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Verizon’s Galaxy S3 Receiving Major Update to Build VRBMD3 – Includes Multi-Window, Plus Other Enhancements (Updated)

gs3 vzw update1

The Samsung Galaxy S3 received approval from Verizon this morning on a major update to build VRBMD3. The update includes a hefty list of enhancements like multi-screen and multi-window multitasking, Best Shot camera mode, better people tagging in photos, S Beam Auto Share Shot, and a image gallery. The bug fix lists mentions a more stable Hotspot experience, improved lock screen function, easier to turn on NFC, and a change to “Close All” instead of “Remove All” in the task manager menu. 

No word yet on when the update is scheduled to rollout, but typically when support documents are posted, we see the update go live within a matter of days.

Update:  The update appears to be live already. Head into Settings>About phone>Software update to grab it.

gs3 vzw update

The update is approximately 129MB in size.

gs3 vzw update2

More info.

  • I still don’t have the update. Does anyone know when it 4.2 will be pushed out?

  • Alexandra Paige DeGrandchamp

    So my friends s3 didn’t get pushed the update. What can I do to push it

  • braves

    Does anyone know how to turn on “Access phone screen without unlocking device when connected via Bluetooth headset”?

  • Glenn

    What about a root for this update?

    • tony

      You and me both. Any updates yet?

  • radiationgal

    I got the update yesterday with Verizon and was extremely disappointed to find the right swype to call feature no longer works. I called Verizon only to be told to call Samsung. Seems that unless i do a factory reset, that wonderful right swype to call is lost.

    • braves

      If you start the right swype from the Name instead of the Picture/Icon, it will work.

  • Shaun

    I’m a bit confused. In the update, they are saying there is a new ” Best Shot” option. This option has been with the phone since birth. Does someone know something I don’t?

    • braves

      It’s not “Best Shot”, Verizon screwed up. It’s “Best Face”
      Camera, Best Face: The problem with group pictures? Somebody always, ALWAYS blinks. Well, Best Face is your solution to that. Best Face takes 5 consecutive pictures and lets you choose the best face for each person among those shots.

  • Kevin

    Installed the update . Side -by – Side feature works ( nice) but version still shows 4.12

  • CapnShiner

    Does anyone know how this update affects WiFi tethering? Specifically, free Wifi tethering for those with unlimited data? There was a glitch that allowed anyone to use WiFi hotspot without authorizing with Verizon by using a widget. I want to know if they plugged that loophole.

  • Mitch Edwards

    I put my phone back to stock and still havnt recieved the update

  • Kidqwik

    Uhh. I temporarily disabled root on my phone and did the update and now I’m getting the “You have Unauthorized software on your phone, please bring your phone into a Verizon store” or whatever. I did this method. What do I need to do now to get the phone in useable condition again? Links please. HELP! :-b

    • Reflash your phone. Stock

      • Kidqwik

        Does it matter what stock build i use? I had the latest update before this. I never unlocked the bootloader either. Links please. :b

  • need to get rid of bloatware

    Will the root still work?