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Reminder to Early Adopters: Free 30-Day Trial for Google Music All Access is About to Expire, Monthly Fee to Kick in

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If you signed up for the free trial of Google Music All Access shortly after it was announced at Google I/O, then prepare to either pay a monthly fee going forward or cancel, as your free trial is close to ending. The 30-day free trial for many of us who signed up immediately, expires in a few days, which Google has kindly reminded us of in an email.

Keep in mind that if you become a paid customer before June 30, and since you started the trial before that date, you can lock-in for $7.99 per month. If you don’t start a trial or paid service before June 30, the service will run you $9.99 per month. 

I personally am a huge fan of the service and use it constantly throughout the day both at home and whenever I’m in my car. At $8 per month, I can listen to my own music whenever and wherever, but also grab the newest albums that have been released to Google Play without having to buy them. There are no streaming limits (unless you have a tiny tiered data plan through your carrier), you can pick and choose tracks from Google’s entire catalog of music for playlists, and there is even a radio feature like Pandora or iTunes Radio, but it’s so much more powerful. I’ll definitely become a subscriber.

Anyone else taking the plunge and sticking with All Access after the trial?


  • JolleyMan

    It is so incredibly laggy for me. It can take a couple of minutes before it starts playing. I’ve had lots of issues with it stating that there’s no space for caching. Even with caching turned on, it has long delays between songs. This is especially true when driving. I’m keeping Slacker Pro for now as the cache works as I expect. I also just prefer the Slacker UI.

  • chris420o

    The download to device feature…does this let me listen offline…and on any device…and can i transfer the file lets say to an ipod for my car…only reason i might not say a suscriber ive only seen it let me download a song once or twice before to device

  • Hoffman

    Hell yeah I’m keeping it! The best thing since they created Google Music.

  • After 1 month, I’m very satisfied. I’m gonna continue riding this wave out. {{-_-}}

  • James Friedman

    The mobile version blows….There is huge lag in between songs. The buffers are just not very good right now. I’ll stick with Spotify

  • Inquizitor

    Sticking with it. Goodbye, Grooveshark!

  • Chagrin

    If they only could get it to work in Finland at all!!

  • if you have the trial. and you build a play list or add an album to your library, do you lose access to those songs once your membership expires? do they disappear? or do they stay in you library and just wont plat? anyone know?

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    damn do i love all access. I love music too. But do i spend $96-120 a year on music? it’ll be a last minute decision for me.

    • Resident_Psycho

      I pay for XM radio now, so paying for music is something I’m used to. The radio just plain sucks, so paying for music works for me….just sucks I have to pay for good music either way though.

  • ejtsang

    Love All Access so far. This will be the first paid subscription-based internet service that I will stick with after the free trial is over.

  • joejoe5709

    I love the app despite the power and data consumption. But I just can’t justify 9.99 or even 7.99 for a music app. I thought Pandora One was steep. Sure this has double the features, but I’m just not that into music.

  • a.d.AM

    Dropped Spotify for it and am not looking back AT ALL. $7.99 is a Dog Damn Deal!!!

  • Kidd_Funkadelic

    Planning to keep it, but damn they better lower the 50 gigawatts of data I plowed through this month. Pandora sounds great, and on the highest quality is still orders of magnitude less data use…

  • catfanatic1979

    They just need to keep rolling out features to stay ahead of the game. And eventually make 7.99 everyone’s subscription price…….

  • I’m sticking with Play Music All Access! This is the first time I’ve actually paid for music LEGALLY in the last decade or so. 🙂

  • kane

    A music streaming service. Wow. These make so much money and there aren’t many of them

  • Taylor Abrahamson

    I got my email this morning… I promptly canceled 🙁

  • jim

    Cancelled Google music. Spotify is solid and, crucially, it downloads direct to my SD card on my Galaxy Note 2 so I don’t have to be concerned with diminishing internal storage capacity. I also found the Google music app to be way too busy on my phone – too much stuff that was impossible to get rid like ” you recently played” etc. It included my BeyondPod podcasts that I didn’t want there and, weirdly, deleting a podcast to remove it from the GM app actually deleted it from my external SD card and BeyondPod. Will keep checking GM as it improves but no need to leave Spotify at the moment.

  • Droid4LifeDawg

    Yup, from day one, cheaper and better than Rhapsody, Pandora and the lot of em…

  • MK17

    Unfortunately for me it was difficult to use. I usually pick up on this stuff, but I had a hard time using it.

    • bro

      are you 10?

  • Nathaniel Newman

    Yep subscribed to All Access. I dropped Rhapsody for this!

  • Jason Spangler

    Love it and will keep it. Well worth the $8. question off topic…a lot of my album art is f-d up. any way to fix it? or just remove the songs/albums and reupload?

    • Respen

      You can fix them from the web interface. Hit the three dots in the top right corner of an album and go to “Edit Album Info”

  • notatechie

    Try playing songs “side-by-side” between All Access and MOG; be as objective as you can. Even at “Highest Quality” checked for each, MOG sounds better 100% of the time. I’ll pay the $2 extra a month for the audio quality.

  • Nadora

    Most definitely sticking with Google Music All Access. Use it daily 🙂 $7.99 is a steal!

  • ETPhoneHomeT

    I’m keeping it and removing both Pandora and SiriusXM from my Razr Maxx!

  • HollywoodWebber

    Ill use it more often when it gets Sonos support. I’m keeping my subscription for now.

  • rutgersjaffo

    It’s been utter garbage since the last update, to the point where I had to uninstall all updates because neither my tablet nor my phone could run it anymore. And even when you killed it, it would keep starting up and turning your screen on. No thanks.

  • 213ninja


  • sonicemerald

    one thing that bugs me is they had all the powerwolf albums when it first started, and as of a few days ago, they are nowhere to be found.

    • Indianajonze

      thats what you get for listening to powerwolf

      • sonicemerald

        lol. they are just fun. i’m glad that metal blade and everything else is on here though.

      • sonicemerald

        lol. they are just fun. i’m glad that metal blade and everything else is on here though.

  • Stephen

    I really like it! Yea, it’s a bit of a data hog, but it so nice being able to listen to whatever I want, when I want to, and also having the option to listen like the radio. There’s already been several instances where I have been listening to the latest albums of whoever, and people asked if I bought all of them — NOPE, just using all access 🙂

  • Humberto

    keeping it and canceling my pandora… Even at Pandoras highers quality…i can’t get the same audio quality as i do on All Access with High quality enable as well. At $0.27 cents a day for unlimited listening…who can complaint?

  • Michael Valadez

    I made the switch from Spotify and I love it. No regrets. I can use it on my Google TVs! The sharing isn’t as robust as Spotify, but I think thats the only thing I’m going to miss. Hell, I’m listening to the new Black Sabbath record as I type this.

  • DeAnna Sowder

    Google needs to hire me with how much I’ve been promoting their service lol. Have not opened Pandora once since I signed up. I especially like the thumbs up playlist it automatically generates, very cool!

  • Works great here 😉

  • For some reason it isn’t giving me the option to renew. I started the free trial on the 14th and cancelled the next billing cycle on the 15th because the app was severely messed up on my phone but after an update last week its working perfect and I really don’t wanna lose All Access but I can’t find where to re-subscribe, it just says All Access Cancelled in red with no option to resubscribe.

    • Nathaniel Newman

      You’ll have to start a new google account (gmail) to use the free trial and get the lower rate.

      • I don’t necessarily care about the free trial so much as I care about the lower rates. I wonder if once the 14th comes I will be able to resubscribe (still before the June 30th deadline)?

  • BR

    I’m a big fan of the service and will be renewing. That said there are a few things I hope they address going forward. If I cancel or if heaven forbid, Google Music goes the way of Google Reader, how do I export my info. I’m a bit OCD when it comes to my music such as playlists etc so I want to be assured this information can be backed up or exported somehow in case I need to recreate it elsewhere without having to start from zero.

  • droidftw

    I canceled it today. I prefer Spotify Premium as it has a desktop client.

    • There is a web client that can be accessed anywhere. That works better for me than a native desktop client.

      • droidftw

        I can’t stand having a browser open if I am not actively using it.

        • Paul

          OCD FTW!

        • Steve Benson

          That’s sad.

        • LOL, that seems odd. Wouldn’t the desktop version of Spotify still be open as well? To each their own though, I’m glad Spotify works for you.

          • droidftw

            I also like using media keys to control my music, something the Google Music web client cannot do.

          • 213ninja

            sounds like that works well for you, but having to install a client on every PC you use for music is a [small] burden for some. in given day I might switch between 5 devices, 3 of them being work laptop, personal laptop, and personal desktop. not a huge deal, but if a random party erupts at a friends house it’s nice to not need to install a client before accessing tunes.

          • droidftw

            Yeah, I only use my desktop, my Windows laptop, and Chromebook Pixel on a daily basis. I use the Spotify web client on the Pixel and the desktop client on the other devices.

          • PuzzleShot

            could save it as an application that opens in its own window. then when you close the browser it is still open.

          • droidftw

            It still wouldn’t support media keys.

        • Speedyrulz

          Personally I always hated the Spotify client. It always annoyed me how hitting X doesn’t close the app. You have to hit file then exit to close it unless I’m missing a setting.

          • droidftw

            Just right click the icon and click “Exit Spotify”.

      • elemeno

        Not to mention another reason for a desktop client is to share your personal music collection with the under-the-hood p2p network. No thanks.

        • droidftw

          I don’t have a personal music collection. I only use Spotify.

  • Curtis

    I’m in! It’s hard to describe how useful it is not to have to pirate music anymore! All Access is very reasonable for what it does. I realize Pandora/Spotify/etc. have offered subscriptions, but this is Google here.

  • Mordecaidrake

    I’m keeping it, service is great. I still buy misc albums I know I’ll like though. But I mostly buy those on Amazon because of how much easier it is to download the songs and import them into my media player on my computer (itunes unfortunately).

  • markgbe

    Uncle frank, is this a joke….

  • markgbe

    i love it so much!

  • Shaunwin

    The only problem I see with All Access, for me, is if I lose unlimited data.

    • Paul

      Even then, build your custom gigantic playlist and sync it at home on WiFi for latter listening “offline”.

      • Shaunwin

        good idea

        • PhoenixPath

          And you can “build you playlist” as easily as thumbing up tracks you like and “pinning” the auto-generated “thumbs-up” playlist.

          It will constantly update whenever you are connected to Wifi and add everything you’ve thumbed up to your offline playlist.

          • dark_funk

            I was doing this, but my measly 16gb SGS3 ended up overflowing with music really quickly, so I had to unpin the playlist. If Google would let me store music on the 64gb microSD that’s in my phone, I wouldn’t have this issue.

          • PhoenixPath

            Really liking my 32GB One.

            Might get tight eventually, but I’ll just “unlike” some of the music.

      • dark_funk

        They seriously need some Smart Playlist style options. With iTunes, you can build a playlist that’ll keep a certain number of randomly selected songs on your iPod or iPhone, and set parameters about only including songs that you haven’t listened to in a month or whatever. Honestly, Smart Playlists are the one thing I really miss about iTunes. Well, that and the ability to change the bitrate of the items that are stored on-device.

        I wonder if there are some patent issues keeping Google from doing something like Smart Playlists.

    • This could be a real issue for me as well! I just can’t give up the “stream at highest quality” option and WiFi syncing just seems like a major inconvenience!

      • Shaunwin

        i agree with you also.

  • Steve Benson

    You should get a reminder. I just got my email this morning.

  • Eric

    Works in Chrome just fine for me.

  • Jeff Tycz

    I have used it in chrome, safari and IE…all work just fine

  • Justin Winker

    Odd… I have no issues with it in Chrome. I’ve even been stuck using it in IE. Are you using like Safari or something? It should work with that even.

  • I’m really liking it, Sticking with it!

    • Justin Winker

      There’s an option to stream at highest quality only, but if your connection can’t handle it, you’ll get the annoying buffer, play 5-10 seconds, rebuffer, etc. With that unselected, it streams the highest quality it can sustain without buffering on your connection, which might be an issue.

      Also, it might be the speakers/headset you’re using? Just throwing out ideas. Hope you can get it fixed!

  • Justin Winker

    If you started the day it was released, you should receive an e-mail soon. I haven’t yet, but this reminder serves me well anyway 🙂

  • Really? Can’t use it through your browser?

    • Nope. Not in Safari, Chrome or Firefox. Works great on my laptop and on any other devices. I just can’t use Radio/All Access features on my desktop. Totally a bummer.

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        you mave too many devices authorized. everytime i flash a rom it’s counted as a new device. That might help

  • George Fayad

    Signed up for All Access the day it was announced and thought i’d give it a run to see if it could replace Spotify. Canceled my spotify premium subscription yesterday actually. Sure there’s some songs that aren’t available via google all access, but If need be i can purchase those myself and import them into my library. $2 cheaper than spotify and much easier access to my own music library. Hell yes!

  • maybbmay

    Love it. Was a huge Google Music user before, the All Access is just an added perk that is definitely worth the price.

  • Definitely keeping mine. I’ve been using All Access almost non stop.

  • notatechie

    I tried it and found it sounded great, actually displayed correctly on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone — unlike MOG — but that MOG (for all it’s annoying/non-intuitive interface — was LESS confusing, overall to use. I go to sleep every night hoping that MOG will somehow simplify its design, but…Google’s product was even more visually confusing to me…couldn’t differentiate between MY music, “radio” music, “other” albums….just taxing….I’m sticking with MOG.

    • I found it’s easiest to just search for the artist or album you want to play and not fuss with the whole “My Library” part.

  • Pieter-Jan Voskamp

    I want it before 30th of June, but I’m in the UK, sadly.

    • Phil Oakley

      If you add a US address to your UK card on Google Wallet, you can use All Access. I did. Not sure how billing will work come June 30th, but it’s worked fine so far.

      • Pieter-Jan Voskamp

        I did that, but no luck. (I am using a Dutch credit card though..)
        I don’t get the popup for the offer at all anymore.

        • Phil Oakley

          If you go into settings on Play Music (on the web), it should give you an option for All Access. Same on Android, actually.

          • Pieter-Jan Voskamp

            Sadly not here. I just get the option to delete the whole library. No option for All Access.

          • Phil Oakley

            Hmm. That’s odd :/

  • Andrew

    I’ll be sticking with it as well. Love what they have done.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      I live the look and the functionality. But one thing that bugs me is that the songs take time to load, and it’s not the connection. I have to put it on the lowest quality setting. This is something spotify never did

      • ERIFNOMI

        Has to be your connection or phone. It caches as you play. The first song you pick might take a second, but from there on you’re set.

        • El_Big_CHRIS

          Well that’s what what I thought but it isn’t. I constantly get above 10 mb/store and again spotify never had this problem. It’s just weird. It does it mainly when it’s on radio.

          • raptir

            Bizarre. I use radio all the time and never have any buffering time. I wonder if it’s a compatibility issue with your phone? I’m on the Nexus 4…

      • I had that issue for a while but it just seemed to work it self out after a day or so (not sure if there was some sort of update or not). Does it seem to get better / worse when on WiFi?

        • michael arazan

          Its had two updates to the app since the all access has started. Not bad service, basically leasing every song you want to listen too, Except Led Zeppelin unfortunately,

      • sc0rch3d

        my workaround for this was to add to a playlist that i have marked for offline listening….then it’ll download when i’m at home or work.

        • PhoenixPath

          I’ve done this with my “thumbs up” playlist. Everything I have ever “thumbed up” goes in here automatically and gets downloaded to my devices.

        • Nathaniel Newman

          Yep I do the same. I have a Playlist for downloads. Then my Thumbed up is my song queue of songs I listen to alot in rotation.

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      I have yet to start my free trial because I didn’t want it to expire before I went on vacation. Is it really that good? I plan on starting it at the end of this week so it will last through my trip.

    • sonicyoof

      Me too, except the radio. It has no nuance and gives me terrible results despite knowing everything I listen to. Pandora still kills everyone else for that.

      • KidFlash1904

        Really? Google radio is much better than Pandora ever was for me

        • sonicyoof

          Yeah, I put some garage punk from my library on and Google followed up with some mellow post-rock.

          Pandora is really good at keeping the tone right.

  • p4

    i like spotify better :/ maybe its just me .. cancelled


      Looks like it is just you, in these comments at least.

      • 213ninja

        nah, the OCD guy too.