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Monday Poll: Will You Wait for the HTC One on Verizon?

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With a release time frame of “this Summer” for Verizon’s newly announced HTC One, there are probably many of you that just realized which device you are now waiting for. The question is, who is going to wait for its release or who has already bought something else thinking it would never come? The Galaxy S4 is arguably this year’s top smartphone, but it too just launched on Verizon, almost a month behind the other top U.S. carriers.

For those who think the One could be outdated by the time it comes out on Verizon, we would have to disagree. The One is an exceptional device with great looks and fantastic specs, ones that should easily last you a couple of years if you must purchase the device on a new two year agreement.

Sound off down below on if you will be waiting for HTC’s 2013 flagship device on Big Red.

Are you waiting for the HTC One on Verizon?

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  • PhotogAndrea

    I’ll give Verizon a month to get the HTC One and if they don’t have it by then, I’m switching to another carrier. I want this phone, and with the high prices I pay Verizon, I’m irritated that they still haven’t given us a release date for HTC One, which has won all sorts of awards for being the best Smartphone of 2013. C’mon, Verizon, get with it!

  • Roy Gudiño

    Was hoping that the one on verizon would be different the the HTC ONE (better specs, same/similar design) Will see what the Moto X Phone is , it’s either HTC or Moto for me. Would rather get an LG than a disgusting ugly cheap plastic samsung phone 😮

  • Udispyn

    I ‘m waiting for the note 3!

    • Jack

      no thanks

    • RicoDelicioso

      Me deuce!! Although, I will also have an eye open for the HTC T6. If it’s a bigger version of the One, a la the galaxy note 2 which is a blown up galaxy s3, then I think I’d rather get that One, maybe it’ll called the One 2. I prefer the design.

  • gkinsella2

    It’s funny…these surveys could totally change with the seasons.

  • Dan

    How come the “I don’t have an upgrade or the money to buy it outright” option is never there..

  • Honestly it comes down to what phone will last the longest (both physically and software support wise). I love the design and features of the HTC One but I’ve been through the ringer with HTC Thunderbolt and thats kinda left a bad taste in my mouth! But yet Samsung’s devices seem to be constantly getting some sort of update, the hardware just seems like it might not last (heck my Droid Razr which is a tank only survived less than 6 months before I cracked it). Oh and then theres cost, with all my lines having unlimited data on Verizon I REALLY don’t wanna give it up so buying at retail price is the only option. If only Google made a ~$300 Nexus device for Verizon!

  • rutgersjaffo

    Funny. For all the bashing they take around here…everyone is still waiting on the Motorola phone.

  • Ronaldo

    It seems to me that this survey shows there are a lot of Verizon customers out there waiting for something new and worth buying to come to VZW. The biggest winner would be Verizon if Motorola gets the Moto X out soon and it turns out to be a competitive device. Go look at Verizon’s lineup of available phones right now, it’s a pathetic list which is barely saved by the presence of the S4 and Note 2.

  • chris420o

    i still loveeeee sammy fanboys response to the plastic phone argument…”who the hell wants a metal phone”…anyone who actually spends 300-600 bucks on a piece of technology they use 50x a day and expects quality does…sammys are toddler toys compared to the htc one…and i dislike htc but if i were to get any phone now it would be the one hands down…u guys keep your korean made phones im good

  • Justin Winker

    No, already bought the unlocked one.

  • dgarra

    Depends on the off contract price.

  • Raj Bhatt

    If it is a Google Experience device, then I’ll stick with VZW and buy it.

  • Dave Amburn

    Already bought a S4.

  • TheRetroReplay

    I picked up the Droid DNA when they ran that promotion where it was free. It’s got a bigger screen and very similar specs so the HTC One doesn’t really interest me, after all the DNA is technically in the same family as HTC’s One series. And I don’t like Blink Feed

  • john fragoulias

    No micro SD card and no removable battery= no sale for ME, who cares about a metal body phone “when dropped it will ding up faster than any plastic phone out there”, and since most people put cases on their phone it’s a moot point, as I said, metal makes no difference to ME.

  • gregwlsn

    I’ve got a DNA, from what I’m reading the One camera isn’t as sharp (important) in well lit environments but takes better low light pics. I’ll hold off for now.

  • Zack Kolev

    By the time Verizon releases an HTC One, Google would have announced the next Android OS version (4.3 maybe) and perhaps the Moto X, leaving VZ with yet another outdated flagship with a stale OS, annoying HTC Sense and tons of carrier bloatware. It may get a typical VZ update: late, containing new bloatware and will probably break something important, like the LTE (see latest GS3 update). Oh and the update wont actually be a newer version of Android but only a patch to close a bootloader unlocking loophole.

  • allyn

    The button arrangement is a complete turn-off. Worse than Samsung’s physical button. Really don’t understand why other manufacturers are not adopting soft buttons from Nexus.

    • EC8CH

      It’s hard to imagine that trainwreck of a button layout staring me in the face all day.

  • Justin Latham

    Whats up with verizon just phoning in this whole year… every major phone is coming no later than a month after it has been on EVERYONE ELSES NETWORK!!!! It’s really pissing me off!

    • EC8CH

      Welcome to Verizon… you must be new here 🙂

      • Justin Latham

        I just think it sucks. We get the best Coverage pay the highest bills and get old devices, and in the mobile game a month is forever, its bad business. One day i hope they go back to OG Droid Days! beast phone ahead of every one else… those were the days.

  • No microSD slot or removable battery = NOT INTERESTED

    I’m perfectly happy sitting in my own little corner with my Galaxy Note II.

    • shehippie

      Mind if I join you in that little corner? lol

      • nicotinic

        Say yes dude!

    • dmagicp

      I’m in there with you. My note 2 is the best smartphone I have ever owned. I was on the phone with my bank this morning and needed to write something down and didn’t have a pen. I pulled the S-Pen out, a note pad popped up on the screen and I immediately wrote down the info I needed. I love this phone and probably won’t buy anything but notes from now on.

  • starnovsky

    Not included into the poll: already got Nexus 4 and left Verizon for good.

  • redskins59rocs .

    If it came out in June I would consider waiting but I would much rather get the s4 tomorrow.