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Samsung and Jay-Z Want You to “Turn Up the Volume” on Sunday During the NBA Finals

jayz samsung

Within the last week, a rumor popped up suggesting that Samsung and Jay-z were on the verge of a partnership that would include a number of future collaborations. Sure enough, the image above dropped into a our inbox this afternoon through the fine folks at Samsung Mobile, confirming that some sort of partnership is indeed about to become public knowledge. Samsung is asking us all to turn up the volume and tune into game 5 of the NBA Finals on Sunday to witness, something. What yet, we don’t know.

For those not familiar with the happenings of that picture, we’re looking at a Samsung device next to a Jesus piece chain and the logo chain for Jay-Z’s Roc-a-Fella records label.

Is a music service in the works? Something else? This has to be something more than the LeBron partnership, which was nothing more than a bunch of appearances in commercials, right? Guesses? Does anyone care?

  • shooter50

    Jay-Z pushing Samsung will probably do more for the HTC One than any of HTC’s promos.

  • anezarati

    new jay z with some exclusive stuff for s3, s4, and note 2 owners


  • picaso86

    Illuminati picture…. Roc A Fella chain in front of Jesus face…/s

    • HipHopJunkie

      ???? Illuminati???? Jesus piece a part of hip hop culture. Roc piece a part of hip hop. It could represent “The God Jay Z” . The Black man just can’t make it. He had to sell his soul for it to be possible. Illuminati? I’m worried about the rape and disrespect of my culture.

      • picaso86

        There is nothing against Hip Hop in general…Look at Lady Gaga, she looks and acts like someone who would be interesting in those kinds of “diabolic cults”. My point is that if there’s good amount of people believing that selling your sold for riches its possible, it has to be true to some degree…

  • Daistaar

    Best of….. Both worlds…. ohhhhh!


    I will not stop buying Samsung devices. The fact they hired this man for advertising, is the last straw for me.

  • Gramps-Z and a phone promo? Sounds like the Executive Branch wants to know more about who I call to get pizza.

  • Michael

    Next Viva Movil?

  • Quareatunto9511

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  • dewfish

    what a stupid article. why write about something you “dont care” about?

  • Blue Sun

    Do you think there will be a J-Lo cameo too?

  • XvierX

    H to tha izzo…

  • paul_cus

    Just when I thought I couldn’t hate them any more than I already do, they partner up.

  • Love Jay’s music but him getting richer means nothing to me

  • imhowie

    Don’t care

  • Thomas

    Ghettofabulous !!!!

  • Drew Chapman


  • Ben Landwehr

    Yeah.. Don’t care to much about Jay-Z. Let’s get some collabs with Will Smith, or Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. I mean we’ve already seen it with Saul.

  • Futbolrunner

    Go Spurs

  • Shane Redman

    New album?

  • n900mixalot

    Yeah, Jay-Z doesn’t do it for me.

    • michael arazan

      His wife does it for me