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Show Off Your Home Screens Day!


I hope your home screens have been beautified, because it’s time for another “Show Off Your Home Screens!” day. The last time we ran this regular feature was in November, so as the seasons have changed and new icon packs and clock themes have come to light, we’re guessing there are some gems out there that are dying to be shown off. You ready to show off yours? 

For those new to this process, what we ask is that you take a screenshot of your home screen setup (as many screens as you’d like), then upload the image files to an image hosting site (imgur for example), and then paste the direct image URL (likely ends in .png or .jpg) into the comments. That way, the entire DL community can easily click to see your creations. But also, along with your images, be sure to list out your setup (icon pack, wallpapers, widgets, launcher, etc.). Assuming you have a work of art on your home screen, people are going to want to know how to replicate it.

Let’s do this!

home screens2

As you can tell, we both still roll with the ultimate minimal setups. I actually only use two home screens – one for my main apps and clock (pictured), along with one to the right that features my calendar and Google Search. It’s a setup I have used for two years now and seem to be able to get things done on with ease.

My setup (left):

Tim’s setup (right):

  • Turner Somerville

    Beautiful Widgets
    Animus-ICS (UCCW Skin)
    stark icon pack

  • Turner Somerville

    Launcher is Action Launcher
    Icon pack: Stark
    Play Bars (UCCW)

  • Turner Somerville

    My lockscreen: Animus (UCCW Skin)
    Widget locker Pro

  • Javon

    Action Launcher Pro, Zooper Widget, RoundR and Wallpaper. Enjoy

  • Sam

    haha forgot to post link. I’m an idiot. here it is.
    stock samsung s3, apex pro, minimal text, tiny white icon pack


  • Sam

    stock samsung s3, apex pro, minimal text, tiny white icon pack

  • ferrari187

    In tims setup does anyone know how he made the notification bar the wallpaper and not black?

  • Alexander Garcia

    MKBHD! All day! Every day! =)

  • FLNiner


    Home: Nova Launcher/Device Info Live Wallpaper
    Lockscreen: Widget Locker/ Toggles: HD Widgets/ Barcode: Minimalistic Text

  • Nicholassss

    A little late to the game, but here’s my contribution.

  • Nicolas Pipitone

    lol.. i just watched that today actually.

  • J T M

    Nova Launcher Prime
    Tersus icon pack


  • landon

    Jack clock transparent

  • prdg1

    Here a simple one.

  • Alex


    Here’s mine.

    Nova, Stark Icon pack, Dashclock.

  • wmsco1

    Here is another

  • wmsco1

    here buzz launcher

  • Guest

    here’s mine [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/1gidv93.jpg[/IMG]

  • Dylan August

    Forgot one

    • dafonse

      Which app is this one?

      • Dylan August

        It’s “beeping weather” by ryanmkelly…it’s for uwcc

  • Dylan August

    Many thanks to ryanmkelly and the uccw widget!

  • DisGuy

    Kellex, how’d you get the flatro icons to be so close together in your dock? (Assuming the icons are even in your dock)

    • Dylan August

      just change desktop grid in Nova Launcher settings


    This is my last creation, which I also use personally. SDS2 Clock Widget with new font style. The little dot is a battery indicator, that not yet on available.

    SDS2 Clock Widget on Google Play http://goo.gl/sQICN
    More from SIXDOTSEVEN on Google Play http://goo.gl/XY5rx
    Launcher is Apex Launcher

  • sjchucky

    I like to keep it a simple black-and-white.

  • iamjsans

    Need to do something with the icons

  • SetiroN

    paranoid android 3.57 full screen with pie and halo, Nova launcher, simple text, dash clock, multi picture live wallpaper, roundr

  • John
  • Gary

    Here’s mine.

  • Lukasz Rynski

    My vintage/westeros one

  • Wylify

    Keeping it Minimal… Just stock 4.2.2 clock, Soft KeyZ and Glovebox
    As a launcher I use Apex.

  • Justin Moss

    nothing too crazy…..

  • Anil Reddy
  • RamitSuri

    All this is so cool. I gave up on theming long back. Keeping my phone completely stock since then. But all this makes me want to join you guys so bad. I’ll wait for 4.3 and see what it brings and then back to cool homescreens. 🙂

  • udispyn

    beautiful widgets, minimal Power amp, Lil Google now, Animated widget, Flashlight widget,running Adw Launcher. kovdev icons

    • Sean Royce

      That is so incredibly ugly and unorganized, what are you 12?

  • EmptyMags

    Nova Prime, UCCW and Beautiful Widgets on a Galaxy S4.

  • WheelchairMitch


    • Skittlez

      upvoted for Heat news!

  • Bionicman
    • Javon

      Rock It!

  • yungqb7
  • LadyDi
  • kwubba


  • Juan

    U like??

  • Kelvin Tso

    Here’s mine:

  • suprano

    Here is mine

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    Late to the game but is my simple screen

    • Lynton

      What widget for the cursive day of the week?

      • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

        Elegante uccw skin. Name is Pooley

  • I’m going through a minimalist phase. Nova Launcher, Minimalist Text, DCikonZ.

  • alphanu22


  • Digirati Studios

    Fairly straightforward with How To Destroy Angels concert shot as wallpaper

  • Chad Walber

    Goolers Icon Pack

    Nova Launcher Prime

    Minimalistic Text Widgets

    Images tend to change daily from either http://thepaperwall.com or http://bikini-wallpapers.com/

  • Jonathan Rogers
    • ceejw

      I like your clock widget. Looks straight out of an eboy print.

    • Dmw034

      My lord, that icon pack is magical. Give me the name and I shall grant you a virgin to bed till the morrow!

      • Jonathan Rogers

        Bubbles apex/nova theme. It’s made by Sam Zayer. He has several awesome themes.

    • Dmw034

      But really though, please share its name? I’m dying to get it.

  • Steven

    My lockscreen has the dashclock and the homescreen has:

    Zooper Widget
    Apex Launcher
    Gauge Battery Widget
    DCikonZ icons

  • kgill7


    .Details and Download Zip File Here:http://justreveal.net/2013/06/05/supreme/