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Monday Poll: Will You Wait for the HTC One on Verizon?

htc one5

With a release time frame of “this Summer” for Verizon’s newly announced HTC One, there are probably many of you that just realized which device you are now waiting for. The question is, who is going to wait for its release or who has already bought something else thinking it would never come? The Galaxy S4 is arguably this year’s top smartphone, but it too just launched on Verizon, almost a month behind the other top U.S. carriers.

For those who think the One could be outdated by the time it comes out on Verizon, we would have to disagree. The One is an exceptional device with great looks and fantastic specs, ones that should easily last you a couple of years if you must purchase the device on a new two year agreement.

Sound off down below on if you will be waiting for HTC’s 2013 flagship device on Big Red.

Are you waiting for the HTC One on Verizon?

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  • PhotogAndrea

    I’ll give Verizon a month to get the HTC One and if they don’t have it by then, I’m switching to another carrier. I want this phone, and with the high prices I pay Verizon, I’m irritated that they still haven’t given us a release date for HTC One, which has won all sorts of awards for being the best Smartphone of 2013. C’mon, Verizon, get with it!

  • Roy Gudiño

    Was hoping that the one on verizon would be different the the HTC ONE (better specs, same/similar design) Will see what the Moto X Phone is , it’s either HTC or Moto for me. Would rather get an LG than a disgusting ugly cheap plastic samsung phone 😮

  • Udispyn

    I ‘m waiting for the note 3!

    • Jack

      no thanks

    • RicoDelicioso

      Me deuce!! Although, I will also have an eye open for the HTC T6. If it’s a bigger version of the One, a la the galaxy note 2 which is a blown up galaxy s3, then I think I’d rather get that One, maybe it’ll called the One 2. I prefer the design.

  • gkinsella2

    It’s funny…these surveys could totally change with the seasons.

  • Dan

    How come the “I don’t have an upgrade or the money to buy it outright” option is never there..

  • Honestly it comes down to what phone will last the longest (both physically and software support wise). I love the design and features of the HTC One but I’ve been through the ringer with HTC Thunderbolt and thats kinda left a bad taste in my mouth! But yet Samsung’s devices seem to be constantly getting some sort of update, the hardware just seems like it might not last (heck my Droid Razr which is a tank only survived less than 6 months before I cracked it). Oh and then theres cost, with all my lines having unlimited data on Verizon I REALLY don’t wanna give it up so buying at retail price is the only option. If only Google made a ~$300 Nexus device for Verizon!

  • rutgersjaffo

    Funny. For all the bashing they take around here…everyone is still waiting on the Motorola phone.

  • Ronaldo

    It seems to me that this survey shows there are a lot of Verizon customers out there waiting for something new and worth buying to come to VZW. The biggest winner would be Verizon if Motorola gets the Moto X out soon and it turns out to be a competitive device. Go look at Verizon’s lineup of available phones right now, it’s a pathetic list which is barely saved by the presence of the S4 and Note 2.

  • chris420o

    i still loveeeee sammy fanboys response to the plastic phone argument…”who the hell wants a metal phone”…anyone who actually spends 300-600 bucks on a piece of technology they use 50x a day and expects quality does…sammys are toddler toys compared to the htc one…and i dislike htc but if i were to get any phone now it would be the one hands down…u guys keep your korean made phones im good

  • Justin Winker

    No, already bought the unlocked one.

  • dgarra

    Depends on the off contract price.

  • Raj Bhatt

    If it is a Google Experience device, then I’ll stick with VZW and buy it.

  • Dave Amburn

    Already bought a S4.

  • TheRetroReplay

    I picked up the Droid DNA when they ran that promotion where it was free. It’s got a bigger screen and very similar specs so the HTC One doesn’t really interest me, after all the DNA is technically in the same family as HTC’s One series. And I don’t like Blink Feed

  • john fragoulias

    No micro SD card and no removable battery= no sale for ME, who cares about a metal body phone “when dropped it will ding up faster than any plastic phone out there”, and since most people put cases on their phone it’s a moot point, as I said, metal makes no difference to ME.

  • gregwlsn

    I’ve got a DNA, from what I’m reading the One camera isn’t as sharp (important) in well lit environments but takes better low light pics. I’ll hold off for now.

  • Zack Kolev

    By the time Verizon releases an HTC One, Google would have announced the next Android OS version (4.3 maybe) and perhaps the Moto X, leaving VZ with yet another outdated flagship with a stale OS, annoying HTC Sense and tons of carrier bloatware. It may get a typical VZ update: late, containing new bloatware and will probably break something important, like the LTE (see latest GS3 update). Oh and the update wont actually be a newer version of Android but only a patch to close a bootloader unlocking loophole.

  • allyn

    The button arrangement is a complete turn-off. Worse than Samsung’s physical button. Really don’t understand why other manufacturers are not adopting soft buttons from Nexus.

    • EC8CH

      It’s hard to imagine that trainwreck of a button layout staring me in the face all day.

  • Justin Latham

    Whats up with verizon just phoning in this whole year… every major phone is coming no later than a month after it has been on EVERYONE ELSES NETWORK!!!! It’s really pissing me off!

    • EC8CH

      Welcome to Verizon… you must be new here 🙂

      • Justin Latham

        I just think it sucks. We get the best Coverage pay the highest bills and get old devices, and in the mobile game a month is forever, its bad business. One day i hope they go back to OG Droid Days! beast phone ahead of every one else… those were the days.

  • No microSD slot or removable battery = NOT INTERESTED

    I’m perfectly happy sitting in my own little corner with my Galaxy Note II.

    • shehippie

      Mind if I join you in that little corner? lol

      • nicotinic

        Say yes dude!

    • dmagicp

      I’m in there with you. My note 2 is the best smartphone I have ever owned. I was on the phone with my bank this morning and needed to write something down and didn’t have a pen. I pulled the S-Pen out, a note pad popped up on the screen and I immediately wrote down the info I needed. I love this phone and probably won’t buy anything but notes from now on.

  • starnovsky

    Not included into the poll: already got Nexus 4 and left Verizon for good.

  • redskins59rocs .

    If it came out in June I would consider waiting but I would much rather get the s4 tomorrow.

  • Brandon Golway

    I chose “No I already got the S4” because I jumped ship to T-Mobile and got the S4. I’ve had it for about 1.5 weeks and I don’t regret it one bit!

  • I don’t anticipate buying a new device from Verizon ever again if I can help it.

    • JonathonFlores

      Same here. I’m patiently waiting for VoLTE. Only way I’ll upgrade or get a device with Verizon branding. I’m waiting on Moto’s next flagship, hoping it wont be a disappointment, or the next Nexus. I’ll be getting either/or on Tmo. Im done with a CDMA network.

  • Blue Sun

    Not interested in this HTC model nor any Verizon branded Motorola device. I’m leaving Verizon in mid-August. Done with all delayed updates (still waiting for my Xoom 4G LTE JB update), no Google Wallet support. They need to learn how to better communicate with their customers.

  • sc4fpse

    Come on, Moto. You’re just bleeding customers at this point. You’ve got the OG Droid faithful on your side, but you have to do something *now*!!!

  • EvanTheGamer

    No, will wait to see what Motorola offers.” – I might just wait now to see what Motorola does with the X Phone.

  • Inquizitor

    There should be an option to wait for the developer edition, which I will grudingly do if its bootloader isn’t unlocked. Also if it isn’t in black.

    • Brandon Golway

      I was going to say “this is the nexus version so you don’t need a dev version” then I realized this was Verizon we’re talking about lol

  • Daniel

    My friend already ignored me and went and bought a GS4, I had recommended the One and insisted it was totally coming to Verizon if he could be patient…oh well :-

  • JTversky

    I wanted to wait to see if the X-Phone was worth getting, but my Rezound had other plans. Bought a GS4 on Saturday, and so far i’m pretty pleased with it.

    • Brandon Golway

      I had both the Rezound and the Gnex and it annihilates both of them.

  • Ronaldo

    Like most of the people responding to the survey I’m planning to wait and see, but Moto needs to HTFU and give us some reassurance that the Moto-X is worth the wait. I’m not going to keep using this crappy old phone forever. I can jump off the Verizon ship next month if I want to and the HTC One and the GS4 both seem like damn fine phones to me. Hell, before long I’ll be able to add the Note 3 to my list of possible choices. Moto-X needs to be good and it needs to be out soon.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I’m in the “Waiting 10 months for my VZW contract to end” boat

    • ßen Murphy

      Jump ship early.

      • If you like throwing money away.

    • Brandon Golway

      I had 5 months to wait and said “F**k it!” and bought the S4 on T-Mobile. I figured I could probably get enough to pay off the ETF by selling the Gnex, extended battery & Pogo Pin dock on ebay.

  • Russell Sprague

    By this summer the One will be old tech, I hope…

  • Pedro

    Maybe it’s time to add an option for
    “Already left VZW, won’t be buying another VZW phone”

    in the VZW polls. Might give you a little more info about your community. And check the numbers every 6 months, or so.

    • starnovsky

      great idea

    • Diablo81588

      We understand if you can’t afford it. Don’t worry, its okay.

      • Dave Knight

        If my sn is Ferrari maybe I will be able to afford vzw 🙂

      • Pedro

        Actually, with all the money I’m saving by NOT being on Verizon, I could buy one full price every 5 months.

        Prepaid rocks.

    • denlem

      I just jumped to AT&T this weekend and picked up an Optimus G Pro. Almost got the HTC One, but wasn’t impressed with the speakers. Only a few days with the Optimus so far and love it. Battery life has been fantastic so far. 61% left so far after 14 hours with random texting and internet usage. Not bad.

  • David Salsburg

    Broke Contract with VZW to go with the HTC One on T-Mo.
    So long Verizon. your contracts won’t be missed.

  • Tom Fox

    heard the battery is terrible… is that right?

    • Jack

      you heared wrong or you are a troll. the battery is amazing. it last me 2 days on normal use. and full day on heavy use.

      • Tim242

        The One’s battery life is like every other HTC phone…atrocious.

        • Chris

          Tim! That’s not true

          I’ve read and watched a lot of reviews. The One has 2300 mAh and the S4 has 2600. The S4 got a few extra hours battery life vs the One, but every review said the One had very good battery life, much better than their previous phones!

      • Tom Fox

        no i’m really not…

        from the verge: “In more practical use, you’re going to want a charger nearby, since I killed the battery with about ten hours of tweeting, browsing, emailing, and not that much else. This is an unpleasant, sadly unremarkable side effect of big screens and fast phones, but’s a shame nonetheless”

        • Tom Fox

          I’m just not real interested in having a phone that I can’t carry a second battery for if it isn’t going to last a long day away from a charger

      • Tom Fox

        From the droid-life review:

        If I spent a day hammering on the phone using data only, no WiFi, I was able to see around 8 hours of use before I hit the 15% warning. On a typical low usage or “normal” day, I was easily hitting anywhere from 12 to 16 hours before I was in the red.

  • Stephen Freeman

    Unfortunately, I’m over it. Keeping my Gnex for another year, still a good phone to test out accessibility features for my users.

  • Justin Watts

    Nobody can get this completely right. It has capacitive buttons. No thanks.

  • PhoenixPath

    Where’s the: “Didn’t wait. Dumped VZW like a brick and bought the HTC One elsewhere” option?

  • Jonathan Ofalla

    I voted to wait for the HTC One. I am very interested in the Motorola X phone but then again the CEO mentioned an OLED screen. Which leads me to believe the X phone will have a crappy pentile display. I hate the pentile display on my GNex. So I’m leaning more towards the One now.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson


      PenTile has come a very very long way since the GNex. Besides, he mentioned OLED, not AMOLED, which are different though related technologies. While I agree that I would prefer an IGZO screen, if it is as good as or better than the panel on the S4, I coulnd’t care less what the sub-pixel arrangement is, as I will never see its affects anyway.

      • Tim242

        Shhhh. Facts aren’t allowed around here

      • T4rd

        Yeah, the Gnex seemed like a prototype 720p display for Samsung. The Pentile on the GS3 and semi-RGB SAMOLED on my Note 2 are worlds better looking from my old Gnex. The Gnex display was plagued with ghosting and (temporary) burn-in issues too, though it faired a lot better at higher brightness levels.

      • EC8CH

        I have a crappy G-Nex display and sometimes its hard to jump to the N7 because it’s so washed out. I agree they have the drawbacks but the black levels on AMOLED displays are really impressive.

      • Jonathan Ofalla

        True but besides clarity I like the color reproduction on the One better than the S4 when I checked it out in-store. My GNex and the S4 have a slightly blue tint. Not too impressed with the Moto Razr HD pentile either. But hey, maybe Moto will announce a better OLED screen so I will continue to monitor the rumors. I haven’t completely given up on the X phone yet.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          The S4 has several display modes, with its standard mode showing a slight blue tint (as indicated by the article I linked). The Movie mode is apparently surprisingly accurate, especially the white point.

          They are honestly both incredible screens, and it makes me excited to see what the next level is, because what we have now is so fantastic. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if they used a better calibrated version of the Razr HD screen with the mid-range device, and used an S4-level panel for their flagship.

  • nvitone23


    • nvitone23

      It was not due to any information Sarge passed down though, it was due to him getting sick of waiting. So for anyone still holding out for the X-Phone, do not take this as a sign that the X-Phone will be a flop.

    • Ian

      CAPS key got stuck there for a second 😉

      • nvitone23

        haha, just did it because I thought people would want to know

  • Chris Hendley

    I am torn I have the tunderbolt so I am definitely need a new phone but I have waited this long. Should I wait until the Moto X in October? Decisions Deciscions

  • DanSan

    lol people are still waiting to see what motorola does? boy thats dedication, too bad its never coming. people were screaming about how awesome the X-Phone was going to be and now with all the rumors and announcements its a complete let down

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Never base your buying decisions on rumors. Period. The rumors about the One pegged it as a major disappointment, a great many people said it was going to be a huge flop, and now it is hailed as one of (if not the) best Android devices currently available. So, I am waiting to see what Motorola does, because I like their corporate goals and direction (durability, battery life, and update speed > all), and my current device is working just fine. If they release a flagship, and it doesn’t fit my needs, then I will find something else.

  • middlehead

    I want to see what Motorola’s up to, and I don’t buy a phone that doesn’t let me replace the battery or add a memory card.

    If they get that open backed unit that some Chinese carrier managed to get, maybe.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Did anything change?

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    waiting to see what apple brings to the court /s

  • David Dudovitz

    DNA is just fine thanks.

  • David Wanless

    should be an option for “already bought DNA”

  • dannyWHITE

    Verizon will probably sell it for $299.99 on contract.

    • T4rd

      For an “exclusive” 16GB model!

      • r0lct

        sad, but so true

      • Chris

        More like 8GB, knowing Verizon…

  • joe

    any info its the same phone with the same specs? if it is im getting an s4 and if motorola offers something i like ill either sell the phone or give it to someone

  • tjubb

    Verizon late to the party yet again.

  • hipppo

    ha! too late verizon… already headed for a nexus experience on tmobile!

    • Raj Bhatt

      I want to do this so badly. I am super worried about coverage though.

  • kkloster

    I understand the majority of people on this site are Verizon customers – I wonder why that is? It seems that in many major cities, it is possible to get comparable coverage and data speeds, sometimes at a much lower monthly cost. It even seems to be the case now that phone selection and OS maintenance is superior on some of the other carriers. This article from a few days ago indicates that Verizon’s 4G service is slower, on average, than AT&T’s 4G, and only marginally faster than T-Mobile’s (although T-mobile’s 4G network is still only nascent):


    Is it that most people that frequent this site are not big-city dwellers? Or frequently travel outside major metropolitan areas? Are there other reasons? I’d love to hear feedback.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      My personal reason is that while Verizon has their shortcomings, their network is the best. While AT&T may look faster for now, they will get congested on LTE just like Verizon. T-Mobile doesn’t have near the reach of either of those two, and Sprint will likely remain a dark horse for the foreseeable future. By the time any other carrier has converted 80% of their complete network to LTE, Verizon will have begun using their new AWS spectrum to alleviate metropolitan congestion to some extent, launched their nation-wide VoLTE service, and begun to refarm spectrum to deploy LTE-Advanced. If they offer up some tasty deals (highly discounted VoLTE dumbphones without contract extensions to entice people to get off the CDMA network so they can refarm it faster), that could be accelerated even further.

      TL;DR: I stay with Verizon because my plan cost is comparable to similar levels of service on other carriers, with the bonus that my carrier is on the cutting edge of mobile technology deployment.

      • kkloster

        Is the cost for similar levels of service comparable? I was under the impression that, unless you had a discount of some kind, Verizon’s plans came at a premium over some of the other carriers’ plans. Also, do you think Verizon’s LTE-Advanced deployment will happen before T-Mobile deploys theirs? I’ve seen that T-Mobile’s current LTE infrastructure may already be equipped to enable LTE-Advanced. Thanks for the info!

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          I pay $75/line for unlimited data, and looking at knocking off $10/mo when GVoice is integrated with Hangouts so I can remove SMS. I am getting an employee discount that I’d lose if I switched to another carrier which is ~$12/mo total. T-Mobile and Sprint are within $10/mo for unlimited data, so not quite enough of a gulf for me to switch. I do look at it quarterly though to make sure I’m not getting completely ripped off, but for me, Verizon is the price/performance leader by a wide margin.

          As for LTE-Advanced, while T-Mobile does reportedly have the equipment that is LTE-A ready, Verizon still has a much larger network, in addition to more valuable spectrum (700 MHz vs. 1900 MHz), and they have more capital for testing and deployment. All of those combined lead me to believe that Verizon will be the first to flip the switch on LTE-A, with T-Mobile much much closer than they were with LTE.

          • kkloster

            I had no idea that Verizon’s legacy plans were so inexpensive. Obviously you can’t even sign up for a new unlimited plan with VZW at this point, and getting the highest data limit plan would cost almost double per month what you quoted for a single line. At the price you’re paying (let alone if you knock off an additional $10), it certainly seems like you’re getting excellent performance per dollar.

    • JimmyHACK

      The reason is this site originally was for focusing on “droid” branded devices which were only Verizon phones. They try the full android name but droid-life was the one getting the traffic. So they kept the droid site name since it was the income maker and now cover anything. In the end, the core of this site is Verizon because this site was Verizon focused when it started.

      • kkloster

        I see. This explains the high percentage of Verizon users on this site quite well. Thanks!

    • Travis Carroll

      Verizon seems to have the best voice coverage. However, AT&T seems pretty on par as well. I’m stuck on 3G right now and Verizon 3G speed is terrible. The reason I’m still on Verizon is that I still have unlimited data (plan to keep it and buy a phone at full retail price) and I have a 4G iPad and the LTE coverage is amazing. Verizon also offers the best employee discount (way more than any of the other carriers), so I’m actually paying less than if I was on another carrier.

      • kkloster

        Very interesting – the employee discounts. I hadn’t considered differences in discount programs. That’s good to know. Thanks!

        • Travis Carroll

          Sure, keep in mind each carrier is different depending on where you work. E.g. you work at FedEx your discount is around 22% on Verizon, but only something like 15% at AT&T. But, lets say you work somewhere else, AT&T might offer a larger discount than Verizon. In my experience I’ve found T-Mobile to offer the worst employee discounts (5-10%).

    • Terry

      I live in a Illinois town with only 7000 residents, Verizon is the best game in town if you want to use your phone inside in the winter. If you have AT&T here, you either get by a window to receive a call, or for best reception, step outside. That’s why I have Verizon, I like sitting in my chair, at least sometimes, to receive a call.

  • BRIM

    I don’t get these people and their hope for this Motorola “X.” It’s all hype. Can’t wait until it releases to stop hearing about it and everyone just move on.

    • Jack

      i agree we all ready know the x phone will be a big disappointment don’t hold your breath you heared it here first.

      • Yep

        No, we heard it in the other HTC One thread, and about 70 times. Quit copying & pasting the same damn thing eleventy billion times in each thread. Please.

    • Dominick White

      i was thinking the samething

    • NexusMan

      Then you’re on the wrong site, dude.

  • ToddAwesome

    I need SOMETHING to use my GNex upgrade on in a few months, this probably won’t be it.

  • they call me Rob

    my GNex has really been acting up (the reception is abysmal) so I’ll hold out a little longer and give this a shot. If the reception continues to suck, I’ll bring it back and move my plan over to AT&T. I’ll miss unlimited data but if I can’t get the signal 90% of the time Monday through Friday, why bother?

    • Steve Benson

      I picked up a brand new GS3 from ebay last week for $290, then turned around and sold by Gnex on swappa for $190 last night. My goal was to pick up a device to limp me through the end of my contract in December – the Gnex wasn’t going to cut it.

      It’s like night and day. I knew my Gnex was struggling but after using the GS3 for a couple days its painfully obvious to me that the Gnex is a completely inadequate piece of hardware at this juncture.

      I’ve easily doubled my battery life from about 14 hrs on the Gnex to over 26 hrs on the GS3 under the same usage patterns. Cell/data reception is unbelievably better – I get 4G in areas I never got it with the Gnex. Overall performance is stunningly better on the GS3. I told myself I would NEVER rock Touchwiz, but I gave it a chance and so far I’m sold. Nova with custom icons and I’ve got my AOSP-ish fix. Performance is just too good and I don’t want the headache of hacked up AOSP ROMs and the issues they bring.

      You should consider it. Have an extra $100 laying around? It’s an easy upgrade as long as your Gnex is in pristine condition.

      • T4rd

        I’m surprised you got $190 for the Gnex. I’ve been seeing them go for $150-$180 for the last few weeks and see that 4/5 of the recently sold ones were below $180.

        • r0lct

          Yeah, I’m happy I sold mine when the Note 2 came out and was able to still get $250. Made the $300 price no big deal.

      • they call me Rob

        I thought about getting an S3 as well, but touchwiz had me concerned. I’ve gotten really used to stock Google and I love it but if the price is right I’ll consider dealing with it or even root/rom.

        I would say its in pristine condition, not a scratch to be found on the screen and since I used a case and an extended battery, the original back is like brand new. Never rooted it either, only because I never really needed to.

        Thanks for the tip, I’ll do some poking around! Anything to increase my cell/data reception, I’m in lower Manhattan all week and I barely get 2 bars – my work provided AT&T iphone has full LTE signal strength and blazing speeds – its’ crazy.

        • Steve Benson

          Yeah, put it on swappa. Take some really nice pictures and take some time on the description and I’m confident you’ll get at least $180.

          I got lucky with the GS3 at $290. The phone is in pristine condition and should have easily gone for $330.

        • Rooting and unlocking the S3 takes about 15 minutes.

      • I did the exact same thing, except the S3 I bought was used.

        CM10.1 runs like a champ on this thing.

      • florious80

        Same exact experience going from Gnex to GS3. A whole world of difference. I waited for my co-worker to be the guinea pig first to ensure the phone is really better than Gnex. It is and so much more. Not sure what’s the difference in radio chip set but GS3 holds onto signals like no other.

  • Benito Wood

    Already switched to at&t. Not looking back!

  • Alan!

    Need an option “Already ported my number and bought HTC ONE on AT&T and tired of waiting on Verizon for phone releases and updates.”

  • Adam

    It wouldnt be very smart to jump on the One without first seeing what Motorola will be bringing to the table. Had Verizon brought this when the One was first released then I wouls have gotten it in an instant. As it is, waiting on the Moto.

    • Jack

      we all ready know the x phone will be a big disappointment don’t hold your breath you heared it here first.

      • EC8CH

        you do know there are several moto devices coming out.

        A mid-range nexus looking phone for one with specs that have been leaked.

        And also a hero device which we know next to nothing about. I and I suspect many others are waiting to see this hero device hoping it’s not the Bionic II.

        • nvitone23

          Lets just say that Sarge got his S4 for free and he said that in a few months he will switch to the X Phone.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          The “mid-range” device could very well be a hit, if priced correctly and marketed well. As for the hero device, I guarantee Google will not let the Bionic II happen on their watch, and if it does happen that way, those responsible will be shortly looking for new employment.

          I have complete faith in the “new Moto”, though I’m wondering what it means that 4.2 hasn’t even been hinted at yet for the 2012 line.

          • EC8CH

            I like the looks of it (mid-range).

            I hope Moto does something with a similar design with top end materials and specs (screen and camera too this time Moto), stock android and an unlockable bootloader.

            Game Over… Moto Wins!

          • nvitone23

            What exactly do you want most when you say top end specs, because nothing will never be top end in every category? Bootloader will be unlockable (execpt of VZW of course because they love to f*ck everyone) and it will be as close to stock as possible, the number Sarge threw out was 95% stock with a few Moto add-ons, likely things such as the CEO mentioned a few days ago.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            Pure AOSP won’t happen (Motorola has confirmed this several times), but if it is the same level of “customization” they put on the Razr JB build, I’m sold. And with Google behind them, and a Googler as CEO, an unlockable bootloader is almost a given, even if they need a “dev edition” or a convenient “security leak” on the Verizon & AT&T version like the S4.

        • nvitone23

          And should this phone turn out to be the bionic 2, that may be a good thing. Think about it, yea we may have to wait a bit longer, but if that means that they are taking the time to upgrade the processor from a snapdragon pro/prime to the 600 or even 800, I would gladly wait. Especially for the battery that the X Phone will pack. Believe me, there is a good chance they are redesigning this thing to change the processor in it. And no I am not talking about the ghost or midrange device.

          • EC8CH

            Bionic II means delayed release because of redesign only to be released late with a different crappy ho hum design and shortly replaced with a superior device (RAZR II) and forgotten.

            I’m fine with Google forcing Moto to take their time so long as they release a great phone and do it right.

          • nvitone23

            haha, I doubt Moto will release anything soon after (at least in terms of a top end device) especially after last time

  • flyinggerbil

    need an option for: yes if htc allows removal of sense and moto’s x phone is crap

  • EC8CH

    I remember the Bionic hype…

    I think the X’s hype build up has been longer and bigger and more deserved.

    Here’s to hopping it’s not a similar epic fail.

    • Travis Carroll

      And I don’t know about you guys, but I spent stupid amounts of hours playing the Bionic’s augmented reality game so I could “win” one.

      • T4rd

        Lol, I did the same for the Razr, where you had to pick the Razr out of the laser grid without tripping the alarm. I was just going to sell the Razr and get the Gnex with it though =p.

        • EC8CH

          Awesome plan.

          I won a Asus Slider here on Droid-Life that I sold on Craigslist and used the money to buy a Nexus 7 🙂

  • Nicktrance

    We don’t have Verizon xD.

  • Rich Koos

    Aren’t we all waiting? htc one is not out on Verizon yet, nor the Xphone, and the google edition GS4 isn’t out for Verizon yet. Verizon makes you wait for it.

  • Ian

    Need an option for “will wait for HTC One, and also see what Moto is still cooking at that time”

    • Synacks

      If Moto releases the X soon after the One then it could get heated super quick.

    • jose

      Pretty much this. If the Moto turns out to be a dud, this will be my next phone.

      • EC8CH

        That’s my thought as well.

        If Moto X bombs, this is a good back up plan if I can’t live with the G-Nex any longer.

        • MikeCiggy

          I’ll also continue crossing my fingers for a new Nexus hitting Verizon when we get closer to the holidays.

          • T4rd

            You better cross the sh!t out of those fingers!

  • duoexo

    Hopefully and that’s a BIG hopefully they bring stock experience. Otherwise when i saw the news. I started parting ways with my GNEX. I love it. But i’ve had it for a long time already.

    • htowngtr

      I don’t really care for stock over this new sense, honestly. I had a GNex and S3 before this.

      • EC8CH

        the touchwiz notification window makes my eyes bleed.

  • Black Roger

    My S4 should hold me over till this bad guy comes out. Getting a little tired of the same old thing from Samsung.

  • PhilD41

    Not really sure it matters what comes to VZN. To keep my unlimited data, they are all going to be more than I am willing to pay. Will have to wait for used phones to hit the market.

    • ToddAwesome

      Unless you use a lot of data, the subsidized price makes sense, no matter what the “full price” nutjobs on this site will tell you!

      • PhilD41

        Lets put it this way, I still have 20 days left in my billing cycle and I am over 4GB already. Kids + Netflix was designed for unlimited data. 🙂

        • ToddAwesome

          Can’t argue with you, thankfully I’ve taught my kids that cellphones are pure poison, so they’ve yet to fully understand how much data they can gobble up on them. ha

  • gregmr

    I’m going to wait and make sure it comes with the full suite of Amazon apps first

    • EC8CH

      I forgot about that news from a while back. Are all Verizon phones shipping with that Amazon bloat now?

      • gregmr

        I know the DNA did. Maybe someone with an S4 can chime in

        • EC8CH


          • gregmr

            You can Disable them, but not uninstall

          • EC8CH

            I’m an Amazon Prime user and a fan most of there services, but….


        • Tod Cox

          S4 is loaded with Amazon apps.

          • Brandon Golway

            Thank god I got mine on T-mobile… and then immediately removed the T-Mobile and Samsung bloatware lol

  • SparkysShocker

    Only if the Motorola’s phone is crap and they allow us to remove sense, otherwise Ill stick with my GNex awhile longer.

  • ßen Murphy

    Motorola, your turn.

    • EC8CH


      • Ibrick

        Funny you were so sure this device didn’t exist 2 weeks ago..

    • Sean Lee

      You’re right Murph….got to turn in the S4 by Thursday….I probably will either way. One or Moto X for me I think. Just have to make it a little while longer w/the rundown Nexus.

      • paulsg63

        What don’t you like about the S4? Just curious, I love mine!

        • Geoff Johnson

          I had one and returned it too. Laggy UI (a custom ROM would probably fix it, but still), much longer shutter delay with the camera, battery didn’t last long, and it just felt cheap. my next phone has to either have great battery life (MAXX HD) or great looks and performance (HTC One)

      • michael arazan

        The Mid range Motorola by end of Summer, and the Hero Device by November, that’s a long time to wait for. I’ll be waiting till November to replace My Gnex, unless another phone with Stock android will come out with good specs.

  • htowngtr

    Only if development edition is available

    • BitchAssFema


  • Tom Luley

    Already bought my S4 because I was sick of waiting for HTC and Moto to announce anything…Now they pull this one, typical Verizon.

    • r0lct

      Don’t sweat it. Unless you must have the “premium feel” you already have the better option.
      I think most of the positive press HTC One has received is from the misguided notion that an Android phone must be built like an iPhone to be as good as one.

      If you are someone who puts screen, performance, battery life and comfort ahead of aluminum then S4 either matches or beats the One at all of those.

      Edit: I do like the One and think it is a good phone, I just think the notion it’s made of aluminum makes it better than the S4 crazy.

      • T4rd

        I agree, but those dual front-facing speakers still make me a bit envious!

        • Bob Buttons

          That’s what I’d be comparing. Removable battery & SD slot vs front speakers & (reportedly) fancier screen.

          • r0lct

            At 32 GB the SD card becomes less of an issue IMO. The battery life however is something to keep an eye on. Forget even removable, just how long you’ll get from a charge,

          • Justin Winker

            I’ve had great battery life with mine. Even so, I just installed the Snapdragon Battery Guru the other day, and it’s saved quite a bit of battery once it gets the knowledge it needs.

          • Bob Buttons

            It’s one thing I enjoy about my GS3. I can keep a spare around and if my phone dies I can swap it out. Even if a phone with a built-in battery lasts significantly longer, it still takes time to recharge if needed. The ability to swap out and immediately be good to go again is quite enjoyable.

          • r0lct

            I definitely agree, as a former GNex owner I always had spares. Now that I have a Note 2 I truly enjoy not worrying about battery any more.

        • r0lct

          Yes, that is one cool advantage of real substance

      • Brandon Golway

        I had one guy on G+ argue with me that the One is much better phone than the S4, he said he used the S4 and it was a laggy piece of crap compared to the HTC One. I told him mine was perfect, even with the extremely bloated Touchwiz on it. He also said the S3 was worse than his Gnex lol

      • NexusMan

        I think the issue is not just that it’s made of aluminum and S4 is plastic, but that the back of the S4 is UGLY and feels terrible. Plastic CAN look attractive but the S4 plastic does not. Shiny, slimy, cheap plastic does not a premium phone make.

        • r0lct

          Apparently not many share your view on the S4 looks.

          • NexusMan

            That’s why it’s MY view.

          • PhotogAndrea

            @Nexusman, I share your view 100% and will definitely be getting the HTC One, not only for the metal case, but for the exceptional camera, which is way better in low light.

    • Curt Neal

      DItto. No turning back. Unless moto comes out with something really awesome at the end of the summer I am going to stick with the S4. Coming from a Bionic this phone is a dream come true.