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Google Calendar Update Includes Custom Colors, New Appointments UI

google calendar1

Google is on a roll today. After having announced the new Gmail and a Google Apps Admin app, they are pushing out updates to Google Music and now Google Calendar. The Calendar update finally brings custom color choices to your appointments via mobile, includes fancy new redesigned date and time pickers, and even an updated timezone picker. Last, they made scheduling repeating events easier. The update may only be available to those running Android 4.2.1 or higher.

The update is technically live, but Google’s new app rollout feature is being put to use so not everyone can grab it at this time. It should be available to all over the course of the day. 

google calendar2

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Via:  Android Blog

  • itsgonnalast

    When I create an event, now I see this. Very weird.

  • triumphtriple

    That time selection method is the best thing ever! So intuitive and so much faster than the old method!

  • nhlpreds98

    Still no Copy Event 🙁 How hard can that be.

  • Steve Benson

    What the F? Still no update on my Gnex or Nexus 7? So far not a big fan of this staggered roll out…

  • Ben Davis

    Downloading the update on my Razr M running 4.1.2.

  • Redsun

    I stopped using Google Calendar when they killed Sync between it and Outlook on my desktop. Too bad.

  • Smeckle

    Still waiting…

  • a.d.AM

    Still no update in the AM. This is some rollout!!!!

  • saint_stephen

    Is that set of colors from the web interface? Downloaded the APK on my Nexus 4 and have maybe half of those.

    • saint_stephen

      Or are more available once you get the revamped interface for your web calendar as well? Is that getting updated with Gmail?

  • About time we get the ability to change calendar colors… should have had this from the beginning.

  • duke69111

    I have not seen updates for any of the new google apps today.

    • ElectroGadget

      Same here. I even downloaded the calendar APK from this thread, and it’s STILL the old version! What in the hell is going on? I’m running CM10.1 (4.2.2)

  • ddevito

    Anyone else find it odd that 4.3 nor any of these app updates were even previewed at I/O??

    • msnight04

      No, not really. I/O this year really seemed to focus on developer needs and not the wants of the general public. It is a developer conference after all so I don’t have a problem with it.

      • ddevito

        Developers care about a new Android version – very much so actually. Even the most subtle change in UI/UX elements can mean lots of changes to apps – especially 3rd party apps.

        I didn’t have a problem with it, I just find it rather odd that these updates are rolling out two weeks after I/O.

        • msnight04

          I remember reading an article just after I/O ended discussing how Google specifically left 4.3 out of the announcements because they wanted to show how much they can affect Android without needing to update the OS itself. Considering OS updates are hard to roll out to the mass public due to manufacturers and carriers, it makes sense that Google display its ability to control the user experience directly. According to rumors, 4.3 isn’t that big of a change so showing it off wasn’t necessarily a priority.

  • Damien Luna

    i dont get it…i went and downloaded the app and it has todays date as the new release but it looks like the plain old calendar app i already have on my phone no way does it look like the photos above 🙁

    • c_topher_v

      Same here

      • Fabio

        I have a Motorola Bionic and the new calendar just launches the old calendar. NO CHANGE! I’m getting the iPhone 5. 🙂

    • msnight04

      From what I can tell in screenshots, the overall app looks the same. When you create a new appointment from the app, does it begin looking like the pics in this article?

    • Fabio

      If you go to apps you will find the new one but in my case launches the functional yet boring old app.

      • Damien Luna

        download the one from shawn parks his post is next to mine it worked for me

    • Christian

      What version of Android are you guys on? All of my devices are on 4.2.2 and the same thing is happening to me…I don’t get it :/

      • Damien Luna

        i have an aokp rom on my galaxy s3 and its 4.2.2, the apk file that Shawn Parks posted worked for me.

  • T

    Maybe an update for Hangouts now? PLEASE!

  • Shawn Parks

    Calendar apk: http://goo.gl/i7Zfx

    • saint_stephen

      Thank you!

    • michael arazan

      Thank you

    • cwalton3

      thank you for posting!

    • Damien Luna

      thank you this apk worked for me the one on google play store doesnt.

    • You are the effing man

  • wordmoss

    Love how the version number is a date from 6+months ago.

    • Kuyam

      Its 20130528 so it’s not half a year ago 🙂

      • Still waiting for the update. I’m still on the 201212060 build.

  • Joshua Peters

    Does this come close to business calendar?

  • Jim B

    Does anyone know if the update will allow you to sync appointments more than one year in advance?

  • mike

    Until they solve the time zone issue in google calendar everything else is worthless

    • Unless you are 99% of the population that doesn’t need that function.

  • Paul

    This may be a repeat post because Disqus sucks. But here it is again just in case:

    Soo… the article says custom appointment colors are for 4.2.1+ only. But I’m running 4.1.2 on my GNex and can definitely change appointment colors, or leave them the calendar default.

    To clarify, I’m not talking about changing the appointment to a different colored calendar, I can actually change the individual appointment’s color.

  • Guest

    Soo… the article says custom appointment colors are for 4.2.1+ only. But I’m running 4.1.2 on my GNex and can definitely change appointment colors, or leave them the calendar default.

    To clarify, I’m not talking about changing the appointment to a different colored calendar, I can actually change the individual appointment’s color.

  • So kind of unrelated, but what the heck is with this rollout feature? Why introduce rollouts when updating apps before were instant and didn’t have any issues? Or am I missing something?

    It’s really annoying when a super neat update is announced but you can’t use it indefinitely until the system finally decides you’re next. It makes no sense to me.

    Someone enlighten me.

    • sirmeili

      It allows them to minimize risk if a bug gets pushed that they aren’t aware of. This way if it is found by say the first few thousand that get it, they can halt the rest of the roll-out, fix the issue, and re-release.

      It is also a way to help minimize how many users hit the servers for download.

      I don’t see an issue with it. The update will get to you eventually, it just might take a day or two before you get it.

      • That makes sense. I figured it may have had something to do with server load or something, but minimizing potential bug report outbreaks is a great thing for developers, for sure.

        *sigh* I suppose I can wait a day or two. 😉

        I just get excited, you know?

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      The idea behind a tiered rollout is twofold: 1.) the (frankly likely) possibility that there could be a major, app- or system-breaking bug that they somehow missed. In which case, they’ll hear about it pretty quickly, and they can either stop and roll back the update or fix it before it inconveniences the vast majority of users; and 2.) to reduce the impact on the Google update servers, which are likely being hammered nowadays with 700k+ apps being updated on the regular (well, some of them), and 900 million Android devices accessing Google Play.

  • Ugh, they still didn’t fix the issue with creating a new event from the month view, which defaults it to all day. But then when you de-select all day it makes the appointment from midnight to midnight creating a multi-day event. This trips up my wife all the time. If you have all day selected, then de-select it, it should put the start time at the current time with a duration of an hour (or half hour or whatever) rather than putting the start time at midnight and the duration for a whole day.

    My suggestion is exactly how the web interface works.

  • brkshr

    In my opinion, Google is definitely headed in the right direction with their UI design.

    • EC8CH

      thank the guy in the funny shirt

      • Jarom Bradshaw

        Yeah, Matias Duarte has really shaped the new Android design.

  • Mudokon83

    Anyone else HATE the google calendar widget? I’ve been using JORTE calendar widget, since it can show a whole month but still show small text for what each appointment is each day.

    • brkshr

      I’m good with the calendar widget. A week out works fine for me. I could definitely see how others could use more options/time lengths though & I would welcome that as well.

    • The aesthetic of it isn’t working for me. But it’s certainly functional. I wish there were a widget to show me the next 7 days all the time in a calendar format (horizontal).

    • Geoff Johnson

      I just wish it was more detailed, like Business Calendar.

    • Matt

      My biggest complaint is I can’t filter which calendar shows in the agenda widget. I only want to see MY calendar there, but on the full calendar, the other calendars can be displayed.

  • Looks good. But what’s this about a Music update?

  • JetBlue

    Curse you Samsung for taking your time with 4.2 for the Note 2. (I’d install a custom ROM that had 4.2 but I’m waiting for PA with Halo to come out)

  • Chezitman

    I’m…I’m in love.

  • Daniel

    pfft, pretty much no calendar app on any platform is as good as Business Calendar and it’s month view with text and month-view widget

    • Mudokon83

      jorte is very similar and free.

  • Jaxon Wright

    wow that looks………beautiful!