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Samsung to Incorporate Aluminum Body for Next Year’s Galaxy S5?

Samsung Galaxy S4

It’s never too early to start discussing next year’s devices, right? According to a source of Android Geeks, Samsung is looking to change up their build materials in a big way, moving away from the plastics we have come to expect, going for a more metallic feel and look. Aluminum will reportedly be the material of choice for the Galaxy S5, a move directly related to the manufacturer’s recent Design 3.0 meetings attended by the company’s executives.ย 

Samsung can clearly see consumer interest that HTC and Apple are able to bring in with premium materials that are used in the One and the iPhone 5. With that, it may be time for Samsung to attempt and steal that marketshare with a metal device of their own.ย Beyond this little bitty tidbit, no other mentions were made on the device, given that we are a full year away from when it would be released.

Any thoughts on what Samsung would need to incorporate to get you interested in next year’s flagship? Something that maybe the Galaxy S4 is missing?

Via: Android Geeks

  • dark_funk

    Whatever you do, Samsung, keep the removable back cover. Extended batteries FTW.

  • PrDawg

    The Holy Grail would be to go Metal but retain removable Battery and SD slot. Buttons are irrelevant unless they kill Bezel and increase screen size on same size device. Not much room left to go laterally to maintain 16:9 unless edge to edge. Otherwise on screen buttons kill real estate.

  • master94

    Wasn’t this rumor the same for every Samsung phone and never came true. Samsung and plastic are a thing, nothing wrong with that.

  • maxfrix

    Not sure why people think aluminum is premium. Had an htc one S a year ago, it was the opposite of premium. Seems to me the toughest devices I have seen are the Motorola radios on the jobsite. They are dropped, crushed and basically beat to heck and used for years. Never seen an aluminum one though. They are plastic looking, maybe nylon or something. But if people are interested in a durable device they might need to go ask Motorola how to do it.

  • Ellis90009

    I would consider a metal samsung device as long as they let me replace my own battery and have spares

  • chris125

    I am more concerned about the internals and performance over the outer shell, especially how I most likely would use a case anyway. Hopefully they tone back touchwiz so it is not such a resource hog and cause the phone to lag.

  • Jon

    I hope they don’t wait that long, I’m hoping the Note 3 will have a fresh new look to it. But dear God, not at the cost of loosing the removable battery Samsung! That’s not a trade off anyone wants, unless you put a huge, guaranteed all day battery in the beast. (Well actually I get all day battery life now on my Note II, but still ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I hope it’s not metal. Or atleast aluminum. Think out of the box and do some crazy. Like moto and kevlar.

  • Jeremy Gross

    just make teh screen size smaller like 4.5 i like the high end smaller phones

  • jaydub110

    Aluminum body for the S5 sounds great, with front facing speakers even better. But if it doesn’t have a removable back cover & a SD card slot I won’t be getting it.

  • bionicwaffle

    Oh man, first we get dim oled displays (yes dim, hold it next to an LCD, even a droid x from nearly three years ago), next it’s an all metal design to make sure it’s impossible to get the best signal possible in all situations, before you know if they’ll start taking away are notification LED’s and we’ll be stuck with an iPhone 6.

    • observer-shadow


      I simply don’t get the need for a metal case. I don’t understand why writers (not to be confused with owners) call the sleek, compact and light-weight design of the Galaxy series “flimsy”.

      These things are all pluses for me and have or continue serve me well,

  • I totally would like that, as long as Samsung doesn’t increase the prices too much.

  • Ben Edwards

    I’ll believe this when I see it. The same rumours have been floating around since the Galaxy S3.

  • sonicemerald

    sorry samsung, I’ll have the X phone by then…

  • SomeDooD123

    NO MOAR HOME BUTTON! Also delete dat TW.

    • bionicwaffle

      There is good reason to not go with the Google recommended on screen home, back, task-switch. If you think about it Google’s implementation is pretty bad. You can’t use that screen real-estate for anything, no games, no photos. The only exception is some video. If they had a way to hide it that would be cool but as is, I don’t think there’s any excuse for moving static buttons to dynamic display real-estate. By definition it’s a waste of space on a small device. On a tablet it’s another story but I don’t think it makes sense on a phone, even one with a 5″ display. I’m with HTC and Samsung on this one even though I love my Maxx HD.

  • Major517

    I think Samsung needs to give Touchwiz a thorough overhaul. I would like to see new icons, and a unified/modern look for all of their standard apps (Messaging, Calendar, Dialer, etc.)

  • radiohead14

    soft rubber all around! no more need for a case

  • asten77

    I can’t stand the physical home button. Just utterly despise it.

  • David

    I like the sound of an aluminum case, but I think the plastic is actually more resistant to nicks and dents – that may not be true if the case is thick enough, but then it might be too thick.

  • Alix8821

    I love the build of my S3, and Love the changes they made to S4. It’s very similar in size, but bigger/better screen w/ updated internals…

    Love the direction TW is going, although would like the green to go away and become more AOSP-ish (color wise).

    Pretty much an S4, but aluminum, and obv newer specs/screen would have me throwing money at VZW . I love Sammy, and don’t see myself switching, just need this newer build quality

  • Steve Benson

    How about adamantium?

  • MikeCiggy

    A metal phone that you can also remove the battery. Until battery’s can easily last 48 hours playing movies the entire time, battery’s should be swap-able.

  • shmigga

    Plastic please!

  • Geoff Johnson

    Please make this for the Note 3 ๐Ÿ™‚

  • nina

    half the selling point to mobile devices, are aesthetics and feel. i’d be all over a nice feeling phone haha-

  • MariaxNY

    samsung needs to updated there UI make it more clean and simple

    • Bionic

      Nova launcher

      • Steve Benson

        That helps but you still have to deal with the notification bar…green…why green?

        • Kevin McDole

          Inspired by nature of course.

          • Steve Benson

            But of course ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • T4rd

            And sinus infections.

        • flosserelli

          1. Root phone
          2. Install rom/theme with custom notification colors
          3. ????
          4. Profit!

  • DanWazz

    Are they going to update Touchwiz to look more like iOS7 now?

  • MichaelFranz

    meanwhile HTC is already reported on working on liquid metal design….

    • David

      That’s sounds awesome, even thought I don’t entirely know what “liquid metal” would mean for a phone case.

    • kg215

      liquid metal is just a fancy name for an alloy. When Apple bought the exclusive rights, the iMorons said it was a huge success and Apple just screwed everyone else. Well they haven’t made a single device made out of liquid metal yet, just the antenna on some devices.

  • jamie57

    Get rid of that horrendous home button!

  • Aaron17Watson17

    I genuinely prefer polycarbonate plastic

    • turdbogls

      same here. i thik we are in the minority though.

      • NexusPhan69

        Same here.

    • Paradisimo

      I’m with ya. I have no problem at all with the plastic on their phones. Especially since I have had a case on the phone since day one and only touch/see the plastic backing when I’m removing my battery or SD card.

    • michael arazan

      I would prefer carbon fiber, more durable than metal and lighter.

  • Eric

    Don’t place the speaker on the back of the device

  • Ray Gray

    Why can’t phones be made of aluminum and have removable backs like the droid X did wishful thinking

    • Jonathan Williams

      I still have mine and works like a champ…

    • Cory_S

      cant count how many times the back popped off in my pocket and my battery fell out.

      • Jason B

        I had to use a strip of electrical tape to stop that from happening with my X2. =|

        My OG Droid, though, with the heavy duty metal cover and long catch hooks never had that problem.

        Definitely need a full removable back; or even semi-removable with some well hidden Torx screws and a thin 3000mAh+ battery.

  • J. Gilbertson

    Samsung… Nobody likes a troll

  • Stewie

    Will we run into reception issues when they attempt the same design in metal? (Lest we get told that we’re holding it wrong), or would the whole back function as the antenna?

  • MariaxNY


    • bitch_please


    • radiohead14


    • geedee82


  • Jarred Sutherland

    Pretty up the outside .. while leaving the UI as ugly as it is? Come on Samsung .. just bite the bullet and go full stock Android UI. Throw in whatever gimmicks you want .. but leave it stock.

    • turdbogls

      agreed. throw in all your settings, your camera, your launcher if you must…..but keep the main UI the same as stock android. the thing i hate about TW is the actual look of it….greens, oranges, blues, horrible icons ect. go Holo or go home.

      • Downtoearth2

        No,stock android is boring,go buy a nexus phone if you prefer stock android.

        • turdbogls

          ok, you missed my point. i agree, stock android is boring (i Like it that way, which is why i use a Nexus) i just wish touchwiz LOOKED like stock android. they can keep all their add ons, just make it LOOK like stock android. they are using blues, and gingerbread greens, and colorful ugly (IMO) Icons for the built in apps.

          again, keep touchwiz functionally the same, change the entire look of it to stock android. Think a visual refresh similar to what iOS 7 is like. change nothing, except the look ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Downtoearth2

            it’s not fair at all,i like TW .would you like i go to google pleading,please change your ugly stock android interface to look more ike TW ?

          • turdbogls

            but TW is based off Android…not the other way around. Samsung went out of their way to change the look of the UI (which has won awards for its asthetics) for the sake of change…and IMO, went the opposite direction. again, i like TW, just not the look of it.

          • Tyler

            Do I think TouchWiz could use a new look, yes. Do i think it should look like stock, no. A little more unity in colors and designs would be nice.

    • Downtoearth2

      why not buy root a galaxy phone,or buy an iphone?me i like TW.

  • Tay

    They need to incorporate small but noticeable changes. I don’t want them to keep that same design forever.

  • Brandon

    Wireless charging built in (without the need for a separate back cover)

    • Brian Jill

      worst gimmick ever

  • Warwick

    Someone go all out already and use titanium.

    • Defenestratus

      In addition to be very costly, Titanium doesn’t have very good thermal properties. It tends to shatter like glass when its cold and struck violently (like when you drop a phone)

      Aluminum is probably the best material for making a phone outside of a laminate.

      • KleenDroid

        Not sure where you get this information from. I own a very expensive tool made from titanium and it takes a great deal of abuse daily. It has proven to be very durable under extreme conditions. The reason it is titanium is because it is much lighter. A titanium phone would be great!

        • ToddAwesome

          This tool, would it be…..golf clubs? ha

  • mustbepbs

    Any thoughts on what Samsung would need to incorporate to get you interested in next yearโ€™s flagship? Something that maybe the Galaxy S4 is missing?

    On screen buttons.

    • This.

    • Greg

      An M logo for motorola.

      • Greg

        oh, what I would pay for new battery tech.

  • Defenestratus

    If the Galaxy Note 3 uses a metal body, I’m sold. Otherwise I’m going to hop on the HTC megawhatever its called.

    • turdbogls

      can you imagine how heavy a metal bodied device of that size would be? there is a reason phones are made of plastic.

  • EC8CH

    unincorporate dat button

    • Kane Desousa

      What? that’s one of the main reasons I stick with Samsung phones, Clicky- clicky.

      • Jon D

        same here i hate hitting home on a captive button while texting!!! i love the physical home button i hope they never change it

        • EC8CH

          I hate it more than you love it ๐Ÿ˜›

          • T4rd

            Is that what she said..? =p

      • Steve Benson

        Go buy an iPhone then. Clicky home buttons don’t belong on Android.

        • Kane Desousa

          Haha, android is an open platform; Meaning companies can put whatever they want on their phones, They’ve always had buttons till the nexus came along so stick to your nexus/HTC line of phones then.

          • Jonathan Isenberg

            Just because they can, doesn’t mean that they should. Android (at least according to Google’s design of their stock OS), already has OS soft buttons. Having a physical home button is unnecessary. To me, it’s one of the few things that mar the Samsung line.

            They went way too far when they put a physical home button on their new tablet line…

        • S2556

          Better than both of HTCs buttons

    • geedee82

      aint dat the truth

    • Speedyrulz

      I’m not opposed to physical buttons but I think it’s ridiculous to have a combination of both on a phone. I actually prefer capacitive buttons but the problem I always run into with them is when I hand my phone to someone to show them something they always hit the menu or back button. It gets annoying.

      • Speedyrulz

        Oh yeah, I believe the solution is to just use on screen buttons.

  • bitch_please

    Not gonna happen