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The Droid Life Show: Episode 28

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It’s time, for the Droid Life Show episode 28! On tap for tonight, we’ve got a lot of iOS 7 topics to hammer through. And yes, we are an Android site, but even with Android’s place firmly set in the mobile world, whatever Apple does still makes a difference. We want to talk about similarities between iOS 7 and Android, webOS, and Windows Phone. We also want to talk about the borrowing or “copying” of features from other mobile operating systems and if that’s a good or bad thing, because all of the major mobile operating systems do it. Beyond iOS talk, we’ll be sure to toss out our favorite apps and games of the week, and include any other topics that might come up during the conversation. Like, how about a Google rumor or two? Join us live!

The show kicks off around 6:00PM Pacific (9:00PM Eastern). A live video broadcast and chat are embedded below. 

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  • mustbepbs

    I’ve been coming here for a long time, but it seems like the DL team has gotten lazy with their success. I realize you guys are on a different time zone than a lot of your readers, but make an effort to at least try to stay with current news. I have to go to all the other outlets for news before 1 PM before you guys even start hitting on basic news. You’ve got barely any opinion articles, and the articles you do have are just about new app updates that no one cares about.

    I realize I’m talking to no one on the internet and I don’t pay to come here, but it’s just annoying and it seems like you’ve become arrogant. I’m sure I’ll get flamed for this, but I don’t care at all.

    It was nice while it lasted.

    • I can’t speak to the news cycle, but I can tell you that the lack of opinion articles from me is because news has been slow overall. We didn’t get a lot of Android related news from Google IO that was polarizing. I don’t want to just write random opinion pieces; I want to write about something that I really care about and that I have a strong opinion about. It’s not about being lazy, it’s about writing good content that I believe in.

      • mustbepbs

        So have someone else write opinion articles as well? It just feels like there’s no soul anymore. There’s no personality. It’s just straight up news that everyone else reports on, and an opinion article once a month. I realize I’m not entitled to anything, but I’m just trying to give feedback. It’s like pulling teeth some days to try to get updated news around here.

        • Others do write opinion articles, just not regularly. Like I said, I can’t speak to the new cycle, but know that we’re not being lazy. I could go back to writing opinion articles once a week, but I would be making up opinions about things I don’t actually care about. I would rather wait it out for good content.

        • I don’t know what you mean about the updated news. We report on things as they break, unlike other places that sometimes take all day to report on “news.” Feel free to shoot over some examples on how we could do better and we’d be more than happy to go over it. We definitely aren’t lazy and certainly not TOO arrogant. Anyways, I know you have been here a while, just like myself, so I personally would like to know what you mean.


          • mustbepbs

            I’m sorry, please take me back? I still come here secretly. I apologize 🙁

  • Chris Sword

    I missed it

  • Richard Yarrell

    Samsung shits on Apple all day long.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Apple sucks monkey balls period

  • BRIM

    I think you guys should do a “guest” to appear and chat with you guys. Like run a “raffle” where users enter their name that would like to be a guest on the discussion.

  • tomn1ce

    Tim likes it because it looks like Matias Duarte shirt..lol

  • PalmerAdam

    Its clear they are being censored by Prism

  • tomn1ce

    o_0 what’s up guys, Are you guys trying to connect using sprint’s service?

  • T1392

    Any news on why were getting the will be right back message?

    • tomn1ce

      refresh, it’s fine now.

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    Is it working? I keep getting an error message

    • Thomas

      It’s not you. Looks like Google Hangouts is on the fritz. 🙁

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        Good to know. I like that JD reference

        • Thomas

          Now I’m getting an “Unsupported video format” message ??????

          • El_Big_CHRIS

            Damn it, still nothing. I had an early day today, was looking forward for these since I usually watch the replays later. Oh well…

          • tomn1ce

            refresh, it’s working fine now.

    • tomn1ce


  • Fozzybare