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NYKO Showcases NVIDIA SHIELD Accessories at E3


This morning at the E3 conference, NYKO, a well-known consumer electronics company unveiled the first third party accessories we have ever seen for NVIDIA’s upcoming portable gaming console, SHIELD. They are currently showing off two cases and one docking station, each of which look pretty neat in their own right. 

The dock, which is pictured below, will be released later this year for an undisclosed price. With SHIELD already costing folks $350, let’s hope it stays around the $50 range. As for the two cases, each are full shell cases and will launch in the summer time.


Hoping to grab some cases or a dock for that SHIELD you pre-ordered?

Via: Game Press

  • Incognegro

    I swear I’m the only person that wants this thing…

  • Grant Johnson

    Did they say the expansion options on the dock? Number of full sized USB ports? Want to do keyboard and mouse without a hub. Already know the power and full sized HDMI. Looking for more info if possible.

  • coolsilver

    Looks like a bicycle seat 😛

  • EC8CH

    I bought a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon…. don’t talk to me about ACCESSORIES.

  • Shawn Burke

    N-Gage all over

  • mustbepbs

    You know, for all the people who won’t buy one because it’s useless and overpriced.

    • Overpriced, yes. Useless, not even close to the right person.

      • mustbepbs

        The right person with an incredible amount of disposable income who wants to play their PC games on their couch on a smaller screen?

        That’s quite the niche there, NVIDIA.

        • Just because one individual doesn’t see the value in something doesn’t mean there isn’t a value at all.

          • mustbepbs

            We’ll see what the numbers say.

  • Blue Sun

    I’m guessing $35 USD for the case, $60 USD for the dock. Price is Right rules apply

    • Ian

      $1 Bob

      • EC8CH

        Ian… COME ON DOWN!

      • JamesU513

        $2 Bob :p

        • Ian

          Dick!….lol 🙂

  • $250 by next summer. At least.