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Reminder to Early Adopters: Free 30-Day Trial for Google Music All Access is About to Expire, Monthly Fee to Kick in

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If you signed up for the free trial of Google Music All Access shortly after it was announced at Google I/O, then prepare to either pay a monthly fee going forward or cancel, as your free trial is close to ending. The 30-day free trial for many of us who signed up immediately, expires in a few days, which Google has kindly reminded us of in an email.

Keep in mind that if you become a paid customer before June 30, and since you started the trial before that date, you can lock-in for $7.99 per month. If you don’t start a trial or paid service before June 30, the service will run you $9.99 per month. 

I personally am a huge fan of the service and use it constantly throughout the day both at home and whenever I’m in my car. At $8 per month, I can listen to my own music whenever and wherever, but also grab the newest albums that have been released to Google Play without having to buy them. There are no streaming limits (unless you have a tiny tiered data plan through your carrier), you can pick and choose tracks from Google’s entire catalog of music for playlists, and there is even a radio feature like Pandora or iTunes Radio, but it’s so much more powerful. I’ll definitely become a subscriber.

Anyone else taking the plunge and sticking with All Access after the trial?

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  • JolleyMan

    It is so incredibly laggy for me. It can take a couple of minutes before it starts playing. I’ve had lots of issues with it stating that there’s no space for caching. Even with caching turned on, it has long delays between songs. This is especially true when driving. I’m keeping Slacker Pro for now as the cache works as I expect. I also just prefer the Slacker UI.

  • chris420o

    The download to device feature…does this let me listen offline…and on any device…and can i transfer the file lets say to an ipod for my car…only reason i might not say a suscriber ive only seen it let me download a song once or twice before to device

  • Hoffman

    Hell yeah I’m keeping it! The best thing since they created Google Music.

  • After 1 month, I’m very satisfied. I’m gonna continue riding this wave out. {{-_-}}

  • James Friedman

    The mobile version blows….There is huge lag in between songs. The buffers are just not very good right now. I’ll stick with Spotify

  • Inquizitor

    Sticking with it. Goodbye, Grooveshark!