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[Deal] Official Samsung S View Flip Cover and Regular Flip Cover Available for Less Than $10 on Amazon

S View Flip Cover Galaxy S4

Update:  Readers have voice concerned over this too-good-to-be-true deal. May want to proceed with caution. Either that, or shell out the $2 and hope that some day your case arrives.

Update 2: This is what one of our readers received – it’s a Flip cover with the window piece completely missing. Talk about a scam.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 already has a massive accessory collection at its fingertips from a variety of accessory makers, thanks to Samsung pushing a single design across the globe. But if the products from 3rd party accessory companies aren’t your cup of tea, and you prefer those made by Samsung, we have a couple of deals for you today. Through Amazon, two sellers by the names of TopEDepot are GlobalElec are selling both the S View Flip Cover and regular Flip Cover for under $10 a piece. 

The S View Flip cover in black can be had for $9.40, which is around 85% off the suggested retail price of $59.99. The regular Flip Cover is available for as little as $2.21 (in black), a 95% discount from the $39.99 retail price. The prices vary depending on the color you choose, but the if you want the lowest price, go with the black accessories. If you wanted something a little more wild like green, you can still grab one for under $10. Seriously, talk about good deals.

The seller doesn’t offer Amazon Prime, so shipping may take a while. In fact, during checkout I’m not seeing any shipping costs, only that it will take anywhere from 17-28 days. That’s weird.

We took a quick look at the S View Flip Cover during launch week of the Galaxy S4 and liked it for the most part. It doesn’t offer a ton of protection like a typical TPU case would though, outside of helping protect that big beautiful 1080p Super AMOLED display.

Amazon Links:  S View Flip Cover | Regular Flip Cover

Cheers Tom!

  • yeah. the S-view thingy feature doen’t work well. (as I found out it DOES WORK….but only in a awkward position….not useful and actually probably bad way for the battery the home button is quite easily …bumped being there is no bump out like the authentic version

    (yes I have one right here)

    ima going to return this guy….not worth it.

  • CG_GS4

    I purchased one from TopEDepot and it was terrible, didn’t close, didn’t put the phone in S-View mode, which from what i heard once you put the S-View case on the phone automatically goes into S-view in the window cut out, but it never happened, the worst $10 i ever spent

  • Nick Norman

    Just received this too good to be true offer. WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP! A total knock off. Take a look see. https://www.dropbox.com/sc/qcg53bnrwb0syyf/Y8hLmgH2tm

  • Jamie Magee

    I received mine from TopEDepot about 10 days after ordering on Amazon. It’s labeled Samsung and appears decent quality, but did not have any packaging.

    Three items of note:

    Unlike the video reviews I’ve seen of the authentic Samsung S-View, this cover DOES fold flat by its own weight. That’s a plus.

    However, a few negatives:

    1) the window is located about 4mm too low! So you can’t see most of the top row of the screen (status indicators) unless you look upward angle under the top edge of the window or unless you nudge the cover upward. Secondly, this blocks the camera when it’s unfolded. If it were cut about 4mm higher, neither of these issues would happen.

    2) Although flipping it triggers the lock/unlock as you’d expect, the S-View accessory setting to enable/disable this trigger does not appear to affect the behavior.

    3) When you flip it all the way open and back (360 degrees) so that you can hold it firmly in one hand in the open position, it locks again! When you get the lid to within about half an inch of the back cover (almost all the way open), it locks. This is really annoying, as you cannot use the handheld with the lid flipped all the way open. This MAY be a problem with the genuine S-View cover, too, I don’t know. But I saw a video reviewer flip his lid all the way around and was able to still use the handheld. I can be on a call and do this, but cannot otherwise use the handheld with the lid flipped all the way around as it locks up and shows me the clock only.

    Overall, it’s decent quality and you can learn to work around issues #1 and #3 above by manipulating the lid, but those shortcomings are probably not worth the $50 savings on a device one might use ten thousand times per year. I would even go as far as to say that such manipulation of the lid makes the phone more likely to be fumbled and dropped, and that case is providing virtually no drop protection.

  • Matthew Majeika

    Ordered mine May 31 – have not received it yet. Will update once I receive it in the mail.

  • Robin

    Here are a few photos of the knock off S View Flip Cover. I’ll upload another one after of the case in action.

  • Robin

    I just got my knock off today. It’s easy to tell that it’s not authentic and it surprises me that Amazon hasn’t spoke up on the feedback that has left so many people including myself quite disappointed.

  • j boner

    the official samsung protection + case is the best ive tried hands down .. buttons feel the most responsive and the case provides protection from normal wear and tear ..

    • Blackacre

      I have that one & the Spigen Neo Hybrid and I think the Spigen looks better but the Samsung case gives you a better grip on the sides.

  • I almost went for it, but I will just stick with my Cruzerlilte case I have.

  • John H

    I just tried one of these bad boys for the last 24 hours and it is going back! A good idea to protect the screen but so awkward to use. I did get mine at a big red store but wouldn’t even use it if it was 10 bucks.

  • Alexander H

    Be safe, get the slightly more expensive official versions from Amazon directly. More like $18 for standard, 33 for s-view, but at least it’s authentic.

  • Alberto Dimon

    Bought it before the S4 came out on Verizon and when i got it i was dissapointed because the magnet isnt really that strong and wont stay down. So i went with Spigen’s Neo Hybrid and I’m glad i chose Spigen.

  • Froosh Freak

    I played with one of these flip covers (maybe not this exact one) at a Verizon store. I can’t imagine using one of these, as it was incredibly awkward to use. What is the use case for this? Considering 90% of people probably put their phone in a pants pocket, I would think that this sort of cover would be destroyed within a week. Up that percentage for hipster skinny jeans…

  • RaptorOO7

    While this is a great deal, I have the Spigen Glas.tR Slim on my GS4 along with their NeoHybrid case so no thanks.

    • Alberto Dimon

      I was thinking about buying the Glas.tR, have you had any problems with the edges. I have the NeoHybrid and supposedly the edges get messed up and lift

  • Bionic
  • Bionic

    Guess what I got over the weekend?

    • Froosh Freak

      I am totally devastated by your lack of commitment. I have been up voting your comments on the X phone for the last few months, and I may, in fact, go jump off a bridge right now…

      • Bionic

        I’m tired of waiting for Motorola. The 5 inch X phone isn’t coming until fall or winter. Screw that.

        • Froosh Freak

          The only way ou could make this up to me is to return the blasphemous S4, find an OG Droid on Craigslist, activate it, and wait patiently with the rest of us until the messiah phone arrives!!

          • Bionic

            I still love Motorola and will pass along info when available mi want moto to do well but they have a lot to prove. Plus I needed a new phone now, not this fall.

  • Ibrahim Butt

    They ship from Hong Kong, they’re knock-offs. You guys should probably have one in hand and then put up an article like this. This information is pretty misleading.

  • jetski

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover Folio Case (Black)

  • mcdonsco

    You guys just figured thisbout? Ive had mine on order for days now…thing is, expected ship date is early JULY

  • shdowman

    IMHO, these things are utter crap. I had one for my S3 (authentic cover) and the thing fell apart within two months. The felt inside was peeling away and it did sustain a drop with it on and entire screen cracked. (not its fault as it really isn’t to protect anything). Not to mention having it just hanging there while taking pictures was a hassle.

    I honestly wouldn’t recommend.

  • mikeGsays

    Wow, just wow…. I wanted one when I bought my S4 on launch after pre-ordering, but couldn’t justify the $60 (or $50 even if you price match at BBY). For less than $20, I ordered two! One to keep brand new for resale of the phone, and one to use sporadically, splitting the time spent using my aftermarket wireless charging receiver and the upcoming OEM charging cover! GREAT find guys, thank you!!!

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    Tempting, but I got a Spigen Neo Hybrid and it’s just fantastic. I don’t think I could bring myself to take it off…especially with the limited protection the S cover provides.

    • Jared Krinsky

      Agreed. The only bad thing I have found with it is some of my chargers wont fit with the case on, but I think filing the charger a bit down might fix that.

      • Mike

        And headphones don’t fit on it either. But it did ship in really nice packaging so there’s that.

        • GawkerRedesignSucks

          I haven’t had any of these problems. My headphones and all my chargers work fine. Are we talking about the same case?

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Why do people buy the original flip case? I really don’t get it… It doesn’t do anything. Doesn’t even protect the phone

    • Bionic

      I agree

  • Tim242

    Flip covers make using the phone a bit awkward.

  • Kane Desousa

    These aren’t authentic.

    • tjk775

      Xda says their pretty legit. mines in the mail so we’ll see

    • Eric_D

      Yeah, they’re definitely knock offs. No way would Sumsung allow any distributor to sell the case for the cheap. Surprised Droid-life promotes counterfeits.

      Lol. It’s “weird” that it takes 17-28 days considering that it ships from China?

      • michael arazan

        China, stealing, copying, infringing on intellectual property and copyrights, and never gets any Backlash from the International community. I Don’t understand why China get’s a free pass on stealing everything from the world

        • PaladinBladeX

          Its called, they own most of our national debt and manufacture most of the world’s goods. China is like our crappy landlord, and we know he is beating his wife, but we’re three months behind on the rent so we’re willing to let it slide…

  • jb

    Picked up the Ringke Slim for $2 or $3 last time y’all gave us a heads up on S4 deals!

  • zepfloyd

    I want the wireless charging back cover already dammit.

  • That S-View cover is worth its weight in gold. I love that thing. Nice, battery efficient way of just checking the important info. Beware though, some of them have stiff spines that can cause the cover to not completely close flat. At $10, though, you can’t even complain.

  • Joseph Flynn

    How about a left-handed version? I guess 10% of the population isn’t enough to make it worth while.

    • Bionic

      cry more

  • Warwick

    Buying one for my near future phone.

  • Mordy Festinger

    Just bought

  • tanknspank

    I’m picking up a S4 Friday and this is almost worth getting just because. If it was prime eligible I would have already bought it.

    • Lack of Prime eligibility is a bit of a downer. And the crazy long shipping, but still a hell of a deal.

      • tanknspank

        Oh definitely. Even $5-10 is great after the original price.

    • Mordy Festinger

      Total for me was 9.70$ including shipping
      “Item Subtotal:$9.70Shipping & Handling:$0.00Total Before Tax:$9.70Estimated Tax:$0.00Order Total:$9.70”

      • tanknspank

        Even $10 is a great deal. Black would be around $6.50 I’m guessing? Not bad by any means.