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Samsung Working on a 12.2″ Galaxy Note Tablet of Sorts?

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According to a Korean publication, Samsung is looking to bulk up their Galaxy line with the possible questionable addition of a Galaxy Note 12.2. The device would be a large tablet, featuring a massive 12.2″ display, running a resolution of 2560 × 1600. The device is said to be a direct competitor to Apple’s future iPad tablets, devices that are bound to see an upgrade in specs and maybe even size according to etnews

Samsung would like launch to take place sometime in the first half of 2014, apparently allowing them to get the edge on Apple’s release of the newest iPad models. Naturally, none of this is confirmed and it’s still an amazing thought to think making a tablet that big would be a successful idea.

If you owned a 12.2″ tablet, what is something you would do on it?

Via: etnews

  • ed4m

    For reading sheet music — especially if it has a non-glare screen

  • Jon

    Use it for school, and drawing and games mainly school as im in engineering not art

  • Techoax

    84″ tablets FTW!

  • Joe

    Bring on more of the detachable ultrabooks with intel processors please! This is where I see this 12.1″ tablet going.

  • maaen

    If I owned this tablet I would draw and paint and write and look at films and read .I would have this tablet in my backpack when i am out and about…..but what I would love to do most of all is to carry a spare fully charged battery so that when one battery in the tablet is out of power i could replace it with a fully charged one…..BUT FOR THAT TO HAPPEN SAMSUNG WILL HAVE TO MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR ME TO OPEN THE BACK OF THE TABLET WITH EASE….WILL THAT EVER HAPPEN..??? IT IS POSSIBLE…IF SAMSUNG MAKE IT SO……AND IF SAMSUNG DO THAT THEY WILL SELL MANY MORE TABLETS. SO SAMSUNG..PLEASE DO THIS..

    one other thing Samsung needs to do is to make the S Pen a little longer….7 inches long is perfect and it would be good to have a non slip rubberised section on the stem of the stylus. It might also be worth making another stylus about one centimeter in diameter….because sometimes when drawing it is good to have a thicker stem to hold between the fingers….The second stylus could be sold separately.

    • tvoller

      I’m with ya on all the comments. Still hoping for the tablet that is more than a media consumption device.

  • Dominick_7


  • tyguy829

    i swear if this has that home button…

  • dmagicp

    I know what I would do with it. I would mount it on the wall in my bathroom and stream the time Warner Cable TV app straight to it so I can watch TV while I’m taking a……

  • skinja99

    If I had a tablet that big, I would attach a keyboard and do REAL work on it.

    I have been wishing for a large Android tablet with a keyboard for years. Just make the bezel smaller and the overall size would barely increase.

    A 10″ screen is just too small for office work. But If I had a 12″+ Android device I could ditch windows.

    I wish Asus had made a 13″ transformer years ago.

    I honestly suspect google pressures companies not to make larger (12+inch) screen devices because then Android would compete with all the cloud services of Chrome. You can’t do enough real office work with Chrome. But you can on Android.


    • Joe

      How can you compare Windows to Android? A mobile OS vs a full fledged OS…


    Ya and then you can buy it on woot for half price, 6 months later.

  • PalmerAdam

    Give us a keyboard dock to go with it and you got the best of everything!

  • sk3litor

    The jig

  • Sjschwar

    8.5″ x 11″ inch screen would be nice

  • nina

    anymore bigger, and i may need to get a wall mount for it.

    • Ray


  • Ray

    Enough with the different sized tablets Samsung. Why don’t you improve on the build quality instead.

    • Eric

      If they do want to compete with Apple then they definitely need to improve the build material. Also, with the success of the iPad Mini it shows that most regular consumers prefer the portability of a smaller tablet

  • Finire

    I could maybe see that large of a tablet, if they got the bezel under 1/4 of an inch… But then you have an issue trying to hold it with almost no bezel too…

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Dear God… For whAT?! I gave away my iPad 1 because it’s just was too big and heavy. And after that I couldn’t find a 10incher wasn’t too much especially with the Aspect Ratio of Android Tablets. Just give me a 7 or 8 incher and i’ll be happy…. 10 for others… but who really wants a 12 inch tablet?

    • I can give you an “8 incher”.

      • Ray

        That’s kind of weird, don’t you think?

        • Only if you don’t pay

  • The only use case i see for this is if it was something like the asus transformer & had a dock. Otherwise ~8″ is the sweet spot IMO.

  • Brent Cooper

    If its that big, please include a keyboard dock at launch. Much easier to edit Google Docs that way

  • Shane Redman

    Have to start wondering what is up with these Koreans and their fascination of big things……oh wait.

    Edit: Oh, and I’d want a coaxial input on the back so i could have a small sized TV in the kitchen.

    • Dick Fitzergood

      Korean’s love Mike Hawk.