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AT&T Lighting Up Big List of New 4G LTE Markets

4g lte logo

AT&T customers that have a 4G LTE capable device living in the below-listed cities are about to experience data speeds like never before. Ranging from Florida to Washington state, AT&T is clearly expediting the roll out of their 4G LTE coverage, staying way ahead of the curve in front of Sprint and T-Mobile’s LTE coverage. Sure, it’s not Verizon’s footprint, but according to recent studies, AT&T’s LTE speed dominates them all

New Markets:

  • Blytheville, Arkansas
  • Spokane , Washington
  • Olympia, Washington
  • Heber, Utah
  • Williamsport , Pennsylvania
  • Vineland , New Jersey
  • Wooster, Ohio
  • Farmington, NM
  • Miami, Oklahoma
  • Muskegon, Michigan
  • Fort Wayne , Indiana
  • Columbus, Indiana
  • Pocatello, Idaho
  • Idaho Falls , Idaho
  • Clewiston, Florida
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Forrest City , Arkansas
  • Batesville, Arkansas

Via: AT&T

  • Brandon Golway

    Hahaha my city (Vineland, NJ; kind of funny to see it on here because everyone is always like where the f*** is Vineland?!) finally has LTE but it’s AT&T and I’m on T-Mobile (my roommate actually just got a text from tmo that said we now have LTE, yet no one’s phone is showing it yet). The funniest thing is that VZW said that we were going to get it close to 2 years ago….and it’s still not here! VZW is such a piece of crap, I’m glad that I dropped them!

  • Chelsea Richards

    Well, no matter how fast of strong is the connect that I’ll have on any of my mobile phones the important thing for me is that the service is reliable and have a consistent connection like if they deal with 70KB-100KB up I’ll stick to it as long it’s consistent. I know for a fact that this is always been an issue long before smart phones were on the market, carrier like AT&T and Verizon have this strategy in mind that since they can never be consistent in mobile i-connection then they’ll have to upgrade their connection even it will cost them to much but the result will be the same it will be congested as ever. You can notice it for a week or a month but after that a lot of static issues will occur and that’s for certain.

  • Adamania

    Add Duluth Minnesota to the list, except the fact that it runs at 5mb/sec

  • All in all Verizon’s speeds should get amazingly faster once they start to roll out their new Advanced LTE network. If you have a Galaxy S4 then you’ll be one of the first to test it out.

  • I’m glad I switched to AT&T. It’s definitely faster than Verizon.

    • JonathonFlores

      only for so long

    • Diablo81588

      With nowhere near the coverage.

      • I get the coverage I need with AT&T in all the places I go to, so I have no complaints.

  • techpro1993

    Tim. Article picture does not show LTE. just saying.

    • snobrdr2324

      If you are running stock Android LTE is simply indicated by 4G. HSPA+ is indicated by H+ so yes the picture is showing LTE on stock android.

      • techpro1993

        Thanks. Is this US carrier thing or stock Android?

        • snobrdr2324

          The carriers are the ones that change the logo to LTE when on true 4g LTE and when connected to HSPA+ to display ‘4g’ . In most of the world 4G means LTE and H means 3g on android phones.

          • techpro1993

            So this is US carriers thing. Thanks.

  • Scottyb112

    Verizon still Rules the Roost around these parts!

    • JefferyEllz

      HOLY CRAP BATMAN!!! Thats Crazy Fast!

    • Lucky son of a…that’s cool

      • Scottyb112

        lol yea I just hope it lasts! Thankfully my area isn’t very populated, only gets saturated now during tourist season. (I live in a Beach Town) and as you can see it’s holding up pretty well

    • FAL_Fan

      Yeah, I have close to that here in VA Beach…

      • TylerCameron

        Where in Virginia Beach was that? When I had Verizon, the only place I remember getting those speeds there is near Mount Trashmore.

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      Don’t get above 56M here down.

      But that’s early morning about 430am. During the day, VZ’s LTE is a crawl.

      • Scottyb112

        I get up in the 50’s & 60’s alot. That 73 was at 9pm 2 days ago, during the day I still am like 30’s to 60’s. No complaints with that, If I can consistently have my speeds at that I’d be happy! But that 73 was sure exciting lol

    • Verizon is still king in the majority of Florida and it’s absolutely amazing when you make a hotspot for yourself and a few friends and it loads faster than if you were on a home connection!

    • Brandon Golway

      That’s absolutely disgusting for a mobile signal! The highest I ever got was 50 and that only lasted for a minute or so, average was about 15.

      • Scottyb112

        Thats def my fastest an the fastest I have seen anyone post. I got over 70 mbps a few times, but its not an everyday thing. Ican still get 50-60’s alot. Its been slowing down a bit lately during the days due to lots of people vacationing here this time of year. But this all at my house too, I got lucky!

  • Aaron Lasley

    We’ll will be chasing the “fast”. Every carrier will be clogged at some point. I’ll stick with my coverage.

  • There are a few areas coming online in upstate NY too – though likely only for testing so far. Watkins Glen/Montour Falls is active now and Elmira/Corning should be coming on any time now.

  • picaso86

    Verizon’s 4G network its so clogged now (at least in my area – NJ) that it doesn’t seem that fast anymore. I’m considering switching to T-Mobile.

    • Justin Kos

      Dude I feel you, I.m From north jersey and I don’t get very impressive speeds anymore

    • nvitone23

      what part of jersey…I’m in manalapan…also thinking of switching

      • Uday Kiran

        I am in Manalapan too. I switched to t-mobile. Never been more happy.

        • nvitone23

          really? how’s the service?! (3g/4g, any dropped calls, exactly which part of manalapan, any complaints)…you may have single handedly gotten me to switch lol…I was going to take a phone and test the service for a few days before switching

          • Uday Kiran

            I live on Oakland Mills Rd. Very clear and full signal outdoors and at least 3 bars indoors. The T-Mobile 4G (HSPA+) gives me around 10-12mbps down and around 6mbps up. I work in Pennington and commute everyday for 2 hours. Never seen a signal drop all the way to work. The best part of t-mobile android phones is they allow wi-fi calling which is truly a life saver when you are indoors. I never saw any call drops yet. I pay 70 for unlimited everything. Hope this helps. Shoot me a question if you need more info. Happy switching.

          • nvitone23

            Thank you so much! Can’t wait to switch! Not getting trapped in another contract from Verizon again. Now I have to wait until December to make the switch 🙁 P.S. I live in the development across from Clark Mills 🙂

          • Uday Kiran

            Hope t-mobile light up their LTE by then. Good luck.

          • nvitone23

            haha me too! Thanks!

    • ozo012

      I’ve recently gotten under 100 KB in several areas while on LTE on the train from Newark NJ -> Secaucus -> New York Penn. I blame it on the iFoo 5, I ended up forcing the phone into 3G to combat that issue, at least 500 KB is somewhat usable.

    • New_Guy

      TM just switched the LTE network on today in San Diego. Just pulled 31down and 19up. Dayum I’m a happy camper :).

    • trwb

      You sure you aren’t getting throttled? I am not sure if LTE data works like lan line cables when it comes to user clogging data

      • I’m pretty sure Verizon doesn’t auto-throttle users and I’m speaking from personal experience here (50-100GB / month and never once throttled).

        The whole congestion comes from the fact that while Verizon has widespread coverage, they don’t have those covered areas densely populated with cell towers (this is why the whole building penetration still isn’t up to what it should be). Basically what it means is instead of there being 20 towers within a specified area, there is only say 5 or 6 (which have to do all the work and make up the difference). I’m assuming this should start getting better now that Verizon has pretty much finished their expansion and they can now start focusing on fine tuning and enhancing the covered areas.

        • michael arazan

          Think he meant throttling speeds, not the amount of data

  • Guest

    Verizon’s 4G network its so clogged now (at least in my are – NJ) that it doesn’t seem that fast anymore. I’m considering switching to T-Mobile.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      How exactly would that solve your issue of a network slowing down once it has more users? You’ll now have a new problem of footprint with Tmobile.

      • T4rd

        T-Mobile will probably not be nearly as saturated as Verizon anytime soon (if ever), esp. once their LTE network deploys in that area.

        • nvitone23

          this and the fact that their fallback network will be HSPA+ which is nearly as fast as LTE theoretically

          • Uday Kiran

            I am getting better speeds than Verizon LTE consistently on T-mobile HSPA+ in NJ.

          • nvitone23

            I was just about to check what I get on VZWs LTE…brb

          • Guest

            wow…better that I thought, outdoors I was getting 29 up, 12 down and indoors I was getting 21 up, 11 down

          • Uday Kiran

            Depends on time of the day and seems like your area has better speeds.

          • nvitone23

            yea, but honestly i dont mind sacrificing some speed to switch and save money, keep unlimited everything, and have phones with unlockable bootloaders

          • Uday Kiran

            I totally agree with you. I moved from a Verizon Droid 2 to a verizon galaxy nexus and still felt cheated when Verizon nexus phones were the last to be updated. Jumped the ship on the first chance i got. End of the day, freedom is what android stands for and that counts first than anything else.

          • nvitone23

            That sums up exactly what I think. I have the GNex now but I have to wait til december until the contract ends 🙁 you bought yours off contract or paid the ETF? What phone do you have now?

          • Uday Kiran

            I have an interesting story on how I got off the hook. I won this smoked by Windows challenge last year at the the Freehold Microsoft store. Two weeks back I picked up a Verizon Nokia 928 and a Acer S7 laptop with the gift cards I won . Sold the nokia on craigslist and the laptop to a friend. Paid ETF to Verizon picked up an unlocked T-mobile Galaxy S4 Black mist and a month to month unlimited plan on T-moblie.

          • nvitone23

            haha wow nice!

          • Uday Kiran
          • nvitone23

            its coming!

    • EC8CH

      Just last week my 4G data speeds while at work have dropped off a cliff. I never got much more than a couple Mbps before, but now it’s consistently well below 1. Coworker noticed the same thing.

  • Bob

    It’s about time…although it doesn’t matter. I switched to Verizon so I could enjoy LTE since they were the only network in town that had deployed it. So far, I don’t regret that decision. Nothing against AT&T in general though. I didn’t have any problems with their service while I was with them.

  • elemeno

    “Via” link is bad…

  • Blue Sun

    Moar 4G LTE please.

  • Enjoy those fast speeds. I know I am!