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AT&T Teases Samsung Galaxy S4 Active in New Video, Phone Arrives Tomorrow

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 11.22.10 AM

Moments ago, AT&T posted up a teaser video for a device to be unveiled tomorrow, June 13. We’ve included the video below, which within the first 10 seconds appears to show off the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. As the video continues to play, you can see the obvious physical home buttons, the squared off back camera lens, and Samsung’s TouchWiz. If those clues weren’t enough, the fact that the phone is dropped into a bucket of water and still takes calls is the supreme giveaway. 

Samsung made the device official last week, and we have see it stop off at the FCC with AT&T bands, so this announcement won’t be much of a surprise even if AT&T wants it to be.

For those not familiar, the Galaxy S4 Active is a heck of a lot like the original Galaxy S4 only it can withstand nature like no Samsung before it. The device can be submerged in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes, is dust proof, and has a water resistant headphone jack. But beyond the rugged stuff, it also sports a 1.9GHz quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, 5-inch FHD LCD display, 8MP camera, 16GB of internal storage, and more.

If you were looking for a tough-mother of a phone that can stand next to the major players in the game when it comes to specs and power, this would be it. Oh, it also comes in a variety of colors.

So, is it safe to assume this will be another AT&T “exclusive”?

  • VerOozle

    Sure, the commando is tough, but it doesn’t perform like the galaxy class. I’ve used the commando gz’one for 18 months, and its performance didn’t match my droid x. Doubt the commando 4G LTE will compete with the S4 Active. I think I see a switch from verizon in my future if they don’t decide to offer the Active by this fall.

  • Alejandro Martinez

    Tmobile did a similar video ! Check it out on their FB

  • Bionic_Pags

    Everyone needs to calm down bashing Verizon… if you didn’t see the news, they are bringing to us the COMMANDO 4G LTE! I mean, that’s awesome, right?

  • Warwick

    Should really show us a guy using this as an ankle camera while he is dirt biking in heavy mud. SOLD!

  • Illinipoke

    Phhhsshhh why would VZ want this thing when they can have that Casio Commando dream machine?

    Being a Verizon customer is like opening box after box of socks on Christmas.

    • michael arazan

      Does the Casio Commander come with a free Casio Calculator watch, the OG Smart Watch

  • yummy

    Calling Furizon…oh, who am
    I kidding…hey, NSA, could you
    make an order to force Furizon to
    carry this? One of those secret
    order thingys? Thankee

  • StevenRosas

    Verizon needs to get this phone!!

  • Eric Soriano

    FU Verizon if you do not bring this in.

  • Zac Stone

    Come on Verizon, get this phone!!

    • T4rd

      Verizon: F*ck you. You’ll take what we give you.
      And smile, b*tch.

  • Justin Kos

    My Verizon contract is set to expire, so many options for an upgrade over my gnex

    • 213ninja

      doesn’t look like this is one of them……i wish it was.

    • 213ninja

      doesn’t look like this is one of them……i wish it was.

    • Mark

      How is your contract expiring already? Honestly just wondering because the galaxy nexus came out December 2011 and 2 years = December 2013.

      Super frustrated that I have to wait until Dec to leave vzw

      • Justin Kos

        Its up in November, to be exact..I say soon to make it easier not to buy out my contract and jump ship early (I so want to)

      • Jason

        That’s an easy one, I just use my daughters upgrade then a year later use mine and give her my old phone! New phone every 12 months!!

      • Nic Jensen

        I got the gnex the day it came out, and my contract expires in july…not sure how i got so lucky

        • DCABuckeye

          The GNex game out on December 15, 2011 on Verizon. If you picked it up on the first day your earliest date to upgrade is August 15th and your contract doesn’t expire until December, which is why it qualifies for the early upgrade. All contracts post January 1, 2012 are no longer eligible for early upgrades.

  • Tommy Thompson

    What the hell is left for the event on the 20th!?

    • Nothing, just a chance for media to get their hands on all of the stuff I guess.

    • 213ninja

      Note 3?

    • 213ninja

      Note 3?

    • EC8CH

      Obviously AT&T is announcing their own chain of retail stores designed specially for the needs of today’s Latinos. You know, the ones that love social media.

      Eva Longoria is making the presentation.