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White Nexus 4 Now Available on Google Play (Updated: It’s Live)

white nexus 4

The white Nexus 4 in both 8GB and 16GB variants just appeared on the Google Play store, though you can’t buy it at this moment. Actually, all of the N4 pages appear to be broken, but this certainly is a sign that we are moments away from having white backed, Oreo phone glory. The 16GB runs $349, while the 8GB version is $299 – the same prices as the black version of the phone.

Update:  The pages are now live! And you get a free white Bumper with purchase. 

Play Links:  16GB White | 8GB White

Update 2:  T-Mobile is also selling the white version, though they are charging $428 for the 16GB version.

white nexus 4-2

  • ozy

    H i want to buy a nexus from gogleplay but i dont know are these phones unclocked or not? Also i dont know are the battry and earpphne included or not?

  • Guest

    So I ordered my Nexus 4 16GB on Friday and it was supposed to arrive today. Google apparently just requested a return to sender and now it’s going back to them… Anyone else experience this? I called Google customer service and has no idea why they did it and now I have to reorder it… Very frustrating and disappointed…

  • bellringa

    will this work on verizon?

  • Dave Lawrence

    LTE can be enabled on the Nexus 4:

    Nexus 4G LTE Activation

    In order to enable the 4G LTE on the Nexus 4:

    Go to the dialpad/phone.

    Dial in the this number: *#*#4636#*#* (This will bring up “Phone info”).

    Tap WCDMA from under “Set preferred network type”.

    Select “LTE/GSM/CDMA auto (PRL)”.

    The 4G LTE network should now be activated.Related Ads

    Samsung Tab Apps

    Google Nexus

    LTE 4G

    While this is very simple, it won’t work for everyone. The LTE will only work if you’re on a wireless carrier that uses spectrum on Band 4 including Telus and Rogers & Bell in Canada. AT&T in the U.S. is not on Band 4, so U.S. users will have no luck with this. But try it out yourself to see if it works, it could work for other carriers.

    Note: Enabling the 4G LTE may decrease signal performance and drain battery.

    Note: In order to revert back to the 3G connection, choose “WCDMA” (or GSM) after dialing *#*#4636#*#*.

  • Skittlez


  • Steven Letourneau

    I am sadly addicted to my LTE 🙁

    • Droidzilla

      Verizon broke my LTE habit by breaking my LTE. I get a better connexion now on HSPA+.

  • David Schendt

    Love the look of this phone and just bought the 16GB model.

  • BrianCherry

    I wonder when Ill be able to pick a White back cover replacement, since I just broke mine?

  • Let’s waste money on a new color that adds nothing. cool


  • Andy

    it’s mostly black?!

    • Droidzilla


  • Rene Barba

    If you take two white nexus 4 and put them back to back. You have a “Oreo” LOL!

  • Malik

    I’m entering this contest so the people who don’t understand why the phone is not fully white, don’t win. 🙂

  • Ryuuie

    …Now I want an Oreo. Thanks a lot. 😐

  • Jason

    I’m just waiting for the will it blend showdown with the black one on YouTube.

  • mcdonsco

    8gb or 16gb? Jesus…what is wrong with manufacturers? Should be 32gb minimum these days.

  • Frettfreak

    Ur not going to get a nexus device with an sd card. Google doesn’t like it. Get over it or buy the one or gs4 google edition. I will agree with everything else. I was really hoping we would see at least a 32gb option. With no sd card even 16 is just too small.

    • Bob G

      I think Michael was being sarcastic lol.

      • Michael

        I was, very much so!

  • MotoRulz

    S4, HTC one “Nexus Edition” > Nexus 4

    • zwade

      It’s “Google Edition,” not “Nexus Edition.”

      • J Davis

        “Nexus Experience”

        • “Google Experience”

          • J Davis

            “Android Google Nexus Edition Experience”

          • Bob G

            “AnGooNexPerience” Phone.

        • Skittlez


          • Droidzilla


  • Adam Neighbors

    That’s weird. Y’all posted this article and I automatically went and bought one. What happened?

  • Tim242

    That is not a white phone. A white phone is…white.

    • EC8CH

      White bezels are gross.

      • Tim242

        If you think white bezels are gross…you don’t buy a white phone.

        • Evan Knofsky

          A white back + black front looks nice. Android on screen buttons are black, when I watch a movie or use it I don’t want to see the white around the screen standing out. However these are OPINIONS, I can’t believe you’re going to argue over his personal taste.

          • Tim242

            I’m not arguing over personal taste. White phones are supposed to be white. I’m not sure why Google is doing this [email protected] white phone stuff. If you want a black front, you buy a black phone. What choices do people have that want a true white N4? Samsung and Apple make true white phones, and sell more than anybody else. I work in a cell phone store. I have never heard of anyone complaining about their phones being white on the front. They actually want that. How often do you look at the back of your phone? Most people use cases that cover up the back. That leaves someone that buys a “white” N4 with a black N4.

    • Skittlez

      You don’t decide whats what though. Thats an opinion.

      • Tim242

        So it’s an opinion that a white phone actually be white? Am I in the twilight zone?

        • Skittlez

          you’ve been saying it on every single post about the white Nexus. we get it. you don’t think it’s supposed to be considered a white phone. but the phone is not black anymore. it’s white. theres a reason for the black front. just chill. you defend it like you’re 100% right, when it’s an opinion.

          • Tim242

            It’s black on the front for cost cutting reasons, not design.

          • Skittlez

            it’s black on the front for reasons other than design. stop hating on it. as far as everyone else concerned, if you had to differentiate it, you would say the white one, not the black one with the white back.

  • dcdttu

    T-Mobile also has the white N4 on their site.

  • Warwick

    Lol. The last part reminded me of the ATT commercial

  • Mario

    Anyone else thinks that Kelly will purchase the white version and make a “review” ? Showing all the difference between the black and the white version..

    • We have better plans. And it’s “Kellennnn……..”

      • Joseph J Pfister

        Kelly, please… this is serious.

      • sc4fpse

        Are you sure? Have you checked?!

      • Hungry Hamburger

        Okay, what ever you say Timmy. 🙂

    • Adam Neighbors

      So, we’re officially calling him Kelly now, right?

  • SirSoloDolo

    Cannot imagine the 8GB selling too well. Are phones incapable of holding higher amounts of memory out of the box?

    • Geoff Johnson

      It’s about the same amount of usable memory as a 16GB S4, lol

  • EC8CH

    Imagine if you could buy a phone from there that would work on Verizon.

    How awesome would that be?

    • Blue Sun

      I’m having trouble imagining that thought… Let me guess, you want LTE too? :p

    • Droidzilla

      But then I’d have to pay more every month.

  • Mvrcel Lgt

    make the glass-back black too and just leave the white plastic-case. Add to cart and get a package of oreo with it for free!