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That Moment When iOS 7 Became Android.

iso vs android

We’ll have so many more thoughts on the way related to iOS 7, but we thought we’d start with the eerily similar lock screens. Floating bubble live wallpaper, minimal clock, fading on the actionable icons, semi-Roboto font, etc. Interesting. Apple, showing love or at least giving props to Android for beautiful design.

And before the sensitive types think this is us bashing Apple, we’ll just say right now that the new iOS 7 looks really nice. But again, we’ll have more on that later.

Update:  Our iOS 7 vs. Android comparison is now up and worth a look.

  • No matter what you people comment. No matter what you people think about iOS 7. Apple will do what it want’s to do.

  • Willi Kampmann

    “semi-Roboto font”

    Considering Helvetica Neue has been around for ages, Apple has been using Helvetica for ages, and Roboto merely being a copy to avoid licensing fees, this comment might be the stupidest of the month. Those damn indians, thinking they can just waltz in there and steal the cowboy’s land!

  • Andre Richards

    You know, for iOS to have become Android, we’d have to pointlessly muck up the typography on the iOS screen to the point of it being amateurish looking (WTF is with the wonky tracking on the Android fonts? That kind of thing drives me nuts and degrades readability.) Then you’d have to add a few more inconsistencies to the UI and remove some of the lock screen features that are standard on iOS.

    Nice try, guys. Protest all you want, but Android still lags behind Apple big time.

  • Andre Richards

    Awww… the fandroids are in a tizzy cuz Big Bad Apple stepped on their toes. So precious.

  • Andy Fontana

    Typographically, I don’t think anyone would agree that Helvetica Neue Ultra Light could be described as semi-Roboto. Perhaps the other way around.

  • Rob

    Wonder how many times this conversation will be held:

    “Hey Look, they got icons on my desktop that show info and update and stuff on my new iphone, when will AAAANDROID ever get something… what? had it since android 1.5? Oh, it’s not that big of a deal anyways…”

  • Space Gorilla

    “semi-Roboto font”? Hmm, seems to me that Roboto is a Helvetica clone, and Apple has been using Helvetica in different weights for quite some time. On the font side of things it is not Apple who is following. But why does it matter? A crisp sans serif font makes sense. Why does Apple’s success freak people out like this? The reality of Apple’s success cannot be denied, so the discussion devolves into whining about how Apple doesn’t deserve their success, how they stole it or copied it, or gained it through marketing trickery, or by legal tricks, or how it’s sure not to last Apple is dooooooomed, etc, etc.

    Android fans, if Apple takes a good idea from Android and implements it, you don’t win a prize. All that happens is Apple sells even more iPhones, iPads, etc. Let’s say iOS 7 was completely based on Android (which is ridiculous, but for the sake of argument), let’s imagine that a video surfaces showing Jony Ive talking about how he used some Android devices for many weeks and based all his designs on that. What then? What do you think is going to happen? Nothing. That’s what happens. Absofrigginlutely nothing. There’s no victory for you. Apple just keeps on selling products and raking in most of the profits.

    There’s a great comment in this thread that sums up the whining, “Innovation, one theft at a time.” My question would be “So what?” That’s business. It’s tough. Get a helmet or get out of the game son.

  • Look how much more thought went into the Apple version. The Android screen has two clocks, header icons are crammed together with no thought of proper spacing, typography is terrible (why is the 12 bold? Monday is abbreviated. Look at the alignement of time and date on iOS.), the lock icon gives the user no indication what to do next, and no quick access to the camera (or notifications). Also, Apple’s version of the dots are way more dynamic and visually interesting (variation in color, larger size) than the Android version.

    Unfortunately, most people won’t ever notice the difference, not to mention the number of extra hours put in to make iOS that much better.

  • “semi-Roboto font”
    – How is Helvetica Neue Ultra Light a semi-Roboto font? Roboto is a semi-Helvetica font.

  • Alfiejr

    wow, are you droid life guys on crack? the design of the one on the right is a beautiful piece of sophisticated design. the one on the left is an incredibly clunky amateur looking mish mash. i mean, the hour digits in a fat bold typeface, but then the minutes digits in a skinny anorexic one? and you think this looks similar??

    all this proves is Droid Life has absolute no design taste at all. but maybe i shouldn’t be surprised.

  • Uwe

    That moment when I realised that Droid “Journalists” don’t have a clue about fonts and typography. Helvetica Neue semi-Roboto?! Yeah, right.

  • Josh

    I didn’t know Android invented Helvetica Neue! I’d say the lock screen is the same as it has always been which in fact came out before android one lol.. animated backgrounds, I had that on my nokia 6300 in 2005, not android. There is nothing the same and no stolen ideas from Android. Sorry droid life but you need to get your facts straight. PS the clock looks way better on iOS7

  • orthorim

    Android has been iOS for quite a while; so iOS “becoming” Android is a bit silly. I don’t think anyone doubts iOS is the original.

    iOS design changes make it look quite a bit more like Android though- not the font, but the square look, the square popup menus, and generally that buttons look less like buttons, everything is less obvious.

    Taking a step back from fanboyism – it’s really irrelevant unless you have a direct financial stake in either Google or Apple – what do you think is more likely? That Apple (Apple!!) spent weeks pain-stakingly analyzing the Android UI just to then do some sort of rip-off on it? If you know anything about the company then you know that the problem there is quite the opposite – NIH was the phrase – Not Invented Here syndrome. Apple wouldn’t look at competitor’s products _at all_ even if they should have. It’s the arrogant belief that Apple is the best and (before) Microsoft and (now) Google aren’t even worth looking at. Apple does many things well but competitive analysis is not one of those.

    Apple changed iOS because obviously Jony Ive wanted to make the OS his, or at least something he isn’t embarrassed about. And it’s an acknowledgement to changing times – when the iPhone came out the entire idea was so new that everything on it had to be obvious, kind of in your face. If it wasn’t people just wouldn’t get it. Now, 6 years later, everyone knows smart phones, touch interfaces, and people have different expectations. Choosing efficiency and maybe even beauty over sheer obviousness is a much easier sell now.

    Also you’ll need to spend at least a week or so with the new OS to see how completely they ripped it apart. It’s a little shocking actually. I spent 2 days now playing with it non-stop and I am still finding new things.

  • Tim

    Android is ugly, made for stupid people.

  • caycep

    I’ve seen these comparisons, while the Windows Phone people have their own comparisons. My thoughts are:

    1. While there’s some convergence, the screenshots look substantially different to me. The droid comparisons that claim “copying” are a bit of a stretch. Honestly, all 3 (iOS 7, Droid, WP) look like they were derived from iOS 1.0 or 2.0. Which shows Apple had a good thing going with the original iPhone

    2. iOS 7 font is helvetica neue light. To claim a ripped off from roboto makes Max MIedinger turn over in his grave.

    3. The little touches baked into iOS 7 – depth, parallax, whitespace, etc go beyond anything in Android or WP. This is more of the “spatial finder” type of thinking in the original Mac OS.

  • divebus

    Oh my god – the Fanboism. From the beginning, Android ripped off the iPhone lock, stock and barrel. All Android has added since was some different swishy swashy stuff, a bunch of ugly ass garbage, a bunch of exploits [Android is a spyware and theft platform] and this board has the AUDACITY to say Apple is copying Android. The base phone you’re using is iOS, like it or not. Otherwise, you’d be using a Blackberry ripoff because that’s where Android started.

  • Kevin Kee

    Roboto !-> Helvetica

  • semi-Roboto font?

    You mean the beautiful Helvetica Neue Light font is a ripped off of Google’s Roboto font which itself was inspired by the classic Helvetica and Arial fonts?

    • Thrax

      Arial is actually Microsoft’s ripoff of Helvetica.

  • HAL9000point5

    It’s evident you haven’t a single clue about typography.

  • Hakime Seddik

    Android in the first place is an iOS rip-off and this is quite strange that the android fanboys who exist only because Google has ripped off iOS and the iPhone are now telling us that suddenly iOS becoming similar to android when again in the first place android is a shameless copy of iOS. Any change that Apple could do to iOS is actually by definition interpreted as similar since android is itself an iOS copy. Get it android fanboys….

  • Stop the Whining

    Given Apple has always used Helvetica and that the Android font is a rip off of Helvetica I am not sure what your problem is. When are people going to just shut up about all this. Pick the phone you want to buy be happy with it if not when you can afford buy a different phone. But whatever just stop whining whether or not Android has ripped of iOS or iOS has ripped off Android. Its like complaining because the new Chevy has 4 wheels and a windscreen made of glass and a steering wheel and a gear stick just like my Ford – so clearly they ripped off my Ford…mongrels. As for the ‘patented’ technologies leave that to the companies to sort out nothing we can do about it.

  • oliversl

    I have nothing to say, Apple copied Android. Hell can not freeze over

  • scxfan

    When did Android first come out in a shipping product.

    I do know Android back in 2006/2007 looked more like a Blackberry OS.

  • Brian Grinter
  • monkeyrun

    you obviously don’t know a lot about fonts.

  • wowed

    So much hate, over phones. Cars used to be considered penises extensions. Guess phones took their place. Fanbois, fandroids… same people, different phone.

  • Jerry Ballard

    Um, other than the fact that the one one left looks like ass?
    Frankly, the innovator here on this latest step in fashion is neither Android nor Apple, but Microsoft, which has the rare privilege of having struck out on an appearnce that’s resonated (but failed to capture any market share with it.)
    Just don’t equate the ‘innovation’ of an ever changing veneer with the actual innovation of hitting the correct combo for a usable phone and tablet.

    • iOS 7 reminds me of a bit of WP with some WebOS baked into iOS 6. What’s better is place a bubble lock screen on iOS 4.0 and put it first in this meaningless progression of images.

  • spuy767

    I know this is an android circle jerk, and I use an old Galaxy Nexus, but Roboto is a rip off of helvetica, and helvetica was the default font until iOS 4 I think when they switched to helvetica neue. So we’d be hard pressed to accuse them of copying a font which is a copy of a font that they originally used, and they’re still using, just a lighter weight version.

  • Andrew Shalat

    Semi-roboto font? Are we not men? HelveticaNeue.

  • mariella_v

    …Because Roboto isn’t really just a total ripoff of Helvetica Neue Ultralight in the first place, of course. ^^;

    Personally, I think everyone should just use what they like/works for their needs and setup and shut the f**k up, but inaccuracies about typography just get my dander up.

  • Wasabibasaw

    It’s basically the same lock screen they had before, just without the bars at the top and the bottom. The layout is pretty much the same as before, the same from the original iPhone way back in 2007.

  • cozybop

    No real everyday user gives a damn about the similarities as long as the product works. Enough said folks, stop it with the fanboyism, on both sides.

  • vincent scala

    its actually a smart move apple has been losing people to android now that their os looks similar they can try to get those they lost and get new people than had been on android that didn’t jump ship maybe because of features that were missing i think it was googd strategy if i wasn’t and Android user like i am i would consider it especially if i didn’t care about the smaller screen. but if they go towards the lager screen sizes the competition will get crazy. just think an iphone running ios 7 with a 4.5in display. and if they ever introduce widgets then i see them getting back a lot of people. as much as i hate iphone (i did own one and hated every minute of it) i thinks it great strategy.

  • lAmDroid

    hmm, noticing the Solavei on the lockscreen.

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    If you’re just a subscriber without much interest in the sponsor gig, then I guess I’ll have to settle for one these salesptiching moms that call them all droids.

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  • J

    Apple did come out a year before Windows, but they both copied from Xerox. This Apple vs Windows vs Android debate will never end though, that’s competition for ya.

    • Andre Richards

      Amen! Setting aside all arguments about whether Apple stole from Xerox (they did receive permission to use the work at PARC and compensated Xerox for it, btw, unlike Microsoft) comparing the early days of Mac and Windows to iOS and Android doesn’t even make sense. Apple started with practically no market share. Windows had a massive head-start by virtue of the built-in audience on PCs running DOS. All Microsoft had to do was produce a sufficiently Mac-like GUI for DOS and the battle was over. Apple never stood a chance. In the case of Apple and Google nowadays, both Android and iOS started at zero. That’s why I’m pretty sure we’re going to see a duopoly in smartphones unlike what we saw with desktop computing. Android and iOS will co-exist, peacefully or otherwise. I don’t think either platform is going to win.

  • J

    I don’t think this would have gone down if Steve Jobs were still around.. He prided himself on innovation and originality. Hate apple or love them, Steve jobs was talented and an innovator. Now it’s time to see the direction of the company in the post-Steve Jobs era…

  • anisaloco

    My thing is even though the similarities are there, Apple is doing what they do best. Making the UI more aesthetically pleasing than their competitors. The graphics are just pretty. It’s a game of ‘Anything you can do I can do better.’Not that I’m complaining. I’m iPhone user and I can’t wait to update to iOS 7.

  • Clement

    The wallpaper is very similar indeed. But it’s just that. All the rest is stuff that was on the iPhone since day one. The top symbols, the time, the slide to unlock. If Android has those in those places it may be because Apple had them first there.
    The camera icon on the bottom has always only been on iOS.

    Saying that because the wallpaper is the same everything is stupid.

  • Andrei

    that’s a lawsuit right there :))

  • instrument

    I just looked at the old lockscreen…..looks like they just made all backgrounds translucent. Do you recall lockscreens before ios?

  • mrwirez

    Oh My… I thought this was a joke.. Apple runs around screaming of therm-o-nuclear war and blatant rip-offs, but this one is ridiculous. How can they keep a straight face?

  • Kinman Li

    The one on the left looks a bit cheap

  • Reiko Uzumaki

    This is so stupid. If Apple doesn’t make radical changes to iOS people get angry because it doesn’t change at all. If Apple does radical changes (as from iOS 6 to iOS 7) people get angry because they are copying. Seriously?

  • TechMark

    Why is it that Apple will not allow consumers to make
    suggestions on what they would like in a phone that they spend their hard
    earned money on? For example a bigger screen that so many of you Iphone fans
    have been asking for… I believe it’s because Apple would have to follow what
    somebody else has already done and they don’t dare do that… Remember, Apple
    has said that they can see other manufacturers in their rear view mirror, and
    that would no longer be true would it? Also, Apple tells you the consumer what
    you want, you don’t tell them what you want!!

  • fuck_google

    the entire android OS has been stolen and is a cheap copy of iOS to begin with, so, pathetic android fanboys, shove it up your holes

  • Patrick

    Al Gore Is not impressed

  • Did someone just call Helvetica Neue Ultralight a “semi-Roboto font”!?

  • jmoss1976

    Stop the talk of theft. Before droid there was Apple, droid stole from Apple and built on it. So Apple, being the smart company it is, says “thanks for the free R&D” and incorporated changes to it’s iOS. Back when people talked about stealing when referring to MS and Apple, the difference was that when MS steals something it makes it more crappier than it every could have been. When Apple lifts something it simply makes it better than anyone else could have dreamed of.

    • Steve Benson

      jmoss1976, you sound like an ignorant, uninformed A-hole referring to Android as “droid.” Based on that alone I’m going to ignore everything you said above because I have zero confidence that you have any idea what you’re talking about.

  • Froosh Freak

    While they do look very similar, which one looks nicer? And who did the first slide to unlock?

  • 1bmwdrvr1

    Wow, a flashlight app.? People were actually paying for a flashlight app.? LOL