited too long for me, think I’ll be joining the Galaxy S4 bandwagon in a few days. Or maybe a Note 2, haven’t quite yet.

    • Robert Macri

      My update is in August… I’m hoping for a Note 3 by then.

  • Franklin Ramsey

    Well apparently it is already out in the Play store.


    D:Com-Mission Alpha is a free app but you have the option to purchase special mods to
    customize your mech wARrior.

    Reveal a secret world of giant mech wARrior with your phone’s camera. See the
    opponents in your vicinity and challenge them to battle. Find hundreds of hidden
    weapons, ammo and accessories nearby to power your mech wARrior.

  • Alexander

    Name of phone is Droid Combat

  • MGardnerDA1235
    • MGardnerDA1235


      • MGardnerDA1235

        I’m just saying…

  • tyguy829

    So is droid combat the official name of the phone then?

    • Franklin Ramsey

      I don’t know if it is a new phone announcement or an AR game announcement.

  • tyguy829

    OMG Kellex is in the video!

    • Franklin Ramsey

      I noticed that too!

  • Alexander

    Looks Like Verizon is launching a Droid Game……Hopefully not another Razr http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHTaOquDWwo&feature=youtu.be

  • dtraini30

    The newest tweet (https://twitter.com/DroidLanding/status/347117511034163201) makes it look like Verizon is launching a new game. 🙁

  • Franklin Ramsey

    And they just released a new update…. Looks like an Augmented reality video game?

  • steve30x

    Makes since Moto comes out with Droids around end of July to August.

  • tim

    Is there where i await with baited breath for months for a phone to come out, rush out and buy it, have it for a month at which time Verizon will release a phone with almost no hype that is 5 times better? Similar to what happened with my Bionic? Because if that could happen again that would be awesome

  • madcadd1e


    • madcadd1e

      by: Motorola

  • Liderc

    Normally I’d be excited about this, but phones have just not impressed me lately for some reason. My Galaxy Nexus still runs great and it’s exactly what I want in terms of design. I think i’ll be hard pressed to get rid of this until it literally falls apart – which is shows no signs of doing. I’m interested to see what it is, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out it’s a mid-range device, which is fine, it’s just not what I’m interested in.

  • Michael

    I just hope this isn’t the xphone. Definitely a let down if so!

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Droid 5, with 5 inch screen!

  • eibook

    It’s going to be that stupid “customizable” GS4 that was reported yesterday. The Droid GS4

  • yummy

    Let confusion rain on my brain.
    Droid Babel
    It towers abouve the rest.
    Sends your thoughts directly
    to the NSA, no waiting.

  • Silver Veloz

    Kinda sounds like the Bionic release all over again. Let’s see how this plays out. Motorola??? Verizon??? Make it good!!!

  • shdowman

    will either be an altered HTC One marketed as the DNA2 or the midrange XFONE as some Droid 5…

  • guest

    This should have been a poll:
    HTC One
    Moto X
    Samsung ACTV

  • p_droid

    HTC Droid One

  • Dave

    Totally happy with my GN2. A few bells, whistles, and gizmo spec bumps aren’t going to even fly on my radar.

    • Justin W

      I read that as Galaxy Nexus 2.

  • RoadsterHD1


  • Eric R.

    Droid X3 or Droid 5 I hope.

  • normmcgarry

    HTC One for Verizon maybe? HTC Droid Incredible One!

  • jdk2

    including every piece of VZW bloatware ever conceived courtesy of Fran Shammo.

  • Bsilver2988

    No chance this could be for the XFON right? Please say no.