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AT&T’s GoPhone Prepaid Service Gets New Plans, 4G LTE Access on June 21

ATT GoPhone

Towards the end of May, AT&T updated their GoPhone support pages to include a mention of 4G LTE access for their prepaid wireless plans. Up until that point, no prepaid plan in the U.S. could access any LTE network from AT&T’s to Verizon’s, so the news was exciting. Today, AT&T made it all official. GoPhone with LTE access goes live June 21 along with some new plans.

The plan with the biggest bag of data starts at $60 and includes 2GB, along with unlimited calling and texting. You can purchase additional data at $10 per 1GB. After that, you are looking at a $40 plan with 200MB of data, 500 minutes of calling, and unlimited texting. There is also a $25 plan, though I’m not sure you should even consider it.

Here are the new plans:

  • $60 a month for 2 GB of data, unlimited nationwide calling, and unlimited messaging — now double the data at a lower monthly price. Additional data is available for $10 per 1 GB.
  • $40 a month for 200 MB of data, 500 minutes of nationwide calling, and unlimited messaging. Additional data is available for $5 per 100 MB.
  • $25 a month for 250 minutes of nationwide calling and unlimited messaging, with an optional data package of 50 MB for an additional $5 a month.
  • All GoPhone monthly plans include international texts from the U.S. to Mexico, Canada and 100 other countries

Again, having access to AT&T’s growing LTE network is a major boost to GoPhone. As I mentioned earlier, no other prepaid plan currently offers LTE access, not even Verizon. I would assume at some point they will have to give in, but for now, AT&T appears to be the clear choice if you want to go prepaid directly through a carrier instead of through something like Solavei or StraighTalk.

Via:  AT&T

  • Ben Kapferer

    I wish you could get pay-as-you-go data (or at least use the data plans with pay-as-you-go talk & text) like with Ting and Ptel.

  • Zach Armstrong

    I will definitely be going to this plan once my Verizon contract is up This plan and a Nexus from the Play Store is the perfect combo

  • Bessie Arino

    Wow, I might really think about leaving Verizon for prepaid..

  • Eric Ramos

    Wow and here I pay 62.50 on. Family plan with 225 minutes, unlimited text and 200 mb :-[

  • Jim Davis

    What happens if you go over? Do they just charge you an extra $10 for each GB of overage?

    • Pedro

      Since it’s pre-paid, you’ll likely get a text informing that data will stop until you approve another $10.
      T-Mo did that to me when I went over the 100 minutes. AT&T may be different.

      • Jim Davis

        Thanks. I’m under contract with Verizon until January, but I’m seriously considering this (or aio wireless if it comes to my area) when the contract runs out.

  • Luiz Mattos

    Does anyone know if the upcoming Google Edition S4 has the right LTE radios to work with this? I was thinking of upgrading from N4 anyway so this would be perfect timing.

    I’m on a Straight Talk AT&T plan right now and they the suspended my data for 24 hours last month after 1gb. After four hours on the phone with customer service, they told me that the new policy is to give data suspensions for high usage customers. I told them I don’t stream movies or music (which is true, just lots of images from browsing reddit at work) but they didn’t care.

  • Technician199

    Ting has LTE as well, but the Sprint rollout of that is probably smaller than T-mobiles

  • Trevor

    If I wasn’t locked in with Verizon for another few months, I may be jumping on that $60 plan. AT&Ts 3G (AKA “4G”) fallback from LTE is SO much better than Verizon’s crap CDMA network. Although how can I leave unlimited data for 2GB? Maybe I’ll stick with VZW after all. Will revisit in 6 months.

    • p0k3y

      Same here, though I already lost my unlimited with VZ. So I am definitely jumping ship after my contract ends in Nov. Can’t wait. Suck it, Verizon and your stupid CDMA!

  • Brandon Jiang

    Lol, definitely forgot T-Mobile
    Not only do their prepaid plans have LTE access, but so does every MVNO

  • Alex h


    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      AFAIK, the only unlocked device that can connect to AT&T’s LTE is the HTC One. I know Kellen wrote how surprised he was to see it light up. The only way to know for certain is to ask AT&T support if the unlocked Note 2 is compatible with AT&T’s LTE networks.

  • Tony Byatt

    Your move Verizon…

    • Blue Sun

      Don’t hold your breath. Verizon doesn’t do anything fast unless it involves removing unlimited data from your account.

      • Cory_S

        I’m going to remove my account from them.

      • Stewie

        Or adding another round of user fees …

  • Hothfox

    Maybe this is why StraightTalk stopped offering AT&T SIM cards. This is a FANTASTIC deal. You could have a Nexus 4, unlimited talk and text, and 2GB of LTE data for $60 a month. What reason do you have to sign a contract?

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      The Nexus 4 would only utilize AT&T’s HSPA+21 “4G” network. However, as far as I know GoPhone used to be limited to 3G speeds, so even that would be a boost.

      • Hothfox

        That’s true, I forgot about that.

      • panzerapple

        It depends some of Att lte runs off of band 4 which the N4 supports.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          The Nexus 4 does not support LTE. The S4 Pro chipset used has the ability to connect to Band 4 LTE through some low-level radio hacking, but even that was killed in a radio software update. Even if you flashed the radios where it did “work”, there is no LTE antenna, so reception would be near-nothing and battery drain would be ridiculous, rendering the phone unusable.

          • Pedro

            Not really.
            Download speeds are about the same as HSPA+ 42 (20-25Mbps down). Upload increased from ~2Mbps to ~10Mbps.
            I didn’t notice any difference in the battery.

            Houston speeds over the last couple months.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            Well, I must say that is surprising to hear. Is the connection stable, or does it fall back to HSPA+ regularly?

          • panzerapple

            Not mine but here is a link http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=40676665
            [HOW-TO] Get 4G Speeds on AT&T

          • Pedro

            To be honest, I never noticed. I don’t make any judgement on signal in the RF booth that is my work. Energy efficient, sure. RF friendly, not a bit. At home, I use WiFi. But checking at a few places when I’m not in either place, I’d just do a quick SpeedTest and drop the phone back in my pocket. GMail kept syncing, apps would update, etc. If I’m out and about, I’m not streaming movies. I’ll watch that on the big teevee at home.

  • jbreezy

    not that good of a discount to make me leave VZW w grandfathered unlimited, and my wife’s discount… the vzw lte is really getting bogged down imo in my area though. but if a nexus device with lte came along…

    • Bailers77

      I agree. More and more Verizon isn’t giving me a reason to stay, other than my unlimited. But the best phones seem to be going to AT&T (at least at first), cheaper plans.

      When the X Phone comes out, I’m going to have to look hard at whether or not my unlimited plan is really worth it.

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        If you regularly use 2GB+ data that you really can’t/won’t avoid (e.g. my wife uses Netflix a ton at work and their office wifi doesn’t allow streaming video), then it is worth it.

        If you are near-constantly in an area with access to reasonable wifi, and don’t connect out of convenience, then it may not be worth sticking with Verizon over AT&T. Many popular applications have options for limiting their bandwidth usage when using mobile data.

        • Hothfox

          Even when I was on unlimited, I was usually using less than 2GB of data a month, even with occasional Netflix usage at the gym or Spotify. Largely because at home and at work, I have good WiFi, so I’d turn off Verizon LTE to save battery life and just use 3G. GSM phones are a lot better about the LTE drain on the battery though.

  • Cory_S

    I need to keep unlimited, but it seems this and T-Mobile would make a great combo. Go month to month on T-Mo and then when I plan to leave the metro area I can activate one of these Sims. I just would need a phone that works on both carriers frequencies.

    Can you prorate the gopro plan, like use it for 2 days then suspend it?

  • seryozha


    • LiterofCola

      whomp whomp

    • JoshGroff

      They don’t have much of an LTE rollout yet, which is probably why they weren’t included, but that is a valid point.

      • seryozha

        Tru but they have it in Portland don’t they? Maybe Seattle is the closest to Kellen

    • Cory_S

      Yeah…pretty much Verizon is the only major carrier now that doesn’t have a pay as you go 4G LTE plan.

      • Tyler Durden

        They never will either. Or it will be $150 a month for 1gb if data

      • anonymous lurker

        You can thank the FCC for that. Verizon is not allowed to throttle or disconnect data over the 700 MHz spectrum unless it’s for congestion issues. Per a rule made in 2008 when the FCC auctioned off the lower 700 MHz spectrum. So if a pre-paid user where to exceed their data limit Verizon could not slow them down or disconnect their data and since it’s pre-paid it’s not like Verizon could just tack on overage charges on the next bill. So Einstein explain how Verizon can offer LTE on prepaid under those circumstances?

        • Cory_S

          Were you really replying to me?

  • Steven Petrillo

    I am paying 110 a month for Mobile Share 4 gig. Now I will pay 80….nice!

  • Timb1044

    Unless you have virgin mobile and you can use sprint Lte on their prepaid

  • lakers1moretime

    I wonder if you could buy your own GSM cell phones that are not in their offering and get this rates? (unlock iphone 5’s or GS4’s etc) that would be awesome

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      You should be able to. Though, If you want to go that route you could always use their Nation450 plan w/ 3GB data for $10 more, which is equivalent to the prepaid option ($60 base +$10 for the extra GB of data).

    • Zach Armstrong

      Just looked it up on ATT’s website It say your can bring your own 4G or 4G LTE device and use these new plans

  • Mort

    I assume you can, but just to verify – you can bring your own phone?

    • dsass600


  • r0lct

    Would seem to go nicely with the new Nexus phones.

    • dsass600


      • FrankBoston

        the nexus 4 needs to have the LTE radio activated to work and take advantage of the ATT GoPhone LTE ntwk. the current n4 does not have the LTE actiavted.

  • dsass600

    Thank god. I’ve been meaning to get off of Straight Talk. I need my LTE back and the ability to stream video.

    • Justin W

      I’m the same way. Went to AT&T yesterday, set up a plan and everything to find out we don’t have LTE even though two other carriers already have it in our area. Can’t wait for them to set it up, though – we should have it by the end of the summer, and once we do, I’m off of Straight Talk and onto some LTE goodness.

      • Geoff Johnson

        You didn’t think about checking the coverage map to see if you even have LTE first?

        • Justin W

          Dad’s iPhone and iPad shows LTE all the time, but AT&T said that was a bug after I told them that.

    • Dan

      Ditto! I just got throttled for the first time with straight talk. 2.5 gb and now my data speed is .28 down! I’m switching to this. At my house ATT is blazing fast. My buddy with an iPhone 5 gets close to 50 down and 16 up constantly.