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After Raising Price $25, HTC Now Offers $25 Google Play Gift Card With Purchase of Unlocked One

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Shortly after announcing that the “Nexus experience” edition of the HTC One would retail through Google Play for $599, HTC went ahead and raised the price of the unlocked Sense-filled version that’s available through their own shop from $575 to $599 to match. They didn’t give reason for the price hike, but one would assume they weren’t interested in selling the exact same phone at different prices, especially since the one with the lower price is the version running their own in-house team’s software. Slap in the face, a bit? 

To potentially make up for the sudden jump, they are currently offering a $25 Google Play gift card with all purchases of the unlocked HTC One. So in a backhanded way, it’s like you are still getting the phone for $575.

Keep in mind that Amazon is running a 1-day sale (today) for the AT&T and Sprint variants of the One in both black and silver/white. You can grab the One from either carrier for $79.99 as a new customer or $99.99 with an upgrade. Sure, they aren’t unlocked, don’t have an officially supported unlockable bootloader, and you’ll have to sign a two-year contract, but at least the price is enticing.

Via:  HTC

Cheers Justin W!

  • Jack
  • Tyler Durden

    Yeah you’re not fooling anybody HTC.

  • tomn1ce

    I guess enough people complained about the price hike that they are offering back the $25 they increased on the One…I guess that’s good for those who are picking up this device..

  • punkroyale

    Wait until next week, they will be giving them away for free.

    • Blue Sun

      No no… $0.99 next week, free (+ tax of unsubsidized price) the week after. 🙂

      • punkroyale


      • Chris Hollenbeck

        Don’t forget about Verizon’s “setup fee” of $30 also. 😉

        • AndroidShiz

          Yes -that bogus charge that gives them billions in extra funds were they penalize you for taking a part in giving them money every month. What ever happened to the “we’ll give you a free toaster for joining” days? You can’t even join a gym nowadays without having to pay some joining fee, then they make it sounds like they’re doing you a favor if they “wave” it. It’s greedy corporation crap and the people accept it because they have to.

        • Pilot

          Are you talking about the”activation fee”? If so is there any way to avoid that? I want to upgrade my device this weekend at Verizon and is there any way I could just take the phone home and activate it myself?

          • master94

            Go online to my verizon and you can avoid the fee assuming you paid full price for the phone I think.No way to avoid is using your upgrade and getting it cheaper. Someone correct me if Im wrong.

  • MichaelFranz

    I would strike this under a “Doing the right thing” category. yes the price raise sucks, but doing the right thing and compensating for it. Win for HTC in my book

  • Derek Duncan

    I think this $25 deal is for anyone who buys an HTC One between today and July 15. No matter the place. So you could buy one from Amazon for $79 and get the credit.


    • Blue Sun

      Is the HTC One coming to Verizon on or after July 16? Too funny.

      • T4rd

        Yes. Verizon said they will get it later this summer. So expect it on or around the last day of the summer ;-).

        • michael arazan

          That’s in September, better come with 4.3

  • moelsen8

    i don’t really understand why it’d be a slap in the face if they sold their phone at $575. don’t they want to sell more of the htc one with sense and their own software suite?

    • Justin W

      If I were them, I’d sell the vanilla one at $550 and the unlocked Sense at $575 with a $25 credit, but that’s me and I really don’t know what their margins are like.

  • EC8CH

    This is all to get around carriers control of retail pricing. Evil Evil control.