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Motorola CEO Confirms the Moto X Phone, Will Build It in Texas (Updated)

dennis woodside

Dennis Woodside, Motorola’s new CEO, just confirmed in an interview at D11 that they are indeed making a phone called Moto X. He said that the phone will be the first smartphone built in the U.S. “We’re building it in Texas,” Woodside mentioned during his sitdown. They are going to employee about 2,000 people outside of Forth Worth at a 500,000 square foot facility to make the magic happen. 

This is their “hero device,” and it’s going to be “broadly distributed.” Between now and October, Motorola is going to launch a handful of devices though, but way down from the massive portfolio of years past.

Woodside even claimed to have one of the phones with him on stage, though he said he wasn’t able to show it. But should he have decided to pull it out, he mentioned that with new sensors, that the phone anticipates your needs. For example, it would recognize that he took it out from his pants and potentially wake itself or activate a service.

When asked if he was confident in whether or not Motorola could actually move the needle with new products, Woodside said that the “products we are going to ship throughout the fall. They are unlike other things out there.”

While this is mostly an assumption on my part, the first of the handful of devices he mentioned will be the XFON (XT1056, XT1058, and XT1060) that has popped up in pictures, in benchmarks and at the FCC. It will be a mid-to-low range device that will be distributed everywhere at an incredibly low price. Then during the holidays, we’ll see the hero device.

Update:  According to Motorola, the Moto X will arrive in late summer.

Thoughts? What’s up Bionic?

Via:  AllThingsD

  • Nathaniel Hale

    Motorola DROID 5: Verizon’s Next Flagship Slider?

    Anna Aoki

    Motorola have more than proved that they are able to party with the best for
    specs as they offered the Motorola Droid Razr HD along with the Motorola Maxx
    HD. The Moto X is coming out later on this month and it should come with Jelly
    Bean 4.3. But what we want to know is what happened to phones with keyboards?

    In the past Motorola has brought out some high end QWERTY phones which have
    the base of handsets which are touch-screen. The Motorola Droid 5 could arrive
    towards the end of the year and it is thought that the device could have the
    same specs of the Motorola Droid Razr HD or the Moto X.

    So what specs could the Motorola Droid 5 possess when it arrives? There has
    been a lot of talk in forums, with some of the most common being that it would
    come with a 4.5 inch HD display, the Tegra 4, a battery of 2800 mAh, a camera
    of 8MP, which can record video at 1080p and a front camera of 2MP. The handset
    might look similar to the Motorola Droid Razr HD and it will be slim.

    At the moment these are nothing but rumours of course. But if we were to bet
    on it then we believe that the Motorola Droid 4 may not be the last device with
    a physical keyboard, if you take a look at how successful it was last year.

  • DirtyDenim

    I’m putting A LOT of blind faith in Motorola. People always sh*t on Motorola phones, but the OG droid was at one point Android’s Jesus flagship phone- I loved mine, and I loved my RAZR MAXX.

    I want to wait for this phone to come out because it seems like this is going to be the second coming we’ve been waiting for, but it’s hard with the Verizon 32GB S4 around the corner.

  • Brandon McLamb

    Motorola is past due for a new device but I wasn’t looking for a “mid to low-range device” to replace my Bionic but depending on how “incredibly low” the price is I may just get one to hold me over til something better comes. Afterall, I’m going to be paying out-of-pocket since I plan to keep unlimited data.

  • thelolotov

    Dear Motorola,

    Just tell me if it has a keyboard so I can decide whether or not to care about it.


  • Higher_Ground

    my thoughts? Don’t use the phrase “make the magic happen” 😛
    But seriously, we’ve been down this road before. Targa/Bionic, the RAZR HD, and for 2013, the X phone. Take a hint from the rest of the smartphone manufacturers and release your phones before the start of summer. If they are good they will still be relevant come Christmas.

  • bananatroll


    Is it safe to assume that Motorola is done making DROID devices? I would think that to be the case with their new ownership, and DROID needs to be put out of its misery. Here’s to hoping HTC is the last one left on that sinking ship!


    • Steve Benson

      Amen, the Droid name is tainted forever…far too many lackluster devices over the past two years.

    • Never thought I’d say those words, much less agree with the sentiment.

      • bananatroll

        The og droid was an awesome phone. I’ll give credit where its due!

        But those days are since past.

        RIP Og D1

    • Albert Reyna

      as long the razr line keeps going 🙂 love that hardware!

  • blaine

    I remember when Motorola build a 1.5 million square foot manufacturing plant in my hometown of Harvard, IL and then closed it a few years later. Bunch of schmucks.

  • Brian Sargent

    I would love for Moto to convince me not to get the GS4. As it stands, I love the HTC1 but its not coming to VZW. GS4 looks nice but bloated does not begin to describe the device when it comes to unnecessary extras. Might give Moto a shot but they really need to give some details about the phone. Will not be pleased if I wait til the end of the summer and find out that the phone is garbage.

  • Geoff Johnson

    So glad I returned my S4, now I can’t wait to get this!

  • Oh yeah! I agree with the idea that there is a coincidence

  • Sirx

    So should we all get together and bake Bionic an apology cake? Or do we all give him/her/it one individually, or…?

  • Viet Hoang-Tran

    Droid 5!!!

    • Bionic


  • jer85008

    Better be late summer. My upgrade is due on July 28th. Please don’t F this up Moto. Still holding out some hope.

  • Vasanth

    expected to kick on after the take over by Google. Hope its happening .

  • Yep

    Tim242 & Austin warren: I hope you two will be man enough to apologize to bionic for all the crap you’ve given him.

  • Trevor

    Hmm, looks like my time with my extremely recently purchased S4 may be short…

  • Bionic

    Yanno that X files movie that was titled “X files: I want to believe”

    well moto

    X phone: I want to believe. Dont let us down.

    • J

      Curious: so how many devices are there and when do you think they will come out? So there’s a smaller one and a larger one?

      • droidrazredge

        according to the press release one of the devices, smaller one, will be coming out this summer! According to the D11 the second device will be coming out this Fall.

        • J

          So which one do I ditch my VZW GNex for (assuming its on Verizon)??? Do I get the smaller one or wait for the big boy! hahaha

          • droidrazredge

            I would wait till this fall for the big brother of the summer one. The one in the summer will be like the Galaxy S4 Active and the Galaxy S4 Zoom, mid-ranged phones. The one this fall will most likely be high end.

          • J

            I’ll likely do the same. If you don’t mind me asking, what carrier/device are you on?

          • droidrazredge

            I’m on Verizon. I’ve been rocking my Droid Razr Maxx (OG) since July of last year because I was scared of loosing my unlimited data as I was using a 3G device prior to this, Droid X. Since Motorola recently updated my device to 4.1.2. I have no reason to be in a rush to get a new phone. I think your phone may be similar in specs to my phone as well.

      • Bionic

        We’re talking about an entire product line just like the galaxy line.

        • J

          Oh okay. But which was in Woodside’s pocket? The Moto X, right? Which one is that?? lol

          • Bionic

            i cant see in his pocket

          • J

            Ask Sarge, he MUST know

          • bananatroll

            His precious is in his pocketseees!

    • droidrazredge

      Not just the X files theme but also the DMX song “X gonna give it to ya” I’ve been having a good feeling this will be the perfect storm and Motorola is going to give it to us.

  • Bionic

    Oh and i forgot to mention, maybe the nexus brand is dead and X phone is the THIS YEARS nexus, just a thought.

    Key lime pie anyone?

    • droidrazredge

      YES YES YES! Music to my Ears! My Droid Razr Maxx (OG) will serve me well until October especially since it was updated recently.

  • TheWenger


    • Bionic


  • Bionic

    Alright guys here are my thoughts.

    The last thing we heard from sarge was that motorola was in turmoil in much the same ways HTC is, people changes, financial trouble, the whole shebang and that google simply was not happy with them. The patents have not worked out in the way google thought and now motorola tried to present a crappy version of the x phone to which google basically said “wtf is this crap?” and that is when they gave it back to motorola and some chinese lady claimed google left the program.

    Now, I do not know if google truly exited the program or not, but what I do know is that google wasnt happy, per sarge.

    Now, after hearing that and the fact that motorola had shown us nothing, this fanboy was pisseddd and over it, that is when i started considering the S4, and make no mistake, im still considering it.

    What I BELIEVE has happend, and sarge has not said this, this is my personal belief and I will wait to see if he has anything to say on it or not. I believe the 5 inch X phone was redesigned Bionic style. The main ideas they had stayed but perhaps the internal have been changed to a newer cpu such as the 800 or at least the 600, but again, just my theory.

    The CEO said they need to hire people by August, so that would mean that X phone 5 inch mass production is scheduled August. Ok great, but are they going to leak anything else or just leave us hanging?

    This motorola fanboy needs more information, we need specs from motorola, otherwise what is to prevent people from buying samsung?

    So no, i was not bullshittinggg you guys when i said I was thinking about an S4, because I still am thinking about one. However today’s CEO comments have me intrigued to say the least, what more can these sensors do?

    All of the information I have passed along has come true has it not? We are getting multiple X phones/devices like sarge said.

    Again, i believe the 5 inch has been redesigned but I need confirmation on that.

    Those of you accusing me of bullshittingggg you I can assure is not the case I am not doing this to piss people off, im doing this because moto products have been great to me and I want others to share in that.

    Will I buy an S4 this month? Im not sure, I think im going to TRY to wait, but motorola has a lot to prove to me and you as well. If they were smart, they would leak more information, and quickly.

    • Ian Smith

      ummm yeah, if you could just get the whole “per sarge” phrase out of your vocabulary, that’d be great. but here – have an upvote bud.

      • Bionic

        If i dont put that, it makes me look like the source, which im not.

        • Geoff Johnson

          You could just say “per my sources”, why do you call him Sarge?

          • nvitone23

            there is a reason…

          • Bunch of butt buddies. Get off each others D’s.

          • nvitone23

            no one likes you

          • LiterofCola

            You’re still an idiot

          • Bionic

            cuz that is his nickname, why do you care so much? Do you like information or not? If not, stop reading

          • Geoff Johnson

            If that’s his nickname, then I assume other people know him as “Sarge” as well, so wouldn’t that get him into trouble?

          • Bionic

            no, it wouldnt, cuz its not his real name, its his nick name on the interwebs

  • droidrazredge

    So just a thought, I suppose nobody noticed yet that October marks the season for a very special line of smartphones that are in their 4th Generation at the moment…….Could the “Hero Device” be a Nexus phone ?

    • justin

      Moto just issued a press release saying it’s coming this summer. BAM

      • droidrazredge

        Isn’t that just for the XFON Ghost not the Hero Device ?

        • justin

          Who knows! haha, let’s hope it’s ASAP (with reat quality!)

        • Bionic

          yes those are all ghost

        • YouSeeLA11

          Actually, XT1055 is a Motorola tablet, the rest are Ghost model numbers, for Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon, in the order you mentioned. There will be a T-Mobile version too passing shortly through the FCC, along with a global (Brazil) version.

          Some are saying the Ghost could come with a quad-core…Moto X has an S4 Prime clocked between 1.7 GHz and 2.0 GHz as of now.

      • Bionic

        could easily be ghost

        • justin

          We shall see!

    • Bionic


  • justin

    Is anyone else waiting around for 11pm ET for Bionic to announce he will no longer be getting an S4 (is he getting one, because I can remember)?

    • droidrazredge

      lololol I am. I’ve been waiting for it sense I first read this post from Kellex

  • snowmanjack


  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    none of this get me hyped then the entire device leaks and gets delayed 5x stuff tho.

    Going along the rumor of a touch enabled back, the whole pants thing would make sense.

    New sensors + how google combined code for some sensors? (or whatever they did to advance gps and motion detection) sounds good.

  • DroidSinceDay1

    nvitone23 swinging from the sack lmao

    • nvitone23

      just another one jealous that I know what you don’t…haters gonna hate

    • nvitone23

      how about you find a hobby instead of b*tching about me…you have two comments, and they are both hating on me, I must be doin something right

  • Guest

    Oh, how I hope Motorola doesn’t start playing the 1080p game.

    • motomaniac

      Moto X will be 720p

      • YouSeeLA11

        Nah, Moto X will be a 5″ 1080p flagship…the Ghost/XFON will be ~4.7″ 720p with on-screen buttons

  • justin

    If it is not on Verizon, a tear will be shed. A very large tear.

  • justin

    If it is not on Verizon, a tear will be shed. A very large tear.

  • DroidSinceDay1

    nvitone23 shut up man damn. u sound like a lil crybaby sissy defending Bionic and Sarge. this fool is “in the know” yall better respect it bahahahaha Lame

    • nvitone23

      find a hobby bro…

  • tuan

    the verge is saying that the X phone is going to released this summer…..

    • tuan

      Moto has made an official statement and it says available this summer.

    • BrianLipp

      they also said Moto said carriers are “excited about it” and i hope to GOD that one of those carriers is Verizon. You hear that Verizon?? DONT PASS UP THIS PHONE EVEN IF YOU CANT PLASTER IT WITH DROID BRANDING!

      • droidrazredge

        Motorola and Verizon always like to make love! This will be on Verizon for sure!

      • droidrazredge

        Motorola and Verizon always like to make love! This will be on Verizon for sure!

  • Michael


  • My upgrade is waiting.

  • schwartzman93

    Motorola just made a press release saying that it will be out this summer http://mediacenter.motorola.com/News-Bytes/Moto-X-The-First-Smartphone-Assembled-in-the-USA-3c2e.aspx

  • NemaCystX
  • Bizzle9

    Reading Woodside’s comments, it really appears that the Moto X phone is aiming to be an inexpensive, low-to-mid-range device. The leaked XFON images and specs seem to corroborate that fact.

    So I ask, why are people excited about that? I find that pretty disappointing.

    • Pete Labozetta

      Hope you don’t take offense to this, but it seems like you’re the only one interpreting Woodside’s comments like that. Not saying you won’t be correct, but I was one of the folks who were under the impression that the “Hero” phone he was speaking about would have top of the line specs and other innovations. It wouldn’t shock me if the low-to-mid range device that we’ve seen pass through the FCC is an entirely different phone.

      • Bizzle9

        Honestly, I hope you’re right.

  • Michael1234

    To S4, or not to S4, that is the question

  • Yupppp

    Bionic should have been on the freaking panel for this interview.

  • Chris

    Nice. A product thats made here in the states where it should. Better quality and an over all better phone.

    • cb2000a

      I have to admit I might consider this over the Note 3. I like supporting products made here (70 percent is good enough). This has the potential of being a very well made phone and I really really hope it has an unlocked boot loader.

  • Bionic

    voice to text on my Bionic sucks so I’m not going to say can make my comments but it home I will post something around 11 p.m. Eastern Time its not like I have any ground breaking news but I will just give you my thoughts on why I was about to band and abandon ship and why I might wait now

    • finch300

      so.. no gs4?

      • droidrazredge

        My how much a difference 24 hours make

  • WestFiasco

    Hm, i’m not sure if this is too late or not.

  • motomaniac

    It will still have kevlar and nano coating FYI

  • S9779

    Fantastic I would love to buy more American made tech

  • Rodeojones000

    But so many people on here were telling me it wasn’t real.

    Seriously, though, unless this turns out to be a complete failure like the Bionic, or unless Google releases a VZW compatible Nexus in the next few months, this’ll probably be my next phone. If the mid-spec device we’ve been seeing is less than $300 off-contract I’ll probably get one to hold me over until this game-changer is actually released. Either way, I’m excited to read about a potential high-end Android phone that isn’t the lackluster (in my opinion) S4 or the ugly HTC One.

    • Chris

      Things change. Rumors change. No one knows till it comes out….

      Google won’t do another nexus till the actual new nexus comes out. end of story.

      and ugly HTC one? I guess if you like a glitter back full of plastic maybe…

  • USAallDay

    an American made smartphone? Sign me up, I don’t even care if it has blur all over it, I just want a phone that’s made here rather than by 3 year olds.

    • eli


      • Chris

        He didn’t mention race.He just said 3 year olds

        • eli

          i know. I agree with him, but I rarely get the oppertunity to use that gif…..so I did.

    • Tyler

      Motoblur is dead my friend. The new ui is very close to stock.

  • Rolando Marrero

    They had me at made in USA! As long as specs are comparable.

    • droidrazredge

      I know how you feel! I thought the same thing.