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Verizon’s Galaxy S3 Receiving Major Update to Build VRBMD3 – Includes Multi-Window, Plus Other Enhancements (Updated)

gs3 vzw update1

The Samsung Galaxy S3 received approval from Verizon this morning on a major update to build VRBMD3. The update includes a hefty list of enhancements like multi-screen and multi-window multitasking, Best Shot camera mode, better people tagging in photos, S Beam Auto Share Shot, and a image gallery. The bug fix lists mentions a more stable Hotspot experience, improved lock screen function, easier to turn on NFC, and a change to “Close All” instead of “Remove All” in the task manager menu. 

No word yet on when the update is scheduled to rollout, but typically when support documents are posted, we see the update go live within a matter of days.

Update:  The update appears to be live already. Head into Settings>About phone>Software update to grab it.

gs3 vzw update

The update is approximately 129MB in size.

gs3 vzw update2

More info.

  • I still don’t have the update. Does anyone know when it 4.2 will be pushed out?

  • Alexandra Paige DeGrandchamp

    So my friends s3 didn’t get pushed the update. What can I do to push it

  • braves

    Does anyone know how to turn on “Access phone screen without unlocking device when connected via Bluetooth headset”?

  • Glenn

    What about a root for this update?

    • tony

      You and me both. Any updates yet?

  • radiationgal

    I got the update yesterday with Verizon and was extremely disappointed to find the right swype to call feature no longer works. I called Verizon only to be told to call Samsung. Seems that unless i do a factory reset, that wonderful right swype to call is lost.

    • braves

      If you start the right swype from the Name instead of the Picture/Icon, it will work.

  • Shaun

    I’m a bit confused. In the update, they are saying there is a new ” Best Shot” option. This option has been with the phone since birth. Does someone know something I don’t?

    • braves

      It’s not “Best Shot”, Verizon screwed up. It’s “Best Face”
      Camera, Best Face: The problem with group pictures? Somebody always, ALWAYS blinks. Well, Best Face is your solution to that. Best Face takes 5 consecutive pictures and lets you choose the best face for each person among those shots.

  • Kevin

    Installed the update . Side -by – Side feature works ( nice) but version still shows 4.12

  • CapnShiner

    Does anyone know how this update affects WiFi tethering? Specifically, free Wifi tethering for those with unlimited data? There was a glitch that allowed anyone to use WiFi hotspot without authorizing with Verizon by using a widget. I want to know if they plugged that loophole.

  • Mitch Edwards

    I put my phone back to stock and still havnt recieved the update

  • Kidqwik

    Uhh. I temporarily disabled root on my phone and did the update and now I’m getting the “You have Unauthorized software on your phone, please bring your phone into a Verizon store” or whatever. I did this method. What do I need to do now to get the phone in useable condition again? Links please. HELP! :-b

    • Reflash your phone. Stock

      • Kidqwik

        Does it matter what stock build i use? I had the latest update before this. I never unlocked the bootloader either. Links please. :b

  • need to get rid of bloatware

    Will the root still work?

  • fuckvzw

    Ppl beware of this update. Vzw added a app to the update that if you aren’t carefull you will end up with a 1.99 charge on your bill a month. See the picture below.

  • iceburgh

    How nice, new bloatware “Caller Name ID” installed with update, disabling!

  • Nathan Hill

    I keep finding a 4G icon in the notification bar even while Wifi is connected… dissapears for a bit, then comes back. Staying away for awhile now. Hmmmmmmm

  • Tam

    After downloading the update, my 4G LTE connectivity went down the gutter. I don’t know if this is a temporary side effect or something permanent, but my connection bars stay at 1 or 2 bars and take way too long to load anything. I had to use my work phone ( also GS3 ) to look up info. Let’s hope they didn’t muck it up. I’m upgrading to Galaxy S4, but for all the gs3 owners this could be big problem. Lets hope i’m wrong.

    • iceburgh

      I’m seeing the same thing

      • DeathfireD

        Same here. 4G LTE dies and I get stuck on 3G the rest of the day unless I toggle airplane mode which brings 4G LTE back. As soon as I hit an area with low 4G LTE service it switches to 3G and stays there indefinitly.

        • Z

          I am having the same issue. My 4G blows right now, I get better downloads with dialup than this bs after the update. If Verizon doesn’t address this issue soon, I might do a factory reset in hopes that would help. If not, I will finally root my phone. And if that still doesn’t help, then I’m going right to the store and bringing a hell of a fury about this!

          • Ariel Felder

            A factory reset doesn’t do anything to help with the crappy radio in this update. I can’t get a data connection about 75% of the time now and Verizon claims that no one is having a problem with the update so it must be my phone

        • sterm

          Same here, 4G is useless

        • DeathfireD

          I think I may have fixed it on my phone..it’s only been 12 hours so I’m not completely sure. I changed the network data setting from Global to CDMA/LTE and then powered down completely. I then pulled my sim card and battery and then put them back in. After that I cleared my system cache by holding down up volume button, home button, and power button all at the same time until the menu came up that gave me the choice to clear cache. Finally after that I shut my phone down again completely and restarted it. 4G seems to be working at correct speeds now and hasn’t dropped to 3G or 1X or died since I did this. Battery is no longer hot and it no longer dies after 5 hours. Seems to be back to normal *knock on wood*.

          I did the same steps as above on a friends S3 and instead of clearing the system cache I just shut down and then restarted his phone about 5-10 times until I noticed the problem go away. So it seems like this is a SIM/cache issue.

          PS. Seems to solve the “4G/3G turns on when wifi is on” bug too. I’ll post back here if anything changes.

    • I noticed the same thing so I decided to check my network settings and found the issue It was set to global mode, so switch it back to LTE/CDMA

      • That worked for me also, except I’m stuck on 3G only. Prior to changing to LTE/CMDA, mobile wouldn’t work for me at all (shows as “Offline”), but WIFI would.

      • lamerkid

        Thank you so much! This fixed it for the time being. Hopefully it still works well when I return home.

  • Chris

    Just received the update here in Denver!

  • Jay

    My phone just updated right now ! YEEEEEE

  • avs

    Was hoping Verizon will put back the WiFi toggle button, but disappointed because it’s still missing.

  • Leo

    Does anyone else have weak signal after update? I only have 3g now no 4glte.

    • Bretton Key

      That may be due to number of people trying to pull the update in your cell region. It will return, you may have to just power off your phone (not a restart) to get it back. If it persist, it’s a possibility it could be your SIM card, and you may have remove or look at that next…

      • Tam

        That’s certainly not the case. The phone is running very sluggish and some widgets and pics aren’t loading at all. Battery is running out way too fast and 4G is super slow / non existent. My 2nd GS3 works just like before, no issues since I didn’t do the update on the 2nd phone.

        • pizzaparties

          I’m actually having the same issue. I’m trying to download the update to double twist and it’s downloading on about 1x. It says I have 4G and 3 bars and I’m in a place where I never had service problems.

          • Go to network settings and you’ll see the problem, for some reason the update switches it to global mode, change it back to LTE/CDMA and you’ll notice that your service is restored.

          • pizzaparties

            That doesn’t fix it. My phone was on global mode before the update. It still uses 4G when in the U.S. Appreciate the suggestion though.

            I called Verizon and they’re telling me to do a factory reset. I’m traveling this evening so I’d prefer not to, but just wondering if anyone else has done that and had it resolve the issue?

    • Tam

      STill having problems with 4G connectivity. 7 hours has passed since the update and my phone still shows 3G signal and MUCH weaker battery life. Way to screw up the phone with “Enhancement” update. I restarted my phone 3 times and it shut off once on it’s own due to battery running out prematurely. All this while my work GS3 is running on 4G and still has 60% battery life left. 8:57pm EST. Took it off charge at 8am.

    • K

      I am having the same issues. One thing I noticed is that on my pre-upgraded phone it showed a screenful of APNs, but after the upgrade it only shows one.

    • Howard Marlow

      Same thing here, 4G will drop off and never come back when I had 4g consistently before.

  • Armus

    Where is the S4 software we were promised by Samsung? We’ve had multi Window for months now.

  • Steven Decker


  • juancarlos ramirez

    downloading upgrade now 🙂

  • zorak19620

    After installing it, i got more bloatware….not cool verizon!

  • Armus

    Most folks already had multi Window. I’m waiting for Samsung to fulfill it’s promise of the s4 software for the s3 and note 2. Not to mention a 32gb S4 on vzw

  • Victor

    I know carriers can take their time with updates for our phones, but you have to really commend VZW for not having us wait 3-4 updates before we can have multi windows and other things that the newer versions of Android + Touchwiz offer. I about to update the wife’s S3. I know I could have given her these features with rooting and a custom rom, but I ;promised her that I would not fiddle with her phone. I am sure she is going to enjoy some of these new features.

    • Dominick White

      the same thing i had promise my wife

  • I will stick with my CM 10.1 4.2.2… I downloaded Synergyrom a month or so ago where they added the multi window stuff, I thought it would be cool, and never used it.

  • kstock

    attempting to download the update but did anyone else have a problem with it sitting at 0% for a while? Mine has been at 0% for about fifteen minutes and hasn’t moved…

  • SewWhat

    Just got it in Winston-Salem,NC

    • Chris Stuart

      Whoa another Winston-Salemite! Or whatever we are called.

      • SewWhat

        I call it being stuck at work…lol

  • DanSan

    holy hell, verizon released an update….

    im shocked

    • MrToTo83

      Verizon has actualy been on the ball latley with updates. Not the same Verizon as two years ago when it comes to updating.

      • Matt

        Umm, this is a very delayed update. We should be on 4.1.2 by now at the very least. This is still the same Verizon. You’ve just received an old update.

  • Jim Halvorson

    downloading the update now in Vegas

  • Detonation

    Hoping there is a quick turn around to update CleanROM now that the update is live.

  • arthur2142

    I just received the update!

  • It is still 4.12.. Just finish Downloading on wife’s phone

  • ryan

    i was just able to pull it and its installing now

  • john james

    We had this on sprint since the beginning of April when Mc3 came out and got the official MD4 like April 15

  • Josh J

    My GS3 just updated. Verizon is on the ball.

  • braves

    Do I need to uninstall Nova Launcher before upgrading?

    • James Heyneman

      Not sure if serious but no, it is just a launcher… It shouldn’t affect updating.

  • YEMan0443

    S3 in CT updating automatically now.

  • gwhiteVT

    Downloading this now. I love update day.

  • T4rd

    So did Verizon beat Sprint or AT&T with this update? I don’t remember any news post saying they got it too. I remember T-Mobile getting it though. I would be surprised if they weren’t last to update, hah.

    • MattInPDX

      Sprint probably already has it as a coworker has the S3 on Sprint and can already do multi window.

  • Updating the wife’s phone right now…. I’m in the central NY area

  • MattInPDX

    Just checked my phone for a manual software update and it’s there, currently downloading.

  • Mistah Mark

    It’s live! After hitting the check now button over ten times, it pulled the update.

  • Tim Wing

    downloading now

  • jensen

    just checked and downloading now.

    • tony

      Are you just pulling our chains or are you really seeing the update download?

      • tony

        nevermind I’m downloading it as well!

      • jensen

        nope its optimizing app 78 of 105 right now

    • B J Books

      same here. that was fast for VZW (that is…from official notice to time of release).

  • Chad

    How do you keep root? Sorry, I’m new at this…

    • Will Carter
    • Mr E

      it’s been a while since i did this, but i think it may be suggested to un-root, update, then re-root, assuming this update doesn’t block exploits.

      i would recommend referring to xda, or whatever you used to root the first time for better instructions, and also details on re-rooting methods.

  • scorchedsky

    Applications remaining in foreground when pressing home to wake the phone – finally! That change was the most annoying thing about the phone by far, imo

    • Mr E

      awesome! that is totally annoying. this changes everything!

  • Steve Douglas

    This is one reason why Samsung is doing so well.. not many manufactures create new software functionality in their updates… We’re lucky if we get OS updates in a timely manner… Impressive!

    • MicroNix

      Motorola had a hard time just getting out bug updates that worked. This is why Samsung is eating their lunch.

      • Steve Douglas

        I agree. I just bought a Motorola Razr M for my Gf and man it is a fun little phone and was seriously impressed! It has great battery life and surprisingly the camera isn’t near as bad as they say.. the screen does sucks though…

      • Steve Douglas

        I agree. I just bought a Motorola Razr M for my Gf and man it is a fun little phone and was seriously impressed! It has great battery life and surprisingly the camera isn’t near as bad as they say.. the screen does sucks though…

  • Shawn D’lima

    Will this update allow us to Edit APN with out rooting it?

    • I had a card I used when I was in another country 2 years ago. It obviously won’t work here, but I put it in, and it did open up the add APN option.

      Someone else needs to test this.

      • Shawn D’lima

        hmm interesting i’ll have to try it out!

  • sadfasd

    Will this update work on my Nexus 4?

    • Rojo623


      i hope.

    • tony


  • Detonation

    “Device is now recognized by the computer when connected via USB Cable”

    Did they give us USB Mass Storage mode back?

  • ImmaDroid

    ” Save MMS attachments attachments in your gallery for quick posting and sharing” since when is that new?

  • BRIM

    Long overdue

  • Yoderz

    Thumbs up for improvements.

    • Col_Angus

      Thumbs down for unnecessary comments. *irony*

      • Mr E

        Oh, Col Angus, it seems you’re starting to get irritating again, especially using your thumbs like that.

  • rals

    Color me surprised, maybe it might worth getting the S4 now considering Verizon actually cares for this device.

    • Eric

      Care? This was supposed to come out around the same time the note 2 came out…..

  • Shawn D’lima

    Will this update allow us to Edit APN with out rooting it?

  • Scott Kart

    Andddddd where’s 4.2?

    • T4rd

      Expect it on Verizon about 4-5 months after the International S3 gets it and about 1-3 months after all other US carriers have it ;-).

    • Scott Tilney

      4.2 has been on the Verizon S3 for months!

      • Joe Bertolino

        It’s been on 4.1.2. And even with this update it’s still sitting at 4.1.2

    • Nick

      Depending on the carrier you’re with, they all have different time frames in releasing the updates. I’m pretty sure you know that by now. The companies don’t want to release a buggy product so they test it for any and all errors and bugs before releasing it…..again something you should know by now. Look at the Bionic, it ran through a few updates before receiving any major updates because they had to squash all the stupid bugs before going forward with the later releases. I’m not sure why anyone complains at all in when they release a major update, would you rather have a buggy major update that will have a bunch of force closes and errors…..or wait until they have completed all their tests and such and release a pretty much bug free update. In no way am I trying to be a douche or anything, but just wait it out and you’ll have a shiny 4.2 soon enough :-). I know I can’t wait for it even though we just got the update today for multi-window haha, but I will since I can’t control them.

  • Derek Lockovich

    So is this bumping it to 4.2/4.2.2?

    • Francisco Rodriguez

      Seems like it’ll be 4.1.2. That’s what T-Mo got when they got this update.

      • Jon Kruse

        We already have 4.1.2 without this update.

      • Mr E

        yep, reports on xda point to this being 4.1.2

  • kilbasar

    I used multi-window on the S3 as part of Synergy ROM (they ripped it from the Note), and it was pretty great. Having a browser or text message along side another window definitely comes in handy. I wish CM (and AOSP in general) would standardize a similar multi-window implementation.

    • Rojo623

      I always thought so, but even on my Note you can’t actually type anything with multi-window cuz the keyboard takes up half the screen.

    • Bretton Key

      True, I’m looking for a suitable multiwindow app/ rom for this. I love CM 10.1, and that’s the only thing missing…

      • kilbasar

        Right, you’ll only find it on TW-based ROMs, and they all suck compared to CM. There were talks of adding Cornerstone (similar to TW Multi-Window) to CM, but Google got all pissy about it, which might indicate they’re working on an “official” multi-window setup. Supposedly the Paranoid Android team has been working on their own implementation as well.

        • Bretton Key

          yeah, I’ll wait until CM gets something…other Paranoid has good roms, but performance of CM is superior in my books, most likely there will be a multitude of multiwindow apps soon…developers are building this just as fast you can spell it…

  • droid01

    When is it coming out.

    • ImmaDroid

      Its out right now, you just have to call Verizon up and say Pretty Pretty please may I?

    • Chris Stuart

      Its out now. Downloading

  • Ken Bosse

    Just when I was really happy with CM. Might have to check it out with CleanRom.

    • Mr E

      Let’s all go bother Scott again! It’s been a while 🙂