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GameStick E3 Trailer Hits the Web, Features Nerdy Ninja Romance


The Kickstarter project GameStick has come a long way since its day of raising money on the crowdsourcing site. The device is set to hit retailers this year and with E3 right around the corner, what better time to drop a trailer for it. The device is an HDMI stick, which you then stick into a port, basically turning whatever display you use into a gaming system. The stick fits perfectly into the back of the specially designed controller, allowing anyone to be a top-notch mobile gamer. Think of it as OUYA, but way more portable. 

The trailer is pretty cute – a young girl sneaks her way into a movie theater before it closes, then plugs in her GameStick after the lights go out. She then has an Android-powered gaming system on a huge screen, but watch out for the usher! Luckily the two are gaming nerds and quickly fall in love. Yep, that’s a real life scenario.

Waiting to get your hands on that GameStick?

  • shuishuo
  • Heon Jun Park

    Not bad, great for people like me who aren’t all the into big console games… (yes I can loose my nerd status over it, but I just dont like consoles or PC games for that matter)

  • FAL_Fan

    Wow…that was definitely well done! Great job on that one game stick!

  • radiohead14

    the main issue with this, is that more and more android games are being developed as touch optimized.. now i wish that all devs would make every game gamepad compatible, but having experienced how it is with the moga controller.. it’s just not there yet. i see gamestick having this huge roadblock to them as well.

    • mustbepbs

      That’s why the PS3 controller is the best for Android gaming with the Sixaxis app. You can map touch input to buttons. It’s choice.

      • radiohead14

        would it be simple to map for games like final fantasy 4 where there are multiple touch points for different scenarios?