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Show Off Your Home Screens Day!


I hope your home screens have been beautified, because it’s time for another “Show Off Your Home Screens!” day. The last time we ran this regular feature was in November, so as the seasons have changed and new icon packs and clock themes have come to light, we’re guessing there are some gems out there that are dying to be shown off. You ready to show off yours? 

For those new to this process, what we ask is that you take a screenshot of your home screen setup (as many screens as you’d like), then upload the image files to an image hosting site (imgur for example), and then paste the direct image URL (likely ends in .png or .jpg) into the comments. That way, the entire DL community can easily click to see your creations. But also, along with your images, be sure to list out your setup (icon pack, wallpapers, widgets, launcher, etc.). Assuming you have a work of art on your home screen, people are going to want to know how to replicate it.

Let’s do this!

home screens2

As you can tell, we both still roll with the ultimate minimal setups. I actually only use two home screens – one for my main apps and clock (pictured), along with one to the right that features my calendar and Google Search. It’s a setup I have used for two years now and seem to be able to get things done on with ease.

My setup (left):

Tim’s setup (right):

  • Trey Porter

    Gs3 cm10.1
    Stark icons
    Chromium theme
    Asus day lwp

  • sk33ls

    ParanoidAndroid 3+ on toro nova launcher with stark icons and wallpaper.

  • tyler

    NOS M7 Rom

  • Leon

    Nova Launcher with Cardstock icons, Circle Launcher and HD Widgets.

  • irtechneo

    Note 2 completely Stock

  • Bram Jacobs

    Galaxy Nexus running latest Paranoid Android,

    DashClock Widget,
    Nova Launcher,
    Minimal UI theme,
    Minimalistic Text,

  • Julio Hijar

    Here’s mine took a while but got it done

  • GM49

    To view your live wallpaper without any desktop icons or widgets use Cleaner Pro (available in the play store). This app will also let you scroll through all pages of your live wallpaper clutter free. Place it on your scrolling dock bar for easy access from any screen. “Show off” is an alternative, but does not allow for screen scrolling.

  • hackthis02


  • Hunter Hubers

    My set up

    • bukowski

      would you mind sharing your wallpaper and date/battery/clock setup? i’m assuming the latter is uccw. and are those icons stark?

      gorgeous homescreen! i love it!

  • Guest
    • Bobby Cornwell

      Awesome! Mind sharing your wallpaper?

    • Lynton

      Yes, please share wallpaper!!

    • StewInAShoe

      What clock widget is that? Also, please post that wallpaper!

      • Lynton

        The clock widget is called “Clock Now”.

    • Christian
      • Lynton

        Thanks dude.

    • Lynton

      As a personal preference, I would remove the text under each app and remove the google search bar at the top (assuming you are using a launcher that supports these functions, like Nova Launcher).

    • Eduardo Santana

      What does your lockscreen look like to match that?

  • Richard

    Here’s mine. Work in progress. HTC One

    • Javon

      Quick tip if you want a minimalistic look take away the battery widget slap it in your notification shade. And take away the refresh button and 3-dot menu button in the weather app it will look much better. Good Work though!

  • James Watson

    Last post didn’t work… I’m getting ready for a makeover but this is it

  • Nexus 4. Apex Launcher. Zooper Widget. Stark icons.

  • Jeremy Case

    Stark wallpaper, HD Widgets, and Simple Text Icons

  • N3xuz11

    My Junky

  • Scott Meyer

    GS3 running AOKP. Apex Launcher. UCCW.

  • binqker

    Galaxy S4
    w/ Go Launcher and 1Weather Widget. Keeping it simple.


  • Richard

    Here’s mine. Work in progess… HTC One

  • Chris Feher

    Simple enough for me

  • theterrorwrist

    I keeps it minimal

    • Lynton

      I LOL’d

      • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

        I LOL’d after I realized it was supposed to be black. I was like why the heck is this one not loading.

    • michael arazan

      You also use less energy I read by keeping it black, I also have a solid black screen in HD lol

      • michael arazan

        • David asaro

          I believe it depends on the display type. Amoled vs lcd. I can’t remember where I read it but one of them is better with white.

          • Lynton

            AMOLED will save you energy if the wallpaper is black. The individual LED’s turn off entirely for black (which is why the black looks so deep and you get really good contrast on AMOLED displays). LCD displays use a backlight, so when displaying black or white or whatever, the backlight energy usage is always the same. There are advantages and disadvantages for each, but overall I prefer LCD.

    • LiterofCola

      I lol’d as well.

    • J

      I did this for a while too .. but with a wall paper !

    • Alexander Garcia

      HAHAHA! Best homescreen EVAH!

  • Gaurav K

    Galaxy Nexus running Apex Launcher on ParanoidAndroid Alpha

  • Nexus 4 with Dashclock, Stark, Origami Chaos Blue, AOKP Nightly, HTC First softkeys (36 dpi).

  • Guest
  • DanWazz
  • Kidd_Funkadelic

    Been rocking the same setup for awhile:

    Beautiful widgets / Pure Agenda / SimpleText / Nova


    • Nadora

      What did you use for the battery widget?

  • Gage

    Samsung Galaxy S4

    • tyguy829

      not a task killer! especially on an s4…

  • Droid4LifeDawg

    This is “Nexus Life” by Badbrad over at My Color Screens (http://goo.gl/UYmtW) the complete instructions and all the necessarry files with links can be found at the link above. I installed this a few months back and just can’t see myself without it. It looks great, and it has a place for every app I need.

    On the main screen there is an invisible app there, when you tap the All Knowing Droid, it opens up “Google Now” Voice Search. If you notice under Nexus 4 that is another invisible folder for more shortcuts. And for each screen there is an invisible folder for Shortcuts.

    Awesome setup! “Nexus Life” by Badbrad (http://goo.gl/UYmtW)

    Main: http://i.imgur.com/ojt8Wpn.png

    1st Right: http://i.imgur.com/LKUapaI.png

    2nd Right: http://i.imgur.com/58gJget.png

    1st Left: http://i.imgur.com/qUR3PWc.png


    David Villa! Visca El Barca!

    Droid RAZR MAXX with CM10.1 using Nova Launcher Prime and kovdev’s Tersus icon pack.

    In case you were wondering, BaconReader and Flipboard are listed in the “Sports” folder because I use them mainly to read up on soccer, basketball, cricket, and the like.

  • James Bowker

    Heres mine (sorry if uploaded twice)

    • bukowski

      are those icons just holo light with some alpha transparency?

      • James Bowker

        They are called Tinywhite you can find them on xda developers. Yes there is some transparency set too!

  • Q’s

    Here’s today’s set up!

  • dcdttu

    A Wave Live Wallpaper.
    Stock Android, rooted.
    Nexus 4

  • edmond

    nova launcher, stark icons, beautiful widgets weather, dashclock widget, origami wallpaper

  • TMKvamme

    I like it simple and clean.

    • Guest

      Nova Launcher
      White Holo Icons (some form the internet some Photoshopped myself)
      Google Play Books LIbrary
      Sound Search
      4.2 Clock
      Google Play Music Library
      Play Music Widget

  • Bretton Key

    My screens on my Galaxy S 3 running CM 10.1 RC4

  • edwoordd

    Paranoid android, Nova, uccw

  • Nadora

    VZW GNex

    Nova Launcher
    HD Widgets
    ICS Rings for ADW APEX NOVA | http://bit.ly/11s1S5R
    Space Colony LWP | http://bit.ly/ZnFw4O

    Notification bar & dock hidden (toggle with swipe gestures).
    Swipe action for folders to open the most frequently used app in that folder.

  • cgmartin33


  • Jarom Bradshaw
  • James Bowker

    Heres mine. 3 custom uccw widgets

  • Mike

    Nothing special. DCiconZ, Eye in the sky weather, and uccw

  • Wayne Mask

    Here’s mine, one love 🙂

    • Wayne Mask

      Galaxy s3, cm10.1, Nova launcher, vintage icon pack, swipe up to app drawer. .. And Mr. Marley

      • David

        where you get that wallpaper?

    • Wayne Mask

      From Google haha here it is if you want it

  • Andre Behrens

    Action Launcher Pro
    Wallpaper from Tersus
    Icons: Motif

  • ten2o3
  • IFragU

    Verizon GS4 Stock rooted

    • theterrorwrist

      Diggin’ the tilt shift!

      • IFragU

        Thanks! My lockscreen is tilt shift too to keep the theme going haha

        • Lynton

          What are you using to allow you to have a different wallpaper for your homescreen and your lockscreen?

          • IFragU

            Touchwiz lets you do this by default

          • Lynton

            Oh. I wish vanilla jelly bean allowed this. Now that I think about it, its really silly that it doesn’t…

    • Gage

      What method did you use to root your phone? I’ve been trouble finding one.

    • Reginald Spence II

      That wallpaper is amazing stuff. Good job.

    • Apostrafee

      What clock widget you using?

      • IFragU

        Zooper Widget Pro

        • Apostrafee


    • nwd1911

      What icons are those? Thanks for sharing, this looks great. Also wouldn’t mind knowing which clock widget.

    • Keen Singh

      What wallpaper/theme is that? This looks awesome!

  • yodatom10

    Dash clock

    action launcher pro

    stark icon pack

    HTC first soft buttons

  • John Jeevinth

    MY home screen is as below..

  • Rickerbilly

    VZW GS4. Bean’s B2. Nova. HD Widget. Samer Glass icons. Rickerbilly wall. 🙂

  • cmonnats23

    In honor of their new album

  • Tom Luley

    Easy for me to get to everything and still simple. Love it!