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New Dead Trigger 2 Trailer Shows Off the Tegra 4 Enhanced Environments

Dead Trigger 2

Madfinger released a new trailer this morning for their upcoming release, Dead Trigger 2, showcasing the work they have been doing with NVIDIA’s fancy new Tegra 4 processor. Thanks to the Tegra 4, game developers have been able to greatly enhance the environments and graphics that players see as they make their way through various feature-rich levels killing hordes of zombies. 

Moving aside from the graphics, the game itself is looking pretty great. Your basic zombie shoot ’em up, but Madfinger has a way of really getting you into the nitty gritty action.

The game is scheduled for a Summer release, so keep on the look out.

  • G_Romero

    Except that with a quick hack on the original Dead Trigger I could enable Tegra 3 effects on my non-Tegra 3 device… and it works perfect… I wonder how much this is something that only Tegra 4 can do vs something that is “locked” for Tegra 4 only (like the original Dead Trigger).

    • Yep. Total marketing gimmick. And this time they are showing T3 vs new T4; just like they were showing non T3 vs T3 last time. The exact same effects..!! What happened? T3 no longer supports the effects now that there’s T4?? Scums.

  • feztheforeigner

    I just want a processor capable of playing a DS emulator at more than 10fps

  • r0lct

    All that “rampant piracy” and they keep coming back to Android? Almost as if they were full of it.

  • trwb

    The interweb told me the quad tegra 3 was awesome for games too, but I can’t play for more than 10 minutes of Nova 3, with my One X+ before my hands start to melt from heat. I do not have much faith in future tegra project. It’s a little better in my Nexus 7 though.

    • The N7 is really good at gaming but in general computing (multitasking, I / O , etc.) it fails miserably!

      • trwb

        The tegra is just all around not good imo

  • PhilyP

    So tegra 4 instantly adds water to the floor?

    • Ryan Moya

      hahaha thats exactly what i was thinking….suddenly the whole world is layered with water only because tegra is really good with water lol

  • rutgersjaffo

    I simply don’t have time to waste on these games. Which is a shame, because they really look nice these days…