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TYLT VU Wireless Charger Up on Kickstarter, Allows for Free Positioning While You Juice

VU wireless

With wireless charging dubbed one of the next big things for mobile devices, you can bet on seeing more and more companies attempting to create the perfect wireless charger. What makes wireless charging somewhat of a pain is that you are required to have your device placed perfectly in place at times to allow for the flowing of electricity. In addition, most wireless chargers are made for the phone to lay flat on a surface, not at an angle, making the ability to actually use the device while it’s charging somewhat of a pain in the rear. With the TYLT VU wireless charger that is now up on Kickstarter, you can place your device anywhere on this stand and get to juicing up, while also having it at a usable angle. 

The company is looking for $60,000 and has already reached about $16K in funding. Units cost around $50 and up depending on if there are any early bird options left. The stands are quite good looking, coming in a variety of colors, so I could see these becoming somewhat popular amongst the wireless charging fans.

Consider yourself a fan of wireless charging?

Via: Kickstarter

  • ROCKBOY1083

    This is definitely one of the best wireless chargers in the market! Checkout the VU charger at KICKSTARTER. What’s best about this charger is that it charges your phone at the same speed as a cord charger! WAY TO GO TYLT!

  • Why not choose ELF from Esorun?

  • Droid_Cindy_Designer

    > you can place your device anywhere on this stand and get to juicing up,
    > while also having it at a usable angle.

    I can currently just buy a cheap eBay cradle and drop my phone right in.
    There’s absolutely no cable between the phone and the cradle. Perfect
    viewing angle.

    Cost $5

    Am I missing this entire “wireless
    charging” fade? It’s totally senseless. *ALL* cradles do wireless
    charging already. Do people just like the (pointless) fact that the
    current flows directly THROUGH the plastic case… instead of directly
    THROUGH 2 tiny contact points? That’s a big deal?

  • What standard is it using, Qi?

  • Stas

    add 40$ to ship outside the US. Haha 🙂

  • Cristian Borsa

    The $40 shipping charge for outside US is ridiculous

  • dsignori

    Very cool. I backed it.

  • robertlwalters

    Was that a Gnex on wirelessly charging?

  • Allan

    Nothing has yet to beat the Palm Touchstone.

    • MKader17

      Exactly. I did the Touchstone mod on my GNex and I use it in my truck as a “car dock”. I also used another one next too my bed. Good stuff.

      Though. The ability to have something sit in any position would make it better.

  • LionStone

    Oh Yea! Lovin built-in wireless charging on my DNA!

  • dsass600

    I’m not buying a wireless charger until it becomes completely standardized. Qualcomm, Samsung, and a bunch of other huge companies are backing a different type of technology that allows you to charge with even more efficiency and from a farther distance. Plus, all chargers designed with this technology would have the ability to be placed freely on the mat. It allows an unlimited number of devices, and the devices can even be stacked atop one another.

    • coolsilver

      But can it cook a rotisserie chicken in 30 minutes?

      • Justin W

        Will it blend?

  • DanSan

    now i just need a wireless charging back for my galaxy S4

  • Flat_Stanley

    At least for the Galaxy Nexus, the USB charging rate (500mA) is not enough to both charge the device and allow you to actively use it (screen on).

    • James Baranowski

      Root, use custom kernel (like [KERNEL] Air Kernel [JB 4.2.X – Weekly : #460 | 4.1.2 – Final Build! ] [4.2 & 4.1.2] – xda-developers) with fast charge support to get faster USBcharging. Since doing this I can drive from MA to NC with screen on for nav and streaming music and keeping the phone fully charged.

  • I’m backing this. Anything will be better than the Nexus Orb disaster.

    • Derin Richardson

      Agreed…The idea and aesthetic were thoughtful. The end result was not.

    • dunning-kruger

      Mine works if I clean it weekly, of course I don’t.

      So since it is on my nightstand for charging overnight I just keep my phone stationary with my glass of water.

  • Bob G

    A word of advice to anyone considering “donating” to this kickstarter program: the first 2 times TYLT did a pre-order for this VU product via their official site, and they ended up just pushing the delivery dates further and further back by months. It was originally supposed to ship out in March, then April, then June, and now suddenly a kickstarter program. Lots of angry people out there thanks to them.

    • dawn patterson

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    • Droid_Cindy_Designer

      Droid-Life will you *PLEASE* start mentioning that in your articles… instead of just blinding suggesting everyone donate money?

  • TJK775

    i Love Rhino3D!!!! well and wireless charging! lols

    • Tyler Bowden

      I use it all the time and love it!

  • trophynuts

    I want to donate just because he says “backdoor” several times

    • Trevor

      This made me experience some out loud laughter.

  • Alter

    If only international shipping wasn’t so expensive, I’d get this for my Nexus 4.

  • Finire

    Got in on the Very Very Early one myself, glad to see this made it here!

  • moelsen8

    Umm.. Last I heard of this a few months ago, it was going to be available to actually buy last month. What happened?

    • Clearly, not enough funds is what happened..

      • moelsen8

        Just weird, it was listed on the site as coming in April, alongside their other stuff which was available to buy. That sucks though, it looks like a great wireless charger.