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Android Distribution Numbers Update For June – Jelly Bean Up to 33% of Devices

Android Numbers

This afternoon, the Android team updated the distribution numbers for the world’s most popular mobile operating system, showing a steady growth in Jelly Bean users. While that Gingerbread number seems to never change too much (remains around 36% of devices), that’s just something we have come to accept. Jelly Bean has moved up to 33% over last month’s 28.4%, with Ice Cream Sandwich falling just a tad bit to 25.6% from last month’s 27.5%. 

Honeycomb is still hanging on with 0.1%, Eclair and Froyo dropped every-so slightly, and Donut remains at 0.1% as well.

You can see May’s numbers here, if you’d like to compare. Keep in mind that this numbers are now built using data collected from each device when the user visits the Google Play Store

Via: Android Developers

  • n11

    You could say… JB is about to eat ICS’s Sandwich.

  • joejoe5709

    Well it took us two years but more than 50% of users are 4.0+ with about a third on Jelly Bean! Sure I’m happy but we gotta find a way to make this a few months quicker. 4.3 and Key Lime Pie aren’t far off. If we could get Gingerbread down to about 15-20% and 75% 4.0+ I’d feel much better launching a new overhauled version.

  • Zach Armstrong

    Gingerbread is like Windows XP it will never die

  • Steve Benson

    What’s good about this? Jelly Bean > Ice Cream Sandwich

    What’s disturbing about this? Jelly Bean < Gingerbread. Please let Gingerbread die in a fiery crash.

  • r0lct

    2 year upgrade cycle is always in effect, but this year we’re going to see it drive JB. We’re going to see JB accelerate like crazy this year and it hit 50% before end of year IMO. Hopefully with OEMs seeming to be improving their upgrade process we won’t see the same upgrade lag like we saw with GB.

  • 33%, a figure that is worth pondering.

  • pappy53

    I wonder what the % of iOS 7 will be just 1 week after launch. 90%? This is one area that Apple kills Android.

    • Steve Benson

      True story. The ONE single thing that Apples does that I like and respect them for.

      • TylerChappell

        It’s not anything to respect them for. At all. I mean seriously, if there were only 6-7 generations of Android devices out there from just 1 manufacturer, we would be telling the same story. iOS is actually LESS impressive considering there’s far fewer devices that run it, yet devices that are just a gen or two behind lack some of the most headlinging features of the OS. It’s sad that people are fooled into thinking that they have the latest and greatest software just because their iOS version number is the same as their friend’s iPhone 5. iOS versions are not created equal. ;]

        • pappy53

          At least the devices that are a gen or two behind get updated. One Apple advantage is that they don’t let the carriers dictate their updates.

  • PhoenixPath

    Tim…. Were you drunk when you wrote this??? Proofread, ya goofball. 😛

  • Angelo Davis

    Just die already Gingerbread, DIE!!!

  • paul_cus

    Gingerbread Life

    • Aaron Sibold

      When I seen that it was still the majority it took me back down memory lane. The good ole’ Gingerbread days.

      • MrBigStuff

        Actually it’s a plurality, not a majority.

    • Lucky Armpit

      GB is never going to go down if phone manufacturers won’t quit giving away their overstock of GSII phones for $0. Plus I have a buddy on a Droid X2. 🙁 It’s his fault!

      • Velhym

        I’m on a Droid X.

        • gokusimpson

          Yooo me too! Liberty rommmm

      • starnovsky

        GSII is ICS on most carriers, JB on some.

      • noyfb

        I’ve seen smaller carrier ads doing that, giving away GS2 phones still, for free.

    • Steve Benson

      I wish Google could force an OTA to all Gingerbread phones that would melt them into oblivion.

      • joejoe5709

        Or have a PSA on custom ROMming.

  • MyStroPro

    Hard to imagine, but roughly a year ago we saw ICS hit the pie chart with about 5%. Glad to see ICS / JB continues to gain.

    BTW, this distribution is based on-active devices right? I mean, if we all suddenly activated our OG Droids what would happen to the numbers? Another thing I’m interested in is how Google knows what versions are out there with power users and root and ROMs.

    • Steve Benson

      Purely active devices. This chart represents devices that accessed the Play Store in the previous 14 days only. When you access the Play Store, it automatically checks your device and knows not only what device you have but what version of Android you’re currently running.

  • S2556

    so many devices got EOL on 2.3 that I don’t see this number changing anytime soon

    • Steve Benson

      That’s irrelevant.

      This is a snapshot of devices that visited the Play Store in the past 14 days. This isn’t all Android devices in the history of Android, just the currently active ones.

      • LeeLee

        It’s not irrelevant. Those devices that were EOL’d on 2.3 have no choice but to keep running on gingerbread. I’m stuck with 2.3 on my OG Atrix on ATT and so is my wife. A lot of people simply do not upgrade just b/c their handset was EOL’d on version X.Y. That said, I will eventually upgrade my handset and my wife’s handset this year and end up on 4.2, but it will take another 1-2yrs to really reduce the 2.3 users out there as most people are on 2+ year lifecycles.

        Another example is my daughter’s Lenovo K1 tablet. It was EOL’d at 3.2 but the tablet itself runs everything just fine so it’ll be a long time before we upgrade (read: buy a new one). I’m still a little miffed at Lenovo for stranding K1 owners on 3.2 so probably won’t buy from them again. Same goes with Moto above, they can shove it after relocking the bootloader after the Atrix was EOL’d. That’s just shady as hell in my book.

  • Chris Carter

    I just had a coworker upgrade this Captivate to 4.2.2 over the weekend using cyanomod. He says its like a new device-one more Gingerbread device bites the dust

  • kirk ngo

    The people who are still on 2.3 root man!. that’s the beauty of Android people. Unlike other OS’s

    • S2556

      my old phone had to be rooted to get up to 2.3 lol CM7 was as high as it was going

  • Larry page

    You misspelled fragmented. In ” the worlds most popular mobile operating system”

    • Bill Gates

      i love how this gets down voted when it’s actually fact lol. Someone please compare the fragmentation of mobile OS’s amongst Android. Yeah thought so.

  • Nathan Aker

    JB is coming up fast, but its time people start upgrading their GB phones lol.

    • MyStroPro

      This may not happen – think about contract prices: If my family had Android devices (one feature and on iOS outside of mine), we’d pay significantly more a month for less service. We need to get better contracts in place for consumers, but that isn’t happening because it is not “profitable” for the big 2.

      T-Mo definitely has my eye if they can get a phone I like though.

      • Nathan Aker

        Yeah that’s true. and it definitely seems like T-Mobile is the way to go if you’re looking to upgrade unless you live out in the boonies and need At&t or Verizon’s coverage. Plus idk how a T-mobile phone hasn’t excited you yet, with the One, the S4, iPhone 5, etc…

        • MyStroPro

          iPhones have never excite me – I was an OG Droid user after all. =0)

          The One and the S4 are just okay to me.

          The S4 is a glorified refresh of an S3 imo with a bunch of “bloat” features that Samsung can’t cut back on space with. The only neat thing to me on it is the Photo software.

          The One… well… I’ve never really liked any HTC device I’ve had contact with. I just don’t know what it is about them, but they just never clicked with me.

          The Nokia Lumia line of Windows Phones have excited me more than the two above devices actually, if I’m honest, but I don’t want to buy into a new environment at all. The Nexus 4 is cool, but I’m not sold on getting one today that will last me 2 more years from a tech standpoint. I say that since my aging OG Droid Razr has RAM issues with multitasking these days.

          • Nathan Aker

            Well there’s also the Sony xperia z that t-mobile is supposed to get so if none of these devices get you excited then idk what to tell you lol. Maybe the note 3?

          • MyStroPro

            Definitely not a fan of the Note brand – way too large imo. May as well spend the $$ and grab a real tablet.

            I’ll be interested in what Motorola comes out with sans the Ghost / XFON. The supposed other high end X-Phone could be interesting, as well as whatever the next Nexus device is, though I’d greatly miss my SD slot on the Nexus.

          • Nathan Aker

            Yeah I’m confused on the whole X Phone thing, because the device that has been leaking is more of a mid range phone and not the rumored customizable high end phone.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    after updates are delivered and people get a taste of what they’ve been missing, the android takeover will begin. slowly but surely.

    • Khary Anderson

      I believe you meant to say it will continue

  • FelisLachesis

    I’m not sure what’s more surprising, that Donut is still being used, or that Gingerbread is still the most used Android OS

    • EC8CH

      Who remembers desperately needing Gingerbread on their OG?

  • Jimeong Lee

    Donut is still hanging on for dear life.

    • Warwick

      It’s those people who still run Win 95

      • Pharylon

        My Mom’s phone is a Droid Eris. Seriously.

        • cjohn4043

          Your mom is the reason!!