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Video: Twenty Everyday Searches That Google Glass Can Handle

Glass Chick

How many times a day do you perform a Google search? Couple of times a day? Over ten a day? Well, with Google Glass on your head, you can access any Google search you could come up with and get answers right in front of yours eyes without lifting up your phone. Above is a video that Project Glass just posted to their YouTube account, showcasing some of the everyday questions that someone might ask themselves. 

Google Glass – do we have any new thoughts on it? Still on the fence?

  • red krazy

    How exactly Glass improves human intelligence? By asking proper search queries hahaha..
    We use to test peoples general knowledge or maths skills or communication skills with such queries.
    Now its like you leave your brain on google cloud.
    What productive things you could do by delegating these task to google?
    It just makes human dumb dumber and googler.

  • cmiram

    I’m 100% sold with that. Wow! Also I can’t help but imagine the possible military implications of this. Built a little sturdier..That could be game changing

  • i love me some Amanda Rosenberg

  • Fozzybare

    ahhahaha the Bob Boblaw Law Blog

    • umataro42

      He said a mouthful but it still found a proper result. Pretty impressive.

  • EC8CH

    OK Glass…

    How do you shave your beard like a man?


  • Brent Cooper

    Wow. That looks awesome!

  • dannyWHITE

    I’m sold!

  • Tyler Fox

    Bob Loblaw’s law blog!

  • Josh Fischer

    Amanda is so hot!!!!


      Beat me to the punch

  • kevin

    I only watched for the red head

    • umataro42

      And seeing her search for pictures of Eva Mendez was a nice bonus.

  • sean.yesmunt

    The searches with “what was that movie/song where….” were pretty crazy.

  • _shall

    All though I don’t see it being something I’d use, I think it’s pretty neat and truly innovative. It’ll be cool seeing the applications that come of it.

  • r0lct

    Once it’s cheap enough I can’t wait to get a pair.

  • KleenDroid