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Wednesday Poll: What is Your Current Phone?

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The last time that we asked the Droid Life community about their current phone, the Galaxy Nexus was still dominating, followed closely by the Galaxy S3. But since that poll ran back in August of last year, we’ve seen the Galaxy Note 2 surface, along with the RAZR HD, Nexus 4, DROID DNA, Nexus 4, HTC One, and of course, the Galaxy S4. Since we are now in late May of 2013, it’s time to ask again, “Which phone do you currently own?”

As in previous polls, we can’t list every single phone on the market, so we picked the top dogs and also some from the past that many of you still seem to be suffering with. For those with a Samsung phone like the GS4 or Note 2, be sure to mention your specific carrier model in the comments. When voting “Other,” be sure to tell us which phone it is that you have. So, tell us, which phone is your current phone?

What is Your Current Phone?

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  • Dan

    VZW Note II

  • Bobby Phoenix

    GSII and Nexus One.

  • Reallytho

    Verizon Galaxy Nexus running Paranoid Android with unlimited data and off contract…BUT T-Mobile is looking more and more appealing.

  • Eddie Roseberry

    Ahem… HTC One X.

  • Royal Assassin

    Damn, I thought I’d be in the minority still holding on to my Gnex lol

    • Hah yeah I’m surprised so many people are still rockin’ the Gnex. I loved mine, but I had way too many lag issues with it, no matter what rom, no matter the kernel, anything. Switched over a Nexus 4, never seen a bit of lag on this thing since I picked it up!

      • Greyhame

        Jealous. Love my GNex, but could really do without the lag, or the weak battery.

        • John

          Unable to shell out 600$ for a new phone, I went ahead & threw a 3800mAh battery in my gnex. I can easily last past a day on this thing. It’s great not to have to worry about battery anymore.

          • Greyhame

            I went the other route and swap batteries at least once a day. Found some nice 2100 mAh Anker batteries, and use external charging docks.

          • joejoe5709

            I find myself bringing a usb cable just about everywhere I go. I picked up a second battery for those really long trips or if I don’t get a chance to charge my phone between getting home from work and going back out. Problem is… my back plate has lost some teeth from overuse and slides around a bit. Yikes. I just ordered an Anker battery as well because my wife and I have started doing a lot of jogging and need some extra juice while listening to music. Hopefully that helps.

          • John

            2nd stock battery?

          • joejoe5709

            Yeah. I don’t remember what company makes it, but I got a cradle dock (not a pogo) and the back of it had a battery charger for a second battery.

        • Weber


          Add to cart to see how much it is. 2100mAh battery for free. All you pay is shipping and handling. Battery door fits Sprint and VZW. I have a VZW GNex and bought two.

          • Greyhame

            It’s asking for a Sprint number and zip code tied to that number.

          • Weber

            I don’t understand that. I have VZW and it allowed me to buy two

    • umataro42

      I have a feeling a lot of us Gnex holder-ons are also on Verizon, or maybe Sprint. It’s still the only CDMA Nexus and it came out when people could still get grandfathered in to unlimited data.

      • Royal Assassin

        Yea I guess, people are pulling the, ‘cold, dead hands’ thing with their unlimited data including me….although when note 3 comes out, Verizon can suck it and T-Mo will be my new lord and master.

    • joejoe5709

      Seriously! I know it’s still a popular phone, but I didn’t think they sold that many of them – let alone enough to maintain such a lofty position. I would have definitely bet money against it getting 30% of Droid-Life readers. That’s double second place GS3. Wow. I’m kinda sad to see the Nexus4 so low on the list, however. 🙁

  • Thomas

    Motorola StarTAC 😉

  • Eric Price

    Droid DNA, very happy with it. Super fast and great display.

  • Eric

    Interesting to see the iPhone make the list but no Windows Phone devices.

    • Diablo81588

      Why is that interesting?

  • PoorThunderboltPeople

    GNEX with upgrade in 2 weeks

    S4 seems likely to replace GNEX

  • Thomas Peltier

    I have a TBolt and the only reason I don’t have a new phone is because Verizon refuses to release the HTC One. I don’t want the S4 or DNA, just the One. Is it too much to ask? I’ve already suffered enough…

    • Stephen Freeman

      Ahmen to you good sir! I too am holding out!

  • Siege

    Still rockin’ a Charge. The phone so old, I had to choose “Other.”

    • WalkerNA

      I feel your pain. Patiently awaiting to see if the HTC One or X-Phone happen before choosing my next device.

      • Siege

        Probably just gonna go for a Google Edition S4 on T-Mo once it releases. I can’t wait much longer.

  • Eric G Canoy

    hahah I”m not the only one! GNex fo’ Life

  • Flyinion

    Gnex on Verizon here. So ready to drop Verizon and go to T-mobile or maybe AT&T. I want something GSM capable for running around overseas once in a while (and Verizon doesn’t get much that can do that) but also t-mobile is really tempting with their lower and non-contract pricing.

    • Blue Sun

      +1 to that!

    • calum wilper

      i tried to do this with a Nexus 4, unfortunately their signal coverage was so bad i couldn’t stick with it

      • Tim242

        I tried that as well. Not even close to acceptable

    • edward

      get a note II on verizon. it’s gsm capable –

      • rodney11ride

        and you wont be tempted at the lower cost but POS service area…

    • Gr8Ray

      Too bad with TMO you can’t even run around THIS country and get coverage in half the places you go. That’s why I ended up on VZW in the first place.

    • I switched to a Nexus 4 on TMO in Denver and have loved it ever since. One of the better decisions I’ve made. The coverage here isn’t bad. It definitely isn’t as fast as Verizon, and some areas are a bit spotty, but overall, it’s great.

      As long as I’m not bound to a contract and have the phone I want, I’m alright.

    • panzerapple

      Gave up on Verizon and my unlimited data and my beloved Gnex and have a Nexus 4. My data speeds on the completely overloaded Verizon towers were 250 kbps my N4 is doing 5 mbps on HSPA+ and I charge my N4 every other day. Very happy and have enough bandwidth where I do not have to hook up to the wifi to make phone somewhat functional.

      • Diablo81588

        Where the hell do you live that you get that speed on LTE?

        • panzerapple

          Fargo ND and I am 3500 ft from the tower. If you get twenty or so miles out of town it gets better. Oh well love my N4

      • ImmaDroid

        Damn that sucks, I guess I feel pretty lucky where I am, even though I’ve only had LTE for 1.5 months. I get average 35-50mbps, with highs in 60-64mbps with VZW LTE.

      • Higher_Ground

        I feel your pain, though mine is closer to 1 Mbps most of the time :/
        The main problem is mobile data takes forever to connect at my house, and when it does I have -120 dBm signal…

  • Nicktrance

    Galaxy S II running Android 4.2, still serves me well but I might upgrade later this year.

  • Kyle

    Took advantage of the free Droid DNA a week ago…..Quad Core for free!

  • David Dudovitz


  • Franklin Ramsey

    Still Rocking the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. I’m thinking I might keep it till a Nexus from someone other than LG is announced. I was hopeful Motorola might get it, cause their radios and MAXX battery life teamed with a Nexus design, what more could you wish for?

    • staticx57

      Decent camera?

      • Franklin Ramsey

        Any phone out there anymore pretty much has the same camera anymore. I’d not be opposed to a decent camera, but I think pretty much any 5-8 megapixel camera is going to look about the same and they will still suck in Low light. Even the HTC One isn’t what I would call the best in low light. I have an 80 dollar sony digital camera that takes better pictures.

        • staticx57

          I also have a better camera than my phone. However, I also carry my phone around WAY more than my camera, so it sees much more use. Any phone with those crappy moto cameras would never cut it compared to something like a galaxy s or iphone

        • DainLaguna

          Except that we are talking motos cameras here, which are significantly worse than those ‘average’ cameras you may be speaking of. This day and age, a point and shoot shouldn’t be necessary

          • Franklin Ramsey

            And yet, at every family gathering I go to people still break out the point and shoots because they take better pictures than their iPhones, S3s, and hodgepodge of other phones. Significantly worse than a bad camera is still a bad camera. The sensors are not so large that an average point and shoot sensor couldn’t fit in a phone, but they don’t put them in phones yet. I use my phone for pictures when they aren’t pictures that I “need” to be sure look nice. They are nice to have, but not reliable, even in the high end phones.

  • Nadora

    Still rocking Galaxy Nexus and loving it!

  • Guest

    I currently do not have a phone

  • Jérôme Besnard

    Nexus 4 on T-Mo, switching soon to a month-to-month with ATT network.

  • Mark Schleupner

    Droid Bionic!

  • SvMagus

    Don’t lie to your conscience , you have an iPhone and still come to visit this site…

    • Stephen Freeman

      I may buy one for work. I have a lot of Blind, Deaf, and Hard of hearing users that rely on the iPhone’s accessibility features.

  • nextstepbasketball

    Note 2 on Verizon

  • davschw

    Still using my not-so-trusty Droid 3. But, my VZW S4 is in the mail! Should have it up and running shortly.

  • Any new HTC Droid DNA/Butterfly 2 rumors? just saw one that it will have an ultrapixel camera and a bigger display :X

  • Daniel Russell

    What this poll told me. My Bionic is just as popular as an iPhone on an all android news site. I need a new phone.

    • Silver Veloz

      Yes – Still sporting the Bionic here also. (Verizon – Jelly Bean, of course).

      • my dad has the bionic and now that it’s on jellybean he couldn’t be any happier (he loves using speech to text and voice actions) battery life sucks but at times it runs better than my gnex

        • Diablo81588

          Battery life is awesome with the OEM extended battery.

    • MrBigStuff

      Still got my bionic too. It’s running CM 10.1 RC2 pretty well (no more stuttering of the UI than it ever had on GB or stock ICS), and my (extended) battery recently lasted 2 full days with 4 hrs of screen on time and a decent amount music streaming. I’m really fishing for a legitimate reason to use my upgrade, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find one…

  • dannyWHITE

    LG Optimus G Pro

  • Wes Jordan

    Just a Nexus 4 on T-Mobile for me.

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    I got a sgs3 from cl because i dropped my gnex and the screen cracked. Otherwise I’d still use it. Hoping for a One on vzw

  • AxemRed

    I have a GNex that Verizon exchanged me for my Bionic when I was having signal problems late last summer. Since I originally got the Bionic at launch, I got my upgrade this month! I’m waiting to see what Moto’s next phone with be since i like their giant batteries, but it’s hard looking at the GS4 with an upgrade on my account.

  • Rich Wentz

    Just picked up the GS4, loving every second of it!

    • Tim242

      Me too! Went from Note 2 to the S4.

  • Nexus 4. T-Mo. All Day baby!!

    Well not really all day, my battery isn’t that great.

  • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

    RAZR MAXX HD Ftw, Jesus this phone is fantastic once it’s been rooted/unlocked. Get the INCIPIO Feather case, it makes it feel so much more solid without the bulk. Get an average 48-50 hours before getting the the low battery warning lol

    • I really have a feeling that Motorola will be the company to break me away from my Nexus devices. I have T-Mo but dammit I want a phone that has a battery like the RAZR, with Stock Android GSM.

      • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

        I’m not saying moto is the best (due to their constant lock of bootloaders) by any means. But if you’re not against breaking the bootloader with Rosenbergs tool, then you can 100% turn it into a stock device with an incredible battery. Not to mention, the build quality of this device is just out of this world sexy.

        • I’m in no need for a new phone right now. I’m contempt with my Nexus 4, regardless of the battery issues. Sometimes I think my battery issues are self-inflicted; above average usage and unwillingness to turn off Wi-Fi, BT just to saves battery. I rather charge all the time as opposed to crippling my phone.

          Also, I will soon be in a position where I won’t need my phone until Feb 2014, so I’m not in the market. However, if I’m not happy with the specs of the “Next” Nexus (specifically removable battery), I will probably look into a Moto design. I miss my OG Droid. Hopefully Google does something good with their acquisition of Motorola, and I’m not talking about the XPhon, the rumored specs on that thing sound weak.

    • rodney11ride

      Im with you… I dont even care that the s4 is newer with better specs… i will be switching to the razr maxx hd in a few weeks from my gnex.. I am a HEAVY user using upwards of 15 gb a month and with multiple charges on gnex averaging close to 5 hours on screen time a day. I need more BATTERY…

      • Dave

        My GN2 does that and usually has about 40-50% left depending on where I am and signal strength. Although admittedly I don’t use it as much as I used to. ..

        • Greyhame

          Don’t think I could abide the size, and the backwards button layout even less. If the Note came with onscreen buttons, I’d probably give it a shot.

        • Diablo81588

          You do not get 10 hours of screen on time with the Note 2.

    • Dave

      How much screen time? My best was about 7.5 hours with about 35% left on my GN2. These 2 devices rule battery life.

    • LiterofCola

      Yep, still rockin’ this phone too. Still love it.

  • LarryLu

    Nexus 4 with T-Mo after dropping Verizon like a bad habit. So happy and the network is actually good in my area so fast speeds, all for $30 a month!

    • How much data do you get for that? I have been contemplating coming over to the pink side…

      • Glen E Ston

        5gb of “4g” after that its throttled. the 30$ plan is unlimited data and text with 100 mins voice. BUT you can add 1000 mins that will roll over month to month for 1 year.

        • Flyinion

          Is that a t-mobile plan or one of the 3rd party plans that run on their network like that Solavie (spelling?) company?

        • Anthony K

          How do you add 1000 Minutes that roll over month to month?

        • Huh? Everything I have seen online is the $50 for 2GB plan. Do you have a link to what you have?

      • Fattie McDoogles

        That’s what I have. I love it. I couldn’t be happier. I haven’t seen a bill near $100 since I started. Would never go back. I have the same service issues that I had with Verizon and Sprint and my data is faster than both.

  • hockeytownmatt

    No Rezound on this list…but the Thunderbolt makes it??

    obviously i’m using a rezound. haha

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      how the iphone made the list confuzzled me

      • Chris Hannan

        People eager to switch. 🙂

  • hippo

    DInc2 for one more month, then htc one on tmobile

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Nexus 4 and Note 2. Gotta have a nexus, but i’m on verizon.

    Voted note 2 because it’s my daily device.
    no surprise to most people owning a gnex. if my screen didn’t crack i’d still be using mine. it’s also nice to see what the regular commenters are using.

  • JMonkeYJ

    i’m seriously considering selling my Nexus 4 (which I love, BTW) for an HTC One. i’m quite torn, tho. i’d appreciate any input from the DL community.

    • Do you like Sense 5?

      • JMonkeYJ

        i *think* i could live with it, and CM is rapidly advancing for HTC One, altho still not ready for daily use.

  • EMcTx

    Galaxy S4 on T-mobile. I really love this phone, it’s so fast!

  • flyinggerbil

    i miss the days of og droid…

  • ßen Murphy

    Um, phone giveaway contest?

  • Ryan Powell

    Can we all chip in to get the 1 Thunderbolt owner a new phone?

    • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

      Lmao I got 5 on it

      • pgb33

        haha thanks for your generosity

      • Ryan Powell

        This Poll just became an intervention for Thunderbolt owners.

        • Nicktrance

          It’s up to 7 now 😮

          • Jaron

            I am proud to say that I am 1 of 18 still with it haha I was waiting for the HTC One to release but it seems that I might have to settle for the S4

          • Dave

            Settling for a near 2ghz 2GB ram 1080p phone has never seemed so funny.

          • Jaron

            Ya its crazy how quickly phones have evolved spec wise in two years! 1Ghz 512mb ram thunderbolt was top of the line for it’s time haha

          • Sterling Stokes Jr

            I still have a Tbolt but just ordered the S4 through Amazon; $20 cheaper than what Verizon wanted with contract. Power issues with Thunderbolt made the One a no go. Wish I had waited seeing how people are offering to buy us new phones.

          • T4rd

            So you dropped your unlimited data?! =O

          • Jaron

            Thats the one reason I don’t have a new phone already because of my unlimited data I use about 15 GB a month. I looked it up and there is a loophole by transferring your upgrade to a dummy line then getting the phone you want on the dummy line. after transferring the phone back to your original line

          • T4rd

            Yeah, that’s exactly how I upgraded to my Note 2 from the Gnex. I let my mom on my account with me and got her a used iPhone 4 (her first smart phone so she loves it regardless) and used her new line to get the Note 2 at subsidized price, then had the rep activate the iPhone on her line and give me the Note 2 for me to put my SIM into. The Verizon rep even told me that whenever I wanted to upgrade, I can just transfer my upgrade to her 2GB line so I can get the phone at subsidized price and just swap SIMs. Same thing for my wife’s line. And whenever my mom is due for upgrade I can take her upgrade just like I did with the initial phone purchase with my Note 2. He was pretty cool about it and had no issues helping me keep my unlimited data.

          • Jaron

            I really need to look into this it just so happens that my thunderbolt screen has become “unresponsive” on the left side and I have to hit it to work haha It just so happened that my 2 years were up in April. Seems to me that they make the phones break after the two years so you have to buy another haha

          • metool6

            AT&T upgraded me from 3G unlimited data to 4G LTE for free

          • Dean Milord

            Same here plus I dont want to sign a new contract. Seriously thinking about going to T-Mobile soon. I just need them to up their data speeds and I’ll be good to go. That and the Nexus 5 for $299 won’t hurt either!!!

          • Sterling Stokes Jr

            Sadly, yes. I can’t afford $700 retail price of phone out right. Especially as phones these days don’t last forever.

    • New_Guy

      I feel kind of bad for those 4 guys

    • iheardulikemlg

      How about for a Droid X2 owner?


      • T4rd

        Lol, you should have known that was a bad choice when it launched. It was like 6 weeks before the Bionic launched, had the crappy Tegra 2 SoC, 512 MBs RAM, horrible qHD pentile LCD display and no 4G/LTE. That phone was doomed from the start.

      • emoney

        how about an original Droid Incredible owner? my charge lasts till about noon with less than moderate use

        • ckeegan

          Sounds like my GNex until I got the S4. Couldn’t take it anymore.

        • og Droid Incredible was a really great phone… Mine still works but wifi only just for playing. Gnex, then Note2 and i haven’t looked back!

        • joe

          If I don’t wake up right away, and it’s playing music, mine sometimes dies before I can turn the alarm off 🙁

          • 6stringslinger

            ALMOST as bad as my Gnex has gotten. I’m on the second free replacement battery from Big Red, I don’t know if I have the courage to ask them for another one.

          • Dean Milord

            If you have to get another one tell them that you do not want the same phone again to have the same issues again. And to give you an equivalent device. And shoot for the Razr HD or Maxx or S3

        • ChargeMeBack

          How about a Droid Charge owner? It’s not even in the list!

      • I was running a Droid R2D2 until i got my Gnex in Feb. Time to let it go.

      • gokusimpson

        Or original Droid X!

        • joe

          I second that. Droid X

          • SamusDroid

            I third this. Droid X FTW! STILL going strong almost 3 years later….except for the 2 spare batteries to make it last a day. Best phone I have ever had. I am hoping to upgrade to that “X phone” soon

        • Helllllzyeah

          Samsies. Waiting for a phone that won’t explode if it touches the ground.

      • rutgersjaffo

        I loved my X2, dude! Held it til I replaced it with my Note 2 a few months back.

    • jmasterj

      Yes please!

    • 6stringslinger

      I’d be willing to donate MY Thunderbolt to him, so at least he would have a backup to use when his goes into an endless boot loop.

    • Jeremy Gross

      how about blackberry!!! that mofo

  • schoat333

    S4 for me RAZR HD maxx for the wife. Easily the best two phones on VZW right now.

  • JetBlue

    I hope whoever voted for the Thunderbolt is joking.

    • jmasterj


    • ostensibly

      I have two friends running rooted tbolts that are perfectly happy with them.

  • iamevie

    Samsung Galaxy S3 with Verizon

  • Daniel

    Motorola Droid 4!!!!! Very sad about the lack of keyboard love in this survey, especially when the Bionic is still a choice

    • Brian Cohen

      Seriously…what this guy said

    • We need more high-end QWERTY phones… heck, I’d live with mid-range at this point…

      • Glen E Ston

        maybe the industry has been moving away from it because the more mechanical parts on a phone, the more prone it is to break/defect? I went through 6 OG droids lol.

        • Dave

          And the increased part and assembly cost. Sliders are just about nailed in the coffin.

        • Mark Mann

          i went through 4 OGs in a little under 3 years, but nothing ever failed on them that i didn’t cause…no mechanical they were all software related…and i beat the h-e-double hockey stick out of them

          • hoodieNation

            I had one OG Droid and it’s still sitting in my truck and is working great as a speedometer/music player.

        • The can make the keyboard an attachment to a slate phone. Put an extended battery to give it weight. One phone to support, extra money from the people who want to buy a snap – on keyboard. Problem solved.

    • Jeremy B.

      Bionic doesn’t have a physical qwerty keyboard…

      • Chris Phillips

        he’s referring to the fact that the droid 4 came out after the bionic, i believe…

    • breadable

      The QWERTY lives on!! My Droid 4 is still doing well enough

      (though how about some manufacturer offers us an update option some time soon eh?)

  • Had the Nexus until a couple of weeks ago, when I ebay’d a Razr HD. This thing blows the Nexus out of the water, now that it is rooted.

    • evcon

      Which Nexus?

      • AxemRed

        He’s probably talking about a GNex on Verizon since he replaced it with a Razr HD. The GNex seems slowwwwwwwww on 4.2.

        • evcon

          I assume that’s what he meant too, but asked in case he was going mental. My GNex is blazing fast on 4.2 about 10% of the time, which is pretty much unacceptable.

          • Weber

            But, 10% of the time, it’s blazing fast…every time..

    • Steve Benson

      I just ebay’d an S3 and will be ditching my Gnex as well. The S3 should arrive tomorrow. My wife has had an S3 since launch and I’ve been jealous ever since.

  • Michael Forte

    Galaxy S4 with AOKP. It is so much faster than my Gnex.

    • TomMabe

      Your newer debloated phone runs faster then your 1.5 year old phone?

  • Razr Maxx which has JUSSSTTT started to slow down a bit over the past 3 weeks. Itching for something new from Verizon with a snapdragon 800 and maxx battery life.


      Been noticing this too. I switched to CM10.1 and it got a little better, but regardless I feel that my RAZR MAXX is on the verge of death.

    • zmberven

      I FINALLY quit holding out and went to CM 10.1 a few weeks ago. Minus a few hiccups, it really has given a new breath of life into my MAXX… hopefully it will placate my itch for something new and shiny for a while

  • coolsilver

    If you asked last week I would said Thunderbolt and been one of very very few.