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NOOK HD and HD+ On Sale For Father’s Day This Time, Prices Cut Almost in Half

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The NOOK tablet line has always been overshadowed by the success of the Kindle, but for the right person, these heavily skinned tablets can be pretty attractive. What makes them even more enticing are deals like this one, the NOOK HD and it’s larger brother, the HD+ are almost half off of their normal price. 

The 7″ NOOK HD is down to $129 for the 8GB tablet and the larger 9″ HD+ is only $149 for the 16GB. Each tablet has different storage sizes if you need more space and prices only go up from there, but free shipping on all of these orders sweetens the deal even more. There is developer support for these tablets and they just recently got access to the Google Play Store.

Would you pick one up for this low of a price?


Cheers Bryan!

  • Godzillinois

    “Sounds like an interesting deal to me. 9″ tablet, 1920 x 1280 resolution, SD card slot, google play store access for $150”

    EXACTLY! I dont really get all the Nook hate, even without B&N support it has Google Play now- what more do you need? If you really need more root the damn thing, I don’t know why more people aren’t jumping on this. $150 for an Android tablet with the best screen outside of a Retina display? Plus with the laminate screen the viewing angles are amazing and barely any glare. Put a launcher on and you don’t even notice that its a Nook, even thestupid hole and casing is starting to grow on me. Its snappy enough for me, its fast than my Touchpad which was also $150.

    PLUS an SD card slot? I seriously need some explanation here. I honestly think people aren’t buying this thing simply because of branding, no one wants to say they have a “Barnes & Noble Nook.” I’m enjoying the hell out of reading comics and watching movies on this screen, hell for $150 its worth getting just to use as an ereader and media streamer.

  • mcmurraypants

    I’ve had the Nook tablet for a year or so, rooted and running 4.1 with the help of xda.

  • middlehead

    Proprietary connectors make the Baby Jesus cry, otherwise I’d buy the hell out of an HD.

  • Chris Cannon

    We picked up an HD+ on Sunday. Sweet tablet.
    Once I get it sideloaded with F-Droid and Amazon Appstore, it’ll be great.

  • stoosh95

    Just picked one up … the covers are also down to $25.

    The nook launcher can be replaced by any android launcher if you prefer a more “android-like” GUI.

    Seems pretty snappy and the screen is very nice.

  • dragonflyr

    bought the hd+ on mothers day for $169. love it. throw your launcher of choice on it and your good to go. great tablet for the money! not the most powerful .. but for the price and what you get, highly recommend.

    • michael arazan

      I don’t recommend the Polaroid M7 Tablet, my brother won one, worst prize ever.
      Granted the specs are ok, but it is forked android that uses a skin looking like dumbed down widows tiles, and no access to anything google, but it does have a dedicated Nook app, pff. It retails for $120 to 130

      Who ever owns polaroid now is just stamping the name on garbage devices and ruining their original branding

    • jasonBportman


      I bought one but ended up returning it. The screen is great. No doubt about it, BUT everything else is not so hot. It’s not user-friendly and the operating system is very limited, such as you can’t create folders to organize your stuff. Well, you can CREATE them, but the Nook doesn’t DISPLAY them. This has been problem for a while and they still haven’t fixed it. There are some other issues as well. Also, if you are buying it for books, B&N book downloads are priced as much as paperback versions–

  • athensjohn

    Sounds like an interesting deal to me. 9″ tablet, 1920 x 1280 resolution, SD card slot, google play store access for $150. Not too bad. Looks like you can put CM on it as well.

    • jamdev12

      Hence why I bought 2 HDs for the daughters and 1 HD+ for the wifey.

  • jamdev12

    I was even looking at the ones from Visual Land, but no access to Google Play means I can’t load my hard earn apps on it. Hence picking up 2 and calling it a day.

  • jamdev12

    Thanks for this. I’ll be buying 2. One for each of my daughters.

  • Visual360

    Geez, bought one at $149 (8GB) on Mother’s day. I guess it’ll be down to $99.99 on the next big occasion. Whatever that’ll be (4th of July maybe). lol.

  • enigmaco

    I want one just too cheap to buy one.

  • krusty46

    Still wouldn’t pick one up