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Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal [Opinion]

iOS 7 Lock Screen

On Monday, Apple revealed the latest version of iOS to the press and developers at its annual World Wide Developers Conference. Apple showed off a lot of new features on iOS, many of which are iterations on ideas from other companies. Unsurprisingly, I saw a lot of people complaining on Twitter that Apple was claiming to reinvent everything and that they stole everything from Android. The truth is that they took ideas from Android, webOS, Windows Phone, and a handful of jailbreak tweaks and, most importantly, iterated on them. Apple didn’t claim to be reinventing anything (they’ve avoided that claim for years now); instead, Apple claimed to be iterating. iOS 7 really is the biggest change to iOS since the iPhone was released in 2007.


Influences and Theivery

I think iOS 7 looks like a balance between webOS and Microsoft’s design language (which I’ll call Metro, like everyone else outside of Microsoft). It is not completely flat and squared off like Metro, the UI is not multitasking-based like webOS, and it doesn’t fit content into cards like Google Now (and Google+, the Play Store, Google Play Music, etc.). While Android fans have often complained about Apple stealing ideas from Android, this version of iOS seems to be devoid of influence from Google in terms of design.

In fact, if there is any clear influence in terms of design, it is clearly coming from Redmond, not Mountain View. Google’s emphasis on using cards to show content, a dark and bright color palette, and the free-form organization of content through cards give Android a very different design language. Android’s home screens and apps feel more like a messy desktop (that can be cleaned up) compared to iOS’ restrictions on how information and apps are displayed. Apple absolutely stole some ideas from Android (calling live wallpapers “dynamic” isn’t exactly innovating), but the majority of the changes made by Cupertino are clearly influenced by webOS and Windows Phone, not Android.

To see this clearly, look at the lock screens on webOS, Windows Phone, Android, and iOS. On the lock screen, largest similarities are from webOS, especially with the way that notifications appear on the lock screen. Apple’s new version of multitasking in iOS 7 is even more blatant. Instead of doing half the work like Microsoft did with Windows Phone and instead of shrinking down the cards and swiping from the x-axis like Google did with Android, Apple straight up copied Palm’s implementation of multitasking and added app icons.

Safari Tabs

iOS 7 isn’t just influenced by webOS and Windows Phone, though; Android’s donations are clear in a number of areas. Notification Center is still, for all intents and purposes, a crummy version of the Notification Drawer in Android with a few cues from the Me tile in Windows Phone. AirDrop is essentially the same thing as Wifi Direct, DLNA or NFC sharing (sans the bumping). Quick Controls is similar to Quick Settings except it has a heavier emphasis on media and looks more like a messy jailbreak tweak that Ive’s team mocked up in Photoshop for 10 minutes and then coded the night before WWDC. Tabs in Safari is a complete rip off of tabs in Chrome (although I will say that Apple’s version of it makes differentiating between tabs much, much cleaner).


Layers Beneath the Glass

iOS 7 uses transparency, shadows, and parallax to communicate depth and layers. When you unlock the phone, the whole lock screen slides to the right and then the icons fall on top of the wallpaper. Regular wallpapers will shift on a z axis behind the rows of apps to show that the apps are floating above a layer above the wallpaper (parallax). Quick Controls and Notification Center slide over the icons in a translucent shade to show that the home screen is behind those features. The result is that the iconography and typography may appear more simplified and refined, but the OS itself does not.

The use of translucency throughout the system gives iOS 7 a depth that Android, Windows Phone, and webOS lack with their purely digital implementation of the GUI. While each OS has pull down menus and notifications that hover over content, they use solid, flat colors and little to no depth, which makes each layer feel more like stacked sheets of paper than panes of content that are hovering over one another. This use of layers, translucency, shadows, and parallax leads to an operating system that looks and feels more real that the skeumorphic aspirations of iOS 6 could ever accomplish. The shift is subtle, but important. Instead of trying to make content and features look and feel real by making them ape physical object, iOS 7 adds layers of depth perception to make them feel like they exist on separate levels beneath the glass.


Balancing Borrowing with Innovation

Apple, like Google and Microsoft, is good at taking ideas and iterating on them. I cannot emphasize this enough: companies do not come up with every idea on their own. Google, Microsoft, Apple, Palm, Blackberry, Nokia, HTC, Samsung, LG, and Motorola all design software and hardware that is based on designs and ideas that come from elsewhere. Objectivity doesn’t exist; we are all influenced by the things we see, read, hear, smell, and touch.

Xerox essentially invented the mouse and the GUI, but Microsoft and Apple have been refining both ideas for decades through mouse hardware and Windows and OS X respectively. Apple didn’t invent the smartphone, but they dramatically changed the way we thought about smartphones and what they can do. Android was designed to take on RIM and Microsoft; when the iPhone came out, Rubin and his team adjusted course to compete with iOS. Everyone looks at their competition, examines their iterations on ideas and concepts, and either steals them or improves upon them. Some people call that preparations for patent lawsuits, others see it as how innovation works.

As iOS 7 gets closer to release and discussions about its design and features continue, I hope Android, iOS, and Windows Phone users (and the 12 webOS users left) recognize that every OS builds off of the ideas of its predecessor. Whenever someone mentions something that Android borrowed from iOS, Android fans get upset about it and insist that Google did not just take the idea; they iterated on it and made it their own. For the most part, I think that’s what we’ve seen Apple do as well. Every company does its fair share of stealing and innovating. We can sit around and be upset that companies steal ideas from each other, or we can continue to be inspired and buy products from companies who are working extremely hard to compete with each other to make some of the best products we have ever seen.

I’m excited for this new direction with iOS. I think Apple did a great job overall in changing the look and feel of the OS without abandoning its familiarity. Between Holo, Metro, and iOS 7 I think we have three really great design languages that borrow from each other while continually iterating and competing to make the best mobile operating system. I can’t wait to see how iOS 7 influences Microsoft and Google to continue to innovate and improve their respective products.

  • appleboy

    Call it copying or stealing…..Apple always do it better….Bcoz Apple is best!!!

  • It’s great for competition.

  • New operating system for iphone? when

  • Eric Ramos

    I just feel bad for iOS users for still not being able to choose different app defaults.

  • Tyler

    Great write up.

  • Can you tell the difference? http://iosorwindows.com/

  • “I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.”

    • Samsung Fanboy

      the man was an ass, an egotistical ass.

  • Robert Castles

    Brilliant article, Ron. I’m sharing this with a few others.

  • James Hill

    I’m glad, the new ios will make my iPad better.

  • dsignori

    Well thought out article. Nice job. It’s good to see a bit of objectivity regarding this stuff. Haviing more than 1 good OS is great for everyone. Well done.

  • Stew

    AirDrop is originally a Mac OS X Lion feature from when it was released in 2011. Apple didn’t “steal” it from Android’s Wifi Direct.

    • I know that AirDrop is from OS X, but it’s basically Apple’s iteration of WiFi Direct (which is not an Android-only technology). Intel introduced My WiFi in 2009, which is essentially the same technology for Windows.

  • slow88lx

    What people are upset about is that Apple sued everyone for using “Slide To Unlock” and other unremarkable features. Now they steal ideas, some of which I assume are patented, and are allowed to get away with it.

  • Dd

    You people don’t understand why apple is still number one , only company currently having its own os, unlike all others Tom dick and Harry like Samsung Htc borrow googles os, and Nokia borrowing windows os. Lol. Chill guys.

  • James Friedman

    Good article….At first I was very defensive about all the iphone guys bragging about their new OS. I’m starting to see how huge of a step this was for iOS. My complaint to all of them is that iOS was just boring to me. Now it IS looking a lot better and I can’t wait to see what is in store when we reach 5.0.

    I must say I LOL’d at this “Quick Controls is similar to Quick Settings except it has a heavier emphasis on media and looks more like a messy jailbreak tweak that Ive’s
    team mocked up in Photoshop for 10 minutes and then coded the night
    before WWDC” I was TOTALLY thinking the same thing!!!!

  • Really well written and said Ron, thank you.

  • Guest

    Before I clicked on this article, my little brother commented, “Is that Android running on an iPhone.” Ironic…

  • trentonjw

    Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Kang.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    the command center is better than quick settings for android.
    Bang i said it. Use it. Theres a calculator and camera shortcuts. Useful.
    the music widget (lack of a better term) is always there. I can start music from any page. Not big, but it’s some i’d use.

  • iamnotfan

    Stolen pic

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    well, didnt they hire Rich Dellinger? the webos notification designer. I expected nothing less.

    but even google take ideas from the devs. i’m sure apple pays attention to their jailbreak community. (which is exactly what ur saying, Ron)

    but have any of u used ios7? sadly i’m jealous. I booted it up on my iphone 5 (which i probably shouldn’t admit that i own) and i’m amazed. The new animations are the absolute best part. Clicking on an app zooms into it. not just a screen popping up. There is DEPTH in ios7. Layers. Like onions. Just use it and notice the small things. Very smooth.

  • BradT

    I don’t understand why this would be posted on DROID-life (emphasis on DROID). This site is clearly dedicated to talking about Android news. I am a die hard Android fan and I really don’t care for Apple. If I want news about Apple I can find it on cnet.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      it’s 1 article. skip it. And competition. We have to be aware of the competition. I don’t think this article is about Apple at all. It’s to stop the crying of who copied who and say nothing is brand new, it’s just improved from another idea.

      • BradT

        I would definitely disagree that it improved an idea. As I said in my first comment, I can “be aware” of the competition by reading other technology news sites. This site is called droid-life, so clearly it is an Android enthusiast site.

        • Daeshaun Griffiths

          so you’re telling me the authors of this site aren’t allowed to voice their opinion on the competition? K.
          much like android, u have choice. skip it.

        • Daeshaun Griffiths

          so you’re telling me the authors of this site aren’t allowed to voice their opinion on the competition? K.
          much like android, u have choice. skip it.

  • Derrderr

    Please never post another “Ron opinion” article again.


    This is a bit disheartening, the great feud between IOS and Android is now over because IOS used an Apex or Nova Launcher for their UI and now its like EHHH….I prefer android but this incorporation of android-ish will make it seem all to much similar. =(
    Whats next BBM/windows will just be an APP, HAHAH…….oh.

    • JeffColorado

      The OS war is ending with a whimper instead of a bang apparently.

  • TalonDesigns

    Very well written article.

    From someone that normally can’t focus on any one thing long enough to read it, I would like to say that you were able to keep me reading.

    Well done. Well done.

  • Fresh360

    How DARE you have a balanced, educated, and thought out article on an oppossing OS. Who do you think you are SIR!?!

  • Fresh2infinity

    As far as functionality goes I believe Android has iOS beat by a landslide. Performance however is a whole other ballgame. Let’s take the iphone 4 and the galaxy nexus (which I own) for example, both phones were released the same year and as far as specs go, the Gnex is a superior phone. Using the devices it is obvious how much smoother the performance is on the iphone 4 even with ios 6 installed compared to jelly bean. transitions are “buttery” on iOS and very very little lag is visible while using the OS. in Jelly bean after opening a couple of apps and the phone running for a couple of hours, lag is evident everywhere. scrolling seems jerky, transitions are not as smooth and the whole OS just feel sluggish.

    I am a die hard Android fan dating back to the G1 days but I think Google has some serious coding to do to catch up to iOS in terms of overall performance. there should be no excuse for a dual core iphone with 1gb of RAM to perform better than some of the quad core phones with 2gb of ram out now even with “true” multitasking in use.

    *****Last minute rant!

    Fix the Damn lockscreen introduced on 4.2!!!!! ….it feels half baked!! Sliding left and right is slow, the whole implementation of widgets seems dumb if you could only have one widget per screen…………….I digress

    • Greyhame

      I…grudgingly……… agree.

  • Shawn Pourhosseini

    Problem is now that apple is very similar to android.. Apple will being the childish evil corporation that they are…will begin suing all the other companies for the features that they use.. Notice why “Siri” no longer uses Google search… its because of the Google Now Lawsuit that is pending between apple and Samsung.. Apple knows that Google could easily block “Siri’s” Servers and as such they switched to Bing.

    • Fresh360

      Correct me if I am wrong but couldn’t you always change the default search engine Siri used? Apple just made Bing the default for iOS7.

      *I think I heard that before, or i could just totally be making it up but I know it’s one of those 2…

      • Shawn Pourhosseini

        Never heard that before.. but if that is the case then thanks for the correction..

  • needa

    i for one am happy to see apple upping its game and i must say its about time. all of this ‘who copied who’ is not going to change anything. so ya might as well embrace it.

  • Ricko

    Steve Job is gone so now apple is in trouble. Android will have its advantage. Tim Cook is not Steve Jobs he can try to be like him, but does not WOW me of its design. The only thing that got me off guard was their Mac Pro. Now that’s something new that caught me off guard, but everything else meh.

  • Jack


  • Jack

    apple copied multitasking,camera gallery also associates photos with events in time from HTC,sense taskswitcher was copied to the last pixel

  • Scott Webber

    I have no objection to the “stealing” that’s being talked about, as long as it goes both ways.

    Apple steals ideas, and then pretends like they invented it and it’s innovative. They then sue competitors for doing the same. If everyone would stop suing, technology would get better faster.

  • MariaxNY

    apple copied most of Android,windows,blackberry features but it saved some copying for ios 8 for next year so they don’t get caught

  • skinja99


    Why didn’t you list all the things the new version of iOS has and then list how many years ago that item was available on Android or WebOS/Palm.

    Then make a list including the adjectives used to describe the new version or feature. They constantly use terms like: revolutionary, magical, wonderful, magical, amazing, special, magical, etc, to describe things as if they are new and only Apple has them.

    The Arrogance of Apple is astounding. For example, the way they refer to ‘figuring out’ home TV or ‘figuring out’ that a bigger screen on the iPhone 5 is better. The hubris their language carries is astounding. As if TV wasn’t working before Apple. Or as if everyone else on the planet hadn’t figured out that they wanted a bigger screen on their smartphone years ago.

    Iterating? Seriously? You are carrying Apple’s water and congratulating them for “iterating”?

    Apple has sued the pants off other companies for aesthetics. Not even function. Just the form of devices. And now Ron is asking us to sing their praises for stealing functionality from other operating systems.

    • I did not request any singing. Dancing is optional as well.

      • skinja99

        Do you have any response with substance?

        • I agree that Apple often exaggerates their innovations, although I don’t think they’re as bad as you portray them to be.

          The point of my article wasn’t to convince you to love Apple and agree that they’re innovative. The point was to show that they borrow and steal ideas just like everyone else. Google, Microsoft, and Apple all steal ideas from each other, developers, and others.

          I understand that you think it’s hypocritical to say that we should be alright with Apple stealing ideas when they sue others for stealing. I think Apple was in the right with Samsung, but not with other lawsuits. Also, Samsung started the majority of the lawsuits, not Apple. I discussed that in full here: http://www.droid-life.com/2012/08/08/why-it-matters-that-samsung-copied-apple-opinion/

          If you want my full thoughts on all of these issues, watch this week’s Droid Life Show.

  • joejoe5709

    I do wonder what Jobs would think of iOS7 and I wonder how much he had to do with it before his death.

    • TylerChappell

      Uhh. Jobs died in October 2011. The 4S had just barely been released. Scott Forstall was still at Apple. He had absolutely nothing to do with iOS7. Not hard to figure that out, iOS 6 and Maps hadn’t even been announced yet, let alone Ive taking over design.

      • Jason Dilaurentus

        Steve Jobs, being the CEO of the company, was in constant conversation with Jony when he was going to create the iPhone. When jony created mockups of the iPhone he had that design interface in mind, but it was irradiated when Scott had the final words. Steve Jobs only necessity was that it was simple and elegant.

  • MikeSaver

    yeah thats all well and good, but then Apple is the one turning around and suing everyone for doing what you just wrote about being a good thing that they did,

  • Josh Shaw

    I think congress should sit down with someone knowledgeable of the internetz, and technology in general(not Al Gore – Creator of the Internetz). To rework how patents on technology work, how long they last, etc. Apple shouldn’t be able to sue samsung over a device they made 3 years ago, technology moves to fast to have companies worrying about that. When they should be making a super battery that is no bigger than a penny, and lasts longer than an analog watch. Or maybe a mini alternator that works off they sippings of the vibration motor, if it could make more current than the vibration motor uses… OMG, I’m going to go invent this. If you read this, thank you, pat yourself on the back.

    • joejoe5709

      Off topic, but I’ve often thought… if only they could pack a kinetic energy generator in our phone. Heck even if it didn’t give me more than 5% more battery life I’d still take it. How often is your phone bouncing in your pocket or swinging in your hand as you walk? Need a little juice for an emergency call? Shake your phone for a few minutes. I’ve also heard rumors of a solar panel packed behing the LCD screen or on the back of the phone. Great stuff if it doesn’t increase price and reduce reliability.

  • Bionic

    what is the Over/Under on the Amount of Butt Hurt Android Fanboys in here?

  • Jaxon Wright

    Great article! I enjoyed it

  • Greyhame

    Great article with a hope for a great future.

    Regarding the design of iOS, I personally find the gradients over the top, and the layers of frosted glass much too busy. I prefer Google’s clean, minimalist, layered design. Not blobs of color everywhere.

    • Greyhame

      Regarding the tabular layout of safari.. Open chrome, then open multiple tabs, then go tab view and pull down. BOOM! iOS tab view.

    • RTR2011

      Please refrain from ifanboy terminology, like the word “minimalist”.

      • Greyhame

        Minimalist is what is possible with Android’s app drawer. It’s the opposite of every app you own splayed all over everywhere. Look up the last Show Off Your Homescreen article and you’ll find that word everywhere.

  • joejoe5709

    Ya know? I’m really just about done ripping on how Apple steals from others. It is a little annoying that they claim it as their own and they call it innovation. But that’s another story for another day. I think Apple’s future is sealed with not being “the latest and greatest” or bleeding edge like they were 3-4 years ago. Their phones are practically mid-grade by Android standards. Their UI is ancient – even iOS7 is at least two years behind Android and at least one year behind Metro. I believe their function in the market is to utilize features that have proven stable and popular with other UI’s and introduce them to consumers who want these features with none of the “fuss” the other UI’s might have. For example, I love tweaking my phone and spending hours fine tuning everything. My wife has an iPhone and she would prefer just to pick up her phone and have it work well 90% of the time. Consider them to be the ultra-polished end product of our years of trial and error. Consider us to be the forerunners and in a way… we almost dictate what Apple brings to market and what they put on the shelf. Once you make that distinction, it’s easier to understand how they appear to be so far behind everyone else. That said, iOS7 seems to be a step in the right direction even if they are VERY late to the game to call any of these features original or revolutionary. And d*** it Apple stop calling these features your own invention. It really tweaks us out. Hopefully Apple steps up their game and can stay a maximum one year behind instead of two. From a competitive innovation standpoint, it’s good for everyone. I cannot wait to see what Google comes up with to blow iOS7 out of the water.

  • Kindroid

    The people they stole from should disavow any connection to the new iOS 7 UI. There is flat….and then there is the mess Apple threw out there this week. Color palette is at cross purposes. The icons look amateurish. Even in the static pictures they are ill defined and difficult to distinguish. Imagine how that will deteriorate when they moving up and down that conveyor belt. The control center looks like Android circa 2008. It is the antithesis of Apple’s simple and intuitive philosophy.

  • Eric Whitaker

    The fact that you spent 2/3 of your article talking about borrowing and thievery means they didn’t invent anything and just stole ideas where their lawyers thought they could get away with it.

    • The reason I talked about borrowing and thievery so much is because I see too many people complaining about it and pretending that their favorite OS maker doesn’t do it.

      • Eric Whitaker

        I get that. I honestly don’t care what apple does. I kind of like some of the stuff they did with the transparency. The icons are a little cartoonish especially for all the business people that will be using these phones.

      • Mikey Styles

        Great Article Ron it really puts things into a less jaded perspective for the folks out there who have a realistic mindset when it comes to technological progression.

  • Liderc

    If Apple wasn’t suing people nonstop and screaming at the top of their lungs that everyone else is copying them, then it wouldn’t be a big deal. Sorry, they made their bed, now they can sleep in it and take the criticism of being what they are copycats.

    • Greyhame

      Couldn’t come up with a better summary of how I feel. Well said.

  • Adam Truelove

    Apple may have gotten their design inspiration from WebOS and Windows Phone, but they get their feature inspiration direct from Google and Android. They’re allowed to skin iOS however they want, but they’ve run out of new ideas when it comes to actual features and have resorted to recycling year old Android features.

  • Kenny Larson

    Really great artists are often thrown in prison, mutilated or some other nasty misfortune befalls them. And then they die.

    • Weber

      Not before the Catholic church commissions some work first.

  • DroidFTW

    Dear Droid Life.

    Please stop saying iOS has live wallpapers. They do not. They only move in relation to the accelerometer in order to give the appearance of depth between your background and the app icons. They are not live wallpapers and if you do not move the phone they do not move. It makes you guys look silly when Ron and Kellen keep saying something that is false.

    • JeffColorado

      Um…if they animate at all, they are live wallpaper. Even the Android apps themselves call it live wallpaper.



      • DroidFTW

        Live wallpapers move all the time. Are you new to android? Go look at the livewallpapers.apk from froyo. That is a live wallpaper. Using Parallax is not live as the movement is only related to the accelerometer.


        • Jarred Sutherland

          Who cares …


        • meijin3

          Live wallpapers CAN move all the time but they don’t necessarily.

          • DroidFTW

            I suppose that is true but a live wallpaper has parts that move against a background or shifting elements within the wallpaper. Nothing inside the iOS wallpapers move or shift. The entire image simply uses parallax. Totally different animal from a live wallpaper.

        • JeffColorado

          All “live” means is that they are not static. Any wallpaper that does something other than just sit there is a live wallpaper.

    • JMonkeYJ

      iOS7 includes 2 fully animated live wallpapers that work just as you describe, in addition to the always-on parallax effect. the thing they DON’T have is the ability for developers to make new live wallpapers.

    • As far as I can tell the dynamic wallpapers act just like live wallpapers. I haven’t seen any evidence to the contrary. The parallax effect is for regular wallpapers.

  • Mvrcel Lgt

    it’s not the influence, it’s how to deal with it. Apple releasing stuff like totally new inventions and over-hyping them in every way is what keeps people enraged. Google dont seem to make a big fuzz about every new Version (1.0 – 5.0) as apple does and therefore seem less aggressive to the market respectively the customers (us).
    Everyone knows that android’s UI is based on other’s like iOS…apple should at least give credit to others when they do alike instead of fighting with lawsuits. It’s arrogance that keeps me from buying their products…

    • randy

      so you are mad that Apple markets their products?

  • JeffColorado

    See Ron, the thing is, it is APPLE that has been whining and suing everyone because of supposed copying. So why are you aiming your article at Android people? We have already been saying this for years. It is Apple that is just now getting it. iOS exposes them as the hypocrites they are.

    • Guest
      • RaptorOO7

        That is all Apple knows how to do is steal, complain and sue everyone else if they look cross eyed at their products. Apple is the ultimate Copycat.

    • I’m aiming my article at Android people because this is an Android enthusiast site. I’m simply addressing my audience. I’m very well aware of Apple’s history and their patent litigation. If you want to see my thoughts on that, read my article about Samsung copying Apple here: http://www.droid-life.com/2012/08/08/why-it-matters-that-samsung-copied-apple-opinion/

      • JeffColorado

        All I am saying is that it can’t be both ways…if it is just “borrowing” now, why wasn’t it “borrowing” for all those targets of Apple’s lawsuits as well? Apple are clearly being hypocrites on this issue, and refusing to call them on it makes you come across as an apologist for them.

        • Just because I don’t call Apple out for any and every decision they make that I don’t agree with doesn’t make me an apologist for them. The issue of protecting intellectual property, trademarks, and copyrights is a messy one. All I’ll say for now (and I’ll expand on it during the show tonight) is that I think there were some cases where Apple was in the right to sue (or counter-sue, as was often the case) and there were other cases where they were not.

  • Geziah

    I can hardly wait for the Samsung commercials….I love those!

    • joejoe5709

      I honestly hope that Google/Samsung watch the Apple commercials and have ready-made rebuttals for each one. Apple introduces multitasking and how great it is. BAM! Google: yeah we had that in 2010 (or whatever). Apple introduces Command Center. BAM! Samsung: Yeah we’ve had notification widgets, power widgets and such since 2009 (or whatever). Anyway you get the idea – like a good political campaign, you’ll see a commercial spouting one cadidate’s view and then the next commercial is one rebutting everything from that commercial. Of course, let’s keep it civil so that Sammy/Google doesn’t look like the enemy here…

  • Senor Goldenpants

    Great article, Ron. I think that this is a very diplomatic way of looking at things. I do think that it seems Apple has, in a lot of ways, taken what Android/Windows Phone/WebOS have done and streamlined/perfected much of the aesthetics. But what I think irks people isn’t that these things were taken, but that Apple is acting like they have never been seen before. If Apple had admitted that it was changing its image to match a more modern trend, in line with competitors, then there wouldn’t be this air of superiority. Google is, of course, guilty of the same. Roboto is quite similar to the Metro font–simple and minimalistic–yet no acknowledgement to the industry’s move to minimalistic interfaces was ever given. It’s not about copying; it’s about changing with the times. Everyone’s going it, but no one wants to admit it.

    • Senor Goldenpants

      Everyone’s doing* it.

  • Josh Eck

    Great article. Finally it seems that an Android blog actually has some sense. Every other Android blog attempts to create flame wars to gather more fans, but this article is well thought out and well written.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      This is what news reporters do. The more people get all worked up over it, the more they are invested in it. I am glad to see one that doesn’t try to just anger everyone as well. Balance is a great thing to have ..

    • DroidFTW

      Exactly. I for one am glad that some can be fans of Android and not scream “lawsuit” or “iSheep” every five minutes. i have a feeling there is an age gap between those types of fans and one who just enjoy using tech products.

    • cns2007

      I certainly hope you’re not under the belief that Apple/Mac sites are above that behavior.

  • MichaelFranz

    Great write up.

    While I’ll admit, i like the apple redesign, i think it is because it was way too long overdue. While the whole borrowing and copy thing is up for argument. What i lacked to see form apple is innovation, something which you hear about time and time again from them. Maybe its coming with the next version of the phone.

    As much as i love Android, i am really sick of the ridiculous software ideas OEM’s are throiwng into their devices and still keeping the ugliest skins around. Who cares about your eyes being tracking or this or that. Some of them are good, boom sound, dual camera. those are things we everyday use.

    I do think these nexus experience devices are a great idea, but we just need to be able to keep the OEM stuff you like. Either that or google needs to revamp the camera UI

  • Detonation

    So does Droid Life keep Ron around just so he can post opposing viewpoint articles on Apple whenever they’re in the news? Seems like the rest of the staff has no problem taking small potshots at Apple in their articles, but he’s always talking them up.

    I am not your typical Apple hater here and often agree with Ron’s opinions, but this is an android blog and his posts often seem out of place…

    • DroidFTW

      yeah all the post on here should just say Apple steals and use iSheep!

      • NexusPhan69

        I recall your username from AI.

    • Senor Goldenpants

      What’s wrong with having a little objectivity? It’s good to get both sides of the argument.

      What you seem to advocate is more or less a version of “ignorance.” In that, we’d be “ignoring” the other viewpoint by eliminating it entirely from the blog.

      • dunning-kruger

        Two differing opinions does not make objectivity.

        (Dunno about his others but) this post is out of place because despite being on a blog that covered Apple patent trolling closely it seems to be trying to lull the reader into acceptance that despite ridiculing their competition in ads and patent trolling them it is just business as usual for Apple to borrow from them.

        I didn’t see the person you responded to advocate anything, just make a fairly innocuous comment.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          There is a difference between litigation based on overly broad patents, and continuing ridiculous forum flame wars based around unsubstantiated, outdated, or just plain incorrect ideas.

          What Ron wrote is 100% true. Each company implements the features the others have that they like. Sometimes they like them as-is and just make the look fit, sometimes they like the idea but want to improve the way it is executed, or expand upon one of its functions. At this point, each has its strengths and weaknesses, but all are capable of incredible things, and rather than argue endlessly over which is “better” overall (hint: none will ever be best at everything), we should be talking about how to shore up the weaknesses and exploit the strengths to their fullest.

          • dunning-kruger

            Hold up now, you saying that a legal case and a forum discussion are not the same?!?!?!

            But I passed the Reddit bar exam, I’m 100,000 internet bucks in debt?!?!?

            What he said is true.

            It doesn’t make it any less hilarious to see all these well thought out, respectful articles and comments saying that it isn’t right to lampoon Apple for borrowing/copying.

            You sound just like any respectful intelligent Android fanboy from a couple years ago. My recollection is they would be met with app total comparisons, blathering about malware, taunts because Android was missing this or that game or got it late, etc.

            Here it is summed up Gary Larson style (you can imagine the illustration):
            After years of throwing stones it seemed Apple and their fans thought their house was not made of glass; out of stones and feeling exposed in the sunlight they pleaded for people not to degrade themselves by throwing rocks.

          • Senor Goldenpants

            Awesome Gary Larson reference. Very well done! :thumbs up:

          • dunning-kruger

            Hold up now, you saying that a legal case and a forum discussion are not the same?!?!?!

            But I passed the Reddit bar exam, I’m 100,000 internet bucks in debt?!?!?

            What he said is true.

            It doesn’t make it any less hilarious to see all these well thought out, respectful articles and comments saying that it isn’t right to lampoon Apple for borrowing/copying.

            You sound just like any respectful intelligent Android fanboy from a couple years ago. My recollection is they would be met with app total comparisons, blathering about malware, taunts because Android was missing this or that game or got it late, etc.

            Here it is summed up Gary Larson style (you can imagine the illustration):
            After years of throwing stones it seemed Apple and their fans thought their house was not made of glass; out of stones and feeling exposed in the sunlight they pleaded for people not to degrade themselves by throwing rocks.

        • Senor Goldenpants

          “A little objectivity” is what I referred to, not a lot of it. Two differing opinions offers far more objectivity than one single opinion.

          As for the original comment, insinuating that a post is out of place indicates a desire to remove said post and to place the post where it belongs. Therefore, the person whose comment I replied to appeared to advocate removal of the post. My comment was meant to point out that pleading for removal of the post would be tantamount to pleading for ignorance of that viewpoint.

          As the late, great John Wooden once said, “Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be.”

    • Jarred Sutherland

      You frequently find sites like Macrumors (and others) covering products that do not appeal to their user base. As one user said, a little objectivity is a good thing.

    • They keep me around because I’m nice to look at.

    • Stevedub40

      Much agreed. Ron seems to do a lot of apologizing for apple and usually has negative things to say about Android. Maybe Droidlife is an equal opportunity employer?

    • Stevedub40

      Much agreed. Ron seems to do a lot of apologizing for apple and usually has negative things to say about Android. Maybe Droidlife is an equal opportunity employer?

  • Blue Sun

    There are a few things that rub me the wrong way with Apple’s presentation. The first & probably the greatest is their arrogance in calling all these new iOS “features” revolutionary. There was nothing new or revolutionary about any of the features they added to iOS 7. If they wanted to say “This is our (Apple) take on feature X”. I’d be ok with that.

    • MotorolaX

      it’s Apple’s marketing. Lawsuits are part of it.

      What’s obvious: Apple can’t stop talking Android that takes over the world, during a half of their copy-evening Android was on their slides: reality distorting stats, biased analysts, reports-from-nowhere and so on. Pathetic.

      Google never uses ios to bash it during their presentations.

      ios7 is for girls 6-10 years old.

      • Your last fragment was spot on! Looking at all the pictures of iOS 7 all I can think of is a little 10 year old girl who just LOVES pastel colors!

        It will be real interesting once iOS 7 goes live and everyone from business executives to teens get a look at what they are essentially gonna be stuck with for a long time! My guess is the executives go, “What the hell just happened to my phone?” while all the teens go “OMG OMG I LOVE IT!” Lets just hope all those executives drop iOS and move to a real OS like Android or even BB 10.

        • Jarred Sutherland

          I guess I’m a 6-10 year old girl.

          • Stevedub40

            Yes, yes you are Jarred. I don’t know why you still frequent this blog. I think this is the site you are looking for – http://bgr.com

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Do you limit your view on things to a single source of information? I’m here because DL occasionally covers things of interest to me. I frequent many sites/blogs. Limiting yourself to once source generally lands you in the waters of being one sided. Not my cup of tea.

          • Stevedub40

            Yes, yes you are Jarred. I don’t know why you still frequent this blog. I think this is the site you are looking for – http://bgr.com

      • Michael G

        The icons look like something on my son’s Leap Frog pad.
        They are simply hideous and I would be embarrassed to be seen using an iPhone with those apps. Excuse me, I mean, “I would be embarrassed to be seen using an iPhone.”

    • Jarred Sutherland

      So do you feel the same way with “revolutionary” features from Samsung? They just slapped a phone and zoom camera together calling it revolutionary.

      The fact is .. pretty much everyone does it.

      • Blue Sun

        I did feel that there were some new features (revolutionary? I don’t know, I guess only time will tell.) during the S4 Touchwiz presentation. None of which I was particularly interested in, or the features I was interested in, do not work as smoothly as advertised just yet. At the end of the iOS keynote I was left thinking “I’ve already seen all of these features before”. At the end of the Samsung S4 keynote I was not thinking the same as I had from the iOS keynote.

        • Jarred Sutherland

          My wife has the S4, and while it does have plenty of features .. I just cant for the life of me see where they are useful beyond the initial “wow” factor. In fact, my wife never uses the S-View stuff (or whatever it’s called). Siri is very similar, it was first launched and the wow factor was there .. but it fades, as most things do that are non essential. Voice dictation is awesome .. that’s a revolutionary feature that both Apple and Google do well .. but neither of them came up with the idea. I dunno, I just see the current platform as being done as far as innovation goes. Features are neat .. but in the end are just features, not ground breaking new ways of doing things.

          Pretty much everyone is stagnant right now it seems. Google Glass is a cool project, a lot can come from that .. but only time will tell.

          • Blue Sun

            I totally agree with everything you said. Apple came off as arrogant in their presentation is all I was trying to convey. “Hey look at this new & revolutionary new feature we’ve been working on for ages” presentation was laughable to me.
            I felt that Google’s I/O talk on Google Now’s contextual understanding was a big leap forward compared to Siri. But I never felt like Google was trying to convince us they invented it. I felt like it was a “this is our take on voice input, see what we’ve been working on”.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Oh I agree, they ALWAYS come off as arrogant. Personally, the only reason I watched the WWDC keynote was to see the changes to iOS 7. I giggled like a school girl when Johnny Ives started talking in their video .. only because he says the goofiest stuff and want’s everyone to believe it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

            Google never really does this, and I applaud them for that. They just need to get some focus in key areas. Mainly, QC and when you bring a feature to the table, make sure it works.

          • Greyhame

            That’s a pretty generic criticism from someone who doesn’t use Android. My phone works, and it works perfectly. The things iOS7 received we have already had the luxury of using, and some of them for years now. I’m happy my Apple friends are receiving the added features. The functionality of my Nexus is great. The “It Just Works” argument is so played and untrue.

            Notice I didn’t mention Maps.. D’OH! So close…

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Well ummm .. Do you guys just make it a habit of assuming things or do I need to list the various Android devices I have owned each time I post an opposing view?

            Lets see ..

            HTC Droid Eris
            Original Motorola Droid
            Droid Incredible
            Samsung Fascinate
            HTC Thunderbolt
            Galaxy Nexus (forgot that one!)
            Samsung Galaxy S3 (three of them actually)
            LG Nexus 4

            Nexus 7 (two of these)
            Asus Transformer (whatever the mid range one was .. cant remember)

            Logitech Revue
            Sony Google TV box (currently own)

            My wife has had several as well .. most current is her Galaxy S4. So, I think I am somewhat qualified to judge both.

            My record with Apple is

            iPhone, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and 5, iPad 2, Retina and Mini

            But no .. I really have never used any Android devices.

          • Greyhame

            My mistake.. you said you were an iphone user, so I did assume. That said and considered, I don’t know how android could possibly be less functional than any iOS device.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            For me, stability (and I watch my apps like a hawk), GPS (I have ALWAYS had to use the gps toolkit to get a lock, or quick lock), and a few other little irritating things.

            iOS has less features sure, but for me it’s stability that matters. Apps can replace features in most cases. That and I don’t care one iota about customization.

          • Greyhame

            I see. I like my phone to look how I want it to, so it was easy for me to stay with Android initially. And the reward for that has been being on the cutting edge of the fastest growing OS in the world, and all the functionality it brings. Google Now is the coolest thing since sliced bread, IMO. And I have little to no problems with stability, be they in system or apps.

            Try this GPS trick. Leave your GPS on. As in all the time. It allows me to lock immediately when I open maps. And battery issues have not occurred since Android has evolved to only ping the GPS when needed. For some reason, this completely changes how fast my GPS locks. And this is coming from a Galaxy Nexus user, who’s hardware in that regard isn’t the greatest.

          • Droidzilla

            I’ll second leaving GPS on. I tracked battery stats with it on all the time or only on on demand, and didn’t see a statistically significant difference. Let the phone do it’s thing.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          At the end of the iOS keynote, the iOS users were overjoyed because they got so many new features on their platform. Being new to the world is irrelevant, in the iOS world they were indeed revolutionary.

      • joejoe5709

        That’s… you know what? I’m not even going to try. Jarred, you’re just plain wrong and that’s a weak example.

        • Jarred Sutherland

          Weak example of what? That is what the industry does. Samsung JUST DID IT. They put a zoom on one of their phones and said “oh hey guys REVOLUTIONARY”. So how is that example weak?

  • TheWenger

    Brilliant article.

    The only reason that people get so butthurt about “stealing/iterating” others ideas is because of patent wars.

  • Androidster_XL

    OK, it’s good, but ONLY FOR ONE REASON: now Apple will not be able to be so aggressive defending their “own” rectangles and corners, this total-copy-move hurts Apple’s ability to say “copycat” from now on.

  • Everyone dies eventually!

    • Respen

      Valar morghulis.

      • Chris Schmucker

        Valar Dohaeris

        • Josh Shaw

          Matias Duarte

          • Timothy McGovern

            Chicken poop

          • xformulax

            c-c-c-c-c-combo breaker!

  • Defenestratus

    I don’t think that anyone is upset that Apple stole ideas from other mobile OS’s. Its just that they claim, continually, that they’re the ones that have created these things – then their idiot users eat it up and start parroting that line – which is infuriating.

    Not to mention that Apple will undoubtedly take these ideas – that they stole – and patent them to use as a bludgeon against their competition.

    • Landon Bakken

      Nowhere in their keynote did they claim to invent these software enhancements. As Ron stated, this is their iteration or translation of features that needed to be included in there OS.

      The patent thing is ridiculous and I do hope that that doesnt continue.

      • ahhh yes

        just think if movie co.’s could sue each other for using the same type of shot….I love the scene in swings where they talk about everyone stealing from each other during a stolen scene! FU APPLE! just admit it.

      • Weber

        Thank you for paying attention. That’s all you’ll read in the comments: “Apple says they invented it! *throws tantrum*”

        • NexusPhan69

          The problem is the Apple users think Apple invented it. Someone complained the other day how Google ‘copied Apple’s vector based maps’. Some of them are have their blinders on to the rest of the tech world. Drives me nuts.

          • Justin

            iOS user here…I can tell you that the average iPhone user doesn’t even care who invented what. They want their phone to work well. I think Apple got that memo a while ago, because they don’t really claim their OS to be innovative. Watch the keynote. I believe they didn’t use the word innovative anywhere near their presentation on iOS 7.

            It’s really only android users that think that Apple claims they invented everything. iOS users could care less.

          • NexusPhan69

            I disagree. Maybe it’s just me working in the technology world having gone to a technology focused university where everyone with an phone, android or iOS, has strong opinions about it and is more than willing to express them.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            It’s techie people in general. It’s something we care about, some people take it to an extreme and become zealots over a product. In the rest of “userville” no one cares because it isn’t a topic that concerns them too much.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            The only time anyone mentioned being innovative was when they talked about the next-gen Mac Pro, which actually is an astounding feat of engineering that is absolutely an innovation with regards to typical professional-level desktop machines. They basically condensed a workstation into the size of a thin client.

          • kg215

            That is only this keynote, the keynotes in the past weren’t so subtle. Just because you are an iOS user and don’t care doesn’t mean other iOS users don’t care. There are a lot of iOS morons out there…

          • Weber

            Just like there are a lot of Android morons. It depends on the informed user of whatever OS, not the phone.

          • *Some Apple users think Apple invented it
            I can’t tell you how many people think that Google invented widgets, but they were on OSX a long time before they made their way over to Android.
            Your ‘problem’ is not unique to Apple users.

        • kg215

          Apple has implied they invented a lot of things that they didn’t. What’s wrong with giving Apple a hard time about it, not like they have changed at all they are still full of d-bags.

      • joejoe5709

        By calling it unique, innovative, revolutionary, etc they basically claim it as their own. Of course they wouldn’t be so gutsy or they’d have an all out flame war. So they beat around the bush because iSheep don’t know any better.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          Perspective is necessary here. None of these features existed in iOS before, so for an iOS user, they are everything Apple claims and probably more. The fact that the idea existed before it was implemented in iOS doesn’t make a bit of difference to anyone who uses iOS.

          Its time to end the flame wars between Android, iOS and Windows, and start the discussion of how to bring out the best in each platform.

          Information, not instigation!

    • angermeans

      When did they ever clame this? I hear this all the time and its complete BS. Apple hasn’t claimed ever to invent just to take things that have already existed and make them better.

  • BRIM

    It’s great for competition, but what’s unbearable is when Apple goes on a frenzy and throws lawsuits because another phone can’t be rectangular with rounded corners.

    Apple sued HTC in 2011 for allowing YouTube links to be directed to the app thus making my Rezound annoying.

    So now Apple “borrows” all of their “revamps” and it’s perfectly okay?

    Remember when iOS didn’t have a notification bar? Why hasn’t Google given Apple a taste of their own blood by suing them?

    • Jeff C

      yes yes and….yes. idc that they borrowed idea and molded them to fit iOS. but allow other people/companies to do it with your ideas as well apple and stop being the bully who wants to play with everyone else’s toys but never shares theirs

    • possomcrast1

      And they get the credit from Apple fanboys, that’s what really irks me about it.

    • ceejw

      Google hasn’t been granted a patent on their notification bar implementation. Until that happens Google can’t sue Apple for notification center.

      • calculatorwatch

        How come Apple can get a patent on ‘Slide to Unlock’ but Google can’t get a patent on their Notification bar… which as far as I know is 1: completely original and 2: not overly broad and based on an obvious idea

    • angermeans

      I hear this argument over and over. At least you aren’t saying Samsung though as proof in the form off bunch of documents exist that show that Samsung got source code and that same source showed up in their skinned version of android. They then had documents showing how appe did it and theirs and what the needed to I to be more like apple. The big difference between all this is your omaring design (which is subjective) an actual patents apple owns. Neither Google or any of their OEMs have any patents on any of the features apple borrowed, however apple did have patents on things like multitouch and swipe to unlock (albeit they are very broad patents but that is a completely different discussion all together).

      Another thing I see far too often is “Apple sued because it is a rectangle with rounded corners” this s complete nonsense. Yes, it was indeed brought up in the courtroom battle with Samsung but it was not because appe ad some absurd patent on a rectangle with rounded corners or even worse thinks no other phone should have it. Instead, it was brought up as one of many smaller things showing how Samsung completely stole not only ideas but also code from the company. That’s completel different than what your saying. Your taking parts of one trial and calling it out as if apple was somehow crazy in their accounts when let me remind you they won 1 billion in court because of these proofs that surfaced and it wasn’t because Samsung used a rectangular design with rounded corners.

      Yes apple has brought some lawsuits that they shouldn’t have, but in the case of Samsung they needed to sue to pants off of them. The other cases with htc and such got thrown out and now (let me remind you) they are working with htc and are clearly sharing ideas with them as the htc one has parts of iOS and the parts of iOS 7 that people are calling rip offs of android (like the lock screen and weather for example) are more borrowings of htc sense than googles android. I think we will continue to see htc and apple share ideas and it is completely I. Their rights and will be good for the market.

      • Adam Marr

        Samsung stole apple source code? Maybe you mean design or implementation in your misguided rant. There are plenty of devices that looked more or less like an iphone that existed pre-iphone, and no, sorry for your delusion, but the device design spat had to do with a design that was way too broad, which is why similar complaints have been thrown out all over the world. This case had many issues. 1, apple’s design patent claims were too broad. 2, The jury foreman was an idiot (see post verdict interviews) who ignored the judges orders, and had his own personal reasons to hate samsung, and 3, patent law is very complicated. Patent attorneys makes loads of money for a reason. To trust these sort of issues to the common, and generally non-technical populous is about as dumb an idea as I’ve heard. As as far as that verdict? Forbes said it best… “The original patent suit resulted in Apple receiving a damage award worth $1.05 billion, although this was later overturned by U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh who believed the jury’s decision was based on a faulty understanding of patent litigation and the issues involved.” So, did Samsung try to “be like apple” to help it capture market share? Yeah, but no more than apple takes everyone else’s ideas and makes them their own. Don’t forget many of their patent claims that were held up by the idiot jury were shown to be invalid due to prior art during the trial, which was ignored by said jury (again see the the foreman’s post-verdict interviews).

    • Daryl Dela Cruz

      “Good artists borrow, great artists steal. Exceptional artists sue the original owner after the theft.” (Jon Gee from this other article)

    • Daryl Dela Cruz

      by the way, Samsung has sued Apple for the notification bar in Korea! (Go Samsung!)

  • MK17

    The problem I see is that Apple is only iterating on other companies ideas. They have not in the past few years created something new that leaves Android scrambling to come up with an answer. This leaves less for Android to improve upon and leaves them to only to their ideas. This isn’t bad, but it leaves Android “on top” and we all know that people perform their best when they are chasing something.

    • Jimas

      Agreed…though some things I would love to see in AOSP is a passbook equivalent (perhaps that’s what Wallet is supposed to be?) as well as “Find my Android”. The latter is a security feature that I’m a little surprised Google still don’t support out of the box.

      • I definitely agree with the whole “Find my Android” thing (hopefully they would come up with a MUCH better name) but as for Passbook, I haven’t seen or heard about one iOS user even opening up that app nor do I see any real PRACTICAL scenario where that app would be useful! Android just needs carriers to stop their Bull$hit and open up Google Wallet to EVERY device so NFC can really take off and start becoming a standard instead of being a niche service only available in certain stores / areas.

    • ceejw

      Well if Hangouts has shown us anything it’s that Google still is struggling to come up with a viable iMessage competitor. And while it looks like Google will remedy this in 4.3 there is still not a iCloud device backup equivalent for Android.

      • Jarred Sutherland

        I believe Google recently rolled out a similar thing to iCloud’s backup functionality for settings and app data (probably doesn’t cover everything .. but it’s a start). This is the one feature that I find Apple beats the pants off Android with .. new device? Just restore from what’s sitting in your iCloud backup. However, I prefer Hangouts over iMessage for those that have Google accounts.

        • ceejw

          I’m using hangouts regularly and I like it but getting people to use it is a pain. If they integrated your Google account with your phone number like Apple does with Apple ID and automatically sent messages through hangouts when you tried to text someone who had their number tied to a google account I’d be all about it. For now it’s just a nice messaging servie I can use with my tech savvy friends.

  • Shaunwin

    The problem I have with Apple is they have no issue with borrowing ideas and tweaking them to work for there OS and calling them there innovation. But if anyone else borrows ideas form Apple the lawsuits fly in all directions. These lawsuits benefit no one including and most importantly the consumer!

    • NO


      +Actually ios7 is not a steal, it’s a copy. And now Apple is a BAD ARTIST.

      Apple likes to talk about their IP and green icon patents, when it’s about others’ IP, it doesn’t exist for


      Other companies MUST PATENT THEIR UIs and trade-dress and icons, styles, elements etc.

      • George264

        Oh, I think it’s definitely steal. They stole just about everything and meshed it together with their existing base of a OS.

        I personally love it. I think the big point everyone is missing, is that, we are all still consumers. Unless I actually work at said companies, all I really care about is the product I buy from them, and how it works.

        Apple stealing these ideas make for a better OS. MUCH BETTER Operating System. The new multitasking is beautiful, it brings back WebOS days. The Control Center is convenient. The unibar makes for a much better experience. That’s what I care about.

        If Google decides to implement moving wallpapers as you tilt, that’d be a fun addition to Android. Maybe they’ll make a today mode that incorporates Google Now into notification bar.
        Apple might have changed, you never know, sueing people for stealing, and stealing themselves is terrible, but maybe they will realize now how important it is to feed off each other.

        • michael arazan

          Android, apps, and chrome all use tilt moving features for over a year already. Chrome tabs will move while tilting the phone, i think dolphin browser has been doing it, and several apps in playstore offer features like that too.

          It’s not that Apple steals, they don’t give credit where credit is do, and they don’t think their SH$T stinks.

          Apple suing everyone on anything, IMO, is their way of revenge for not getting some type of Monopoly on smartphones, if they can’t have control of the market, no one else should either it seems with them.

          • Jake

            And yet you complain as if you worked for the actual companies that are being sued. We really are all just consumers. It’s not that serious.

          • Pradx

            The cost of the lawsuit gets passed down and there is less choice and innovation due to fear of lawsuits.

            So Consumers do suffer!

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      As noted elsewhere in the thread, Apple stopped claiming innovation several years ago, it is the Android fanboys who can’t seem to let those comments die like they should. As Ron states in the article, all the companies are taking the best ideas from each platform, iterating or adding their own twist, and adding it to their own OS. Multitasking is a great example of this phenomena, and the key differences among all the OSes.

      As an Android fan, I HOPE Google steals several of the new features that I saw in the iOS keynote (please, please find a way to implement the intelligent background update services, my battery will very much thank you), along with others that have come out of the dev community (PIE and HALO would be amazing if given the official Google greenlight, or some of Ubuntu Touch’s gesture controls).

      Fanboys need to get a reality check. These are all insanely advanced, amazing computing devices, and while each OS has its own flavor, they are also very capable in their own right.

      • kg215

        We would all agree with you if Apple didn’t sue every single competitor on every single thing they can, no matter how petty/vague. If all the companies were stealing from each other, but Apple was just bragging about it more then they wouldn’t get so much hate. Apple needs a reality check more than the “fanboys,” if they stopped going on a lawsuit spree then maybe they wouldn’t get so much well deserved hate. That is why this opinion piece is pointless until Apple changes and they show no signs of it.

    • TheDrizzle

      Agreed. As well, Apple (under Job’s regime) would show that they can’t handle people iterating their ideas in ways other than lawsuits. Remember how it came out that Steve thought Android was a “stolen product,” and was willing to go to “thermonuclear war” over it? That guy definitely had issues with this whole borrowing concept.

      • kg215

        Yup he was willing to go thermonuclear war but was bragging about how he stole ideas from others. He was a perfect leader for Apple, full of !@&#

        • michael arazan

          and Rotten to the Core

  • NO

    It’s good for everybody BUT Apple. Period.

    ios 7 looks ugly and is a stolen thing.
    It’s ideas-less thing. Made in China now looks really trendy-plastic-kawaii.

    What I can’t really get WHY Android websites have to justify ios 7 and write articles how this theft is actually amazing for everybody!

    ios 7 doesn’t need explanations, especially from Android websites, ios7 is a pathetic me-too copycat.

    I’d like to see your OS UI language to be introduced by Apple as their own!

    • Stevedub40

      Amen to this. Like you said, all the sites seem to make the exception for when apple steals ideas and calls them “iterations” or “refinements”, but if Android does anything remotely close to apple (which they have not done since ICS), they get bashed and criticized as being thieves.

      I agree that iOS 7 is a step in the right direction, but this constant apologizing for apple’s theft and shortcomings is a bit ridiculous and getting tiresome. I’m also tired about hearing how an idea isn’t great until apple “borrows” it and improves it. Why can’t we give the original developers their credit for coming up with a great idea? Why does everything have to revolve around apple and how they do things?

  • Jacob Svonavec

    I like what they have done to IOS, a much needed update. We are all for good phones, Apple just really needs to get along, that is what all of the hatred is about.

  • EC8CH

    The Phase Beam wallpaper though….. I mean come on!

    • That’s another blatant rip off of a lousy live wallpaper. I think it looks even worse on iOS 7.

      • Greyhame

        And the tabular view in Safari is the same thing you see in Chrome when you swipe down on your tabs. I was a little shocked they were so blatant. I agree with you though, much of it is from WebOS, which I think they copied the most based on the fact that no one uses that OS anymore.

        • The tabs is a big one, although the way Apple implemented it is much better in my opinion.

  • Christian

    “Between Holo, Metro, and iOS 7 I think we have three really great design languages that borrow from each other while continually iterating and competing to make the best mobile operating system.” – If everyone else thought this way, things would be great. Unfortunately, “borrowing” even the slightest design element or inspiration from another company is what will get you sued in the mobile business now, so it’s harder for these companies to learn from one another with their designs.

    • ceejw

      Borrowing design elements will only get you sued if the company you’re borrowing from has a design or trade dress patent on the feature and even then it’s usually very easy to design around the specific language of the patent.

    • I think we’ll see the litigation side of things decline as mobile operating systems mature and the design and implementation of UI becomes considered obvious and standard. We’ll see.

      • Sirx

        “I think we’ll see the litigation side of things decline as iOS continues to lose its position as top dog that allowed it to constantly strangle competitors in an attempt to kill them off before they could stand” *

        *There. Fixed that for you. I suppose that even Apple has better sense than to continue their crusade of litigation now that they themselves are forced to take the positions and actions for which they sued the crap out of other manufacturers. As you said: We’ll see…

        • In what way was iOS on top? They never had the majority of market share worldwide. If you want to claim that they are on top because they make the most money, that was because every other OEM decided to make 20 different Android handsets a year until everyone but Samsung failed in the market. I don’t think Apple was in the right to sue everyone (except for Samsung – they earned it), but I also don’t think it matters much. Samsung survived, the Motorola case was thrown out, etc. Protecting IP is a totally different topic, anyway. One I’m sure we’ll discuss on the show tonight.

      • Sirx

        “I think we’ll see the litigation side of things decline as iOS continues to lose its position as top dog that allowed it to constantly strangle competitors in an attempt to kill them off before they could stand” *

        *There. Fixed that for you. I suppose that even Apple has better sense than to continue their crusade of litigation now that they themselves are forced to take the positions and actions for which they sued the crap out of other manufacturers. As you said: We’ll see…

  • Mark Faustino

    “Good artists copy; great artists steal”…..quote from Pirates Of Silicon Valley?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      It’s actually a Picaso quote that S.Jobs is famous for using.

      • Mark Faustino

        Ah, gotcha. I feel the movie quote is relevant here too

        • The movie definitely used the quote as did Jobs, but like AussieDood said there is no evidence that Picasso said it. That said, give the article he posted a read. The origin of the quote is fascinating, especially if you like writing and design.

      • AussieDood

        I was just reading up on this yesterday. There is no evidence that Picaso said those words.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Hmmmmm. We’ll dunno who said it first but I Know Jobs did.