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The Weekend is the Perfect Time to Catch Up on the Droid Life Show Episode 26


We all know how lonely it can get over the weekends. Not to worry, the Droid Life Show episode 26 can keep you company. In this week’s episode, we covered all of the hot topics including the recently Woodside-confirmed Motorola X phone, the new rendition of Gmail, what we spotted of Android 4.3 during a recent leak and a whole lot more.

Please, won’t you join us?

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  • Love the show. Good luck!

  • goog luck

  • Chiane

    I enjoyed watching. it was very entertaining Beef Jerky Wholesale

  • Jcloud222

    I need to know before I die… eventually… what kind of guitar is that in the background? I’m in the market for a black acoustic and that one looks pretty damn sexy. Oh and erm… Android 4eva breh!


    I had asked before but… what’s with that mic? What kind is it and why choose that over a headset?

  • exciting shows, however i think that it is better if the time is shorter than now

    • KidFlash1904

      No, I love one hour + Droid life episodes!

  • Kisuk3

    Love the show, just feel its a bit to long.

    • KidFlash1904

      Nah its just right

  • Drew Chapman

    June 10th is my bday! Would be sick if the white Nexus comes that day.

  • MikeSaver

    has anyone else been prompted to update google calendar but none of the changes have gone into effect?

    • sc4fpse

      Check to ensure that your old calendar was properly overwritten. Following the app update, I now have two calendar apps – same calender data, but one is the old app and the other is the new, updated one.

  • zepfloyd


  • Sirx

    Listened to my first eve podcast while I was driving down to the gf’s place yesterday: Droid-Life Show, episode 26!

    For future reference, can you guys maybe announce your name everytime you have any input whatsoever? It would really help us podcast listeners out until we’re able to tell your voices apart 😛

    • Announcing our name every time we speak would be cumbersome, but we could introduce ourselves at the beginning so you get a little more of an introduction to who is who.

    • fartbubbler

      no offense, but that would sound incredibly stupid.

      just listen to the show a few times and you’ll get to know the voices 🙂

  • sc4fpse

    Request: Is there any way that you guys could list the times in the video when you start talking about each different subject? I’m usually interested in certain parts of the Droid Life Show, such as this week’s Moto X confirmation. But I always *hate* having to dig through a slow-buffering YouTube video to find the right part of the video. Please! Point us in the right direction!

    • That’s not a terrible idea. We could add annotations into the videos after uploading, so that could be a possibility. 🙂

      • Hungry Hamburger

        How can you possibly get lonely when you have Loki.

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      • michael arazan

        Think you need a theme song to introduce your show