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Recent Poll Shows Americans Really Like Google, 83% Give Favorable Opinions

google logo galaxy nexus

According to a recent poll done by The Washington Post,  a whopping 83% of one thousand Americans questioned have favorable opinions of Google, approximately 10% more than that of Apple and more than 20% over Facebook. Interestingly enough, Apple’s number took a big dive from last year’s figures in the crucial 30 and under age range, dropping from 81% for favorable opinions down to nearly 70%. How those numbers will change once they actually start releasing products again is yet to be determined. 

Polls like this are somewhat interesting, but we do wish more detail was thrown in, possibly to give more insight into why people are liking Google so much. What has Apple done to deserve such a drop in approval? We would like to think that Google’s success among the average American is part in thanks to Android and its growth rate, but it’s unknown.

Given this is an Android blog, we assume most of you approve of Google and think highly of the company, but is there anything about Google you don’t necessarily care for? Something you wish they would do different? Feel free to weigh in down below.

Via: BGR | Washington Post

  • cb2000a

    I like Android, but I don’t trust Google at all.

  • Justin

    If only our President had an approval rating like that!

  • xXAaronSXx

    Google just makes AWESOME! And I don’t mind all the collection of browsing or search info or that stuff. I always leave that stuff on. I actually kind of like the fact that Google is actually going to show me adds that I might actually be interested in. M$’s add campaign about don’t get “Schroogled” is just a scare tactic and its BS. I love Google Chrome, Voice, Drive, Android, Play Books, Movies, Music, etc… and while there may be some cost for content, most of it is actually free to use because of the ad revenue. If not for that, how much would I have to pay for these services that I use on a daily basis.

  • bionicwaffle

    “How those numbers will change once they actually start releasing products again is yet to be determined.”
    Yeah, maybe Apple will release an iPhone with no screen so you can play a game of telephony chance! That will change everything!

    “What has Apple done to deserve such a drop in approval?”
    I think what were seeing is more of a right-sizing of approval going on. It’s still far higher than it should be. Apple has never done anything to innovate in mobile. They were the first to popularize the use of capacitive touch but not the first to use it. There were app stores I used on WinMobile years before there as an iPhone. The iPod was always far behind its competition leaving out features like FM radio, mic/line in recording, optical in/out, and more. The iPad is terrible by Apples own declaration that you can’t have the same US on a phone and a tablet. That was one of the complaints about Android tablets. The iPad always used the phone UI! Apple insists on using a proprietary connector and then they go and change it – sure, they really needed to but it just shows they should have played nice with everyone else and agreed to use MicroUSB even if it wasn’t perfect. At least it still gets the job done!

    When the first iPhone was released it was just like another PalmPilot, a device that had a limited life by design. We’ve come to a point where even Apples incredible marketing power can’t sell a phone that’s so far behind everyone else anymore, in hardware and OS.

  • tutututu

    wow, you guys are blind.

    yes, microsoft, apple, etc. are doing the same, but google is still the *ultimate* data kraken. that “do no evil” is just ridiculous when you think about it. the fact hat google trys to get into every goddamn niche is also quite concerning… i love android, but can’t stand google as a whole.

  • Kanaga Deepan N

    Complaining about GOOGLE????

    Yes, only one I can think of… They have to make good use of their costly purchase Motorola.

    Motorola earlier released a dozen phones a year (thats bad too), but now for last 8 months they have released zero phones. They should have released atleast 1 flagship in these time, like say RazrMAXX with 5″ edge-to-edge 1080p screen, 3300mAh battery, Unlockable BL, 2GB RAM to be in game among HTC 1 and S 4…

  • Shaggy723

    They are the makers of the most used mobile OS in the world. Should anyone really be surprised?

  • Hohlraum

    I own one of pretty much every technology they have ever created. In addition I am a paying customer of some of their services as well. I don’t feel like I have a voice with the company. Their customer service reps are awful. They need to bake their products better. I’ve basically come to expect to be a guinea pig for anything I buy from them now days. Case in point would be All Access. It is very poor compared to pretty much every other streaming service out there. Yes, I’ll continue to support them because I think they are a good company but that doesn’t mean I don’t have issues with them. Oh, and I will NEVER forgive them for getting rid of Google Reader. Never.

    • lartmander

      Agreed…. particularly about Google Reader. Although since I’ve switched to feedly, my anger has diminished slightly…

  • Bionic

    I like google for the porn search results.

    • Aaron

      But I boo them for denying us POV on Glass. 😉

      • tonysam1


      • Chris

        maybe if google allowed that, I could look at your girlfriend/wife or maybe mother….

        • Aaron

          At least somebody would want to see my mother. Yours is so hairy she looks like she’s dressed as a Wookie for Comicon.

          • Chris

            She actually does do that. Makes me a proud son….

    • TylerChappell

      Actually, Bing was shown to be much better when searching for amateur porn! True story. I tried it. lol

  • EC8CH

    Prism isn’t going to help this number.

  • dude

    Wow this is so important to report. Thank you.


    • Bionic

      Run your own website then assholee

  • Corey Foltman

    I don’t like them because they aren’t a cell phone service provider yet. When can I get a Google SIM card?

    • Bionic

      soonish. a few years and id be surprised if they are NOT in the market

      • Aaron

        Yeah, but are we talking about Google having their own spectrum, or are we talking second class citizen, roaming, prepaid style? LTE and HSPA+ are worthless if you are throttled.

        • nvitone23

          google with its own spectrum 🙂 years away though before its in full effect

    • Justin

      Maybe they will soon, what with Google Fiber going up in (for now) select cities and cell phone carriers soon to be switching everything over to Voice Over IP within the next few years.. Who knows..? 🙂

  • Capt. Crunch

    Now if only 83% gave favorable opinions on Android instead of mindlessly buying Apple products…

    • Chris

      choice is always good kid….

      • Capt. Crunch

        Never said it wasn’t, in fact I wish Windows Phone would take off so we would have more than just Android and iOS dominating the mobile market, what annoys me is when people buy iPhones for no other reason than it’s an iPhone and all their friends have one.

        • Chris

          Same could be said for android users and yes I own an android phone

  • Jonathan

    comparing my opinion of google to my opinion of comparable companies (microsoft, apple, facebook, etc.) makes the parts of google I don’t like seem silly and irrelevent.

  • Jared

    But… but… Microsoft told me on their commercials that people prefer Bing. So. Confused. What to believe?

  • itsgonnalast



    Every time there’s an earthquake or tsunami Google creates a people-finder site or alert system. It’s amazing because I can’t imagine how they make any money from it.

    They created Google Takeout, so your data isn’t trapped on their servers.

    Google tends to make software free and/or open-source after buying a company (Keyhole, VP8, VP9, Snapseed, etc). Their music site uses DRM-free MP3 files that work everywhere.

    In contrast, Apple and Microsoft promote formats like Silverlight, Quicktime, Thunderbolt and AAC that force you into their ecosystems. Similarly, Facebook email won’t work in any other mail client, and deleting/exporting your FB account has been difficult in the past.

    Google isn’t perfect but they do a lot of good things.

    • brkshr


  • Shane Redman

    I don’t like that Google Fiber is not a widespread option. I don’t like that there is no Google Wireless service. I don’t like that there was no new Nexus7 at this years I/O. I don’t like that there was no NexusQ-like device at this year’s I/O (don’t be mad, Tim asked)…..but that’s about it. I’m extremely pleased with them. I’d go through what I do like, but that list is too long.

    • Bionic

      Give it time dude, jesus its only a year old if that.

    • Chris

      Go outside and get some air. meet a girl if you have too.. once you do, you’ll forget all that silly stuff about google.

      • Shane Redman

        Been there, done that, got one….still want my tablet and home device.

  • What bothers me about Google is their presence at Bilderberg….

  • bboyairwreck

    I think we should do an unbias poll on DL. Who do you like more? Google or Apple? =P

    • Meow

      Lolz sauce, that’d totes be the most unbiased survey to ever exist!

  • Israel Fabian

    Hulu app doesn’t work on all google tv set top boxes. But why is HBO GO pre-installed instead of Hulu? I’ve contacted Hulu and their response was its an tv streaming license issue. It doesn’t make sense as most of the tv’s that have google tv have the Hulu app. Google should have this app pre-installed because of this, I really don’t like my google tv as much as I did before. Epic fail!!

  • JonathonFlores

    1,000 people isn’t a lot. Considering Android’s rise in market share and popular phones like the GS4 and the One, I wouldn’t doubt that 170 of those people were hardcore Apple product users with a negative opinion on Google.

    • Pedro

      It isn’t a lot, but it’s statistically significant.

      • Kurt Weber

        Better make sure you ran your right statistic test and make sure you didn’t run into a Type 1 or Type 2 error….

  • JonathonFlores

    Yeah, I wish they would stop that stupid incremental roll out sh*t for my apps!

    • John Davids

      Yeah, because staggering roll-outs of massive software updates to mitigate the risk and scope of failure super stupid. Work in IT for about a week and I bet your views change.

  • Ian

    Google for president!

    • michael arazan

      President Google would get a lot of treaty’s singed with the offer of Fiber in exchange. Peace on earth through Fiber

  • Damian

    Take that Apple!

    • Chris

      like a poll of 1,000 people (less then 10%) would really put a dent for them….

  • mechapathy


  • lasthought

    They need to inject the nation with Google Fiber. That number will be significantly higher, just you wait and see.

  • brkshr

    What could there be to complain about? You have to look at ads (or don’t with browser extensions or adblockers. Your choice), and they provide you with many, mas, mucho free services. They are huge backers of emerging technologies, as well as being at the forefront of some of the most important (alternative energies, self-driving cars). It could also be argued that they are among the most transparent corporations around.

    With a company moto of “Do No Evil”. I am very Pro-Google.

    • TheWhiteLotus

      Unfortunately, there is a lot of fud about Google and fearmongering in the news. Without these I’d think that the favorable opinions would be much higher even.

      • teleclimber

        …and there are companies like Micros— that are too happy to create that fearmongering in the form of ads because they have no other way to get people to come to their camp.

      • Conem1977

        Now if only 83% gave favorable opinions on Android instead of mindlessly buying Apple products…­ ­http://makingmoremoneyonfreetime&#46qr&#46net/kkEj

  • James_75

    They need a more aggressive Nexus program, one where they can control updates directly on several device platforms. I would like to be able to buy a Nexus One or S4 on any carrier and know Google is going to be the source of my updates.

  • Mordecaidrake

    I don’t care for them not selling the Nexus across all carriers and letting the carriers dictate their updates(on Verizon anyway).

    • Flyinion

      That’s exactly why I’m bailing on Verizon. I’m tired of that garbage. My plan is to head to T-Mobile and get either a Lumia 925 when it arrives (yes I know it’s a Windows phone, I have a plan 🙂 ) or if for some reason the 925 sucks compared to VZW’s 928 which I checked out last night and really like then I will go for a Nexus Experience HTC One. Either way (this is the plan part) I’m also grabbing a 2nd gen Nexus 7 when they arrive (can’t give up the Google lol).

      I’ve been planning to get a N7 anyway and have realized much of the Android stuff I do could easily and better be done on something like an N7 anyway, and I have media reasons (Zune/Xbox music subscriber) for wanting a windows phone so it seems like a good setup to me. I’ve used a Zune (physical device) forever and with the grandfathered over to XBM plan I have I still get the 10 song credits per months (no longer available) and am a bigg fan of the music residing on the device vs. being streamed like Pandora or Google’s new music service. I’ve long wanted to consolidate the zune and my phone into one device though and am tired of waiting for the XBM app that is supposedly coming to Android and iOS.

      • JonathonFlores

        Sorry Dude..that was waaay too much..unnecessarily much lol

      • Jeff

        Just an opinion. Not trying to sell you on anything. When I went over to T-Mobile I paid $93 with tax for unlimited talk, text and data. You can get the same service thru solavei for around $55 with tax. Save yourself some cash…Solavei uses Tmobiles network.

        • Flyinion

          Yeah thought about that. Solavei kicks you off 4G after 4GB or something like that though. I guess I figured I go with the unlimited 4G. We’ll see, it’s a few months off until I do it.

    • brkshr

      You should be blaming Qualcomm for keeping CDMA technologies closed & collecting licensing fees. If CDMA were open like GSM technologies, Google would be all over it & you be getting your timely updates on Verizon like GSM phones do. This should change when Verizon adopts VoLTE, as it’s based on GSM technology.

      • Flyinion

        Verizon still has to take a large part of the blame. Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus got updates months before Verizon and they’re CDMA as well.

        • brkshr

          Very true! I was mostly trying to point out that CDMA gives the carrier this power. I agree that VZW is the worst at updates. I was with them for more than 10 years, but I had to jump ship last year.