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Jurassic Park Builder Lets You Live Your Inner Dr. Hammond


There is something ultra addictive about amusement park games where you get to make the attractions to draw in the crowd. Throw in pre-historic dinosaurs and it makes the whole thing even more fun. A fully licensed game, Jurrasic Park Builder gives you all the options to build your own dinosaur park alongside all your favorite characters from the movies, Dr. Grant included. 

Leveling up in the game lets you purchase more dinosaurs and features for your park and paying customers. You start off with the awesome, but boring triceratops and work your way up to the eventual T-Rex. Managing food for each dinosaur, income of the park and researching new dinosaurs will keep you busy as you level up. You can even unlock an underwater park that you can fill with giant dinosaurs of the sea.

For a free game, it’s pretty easy to use and fun. There are in-game transactions for certain items, but most can be acquired by just playing which is a nice change. If you think you can build a better Jurassic Park than the ones in the movies, hit the link below.

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  • tomn1ce

    I’ll try it out later on today…

  • shelooga

    i guarantee i have less of a life than anyone and my park would shame just about anyones
    ps, for anyone whos a fan of ASOIAF, the parks name is Starfall

  • Brian Cohen

    DinoPark Tycoon anyone?

  • j

    No Gnex compatibility? How is that even possible.. not to support the most basic version of Android

  • antinorm

    You know you’ve been watching too much Dinosaur Train when you see the screenshot at the top of this article and immediately think, “It’s Tank!!”

  • greekmanx

    I played this for awhile it is not new I got to lvl 23 takes alot of time and good thing is not like farmville you dont need friends only issue is all best stuff cost real money like 40 real dollars for a T-Rex that is nutz.

  • dawn m. armfield

    I played this for a while, but it eats up memory like crazy. It would slow to a crawl on my TF201, so that I could hardly do anything. Once they fix that, I’ll go back.

  • Blue Sun

    “Welcome… to… Jurassic Park!”

  • S2556

    Always been a fan of the tycoon style games when I was younger, I’ll give it a shot!

    • Wolfpack93

      Looks more like Farmville than DinoTycoon…

  • Jimmy Jee

    John Hammond wasn’t a dr. He was only rich.

  • DanWazz

    I’ll give it a whirl for nostalgia’s sake.

  • We spared no expense!

  • I tried this months ago. got to the point you cant play without laying down some serious cash or needed a lot of friends playing it. no thanks.

    • hackthis02

      Same here. If I got to level 10 and if I got a red alert my phone would just start crying.

      • Sjschwar

        red alerts, 1 million times easier on a tablet

        • hackthis02

          It wasn’t an issue of screen size for me, my phone would just crap out.

    • guest

      Cough haxplorer cough

    • Sjschwar

      how can anyone seriously afford an active volcano?

  • Sharkh20

    DinoPark Tycoon!

  • Wyveryx

    No way am I touching this…

    After playing Jurassic Park on the Super Nintendo I’m not touching another! No save points….Honestly…./shivers

    • joejoe5709

      Yikes I just got shivers too. That was rough. Kids these days don’t know how easy they’ve got it!

      • Wyveryx

        I remember leaving the damned SNES on 24 hours a day and just walking past it lightly and fearing that it would shut off. There’s nothing quite like getting 3/4 through a game like that and having a power surge…

    • Lonnie Kerchief

      Rygar on NES. I let that game sit on the pause screen for weeks at a time lol.

      • Wyveryx

        Joejoe has it right… Kids have no clue how easy they have it.

    • Higher_Ground

      Had it on the gameboy, no save points but it did save level progress. Better than Super Mario Land that took (me at least) hours to finish!

      • Wyveryx

        At least you had level progress saves 🙂

  • BobbyG

    Released in 2011 I thought..but its a fun game, gets old quick though

    • Charles Hobbs

      Yea this has been in the play store forevvvvvar…