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Contest: Win an ASUS Nexus 7 Prize Pack from NVIDIA and Droid Life for Father’s Day (Update: Winner Picked)

Nexus 7

If you listened in on the Droid Life Show last night, you might have heard that we are keeping our Father’s Day celebration going, this time teaming up with NVIDIA to bring a sweet Nexus 7 prize pack to one lucky winner. If you win, you will be the owner of a brand new Nexus 7 32GB WiFi tablet, matching dock, as well as an official case for your sexy new Android tablet.

The Nexus 7 is Google’s very popular 7″ tablet, sporting an HD display, NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, a front-facing camera, and the sweet taste of vanilla Android. With the tablet comes the matching official ASUS dock for the tablet that you would find on Google Play, plus a case to keep your shiny new toy safe.

Ready to win it?


Update:  Congrats goes out to Kaleb Y!

Prize:  1 (one) Nexus 7 32GB WiFi tablet, 1 (one) case, 1 (one) official dock.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


We will randomly choose a winner tomorrow at 9AM Pacific.

Thanks to NVIDIA for fronting the Father’s Day celebration prizes!
  • I have never received a father’s day gift. But my dad needs to get rid of his iPad. 😉

  • Mach3te

    Worse fathers day gift I ever got was….. nothing…… It sucks when no one remembers that one day out of the whole year that suppose to mean something to fathers.

  • mrsonsai

    worst gift i ever received was breakfast in bed because i make breakfast. always.

  • Juan Losada

    a regift of something I had given before 🙁

  • Kevin

    I haven’t received a Father’s Day present because I am not a father yet.

  • Cothek

    For once…

  • jwbarbou

    I’m not a father, but a nexus 7 would be nice!

  • Snow02

    I’d love this.

  • Humberto Hernandez

    What’s the best or worst Father’s Day present i’ve ever received?

    Emmmm, i’m not a father…

    But i’m sure i would like a Nexus tablet for mine. He’ll sure like it.

  • Ruby

    Nexus 7!

  • Mort

    Father for nearly 11 years now, and I have yet to receive a memorable gift, good or bad. Hey, at least I don’t have a drawer full of neckties!


    Boom town baby!

  • Simion Bean

    Let’s do it!

  • Brandon Judy

    Wouldn’t mind free stuff as a father.

  • Aaron Guzman

    Not a father so I’ve yet to receive a father’s day gift.

  • Matthew Hoke

    The best fathers day present I received was when my kids made me presents.

  • MJBigDeal

    worst gift I gave was no gift at all

  • jasonlee1

    when they told me he wasnt mine…JK im not a dad but i would think that would be pretty terrible lol

  • Carlos York

    What a great gift

  • Patrick Lahni

    My kids are always borrowing my N7. Having a second one would come in handy.

  • Adam White

    My dad left when I was 3. So this shits a late mothers day gift!!! Love ya Droid Life!

  • Christopher Michaelis

    Time to teach dad how to use thing

  • Glcraven

    Best Father’s Day gift was a new BBQ Grill. I use it all summer!

  • Bloodb0ught

    A Nexus 7, if I win one.

  • jy2465

    My dad always wants the best tech, but usually doesn’t know what that is. It would be fun to give him this.

  • Dustin

    Never got one…

  • rmagruder

    Worst Father’s day present I ever got was the year I just got a card, plus the fact that my oldest daughter wanted to go to a Con and begged off visiting completely. Add to that my Nexus 7 got a screen crack, making the touch screen inoperable, and you have a fairly depressed father this year. Going through N7 withdrawal and praying to get lucky for once.

  • bumassor

    My best fathers day present when I gave him and my mom a four day trip away from us.

  • schmaltzy

    Best present ever was a new BBQ grill from my wife. I thought I was getting a couple shirts. Was a happy man.

  • cherlynn

    My dad’s favorite gift was his hammock!

  • Andrew

    Hopefully I have many years until that becomes a real question

  • best father’s day gift was hanging with my dad and watching movies with him all day long ha

  • Michael Gardner

    I’m a new father this year so whatever I get will be the best present yet!

  • Yuval Rozin

    Never got one =

  • This is my first one! Just got married and have two awesome step kids. So lets see what sunday brings 😀

  • John F

    Homemade cards from my daughters

  • traumadog

    Here’s hoping…


    Would be nice to win this.

  • stephen shavers

    My worst present ever is nothing. Same thing I get every year. It’s alright because I’m not father.

  • Tom Dwenger

    Best fathers day gift i received was a new computer

  • Kevin Fite

    Never received a Father’s Day gift as I am not yet a father 🙁

  • Scott Willenborg

    My wife and kid bought my a Lego Techinc set tyhis year for Father’s Day. They used our families discount card when they bought it… so guess who got the reciept emiled to him? Guess who has to act suprised on Sunday???

  • MasterSyrron

    The worst father’s day gift I ever received was an actual gift — BEFORE I WAS A FATHER AND FROM AN EX! Sad, because at the time, I didn’t think I could have children!!! 🙁 The best will be this coming Sunday, spending my FIRST FATHER’S DAY with my son!

  • Rx7freek

    NEXUS 7 FTW!! I know a dad that would love this!

  • Jaime G.

    It would be awesome to win this

  • alershka

    Happy Father’s Day

  • George Messiha

    I hope I win…

  • TimTheK

    I’ve got 3 kids…. and the best gift I can receive is peace and quiet! Can I get 3x the entries?

  • vpatterson1976

    I have never received a bad gift for Father’s Day. They have all been special, it helps when you have two of the greatest girls in the world.

  • Jaime Morris

    The best gift I have received to date would be the PS3. My wife got it for me.