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Tip: Using Vine for Android? You Might Want to Clear the App’s Cache

Vine Cache

As happy as we were to see Vine finally arrive for Android, we somehow get the feeling that the developers could have easily worked on this app for another month or so before releasing it to Android. From crowded servers to app hackers taking advantage of the allowed video length settings, this app has been pretty stressed. Nevertheless, it is Vine and people will continue to use it, so we wanted to make sure you knew of another issue that seems to be plaguing frequent Viners. 

If you find yourself on Vine a few times a day, then you should head over to the Settings menu on your device and look at the app’s info. Apparently, the developers forgot to add a limit to the amount of cache the app is allowed, so I found myself with almost a half gig of cached Will Sasso Vines. Because yes, that’s what everyone needs on their phone. Some users who go through more Vines than myself have reported well over a gig’s worth of cache being stored, easily adding up and taking up your device’s precious memory.

There is no fix yet, but to slap a Band Aid on the problem, you can simply clear the app’s cache through the same Settings page, resetting the app to zero. It won’t log you out or mess with your account, it will only wipe the stored Vines on your device.

Hopefully the developers will fix this issue as soon as humanly possible.

Via: Android Guys | Reddit

  • Lou

    I can’t @mention anyone on my galaxy s4 did anyone figure this out?

  • carluverdrm2004

    Yup, went from 1.3ish GB to 12.00 KB. Thanks, DL!

  • John

    Boo, double boo to the developers of this app. This doing evrything for ios and putting android sloppy second is getting old. It should be the other way around if you go by number of users. They wait 6 months then it doesn’t have the features of the ios version. Can’t post to fb, can’t save to phone then post to social later, no front camera, and even the touch to pause works half as good. Boooo

    • Android user

      you really can’t save your vines? don’t they get automatically saved?

  • this app just freezes my galaxy nexus like crazy.. i can maybe get one vine in before the things starts to go crazy

  • Wow! 1.33 GB! They better fix that!

  • wally

    Zdbox. Set cache to clean automatically.

  • Chad Brown

    thanks for the tip…i had 1.25 GB of cache. Vine caches like no other.

  • Also Instagram. It’s not as big, but after 5 months I had 380Mb.

  • chris420o

    id prob have the same but only 101mb which is still to much…but i havent had a reason to use this friggin app since i cant follow anyone and no one can follow me unless they go out there way…its so friggin stupid whats the point of this who the F uses twitter bc i def dont so bc i dont use twitter i cant use vine? so stupid everything links to contacts and facebook nw hat not yet this is only twitter so useless and i was really looking forward to this

    • Anon

      Friggin’ Viner….that’s vat you are.

      And your grammar sucks.

  • Ryan Jimenez

    The lack of a basic search function is absurd. I am so disappointed in the app so far.

  • Dan

    523mb. Yikes! thank you

  • KPunk

    wow i have 1.76 GB of cache right now, thank you for the tip!

  • Colton

    The first week I used it, my cache was up to 879MB.

  • Booyabobby

    Yesterday there was a moment that was perfect for Vine. So when I launched the app, it took maybe 15 seconds for the “initializing” to stop and let me record. By that time, what I wanted to record was over.

  • Looks like Tim uses Feedly 😛

  • EvanTheGamer

    Man…I was using Vine to record 6-second clips of various games at E3 like mad.

    There was a few instances where Vine started acting weird, slowing down my Galaxy Nexus to a haul where I had to restart my phone to fix this weird bug.

  • Julien Duplant

    Using a Galaxy Nexus (Verizon), I’m experiencing a boat load of bugs. Not the least of which is that I can’t use the “Connect to Address Book” feature. I’m greeted with “Sorry, we couldn’t find Vine accounts for your contacts.” Same result on my Nexus 10. Anyone having that issue? Is there a workaround?

    • Go Hawkeyes

      I don’t even get an error message. Nothing shows up at all.

    • Rory Green

      I need this fixed.. Galaxy Nexus and my Nexus 7 both do it and it is frustrating that I can’t find anyone to vine!

  • Austin Ochoa

    yeah id say thats alot

    • Nathan D

      How can you use your phone with a font like that?

      • kevin_gee

        Its a samsung device, so thereis a feature under display settings that allows you to change fonts and what not.

        • Go Hawkeyes

          I think Nathan D meant, how can you stand to look at that ugly ass font all day?

    • Simon Belmont

      Dat font. It’s ugly.

      But yeah, 1.3 GB is pretty bad. I got mad when I noticed Facebook was using 30 MB of cache space, so imagine my consternation at this.

    • Austin Ochoa

      i post one pic about VINE and i get slammed for having “ugly font”…..you would think i posted a screen shot from a I-phone……..geeezz

  • Raul

    1 GB of cache, oh god

  • I was just about to write this.. gahh.

    Vine sucks so far. haha

  • Guest

    Twitter may do this too. Not sure what is high but I had 120 MB cached on it

  • NoneOfYourBizzness

    2 things:

    -I can’t find how to search hashtags on the app.
    -Can you share vines you like with others?

    Either of these possible?


    • Nope.

      • NoneOfYourBizzness

        Thanks for the heads up bud. I’m uninstalling until this app fixes some of these issues.


      Me either you also kant search ppls usernames

  • Cory_S

    My wife complained Facebook was lagging on her phone…I checked it out and she had over 3GB!! of cache for FB.

  • vwbeetlvr

    I just cleared mine, went from 20kb to 12kb.

  • wade_county

    thanks I had 685MB and I havent opened the app in 3 days.

  • This app is worthless. The “connect to address book” feature pulls random people, it rarely updates, and the video is not recorded like it is in the iOS version. I can understand a work in progress but for god’s sake call it “beta.”

    • I agree. Originally I couldn’t even pull from the contacts or twitter. It never showed me the button. Also if you’re using two factor authentication for twitter, you can’t sign in using twitter for the app. I also get random contacts and the app double posts almost every time. Even when it does post I get a failed message in my notifications even though I can see it was posted.

      • It’s NOT good, that’s for sure. I’ve scrolled through the HUGE list it gives me in the Address Book setting, and there’s not ONE person I know.

        • At first I thought it was people I know using a Vine alias…then upon further review it was in fact random people. The demand for Vine wasn’t that high…how did this get through Quality Control?

        • Go Hawkeyes

          I don’t even get a list at all! Several of my contacts and Twitter friends are on Vine and not a single one shows up. Not even people I don’t know!

        • Shani

          I’m so glad you mentioned this! I thought I was going nuts! I didn’t recognise anyone in my address book!

      • If you’re using a verification code (two-factor/step authentication) on Twitter, go to your Account Settings and under Account Security click on the link under “You will need to generate a temporary password to sign in to your Twitter account on other devices and apps.” You can then sign in to Twitter with this password on the Vine app.