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Galaxy Note 2 Drops to $199 on Contract at Verizon


The Samsung Galaxy S4 may be all the rage these days, but last year’s mega-phone, the Galaxy Note 2, is still quite the prize should you be in the market for an oversized device. Some time in the last couple of days, Verizon dropped their variant to $199.99 on 2-year contract, down from what has been a launch price of $299. And actually, this is as good of a deal as you’d get from Amazon while using an upgrade, something that rarely happens in the mobile industry. If you are a new customer, it’ll only run you $79.99.

Keep in mind though, that Samsung will likely release a Galaxy Note 3 at some point towards the end of this year. Most of the details on it at this point are still rumors, but you can imagine that it will be the holiday device to own outside of a new Nexus. However, the current Note 2 is still a beast and will easily get you through a contract.

Via:  Verizon

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  • Klous

    what is price of samsung galaxy s3 and samsung galaxy note 2 in australia??? plz tell and which should i purchase??

  • rutgersjaffo

    Being a New Jersey State Bar member got me $100 off my Note 2 all the way back in February. Sweeeeet…

  • mustangkt

    I just added a line to my VZ account from Amazon and got the Note2 for $79 yesterday. Awesome deal IMO.

  • Best Buy has the Note 2 for all carriers available for $199

  • JulianZHuang

    buying old tech is kind of risky.

    • Jon

      Really? Like risky as in your life will come crashing to a stand still if you buy a year old phone?

      The S3 is a year old and many thought it was difficult to bother going to the S4 since the S3 still holds up very well. What’s the risk? There are great phones being sold at huge discounts and that’s awesome for many people.

    • Steven Elliott

      Depends on what you mean by risky. To some, buying old tech means buying something that may be more stable and in some cases have updated software which means you may actually get a better experience then those who bought the device at launch. I bought a S3 after my Galaxy Nexus crapped out. At the time, it was getting close to the announcement of the S4. I’ve had no problems with it to date even with the newest update.

  • gmx

    this price drop happened 2 weeks ago when GS4 came out

  • ApplesNAndroids

    The Note II is still one of the best Android smartphones available Imo. The only one that will one up it (non nexus) will be the Note III. The GS4 looks promising, but the size of the Note is what makes it compelling to so many.

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  • Jack

    its an old phone now. who cares. alot better choices out there

  • Tim242

    What’s ridiculous is that they don’t ever cut the full retail price. Not to mention, it is $50 more than everybody else.

    • EC8CH

      This really gets to me too. Not only does carrier control of hardware set the retail price of phone artificially high, it keeps it there for the life of the phone. All while they cut and cut the on contract price all the way down to free.

      Really sucks for people who want to buy off contract.

  • dmagicp

    Oh I forgot to mention that the SIII is now one penny on amazon

    • Blue Sun

      According to JulianZHuang that is risky…

  • dmagicp

    skip Verizon and go straight to amazon.

    • T4rd

      If you have an extra line to transfer an upgrade to in order to keep unlimited data, you can’t do that through Amazon, you have to do it through Verizon. This is how I got my Note 2 subsidized and kept unlimited data.

      • Warwick

        It depends on who you know. A rep at my local Verizon let me swap out a line that I upgraded via Amazon.

        • dmagicp

          Oh yeah sorry. I forgot to mention that I have 4 gigs of data per month on the share it all over the place plan or whatever. My job broadcasts wireless n throughout my dept, and I also have wifi at home, so the only time I use my data is when I’m in the car, or out f$ckin around on my days off. I usually stay at about 1.5 gigs per month.

  • Tam

    It’s been 199.99 for weeks now

    • michael arazan

      Pretty early to be dropping the price too. Only been about 6 months and they don’t usually drop the price unless its a Holiday or Newer Phone is being released.

      • r0lct

        It’s not that uncommon to see price drops after 4 months.

      • JulianZHuang

        because this is android phone.

        • Blue Sun

          That makes no sense…

    • Speedyrulz

      Yeah it’s been $199 since the day before the S4 launched.

    • Tam

      I’m more interested in finding out about note 3 than price drops

  • Prince Campbell III

    I’m happy with my Note 2 that I paid 79.99 on Amazon.

    • dmagicp

      Did the same thing and I’m going to keep this bad boy for at least a year. It does everything I want, is blazing fast, and until I feel like I’m missing something, my other upgrade will go untouched.

      • Prince Campbell III

        I totally agree with you. I was waiting for the GS4. But decided to get the Note 2 instead and I’m fine with this.

  • Avery Dejuan Herron

    I want note three action now because if it comes out and its something stupid like a dual core prossocessor later this year I’m jumping off a building.

    • I call your bluff…

    • Prince Campbell III

      Bro, where have you been?? Why would they do that?? You have to think before you type.

      • Avery Dejuan Herron

        For the same exact reason they would not give the note 2 a full hd screen! And don’t call me bro……bro 🙂

        • Tim242

          They didn’t have 1080p ready for the Note 2. You are quite clueless, bro : )

        • Prince Campbell III

          No phones at the time the Note 2 came out had FULL hd screens. If you actually read articles that came out you would know that the Note 3 is said to be shipping with the Exynos Octa-Core. Quit assume and start reading.

          • dmagicp

            He said he was jumping off a building because of a phone. I think his problems go beyond reading.

          • T4rd

            Droid DNA came out around the same time as the Note 2 in the US with 1080p. Though it was the first phone with it in the US until the HTC One launched.

          • Brian P.

            What about Sony Experia and Oppo Find 5

          • T4rd

            Key word there was US ;-). We’re the only country that matters.. ‘Merica.

          • Avery Dejuan Herron

            Said To be shipping with not confirmed duhhhhh! and the tech was ready they just chose not to use it for marketing reasons I’m sure.

          • Prince Campbell III

            But listen to what you are saying. Why would they put a dual core in the Note 3 after putting a quad core in the GS4? You are making no sense at all with your logic.

          • Avery Dejuan Herron

            That was my whole point dumbass! It wasnt supposted to be logical as in how they always find a way to ruin the really good and hyped phones….. like moto did with the bionic when they turned right aroind and droped the razor!

        • Justin W

          Their 1080p AMOLED screens weren’t ready for the Note 2. In addition, the closest phone with a 1080p screen at the time was the DNA, and that was released almost two months later (and with a different screen technology).

  • Tim242

    I just said goodbye to my Note 2. Got the S4. Only time will tell if I get the Note 3…

    • r0lct

      I was thinking about doing to the same, but now I’m waiting on Moto.

      • Geoff Johnson

        I made the switch from the Note 2 to the S4 and ended up returning the S4 as it felt like a downgrade.

        • r0lct

          I’m still happy with my Note 2. I’m more eyeing towards Q4 in case the Note 3 winds up being too large. I’m hoping the size of the phone itself doesn’t get any bigger.