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Tegra 4-Powered ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity Announced at Computex

Transformer Tegra 4

Just as we expected back in early May, ASUS announced a brand new Transformer Pad Infinity tablet at this year’s Computex event, but it’s not as if they were trying to be very secretive. The all-new Infinity features two major updates over last year’s model, being the addition of NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 CPU and 72-core GeForce GPU, as well as the ability to output 4K content via HDMI.

Much like last year’s as well, this Infinity still features an insanely high resolution of 2560 x 1600, a full keyboard docking station and other high-end specs for an Android tablet.


  • 10.1″ WQXGA 2560 x 1600 IPS display
  • Tegra 4 Cortex-A15 processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • GeForce GPU
  • Docking station
  • 32GB internal storage
  • 5MP back-facing camera
  • 2.1MP front-facing camera
  • USB 3.0 port and SD card slot
  • Miracast

So no official word on pricing or dates, but you can bet it will be sometime this year. Hopefully before the holidays at the latest.


  • bob

    Why did they lower the cameras quality from 8 mp to only 5

  • still waiting

    still waiting for the tx300, at least 4mths after it was due in the shops , so don’t hold your breath for this one from asus.

  • Gs

    Is there a compatibility list for the keyboard docks somewhere? I have a TF101 w dock and I believe the dock works up to at least the 301 but not sure. I’d be most likely to jump on an upgrade if I knew I could keep the dock.

  • My only complaint is that the speakers are on the back!

  • Jungy Brungus

    Unlike everyone else else on here I love my TF201. I didn’t get the dock until recently but I got the TF700 dock and it seems to work fine. Battery last about 3-4 days with moderate use. I hook it up to my TV to use XBMC all the time. Also with the the Sixaxis app and a PS3 controller this almost rivals my Xbox. It has replaced all my old systems with all the available emulators and definitely replaced my laptop. There were some I/O problems but I went ahead and installed the AndroWook ROM with the data2sd kernel and WHOA! What a difference. This things has no more random reboots, not un responding browser and is lightning fast. If people are ready to throw their Transformers away, give data2sd a shot. It will totally ‘Transform’ your tablet into the powerhouse it’s supposed to be. (Get it? Transform? Cuz it’s the Transformer?) Also within about 2 weeks I managed to break off a piece of the charger pin plastic thing on the bottom (totally my fault) and sent it back for an RMA. Which unlike everyone else, went very smoothly. Fixed it right the first time for free and in a timely manner.

  • Higher_Ground

    If ASUS came up with an xbox 360-esqe controller and packaged it with the lapdock (or as a separate accessory) they could make some serious bank.

  • Higher_Ground

    The I/O problems have been beaten to death but they remain valid. It’s not enough to make me regret my tablet but it’s definitely something that would keep me from buying another one unless I could test it out myself.
    The only solution I’ve found is to turn off automatic updates so that it’s not constantly trying to update apps when I turn it on. As long as you’re not downloading something, it’s a great tablet.

  • William_Morris

    Still waiting on them to bring one of their phones stateside.

  • JHO5

    After owning the tf201 with all of its issues and having support dropped so fast – even though the keyboard dock is pretty awesome (and makes the tablet way more usable), I’m not sure I would buy into this one. I keep hoping a Nexus tablet opts for having the same keyboard dock…that’d be awesome.

    • Cowboydroid

      You’d thing one of the peripheral makers out there would have made a keyboard dock for the Nexus 10 by now…and I don’t mean that cheap keyboard stand that show up on amazon…

      • Kenny Larson

        Unfortunately despite the popularity of the Nexus 10 among us android fans, it is still a niche device to the general public. I’m not sure the R&D cost of making a case could be justified. Margins are margins. If they though it made sense business-wise they would have done it.

        • Ericfranca

          I agree. Though, I do think it would be smart for some manufacturer to do some kind of research into the POGO docking mechanism. I mean…it’s laughable how much this POGO is a mystery. Only thing that uses it is some third party POGO charger that barely outperforms the microusb. Are there seriously no other uses for it? For god’s sake…

    • Chris

      Honestly the TF300 was amazing. It got great support and I really loved it, it’s easy to find it on sale too. it got updated to 4.2 not too long ago, just like the TF700. I feel like you shouldn’t rule out Asus if you are looking for a newer tablet!

  • wmsco1

    tf700 had 1gb . the new one has 2gb . i hope this clears it up.

  • skinja99

    If they could just make a version of this with a 12″ or 13″ screen it would replace many people’s laptops.

  • Kyle Cordiano

    I love my Infinity, but a couple of things need to be fixed -> like many said the i/o is horrible, and to be honest, while the tablet is a premium tablet with metal and Gorilla Glass 2, my screen is popping up in several places and not attached to the bezel very good. They need to fix those two things. Otherwise a very nice upgrade from my Infinity.

  • Ian

    I’ll be comparing this one to HP’s new Slatebook 10 x2 when I can finally get my hands on both.

  • Cowboydroid

    I just might have to buy this. Been waiting for a high-end hybrid since purchasing the first generation. This resolution looks amazing! Hopefully it has excellent performance as well.

  • Finire

    I’ll be getting this one, just as I got the TF700. But I learned my lesson this time, and I’m gong to get it from Best Buy so I can deal directly with them for exchanges when that’ll need to happen.

  • hoosiercub88

    Let’s hope they fixed all the issues with the previous iteration.

    Let us also hope they fix the price to be competitive, if this thing is a dollar over $499 on launch with the keyboard dock before taxes.. no way in hell.

  • Justtyn Hutcheson

    “Much like last year’s as well, this Infinity still features an insanely high resolution of 2560 x 1600”

    Last Year’s TF700 was a 1920×1200 FHD panel, so this is an upgraded spec to match the Nexus 10.

    The tablet itself looks nice, hope they price it affordably.

  • Sirx

    Yeah, no thanks, asus. I shan’t be suckered into your transformer line again. You can keep the random reboots, inexcusable lag, and terrible battery life (compared to my gf’s IPAD ONE i.e. the very first iPad i.e. an outdated relic that STILL boasts far better battery life)

    -Said unhappy/pissed tf700 owner.

    • hoosiercub88

      To be fair.. a first generation iPad doesn’t have much horsepower, so of course the battery life is epic, as it can’t do much.

    • Cowboydroid

      The Transformer paired with the dock has insane battery life. You sound like a shill.

      • Higher_Ground

        Seriously… I have the TF300 but with the laptop dock the battery life is more than enough to last a couple days.
        I guess the usual “don’t leave it on performance mode with the screen brightness all the way up” advice falls on deaf ears if you’re just interested in plugging an apple devices.

        • Sirx

          If you put the tablet down and only use it sparingly to maybe read a few emails and edit a document here and there, then yeah, it might get a few days of battery life. But to actually USE my tablet (and I’ve resorted to always leaving it on battery saver mode)–download some apps, do an hour or two of gaming, surf internet, etc.–it has been and continues to be woefully underwhelming.

          I don’t buy this expensive-@$$ tablet to read emails. I brought it to use the darned thing! And I find myself having to charge it every other day for fear of death. Sorry: Not into it.

          • Higher_Ground

            Every other day with high use sounds pretty reasonable to me… especially since my phone is lucky to last half a day.

          • Chris

            I’ve download tons of apps and played games for at least 5 hours straight and still had at least 50% battery. Not sure what you are doing with your tablet, or if you are just lying.

  • T4rd

    Asus makes nice products… when they work. If you ever have to go through an RMA with them, I prey for you. I had to RMA my TF300T twice and its keyboard once. They make you pay shipping (about $10-$15 each time for me), then wait at least 3-4 weeks to get it back. I don’t mind the wait so much, but making me pay shipping for your broken product is unacceptable. I even asked the Indian CS guy if they could give me a shipping label for my 3rd friggin RMA and he immediately said “No” with no further explaination or apology.
    Until Asus fixes their CS and RMA process, I don’t think I’m buying any more of their products.

  • Benjamin Mackie

    As an infinity tf700 owner, they neeed to get multiwindow support for this, so effing bad

  • PyroHoltz

    In my experience, devices that try and be too many things usually suck.

    I don’t want to assume that’s the case here but who’s heard of the phrase…

    “Jack of ALL trades, master of none.”

    • Ericfranca

      What are they trying to be but a solid android tablet with a keyboard dock?

  • Ericfranca

    Verge is reporting $399, $499 with dock. FYI. Hope they fixed I/O issues the other had.

    • turdbogls

      yup, this was the biggest reason i sold my TF300 and picked up the Nexus 7. the I/O lag was HORRIBLE!

      • Ericfranca

        Yup whole reason I didn’t buy the other infinity.

        • hkklife

          Nexus 7 I/O lag, at least in stock form, is also terrible. I am glad to report that the most recent budget-oriented MemoPad Asus tablets have much better performance.

          Anyone know if this new one charges via microUSB or does it continue the previous TF proprietary connector usage?

          • Ericfranca

            Not sure if it’s been reported yet. I forgot that they used a proprietary situation…is there anything more annoying than that?

            I’m tentatively excited. I got jazzed up by the last one and it disappointed in performance whenever I played with one. So I remain skeptical.

          • trwb

            I agree it lags as stock, but with a custom rom like slimbean or rasbean, the Nexus 7 doesn’t lag. I am not a fan of the Tegra though.

    • Guest

      Yup, the reason I didn’t buy one.