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Amazon Hosting 1-Day HTC One Sale: $79.99 for New Customers, $99.99 for Upgrades (Updated: It’s Live)

htc one

Tomorrow, Amazon is hosting a 1-day sale that features the HTC One at some of the lowest price points we have seen to date. Both Sprint and AT&T models, in both black or white, will drop to $79.99 for new customers and $99.99 for upgrades to celebrate Father’s Day. If you were looking to make the One your partner in crime for the next two years, you may want to have credit card in hand when this deal goes live.

Update:  These deals are now live. Go get ’em!

AT&T Links:

  • HTC One in white/silver [Amazon]
  • HTC One in black [Amazon]

Sprint Links:

  • HTC One in white/silver [Amazon]
  • HTC One in black [Amazon]

If you don’t feel like waiting until tomorrow, know that the Sprint versions can already be had for $79.99 if you are a new customer. Upgrades will run you close to $150.

Again, the sale starts on June 14.

  • jpfrasier

    interesting. the best deal I’ve found prior to this was from AT&T directly. You could buy the HTC One for $99.99 with a trade-in of your old phone, as long as your phone was under three years old.

    • PhoenixPath

      Got mine for 499 at T-Mob; no trade-in necessary (The S4 was, at the time, $149).

      Pretty sure this deal is still available.

  • Butters619

    Must not be selling as well as Amazon anticipated.

  • Why does Amazon not sell phones like this for T-Mobile?
    I need to add a few lines to a current account so I can finally make the switch from Verizon, but I can’t seem to find a place where I can find discounted T-Mobile phones like Amazon.
    Is it because of T-Mobile’s new way of selling phones with monthly installments?

    • Daistaar

      I was wondering the same thing. Best Buy doesn’t seem to list T-Mobile or have them in stores either.

  • dannysmith134

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  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    G offers has $50 off any vzw smartphone. Valid till March 11 2014. May only be in this area but you should check it out.

    • Daistaar

      Did you reply to yourself? lol

      • Daeshaun Griffiths

        i thought it was weird too, but i didnt wanna edit my post

  • Keith0606

    very tempting to jump ship from verizon for that. means an early term fee on one of my two lines though about 6 months early.

    • napes22

      I’m considering the same. Especially since their new “policy” pushed my upgrade out to March 2014. The early termination fee + new member phone price will likely be pretty close to the VzW price when the One finally hits big red.

      • Keith0606

        what really stinks is the billing cycle cost. My billing cycle is the 7th of July so if i cancel tomorrow i still have to pay the ETF fee plus the entire amount for the current billing cycle even though i’d be terminated 7 days after the last one ended. They don’t prorate that. It’s pretty ridiculous.

        • JoshGroff

          So that’s how it works, good to know.

    • I’m seriously considering the same a year early. It’d be two lines, but selling my current phone would pay the majority.

    • lembowski

      The money you save on the phone should just about cover the ETF for the 2nd line.

      • michael arazan

        $350 ETF and CS asking 20 questions on why you want to leave.

        • Bob Buttons

          Good thing I’d have 20 answers if that happened.

        • lembowski

          He said he had 6 months left in contract, so after proration that VZW does that would be like $180….

    • Just wait for the butterfly 2. It has speakers on the front as well, etc.

  • lembowski

    Buying my black AT&T version tomorrow and finally leaving VZW. Contract is up on the 17th so I will port over as soon as I get the phone in the mail!

    • She_Beast

      Does buying a phone on-contract through Amazon automatically start your new service? Like, will your new carrier attempt to start the port right when you buy it? I don’t recall from back when I bought my GNex on VZW.

      • lembowski

        You can elect to start a new # or port a number. I will just start an new number, and then port my existing # next week once my contract is up on the 17th.

      • lembowski

        Here is the FAQ on this from AmazonWireless:

        When we process your number-porting request, your new wireless carrier will work with your current wireless carrier to close your existing account and transfer your phone number to your new phone. To ensure uninterrupted service with your current wireless provider, we will not initiate the transfer request automatically. When you receive your phone, you will initiate your number transfer and service activation request based on instructions included with your shipment (or by visiting Your Account at AmazonWireless).

    • T4rd

      If there’s anyone worse to give your money to than Verizon, it’s AT&T.

      • lembowski

        Well they are all the devil. I currently have a unlimited plan through VZW using between 1.7 and 2.4 GB’s of data a month. So I would have to continue to buy phones full retail as I would go over a few months a year on data. The 3GB that AT&T provides I have never went over.

        I get the same % of discount through VZW as AT&T at 20%, and their plans are pretty much the same price. Only difference is that my employee discount on VZW is applied to Voice and Data, where on AT&T it is on the Voice only. But with AT&T I get a service discount monthly by combining my Uverse bill with the mobile bill so they x each other out.

        Here is San Diego they both have very similar coverage.

        • T4rd

          No, there’s still a way to upgrade and keep unlimited data, but you have to sacrifice one line to do it. Convert one line over to a tiered data line. Then you can transfer upgrades to that line to get a new phone on contract. Then just swap the SIM cards. This is how I got my Note 2 on contract. Only Verizon stores can transfer upgrades though.

          • lembowski

            Well then I’d have to add a line and pay $10 extra each month. That makes AT&T instantly $10 cheaper…extra $240+tax over 2 years.

          • T4rd

            Well you pluralized “phones” in your first reply, so I thought you already had multiple lines and could convert one over. If you only have one line, then yeah, you’d have to add a line, which would cost more than $10/month for a smart phone ($10 to add then at least $30 for data package for it), which would be worse.
            I would still recommend Sprint or T-Mobile over AT&T if they have coverage in your area.. Everyone in my family and almost everyone I know has had problems with them in some way (usually billing issues and bad CS).

          • lembowski

            Yeah, try reading that comment with just phone…doesn’t quite work 🙂

            Sprint is horrible here, my fiancee is on them and the coverage is laughable. Not a fan of Tmobile here either, as they don’t cover my desert house or my office.

          • T4rd

            Yes, but it’s still worded to make me think you had mulitple lines, I didn’t mean to say you could use “phone” there instead.
            Oh well though. Enjoy your One and I hope you don’t have any issues on AT&T.

          • lembowski

            Yeah, can’t get any worse than my S3’s data connection issues now.

          • KleenDroid

            Did you get the update that screed everyone over?

            If so, either revert back to the older version for now or make Verizon upgrade you. I have 5 lines on Verizon for many years and they have always done whatever I needed then to if they caused the issue.

          • michael arazan

            Here in St.L coverage goes Vzw, Sprint, T-mo and ATT tie with black outs all over especially in the boonies 3 miles away from the highway.

          • JoshGroff

            I did an upgrade transfer at Best Buy.

        • KleenDroid

          Don’t do it. I have unlimited data also and normally didn’t use much data as you. However I bought two S4’s on opening day at full retail. Since then my data has skyrocketed. My son has used over 24 gig and I’m at about 15 gig. And that’s only since the 23rd of last month.

          That much data would have cost over an additional $350 per month with Verizon, no idea about AT&T.

          Data is the future, why do you think they changed the plans? Sure most people use less than 2 gig for now which is how they tricked them.

          Think about it before you do this. Things will not be better elsewhere. I will pay full price all day long on Verizon… Its a bargain.

          I don’t know if you root and ROM. But if so, coming from a Gnex that was on stock you won’t believe the size of the ROMs and backups on these new skinned phones.

          I also thought about leaving. But now that I look back I don’t know why. Once you lose your unlimited data it is gone forever. Think long and hard before making this mistake. Also can anyone beat Verizon’s network?

          • lembowski

            I don’t root or rom, when I called VZW about this (3 times over 5 days) they just told me an update wil be coming out soon.

            I don’t and won’t use data enough to ever get to where you are. I work where I’m busy enough to not have time to play on a phone and in the evenings it’s its family time. I use my phone to check in on forums, blogs, and social sites.

            I thought I needed to keep unlimited, but after looking back at the past years data I would never touch it.

            Either way I already ordered the phone. I’ll test it for a week and see if everything is up to par. If not I’ll wait for VZW to release the One, which will cost $550 over AT&T over the next year.

          • KleenDroid

            Ok, I know you will enjoy the new phone, especially since you are having the problem with your S3.

            P.S. I know you called Verizon a few times. But you should not accept anything other than a resolution to your problem. Each person that does not resolve your issue you need to take it up a level. You will get to the right person that can help you. Also I would tell them I would refuse to pay the bill for months that the phone does not operate because of their update.

            They have given others with your same issue upgrades to the S4. This may not interest you but I would not accept and continue to pay for a phone they messed up.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    So strange that after we finally get an announcement from VZW about the HTC One… ALL the leaks about anything else related dries up. Call up those sources Kellen!

  • Kar Bar

    I’m here for this, will pick one up tomorrow!

    • Ian Smith

      you go gurl