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Show Off Your Home Screens Day!


I hope your home screens have been beautified, because it’s time for another “Show Off Your Home Screens!” day. The last time we ran this regular feature was in November, so as the seasons have changed and new icon packs and clock themes have come to light, we’re guessing there are some gems out there that are dying to be shown off. You ready to show off yours? 

For those new to this process, what we ask is that you take a screenshot of your home screen setup (as many screens as you’d like), then upload the image files to an image hosting site (imgur for example), and then paste the direct image URL (likely ends in .png or .jpg) into the comments. That way, the entire DL community can easily click to see your creations. But also, along with your images, be sure to list out your setup (icon pack, wallpapers, widgets, launcher, etc.). Assuming you have a work of art on your home screen, people are going to want to know how to replicate it.

Let’s do this!

home screens2

As you can tell, we both still roll with the ultimate minimal setups. I actually only use two home screens – one for my main apps and clock (pictured), along with one to the right that features my calendar and Google Search. It’s a setup I have used for two years now and seem to be able to get things done on with ease.

My setup (left):

Tim’s setup (right):

  • Phil


  • Phil

    My minimalistic screen. http://goo.gl/N6Uwv

  • Turner Somerville

    Beautiful Widgets
    Animus-ICS (UCCW Skin)
    stark icon pack

  • Turner Somerville

    Launcher is Action Launcher
    Icon pack: Stark
    Play Bars (UCCW)

  • Turner Somerville

    My lockscreen: Animus (UCCW Skin)
    Widget locker Pro

  • Javon

    Action Launcher Pro, Zooper Widget, RoundR and Wallpaper. Enjoy

  • Sam

    haha forgot to post link. I’m an idiot. here it is.
    stock samsung s3, apex pro, minimal text, tiny white icon pack


  • Sam

    stock samsung s3, apex pro, minimal text, tiny white icon pack

  • ferrari187

    In tims setup does anyone know how he made the notification bar the wallpaper and not black?

  • Alexander Garcia

    MKBHD! All day! Every day! =)

  • FLNiner


    Home: Nova Launcher/Device Info Live Wallpaper
    Lockscreen: Widget Locker/ Toggles: HD Widgets/ Barcode: Minimalistic Text

  • Nicholassss

    A little late to the game, but here’s my contribution.

  • Nicolas Pipitone

    lol.. i just watched that today actually.

  • J T M

    Nova Launcher Prime
    Tersus icon pack


  • landon

    Jack clock transparent

  • prdg1

    Here a simple one.

  • Alex


    Here’s mine.

    Nova, Stark Icon pack, Dashclock.

  • wmsco1

    Here is another

  • wmsco1

    here buzz launcher

  • Guest

    here’s mine [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/1gidv93.jpg[/IMG]

  • Dylan August

    Forgot one

    • dafonse

      Which app is this one?

      • Dylan August

        It’s “beeping weather” by ryanmkelly…it’s for uwcc

  • Dylan August

    Many thanks to ryanmkelly and the uccw widget!

  • DisGuy

    Kellex, how’d you get the flatro icons to be so close together in your dock? (Assuming the icons are even in your dock)

    • Dylan August

      just change desktop grid in Nova Launcher settings


    This is my last creation, which I also use personally. SDS2 Clock Widget with new font style. The little dot is a battery indicator, that not yet on available.

    SDS2 Clock Widget on Google Play http://goo.gl/sQICN
    More from SIXDOTSEVEN on Google Play http://goo.gl/XY5rx
    Launcher is Apex Launcher

  • sjchucky

    I like to keep it a simple black-and-white.

  • iamjsans

    Need to do something with the icons

  • SetiroN

    paranoid android 3.57 full screen with pie and halo, Nova launcher, simple text, dash clock, multi picture live wallpaper, roundr

  • John
  • Gary

    Here’s mine.

  • Lukasz Rynski

    My vintage/westeros one

  • Wylify

    Keeping it Minimal… Just stock 4.2.2 clock, Soft KeyZ and Glovebox
    As a launcher I use Apex.

  • Justin Moss

    nothing too crazy…..

  • Anil Reddy
  • RamitSuri

    All this is so cool. I gave up on theming long back. Keeping my phone completely stock since then. But all this makes me want to join you guys so bad. I’ll wait for 4.3 and see what it brings and then back to cool homescreens. 🙂

  • udispyn

    beautiful widgets, minimal Power amp, Lil Google now, Animated widget, Flashlight widget,running Adw Launcher. kovdev icons

    • Sean Royce

      That is so incredibly ugly and unorganized, what are you 12?

  • EmptyMags

    Nova Prime, UCCW and Beautiful Widgets on a Galaxy S4.

  • WheelchairMitch


    • Skittlez

      upvoted for Heat news!

  • Bionicman
    • Javon

      Rock It!

  • yungqb7
  • LadyDi
  • kwubba


  • Juan

    U like??

  • Kelvin Tso

    Here’s mine:

  • suprano

    Here is mine

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    Late to the game but is my simple screen

    • Lynton

      What widget for the cursive day of the week?

      • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

        Elegante uccw skin. Name is Pooley

  • I’m going through a minimalist phase. Nova Launcher, Minimalist Text, DCikonZ.

  • alphanu22


  • Digirati Studios

    Fairly straightforward with How To Destroy Angels concert shot as wallpaper

  • Chad Walber

    Goolers Icon Pack

    Nova Launcher Prime

    Minimalistic Text Widgets

    Images tend to change daily from either http://thepaperwall.com or http://bikini-wallpapers.com/

  • Jonathan Rogers
    • ceejw

      I like your clock widget. Looks straight out of an eboy print.

    • Dmw034

      My lord, that icon pack is magical. Give me the name and I shall grant you a virgin to bed till the morrow!

      • Jonathan Rogers

        Bubbles apex/nova theme. It’s made by Sam Zayer. He has several awesome themes.

    • Dmw034

      But really though, please share its name? I’m dying to get it.

  • Steven

    My lockscreen has the dashclock and the homescreen has:

    Zooper Widget
    Apex Launcher
    Gauge Battery Widget
    DCikonZ icons

  • kgill7


    .Details and Download Zip File Here:http://justreveal.net/2013/06/05/supreme/

  • ps6wb

    Minimal white/cyan, only 1 screen. Double tap brings up messaging, slide up brings up hidden doc


  • Beckie Moon

    This is my lockscreen: http://i.imgur.com/JMcOnQH.jpg
    And these are my home screens: http://i.imgur.com/QnSxnlM.jpg
    I use: Widgetlocker, Nova Launcher, Multipicture Live Wallpaper, UCCW, Roundr, Phantom Music Control widget, Brilliant Quotes for the widget, and Round Dark Theme icon pack.

  • Steven

    * Zooper Widget
    * Gauge Battery Widget
    * Apex Launcher
    * DCikonZ icon

    Lockscreen has the Dash clock..

  • JoeDubz

    Just realized how boring these comments would be if we all had iPhones…

  • LionStone

    stock dna…nova prime…stock wallpaper…HD clock widget

  • Tonto74


    • Jackson Graessle


  • Brandon Haines

    Old setup using mycolorscreen

  • tyguy829
  • Brandon Haines

    A different wallpaper. Didn’t realize the app icon was there oh well. Lls

  • Darkwing_Duck

    It’s a fun setup…

  • Chris062190


    Nothing too crazy.

  • Dash lock widget
    Nova launcher
    JB stock icons
    Wallpaper is a photo of my son as a newborn baby 🙂
    Galaxy S4

  • Nick

    just curious, how well does your razr maxx run with AOKP?

    • Greg Morgan

      Actually quite well. There are still issues with camcorder and BT audio. But I don’t use those, so it’s been great for me. Haven’t had any random reboots or anything. The work they’re doing with the kernels is making the roms more steady every day.

  • wmsco1
  • wmsco1
  • Simon Tucker

    I’m running the Axis ROM for my Galaxy SIII AT&T. The Sense 5 theme comes built in, same as the transparent S4 widget. I’m using the Paper land Pro LWP as well

  • Aaron

    Like to keep it nice and simple with only 2 homescreens 🙂
    Nova Launcher
    Holo Icon pack

  • Wesley Frederic


    Nothing special – the wallpaper is the star
    Nova Prime
    Minimal UCCW clock skin
    Audio Glow live wallpaper
    grunge icons

  • James_C_L

    Action launcher, stark icons, lmt custom gradient #swagcity

    • Dmw034

      That can’t be AOSPA+… How did you get shortcuts onto PIE? Is that some new CM nightly feature?

      • James_C_L

        Nope. It’s jellybeans on my note 2 with lmt launcher v1.99
        Shortcuts are in the level 2 pie settings

  • wh1te_mag1c

    Am I the only one who litters my home screen with task lists? I’m too
    lazy to post a screenshot, but I have a nice background (from stock
    4.1.x wallpapers), the bottom row of icons, a digital clock widget (so I
    can know what time it is with a quick glance).. and TONS (3+) of task
    lists, such as ‘TODAY’, ‘short term [tasks]’, and others. As much as I’d
    like to pimp out my home screen and make it super slick, I care for
    functionality even more.

    • Hoffman

      I always have some Color Note Widgets on my home screen.

  • Tim242

    Verizon S4. Notice that Google Wallet!

  • ManPancake


    • LionStone


  • AbrahamLinksys

    My old setup

    • Javon

      superman wallpaper please

  • tjubb

    VZW Galaxy Note 2

    Jelly Beans Rom build 17
    Nova Launcher
    Stark Theme Pack
    Beautiful Widgets

    I change things up every couple of days and my wallpaper automatically rotates amongst 150 random wallpapers every 15 minutes using Tasker. This is one of the few things where I like change in my life, heh!

  • itsacardigan

    Today’s flavor

  • I-Troll-U

    Mine 😉

  • http://i.imgur.com/1sPeZEd.png

    Device: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    ROM: CyanogenMod 10.1
    Launcher: Action Launcher by Chris Lacy
    Icon pack: Stark
    Wallpaper: Custom

  • landon

    Here is mine! Hehe

    • t0ast1ng_t0ast

      what is that weather widget

      • Apostrafee

        Yet again RyanmKelly!!! His stuff is great

      • Jimneezy


    • Mike Ranucci

      How do you set up that weather widget from uccw?

    • supermiah

      What clock widget is that?

      • landon

        It is called Jack Clock Transparent in the playstore

  • Brian

    Stole the idea of the left homescreen for mine: http://i.imgur.com/wZEx7md.png

  • wmsco1
  • Bobby Cornwell

    Nothing too exciting but I love it

  • James Bowker

    Here’s another! Made with uccw

  • Anhstein

    [Insert Blinkfeed screenshot here.]

  • nothing special about mine

  • RichFromBX

    basic but it makes me laugh…

  • Jordan Scott

    Droid 4 – Liquid Smooth 2.1
    ADW.EX Launcher
    Minimalist Theme
    Zooper Widget
    Pattrn Wallpaper

  • Serri330

    Apex Launcher with tablet UI (Free and paid versions available)
    MNML White Theme icon pack ($.99)
    Origami Live Wallpaper ($.99)
    Zooper Widget in AnalogPop (Free)

  • Edward

    http://imgur.com/a/a0Zy3 3 pages – top is my left one for multimedia, middle one is my main page and and last at bottom is my right page witch i use for social media and my clock.
    the launcher I use is Nova Launcher with Stark icons and for clock widget I use beautiful widgets and here is the wallpaper http://imgur.com/gallery/T9SWfDy

  • Raven

    Droid 4
    Nova Launcher – 4 x 5 grid

    Beautiful Widgets – Clock & weather

    Zooper Widgets – Custom made curved information widgets and next appointment.

    Circle Launcher – Access to my most used apps and contacts.

    Folder Organizer – Categorized access to all of my other apps.

    The wallpaper is called 404.

  • Maximus
  • Brandon Haines

    Galaxy Note II rooted w/ Novella Rom – 240DPI
    Lightning Launcher
    Zooper Widget
    Pop-Up Widget

  • Nathaniel James.

    Plain and simple but nice and sleek.

    • Yaniv

      Very nice, can you tell us what are you using? It’s quite nice.

  • MikeSaver

    Not technically my current one, I just switched from this

  • cyantific

    AOSPA, Nova Laucher

  • zurginator

    Mine has been the same for so long, I honestly don’t remember what I’m using or where I got it.

    Nexus 4, Paranoid Android, Nova Launcher, UCCW. That’s all I know.

  • coolsilver

    Nova prime and Beautiful Widgets with a little fluff

  • Salvationalizm

    Custom icons I made applied with Nova, wallpaper from desktoppr (I think?)

  • Using Tile Launcher Beta. The look is inspired by the IIDA INFOBAR A02 interface. Backgrounds of each icon were extracted from official iida theme apks. Icons generally stock with some icons coming from IIDA Home.

    Infobar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGB_p558ndc

    Tile Launcher: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.droidwrench.tile&hl=en

  • bassmaster118

    Nova + UCCW + Minimal Text + Mioanogen Icons. Give credit to Pedro Peguero Jr for this Chrome OS Theme.

  • Trey Porter

    Gs3 cm10.1
    Stark icons
    Chromium theme
    Asus day lwp

  • sk33ls

    ParanoidAndroid 3+ on toro nova launcher with stark icons and wallpaper.

  • tyler

    NOS M7 Rom

  • Leon

    Nova Launcher with Cardstock icons, Circle Launcher and HD Widgets.

  • irtechneo

    Note 2 completely Stock

  • Bram Jacobs

    Galaxy Nexus running latest Paranoid Android,

    DashClock Widget,
    Nova Launcher,
    Minimal UI theme,
    Minimalistic Text,

  • Julio Hijar

    Here’s mine took a while but got it done

  • GM49

    To view your live wallpaper without any desktop icons or widgets use Cleaner Pro (available in the play store). This app will also let you scroll through all pages of your live wallpaper clutter free. Place it on your scrolling dock bar for easy access from any screen. “Show off” is an alternative, but does not allow for screen scrolling.

  • hackthis02


  • Hunter Hubers

    My set up

    • bukowski

      would you mind sharing your wallpaper and date/battery/clock setup? i’m assuming the latter is uccw. and are those icons stark?

      gorgeous homescreen! i love it!

  • Guest
    • Bobby Cornwell

      Awesome! Mind sharing your wallpaper?

    • Lynton

      Yes, please share wallpaper!!

    • StewInAShoe

      What clock widget is that? Also, please post that wallpaper!

      • Lynton

        The clock widget is called “Clock Now”.

    • Christian
      • Lynton

        Thanks dude.

    • Lynton

      As a personal preference, I would remove the text under each app and remove the google search bar at the top (assuming you are using a launcher that supports these functions, like Nova Launcher).

    • Eduardo Santana

      What does your lockscreen look like to match that?

  • Richard

    Here’s mine. Work in progress. HTC One

    • Javon

      Quick tip if you want a minimalistic look take away the battery widget slap it in your notification shade. And take away the refresh button and 3-dot menu button in the weather app it will look much better. Good Work though!

  • James Watson

    Last post didn’t work… I’m getting ready for a makeover but this is it

  • Nexus 4. Apex Launcher. Zooper Widget. Stark icons.

  • Jeremy Case

    Stark wallpaper, HD Widgets, and Simple Text Icons

  • N3xuz11

    My Junky

  • Scott Meyer

    GS3 running AOKP. Apex Launcher. UCCW.

  • binqker

    Galaxy S4
    w/ Go Launcher and 1Weather Widget. Keeping it simple.


  • Richard

    Here’s mine. Work in progess… HTC One

  • Chris Feher

    Simple enough for me

  • theterrorwrist

    I keeps it minimal

    • Lynton

      I LOL’d

      • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

        I LOL’d after I realized it was supposed to be black. I was like why the heck is this one not loading.

    • michael arazan

      You also use less energy I read by keeping it black, I also have a solid black screen in HD lol

      • michael arazan

        • David asaro

          I believe it depends on the display type. Amoled vs lcd. I can’t remember where I read it but one of them is better with white.

          • Lynton

            AMOLED will save you energy if the wallpaper is black. The individual LED’s turn off entirely for black (which is why the black looks so deep and you get really good contrast on AMOLED displays). LCD displays use a backlight, so when displaying black or white or whatever, the backlight energy usage is always the same. There are advantages and disadvantages for each, but overall I prefer LCD.

    • LiterofCola

      I lol’d as well.

    • J

      I did this for a while too .. but with a wall paper !

    • Alexander Garcia

      HAHAHA! Best homescreen EVAH!

  • Gaurav K

    Galaxy Nexus running Apex Launcher on ParanoidAndroid Alpha

  • Nexus 4 with Dashclock, Stark, Origami Chaos Blue, AOKP Nightly, HTC First softkeys (36 dpi).

  • Guest
  • DanWazz
  • Kidd_Funkadelic

    Been rocking the same setup for awhile:

    Beautiful widgets / Pure Agenda / SimpleText / Nova


    • Nadora

      What did you use for the battery widget?

  • Gage

    Samsung Galaxy S4

    • tyguy829

      not a task killer! especially on an s4…

  • Droid4LifeDawg

    This is “Nexus Life” by Badbrad over at My Color Screens (http://goo.gl/UYmtW) the complete instructions and all the necessarry files with links can be found at the link above. I installed this a few months back and just can’t see myself without it. It looks great, and it has a place for every app I need.

    On the main screen there is an invisible app there, when you tap the All Knowing Droid, it opens up “Google Now” Voice Search. If you notice under Nexus 4 that is another invisible folder for more shortcuts. And for each screen there is an invisible folder for Shortcuts.

    Awesome setup! “Nexus Life” by Badbrad (http://goo.gl/UYmtW)

    Main: http://i.imgur.com/ojt8Wpn.png

    1st Right: http://i.imgur.com/LKUapaI.png

    2nd Right: http://i.imgur.com/58gJget.png

    1st Left: http://i.imgur.com/qUR3PWc.png


    David Villa! Visca El Barca!

    Droid RAZR MAXX with CM10.1 using Nova Launcher Prime and kovdev’s Tersus icon pack.

    In case you were wondering, BaconReader and Flipboard are listed in the “Sports” folder because I use them mainly to read up on soccer, basketball, cricket, and the like.

  • James Bowker

    Heres mine (sorry if uploaded twice)

    • bukowski

      are those icons just holo light with some alpha transparency?

      • James Bowker

        They are called Tinywhite you can find them on xda developers. Yes there is some transparency set too!

  • Q’s

    Here’s today’s set up!

  • dcdttu

    A Wave Live Wallpaper.
    Stock Android, rooted.
    Nexus 4

  • edmond

    nova launcher, stark icons, beautiful widgets weather, dashclock widget, origami wallpaper

  • TMKvamme

    I like it simple and clean.

    • Guest

      Nova Launcher
      White Holo Icons (some form the internet some Photoshopped myself)
      Google Play Books LIbrary
      Sound Search
      4.2 Clock
      Google Play Music Library
      Play Music Widget

  • Bretton Key

    My screens on my Galaxy S 3 running CM 10.1 RC4

  • edwoordd

    Paranoid android, Nova, uccw

  • Nadora

    VZW GNex

    Nova Launcher
    HD Widgets
    ICS Rings for ADW APEX NOVA | http://bit.ly/11s1S5R
    Space Colony LWP | http://bit.ly/ZnFw4O

    Notification bar & dock hidden (toggle with swipe gestures).
    Swipe action for folders to open the most frequently used app in that folder.

  • cgmartin33


  • Jarom Bradshaw
  • James Bowker

    Heres mine. 3 custom uccw widgets

  • Mike

    Nothing special. DCiconZ, Eye in the sky weather, and uccw

  • Wayne Mask

    Here’s mine, one love 🙂

    • Wayne Mask

      Galaxy s3, cm10.1, Nova launcher, vintage icon pack, swipe up to app drawer. .. And Mr. Marley

      • David

        where you get that wallpaper?

    • Wayne Mask

      From Google haha here it is if you want it

  • Andre Behrens

    Action Launcher Pro
    Wallpaper from Tersus
    Icons: Motif

  • ten2o3
  • IFragU

    Verizon GS4 Stock rooted

    • theterrorwrist

      Diggin’ the tilt shift!

      • IFragU

        Thanks! My lockscreen is tilt shift too to keep the theme going haha

        • Lynton

          What are you using to allow you to have a different wallpaper for your homescreen and your lockscreen?

          • IFragU

            Touchwiz lets you do this by default

          • Lynton

            Oh. I wish vanilla jelly bean allowed this. Now that I think about it, its really silly that it doesn’t…

    • Gage

      What method did you use to root your phone? I’ve been trouble finding one.

    • Reginald Spence II

      That wallpaper is amazing stuff. Good job.

    • Apostrafee

      What clock widget you using?

      • IFragU

        Zooper Widget Pro

        • Apostrafee


    • nwd1911

      What icons are those? Thanks for sharing, this looks great. Also wouldn’t mind knowing which clock widget.

    • Keen Singh

      What wallpaper/theme is that? This looks awesome!

  • yodatom10

    Dash clock

    action launcher pro

    stark icon pack

    HTC first soft buttons

  • John Jeevinth

    MY home screen is as below..

  • Rickerbilly

    VZW GS4. Bean’s B2. Nova. HD Widget. Samer Glass icons. Rickerbilly wall. 🙂

  • cmonnats23

    In honor of their new album

  • Tom Luley

    Easy for me to get to everything and still simple. Love it!

  • Joe

    I like it simple too. Nova Launcher, MetroStation icons, 1Weather


  • Steve Benson

    GS3 – Stock VRBMD3; Nova Launcher; Tersus Icons; Origami Live WP; UCCW clock (my own creation); Beautiful Widgets weather.

  • tomn1ce

    I like to keep it nice and simple. My G-Nexus is equipped with the following, one home screen plus the following goodies….
    Launcher- Nova Launcher Prime
    WallPaper – Back2Black
    MetroStation Icon Pack
    LMT Launcher v1.99
    Widgets – HD Widget
    Battery Reborn Pro
    WidgetSoid Donate

  • Josh Hendrix

    Carbon Rom
    Nova Launcher
    Beautiful Widget
    Stark Icon Pack
    RoundR (rounds the corners)
    Nexus 4.

  • verbal_judo2

    Nothing Fancy. Dark and minimal. silly png. wouldn’t post.

  • Mr E

    It’s official, everyone here is way more creative than I am.

  • Pat

    Clean and Simple. Apex.

    • Andy

      That wallpaper is really nice. Do you remember where you got it or what it’s called?

  • Shane Redman

    Does anyone feel like Action Launcher is worth the $4 switch from Nova Prime? There’s no free version and 15 minutes with a launcher isn’t long enough to see if you really like it or not.

    • yodatom10

      Yes !!

    • Marcus Pitts

      I would wait until they have more features

      • Shane Redman

        Which features would you say are missing?

      • Shane Redman

        which features would you say are missing?

        • Marcus Pitts

          activities/shortcuts, widgets in dock and overlapping, customizable app drawer, scroll effects, infinite scroll, change folder icons, etc

  • Erock

    Power toggles, weather bug, double twist, self taken brooklyn bridge pic…full screen makes all my games download to a different screen

  • Johnny Clausen

    Haha, I saw Droid-Life in one of your videos. You make great content, man!

  • BestonMars

    I used the black background for the longest time, but too many ROM flashes made the setup a little cumbersome. I now rock the blue background for now. Much easier.

    • BarkLeesDad

      what clock/battery widget is that?

    • contagous

      What clock widget is this?

      • BestonMars


  • eli

    didn’t know you posted here. I really enjoyed your s4 review. It was the deciding factor for getting mine.

  • kafka7

    Nova Launcher
    Round White Theme Icons
    Black Infinitum Theme

  • Visual360

    Windows Phone 8. 🙂

  • Yamani

    Rocking MIUI V5

    • MichaelFranz

      +1 for hollowfied ichigo

      • jahsoul

        *off topic*
        Bleach 540…….(mind blown)
        *back on topic*

        • MichaelFranz

          Those were my exact words about 540…. now we wait another 7 days

  • Yaniv

    Galaxy S3 cm10.1-rom with nova.

  • Shane Redman

    I love when you guys do this. These are always great when my ideas dry up and I revert to a more stock appeal.

  • Mitch Martin

    VZW Note II
    Apex Launcher Pro
    Glasklart Theme and icons

  • Matt Burkhart

    Action Launcher Pro with the MIUI MIRO EX icon pack. Battery widget reborn. Wallpaper can be found on Zedge. Grid dimensions are 6×5

  • Erock

    power toggles, weather bug, double twist widget, self taken brookyln bridge pic

  • LiterofCola

    Droid Razr Maxx, running stock and using Clockr and Circle battery widget.

    • bitch_please

      That Z….

    • Mr E

      I’m not sure what widgets you’re talking about… don’t see any…..

    • evcon

      Hey next time just link to the image hosted elsewhere. Some of us are at work…

      • tomn1ce

        Turn your monitor to another direction…. -_-

  • Nick Saulino
  • turdbogls

    here is mine.

    1 page
    nova prime
    each app (as well as app drawer button) at the bottom is pressable (to open the app) and swipeable (to open a folder)
    holo icons
    stock digital clock widget



    • Greyhame

      Didn’t know Nova supported swipe to open folders. Sweet! Thanks for the tip.

      • turdbogls

        either did i until a little bit ago. took me a second to figure it out. also this might be a Prime feature but I’m not sure on that.

  • verbal_judo2

    Nothing Fancy Minimalist and Dark

  • Pdiddy187

    Keeping it minimal.

  • Marcus Pitts


  • technicx

    Laucher – LL Laucher
    Widgets – Feedly, UCCW, BatteryWidget, Minimalistic Text

  • burtonk14

    Here’s mine!

    • Anthony

      Hey i like your clock, what is it?

      • IFragU

        Looks like Dashclock

    • Joe _T

      What icon pack is that?

      • TMKvamme

        I am also curious about the icons.

    • nwd1911

      I’m also curious about the icon pack.

  • Jeremy A

    Heres mine.

    • LiterofCola

      Love it

  • Guest

    Comment has been deleted by some unknown force in the universe.

  • Oppo5

    Maybe that’s what iOS 7 will look like…..

  • EvanTheGamer
    • jbegs

      Nice wallpaper. I have the same thing going on.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Thanks! Can’t wait for the film on June 14th, getting excited. 🙂

  • Elwin Gill

    Here is my setup… Nova Launcher, Codex ROM with PIE Control Nav buttons. Wallpaper is a LWP called Black Clock, using dual time zones and weather, and Circle Battery Widget. Nova settings allow for hidden buttons and hidden notification bar.


    • yodatom10

      screen shot ???

      • Elwin Gill

        yes… it is a screen shot.

    • Elwin Gill

      Droid RAZR MAXX HD.

  • Zach Armstrong

    Verizon Gnex
    Stock Android
    Minimalistic Text

    Bob Clock D3

    • yodatom10

      screen shot ??

      • Zach Armstrong

        Yes its a screen shot

  • Dre Fay

    heres mine

    • Bill

      What weather widget is that?

      • Dre Fay


  • Joel McCauley

    Nova Prime
    Beautiful Widgets – weather
    Battery Monitor – text

  • Hothfox
    • Javon

      What is the clock widget and the wallpaper. And I love how your using stark and Action Launcher. Best android combo ever

  • Apostrafee


    • That’s really impressive!

      • Apostrafee


        • contagous

          What are you using to accomplish this? looks great

          • Leo Chen

            Is that a UCCW skin?

          • Apostrafee

            Yes, see above comment

          • Apostrafee

            Thanks! The clock is a UCCW Skin by Ryanmkelly…the guys a genius, that’s also where Kellen got his icon pack…check all his stuff out its awesome

  • thaguy2048

    VZW GNEX, XenonHd rom, other apps (phone/chrome) in Navy ring.

  • Kev Hulse


  • benjewman

    posting my setup
    PA 3.50
    apex launcher
    Tersus icons

  • Bob Buttons

    Nova, Tersus, CM10.1 RC4, Verizon GS3, Dashclock

    • Bob Buttons

      I also have 2 invisible icons for a task killer and KCCO Pro. The Chrome icon is actually Dolphin. The game icon is a folder.

  • yodatom10

    come on guys we dont just want a list of things you used we want screenshots to 🙂

    • JWells

      I’m seeing screenshots on every post. What, are you on dialup? 🙂

      • yodatom10

        now there all coming in don’t know whats up with the major delay im on a high speed connection

  • Pierce Harger

    No side screens, pie control, paranoid android

  • jbegs

    I’m running Nova Launcher Prime on my Galaxy Note II. Empty home screen (I like it clean and simple). Custom background and custom dock icons. My 2 other screens (left and right) hold my apps (grouped) and widgets.


  • jgrizz13

    Apex Launcher
    Versicolor Icons
    UCCW Widget/Circle Skin
    Google Now Widget

  • Daniel James

    This is what I have on my Nexus 4! I’m using Holo Launcher HD and Dashclock Widget. INhave it set up so a swipe down opens Notifications, a swipe up opens the Camera, and clicking on the Home button pops up the Dock.


    • Daniel James

      Oh yeah, the text at the bottom was made with Minimalistic Widgets.

    • Derek

      Where did you get the wallpaper?

  • Boss As Hell

    Verizon GNex.
    Modified from Buzz Launcher(I’m sure it’s not their original but I don’t know the origin). Only one page used.

    Minimalistic Text
    Eye in the Sky Weater


    Minimal UI

  • Derek Smith
    • David Klonne

      That looks incredible, what are you using to get that?

      • Derek Smith

        Just uccw

      • Derek Smith

        Oh and news is deer reader

  • Ryan Ellingson

    Here is mine

    • Taylor Abrahamson

      I like your folder set up right at the bottom for easy access and nice categories!

  • Shaunwin

    Galaxy Nexus, AOKP, AOKP Ribbons, Nova Launcher, HD WIdgets, Stark Icon Pack and LMT

  • JWells

    Galaxy Note 2, Nova, BeWeather clock, HD Wallpaper

  • AC

    Lockscreen and main home. Nexus Life!

    • Javon

      what is the first wallpaper

      • AC

        All credit goes to BadBrad at MyColorScreen.com

  • dtraini30

    Here is mine! 🙂

  • Leonardo Benveniste

    – Apex Launcher

    – Full!Screen with LMT Pie

    – RoundR

    – Custom Icons (I made them myself based on the ActionBar UI)

    – DashClock

    – Background it’s a picture by Thomas Hawk

    • David Klonne

      How do you get your DashClock homescreen widget to be compact instead of expanded?

      • Leonardo Benveniste

        Just resize it 🙂

        • David Klonne

          I tried that, looked all dumpy. I’ll have to mess with it again. Thanks though

          • Leonardo Benveniste

            Right! I forgot a small detail: My homescreen grid is 7×5. That might have something to do with it

  • Corey Marrier

    Galaxy S3: Chameleon Launcher using default widgets and Sliding Messaging widget.



    • mustbepbs

      Might want to blur out the other phone number..

      • Corey Marrier

        Thanks for heads up, fixed.

  • Dorian Brooks

    Nova Launcher Pro (Launcher)
    Minimalistic Text (Widget)
    Minimal UI (Icon Pack)

    • Valentin

      Interesting, I have an similar setup! But I have the small white Icon pack, Zooper Widget Pro and UCCW.

  • Mark H

    Launcher 8

  • ceejw

    Currently looks like this http://i.imgur.com/XC8j4fO.png

  • MichaelFranz

    Droid RAZR HD
    Xenon HD 9.5 ROM
    Nova Launcher (latest beta)
    Circle Launcher
    No Nav Bar with PIE Controls
    Other screen just have weather and favorite contacts. everything else is in the circle launcher widgets

  • Tone

    Plain & simple

  • Peter Iles

    Here are my last two setups…

  • paulternate

    Icons and Wallpaper – Pristine
    Beautiful Widget (Weather and Time) – Weather is “Dirty Paper,” Clock is “Elegance.”

  • James_75

    All Nova

  • Guest


  • Ray Sommer

    Running Vanilla RootBox custom ROM for HTC ONE.

    1)Nova Launcher Prime

    2)Pop Jellybean Icon Pack

    3)Dashclock widget


  • jom


    • Bobby Cornwell


  • 213ninja

    how are you doing transparent notification bar with Nova?

  • Matigus


    Galaxy S4 (AT&T):

    – Nova Launcher

    – Android Weather (Top-left toolbar)

    – Juice Defender (Top-left toolbar)

    – Random Google-imaged wallpaper

    Not much.

  • David Wanless

    oh and here’s what’s running on my verizon gnex

    AOKP JB M1
    Apex Launcher
    one more clock widget
    UCCW MNML weather widget
    minimal text widget
    retrofied icons

  • schoat333

    S4 stock ROM with some theming done by me.

    • schoat333

      Not sure why it didn’t show.

  • caveman2.0


  • b slu

    Nova Launcher
    Simple text icon creator
    Minimalist widgets

  • Blue Sun

    “For those new to this process, what we ask is that you take a screenshot of your home screen setup (as many screens as you’d like), then upload the image files to an image hosting site (imgur for example), and then paste the direct image URL (likely ends in .png or .jpg) into the comments. That way, the entire DL community can easily click to see your creations.”

    I guess people forgot how to read today…

    • David Wanless

      that’d be me. sorry peeps :-

  • yodatom10

    glad you guys took my suggestion

    here’s mine

    yes i know the date is old already had these on the pc 🙂

  • DKowalsky2

    Keep it pretty simple. Nova Prime, the Nexus clock widget, homemade minimalist text for icons/folders and the Xperia Z wallpaper (for the moment) on my GS3.

  • Daniel McKenzie J.

    CyanogenMod 10.1 (4.2.2)
    Nexus 4
    Stock all the way! 🙂

  • Simple and clean. Using Nova Launcher and Minimalistic Text

    • Daniel McKenzie J.

      Love this!

    • kriegsnet

      So cool to see one of my wallpapers on here 🙂

    • contagous

      What is the side navigation bar?

      • It’s nothing fancy. Just put the bar on the background itself.

        • picaso86

          How do we do that?

          • I started with an image resized to (screen width x 3) x screen height. Kept the center unchanged and added dark overlays in photoshop (you can use any photo editor you want) to the left and right 1/3 of the image. Once android crops the background you will have sidebars on the left and right screens (if you have 3 home screens).

          • picaso86

            That’s an amazing homescreen… Hopefully, I can do something like that… just for the record, to do the side bar you would need Nova Prime..correct?

          • Not sure if Prime is required or not. And something like this could be created with pretty much any launcher. So if you have a favorite launcher, I would just stick with it.

  • Guest

    Nexus 4
    CyanogenMod 10.1 (4.2.2)
    Stock all the way!! 🙂

  • Galaxy S4 powered by Verizon Wireless.

  • ArrowCool

    Here is mine. Another minimalist feel.

    VZW G-Nex
    Apex Launcher Pro
    Tersus Theme

  • Guest

    Galaxy S4 powered by Verizon Wireless

  • Illinipoke

    nova launcher + UCCW

    • Jonathan Ofalla

      I like your usage of colors here. And what clock widget is that?

      • Illinipoke

        ultimate custom clock widget. I don’t remember the actual skin though. The top weather one is one I made using uccw. it allows you to download many already made skins, or create your own.

    • LiterofCola

      Nice one, i’m diggin’ it.

    • ThatHelpfulGuy

      What icon pack is that?

  • wclayton44

    Here is mine

    • kristen

      what theme is that ? very nice :p

      • michael arazan

        all the icons are done in 8 bit, with a legend of zelda meme I assume

        I hope your ringtone and notification is in 8 bit music as well.

  • Justin Rogers

    Note 2 – Carbon ROM – nothing fancy just works and looks great.

    • Jonathan Ofalla

      Stardate! That is so cool. Need to look for that dashclock widget.

      • Justin Rogers

        yeah I am a trekky 😛

    • Brob2k

      Did you root to get Dashclock on Note2?

      • Justin Rogers

        nope just android 4.2 or greater

        • Brob2k

          and…How do you have that on the Note2?

          • Geoff Johnson

            Rooted and running AOSP, lol

          • Brob2k

            Thats what I figured… didn’t think Note2 had 4.2 yet

          • Justin Rogers

            really though AOSP is running near perfect now day for the Note 2.. Battery life is even on par with stock TW. Just make the move and unlock / Root / install AOSP

          • Brob2k

            so i’ve heard… wanted to hold off rooting so it wouldn’t hinder me from selling this when time comes, however I’ve been wanting to mess with DashClock for a while now. I’m on it, thanks Justin!

          • Justin Rogers

            Have fun and oh just call me Kejar31 😛

          • Brob2k

            LOL, okay Kejar31…appreciate man

    • Danny


    • nwd1911

      Just saw your musical selection…well played sir!

  • Mark Mann

    razr hd, dark slimbean 6 rom, nova launcher, glass clock widget, google play music widget(which i haven’t used since setting up the rom) stock rom icons, awave live wallpaper, and circle widget

  • nvitone23


    • mendy817

      love your falcon pro icon… ay ziggy zoomba!

  • Rich Wentz

    GS4 with action launcher pro, stark icons and wallpaper, and DashClock

  • Guest

    Is it me or is no one actually posting a screenshot?

    • jbegs

      I’m seeing only a couple of actual screen shots. The rest are just descriptions of what they have running.

    • Blue Sun

      Are you at work? Is it possible your work firewall is blocking the images from appearing?

      • jbegs

        Good call. It wasn’t work blocking anything. It was AdBlock chrome extension.

        • Blue Sun

          I’m at work, & a lot of file sharing services are blocked. I was totally confused as to why no one was posting images lol.

  • David Wanless

    also what i had last week

    Droid DNA Hatka Supreme Sense 5 rom
    Nova Launcher
    UCCW – Minimal MIUI Squares clock widget
    UCCW – MNML Weather widget
    Nova Theme – Tiny White Icons


    • zurginator

      Thank you so much for that background. It looks amazing with the default clock centered in the triangle.

  • samthomas86

    Nova Launcher, Google Search widget, Google Calendar widget, Stark Icons from Kovdev, and Galactic Core LW.

  • Guest

    GS4 rocking stark icons and action launcher pro

  • David Wanless

    Droid DNA Hatka Supreme Sense 5 rom

    wallpaper made by myself, photochopped up a photo i took in Glacier National park, Montana.

    – UCCW Motif Clock modified
    – Minimal Text widget
    – Squareglass Jelly Bean Icons
    – Nova Launcher
    – Rex font


  • sc0rch3d

    simple homescreen cLock with music and voice search on the side of it. GNow blow up 3×3. can someone explain why Now widget always seems to have room for one more row of tiles but leaves it blank?

  • Tommy Boy

    Here is mine!

    • Kevin Butler

      what widget is that?

      • MARS GRAF-X


      • Tommy Boy

        EZ Weather… its the best / beautiful HOLO weather app in the market…not just a widget but full blown weather app.

        • Ben

          Just installed this app and its goregous. Only problem I have is that the clock wont auto update unless I open the app and manually do it.

          • Tommy Boy

            Email the dev… Mine woks fine. It’ll be worth it!

        • Taylor Abrahamson

          I just got it too, and I’m having location setting problems. It wont use my gps or network to determin my current location. 🙁

      • Which icon pack is that?

        • Tommy Boy

          Minimal UI

    • Taylor Abrahamson

      Shelton Washington?! Cool! I have a family cabin down there on the Sound.

    • Hugh Hansen

      How did you get Battery Widget Reborn to take the place of the stock battery meter in the top right? That’s pretty great.

      • Tommy Boy

        That is an option in Paranoid Android 3.60

      • Kevin Butler

        you can change it in most custom aosp roms. and it’s not battery widget reborn

    • Tommy Boy

      And here is my lock screen… 🙂 let me know what you think!

      • Francis Napala

        Hey, what’s that forecast widget on your lock screen?

        • Geoff Calver

          The weather widget is in Eye in Sky.

      • Guest

        what’s the clock widget on the lock screen? thanks! looks great!

    • Guest

      What is the widget sir?

    • Love that widget clock, mind sharing!?

    • TrevorKai

      great icon set!

    • Marcin Malara

      What icon pack do you use for those little white icons at the bottom left and right corners of homescreen ?

    • KatsumeBlisk

      What’s the wallpaper and the widget?

  • Geoff Johnson

    For some reason my old post got messed up

    Verizon Note 2
    Nova Launcher Pro
    Tersus Theme
    Beautiful Widgets Pro


  • evcon

    I keep it pretty stock looking. I’d go more minimal but then I’d be missing out on functionality.

    • Daniel McKenzie J.

      I like the transparent status bar… How’d you achieve that?
      I’m on CyanogenMod but they don’t support this yet, I know other ROM’s do but I only like Cyanogen!

      • Geoff Johnson

        Probably an S4

      • Apostrafee

        AOKP should

      • RAZR_FANN

        There’s a CM mod that does this, if you Google it you can find it on XDA I think. I had it installed but I removed it after it got annoying when different apps put different colors as backgrounds underneath the status bar.

      • evcon

        I’m on AOKP. Pretty sure others do it but not sure which.

    • Joey P

      Rock on Braves!! Julio Teheran is through 7 innings with a no-hitter.

  • gambit07

    Loving buzz! Here’s two of my three

    • Grady

      Mind explaining how you are doing this one? I like it!!

      • gambit07

        Not a problem, go to the play store and pick up buzz launcher. Tons of custom themes that you can just download and apply, a variant of mine was a featured theme at the time. The nice thing is any part of the theme you’re missing will come up as a link overlay and it will take you right to the app you need to install to make it work. Took me about 15-20 minutes to set it up and get it customized how I wanted. I’m using a HTC One and I’ve had no problems with it

        • Eduardo

          What’s the power widget you have on that second screenshot?

          • gambit07

            That’s power toggles.. also, the weather widget is eye in the sky 🙂

  • Guest

    Verizon Note 2
    Nova Launcher Pro
    Tersus Theme
    Beautiful Widgets Pro


    • Geoff Johnson

      This was my original post, I tried to delete it because I thought the photo was uploaded wrong, but I guess it worked. Now it shows up as guest :/

      • Tony Fortunato

        What theme are you using for the weather/clock?

        • Geoff Johnson

          Clock – ICS Original
          Weather – FlatWhite

          • Johnny Clausen

            How did you get that 3 day vertical forecast on the right side?

          • Geoff Johnson

            It’s the 5×2 or 5×3 widget

  • Pet E. Bone

    MKBHD in the house. Action Launcher Pro looks sick but considering how much switching around people do in terms of launchers, I always wonder whether or not it is worth paying for one.