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Contest: Win an ASUS Nexus 7 Prize Pack from NVIDIA and Droid Life for Father’s Day (Update: Winner Picked)

Nexus 7

If you listened in on the Droid Life Show last night, you might have heard that we are keeping our Father’s Day celebration going, this time teaming up with NVIDIA to bring a sweet Nexus 7 prize pack to one lucky winner. If you win, you will be the owner of a brand new Nexus 7 32GB WiFi tablet, matching dock, as well as an official case for your sexy new Android tablet.

The Nexus 7 is Google’s very popular 7″ tablet, sporting an HD display, NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, a front-facing camera, and the sweet taste of vanilla Android. With the tablet comes the matching official ASUS dock for the tablet that you would find on Google Play, plus a case to keep your shiny new toy safe.

Ready to win it?


Update:  Congrats goes out to Kaleb Y!

Prize:  1 (one) Nexus 7 32GB WiFi tablet, 1 (one) case, 1 (one) official dock.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


We will randomly choose a winner tomorrow at 9AM Pacific.

Thanks to NVIDIA for fronting the Father’s Day celebration prizes!
  • Christopher Mann

    never received one

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    I’m not a father — this one’ll be for my pop!

  • Robert Butler

    Come in baby, daddy wants a new tablet.

  • DanPatrickFlores

    a hug

  • YinzerRob

    this is my first fathers day…would be a nice gift 😉

  • Chris Mullins

    A full night’s sleep

  • Adam Smith

    No eBay for this prize should I win.

  • Keri0527

    Not a father

  • thehandcoder

    Nothing better than a great day with the kids

  • Zadex

    A sandwich!

  • wolfedude88

    I can feel it this time. Pick me!!!

  • John Om

    a late fathers day card

  • Jose Alvarado

    I want to win please

  • Thomas Schreck

    I’d say the best is my boy on the way this September!

  • EvanTheGamer

    I’m not a father so I can’t comment. But I bet one of the gifts I would have received if I was a dad(weird saying this) would be the worst. lol

  • jeng

    i’ve never celebrated it with my father actually DX but still, i love my dad 😀 he’d buy us ice cream once in a while~

  • Rachel Mitchell

    Never received a fathers day present as I am a woman!

  • Chriswhat21

    To sleep past 730am or a Nexus 7

  • joesterne

    My dog didn’t get me anything…7 years running!

  • ryanj983

    Best gift is a beer and a sunny day. That is all I ask for.

  • whosinaname

    Worst fathers day gift? None 🙁

  • tmumandthepips

    I’ve only had 2 fathers day gifts so far, my kids are only 2 years old, and so far I pretty much just get junk food on father’s day. I’m ok with this.

  • br_hermon

    Well I’m not a father but I bought tickets and a team membership for my dad once to his favorite baseball team 🙂

  • cgingles89

    My Father needs some new technology in his life, he is still living in the stone ages…flip phone and all.

  • xxseiferxx

    not a father……yet.

  • Chavez Y Chavez

    Worst-someone elses X-mas present. Best-minichopper

  • swimrage

    I don’t have a best or worst gift yet, this year will be my first year as a father. So I guess I have many ugly ties and interesting tools in my future.