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Download: New Google Play Store 4.1.10

google play 4.1.10

A new version of Google Play has begun to rollout in stages to devices as build 4.1.10. The previous build that was released publicly was 4.1.6, so with such a small jump you can imagine this to be pretty minor. We just received it, so we’re still digging around looking for changes. Should you notice any, be sure to drop them in the comments. 

Download Link [mirror]

Cheers FAL_Fan!

  • sharad kalokhe

    Delete my play store

  • coolsilver

    Any way to add the My Apps button and not hit menu? Still not updated for me.

  • valapsp

    Package file is invalid not fixed yet. Shame on you Google.

  • r00t4rd3d

    How come we have to download these updates from some sketchy uploader and not Google?

  • Govinda Shetty

    This update has fixed the issue for millions of HTC users who were having location issues since their last update.

  • Justin Winker

    @Kellex – This fixes the HTC Location Services issue. Not sure why it’s updated through the Play Store, but my Location Services (for Google Now) work correctly after the update, and others have reported the same on the article over at Android Police.

  • That Guy

    Newb here, why does this update not work on my iPhone?

  • I Don’t really care too much for this small update, especially since there’s no changelog. Gimme the new Gmail 🙂

  • Derek

    Apps are auto adding to home screens even when the setting is off.

    • Steve Benson

      Are you using Nova?

    • bucwylde23

      Latest Nova launcher update started this. I was scratching my head to figure it out and happened to see it one day digging through Nova settings.

    • Spider210

      mine is doing the same thing! hopefully this fixes it

    • MyStroPro

      Yep – you must be using Nova Launcher.

      Nova Settings -> New Apps -> Auto-add Shortcuts

      I’m not really sure why they added a feature when the Play store already had the option to though.

  • Newton Antony

    im still waiting for android 4.3

    • Blue Sun

      To the back of the line for you!

  • superjojo29

    thanks for your invaluable contribution

  • Does this separate updates and manual updates (permission changes) like use to? that ticked me off they took that way there are a couple apps im not updating and it always showed them in Manual Updates and I could still use Update All for my others.


  • Michael

    The build number kinda bugged me. Even though I understand it, it seems like they went backwards from 4.1.6 to 4.1.1. I understand that it’s version 10 but seems misleading.

    • mechapathy

      I really don’t understand what you’re saying here. 10 is bigger than 6. I read the whole number…

      • Geoff Johnson

        He’s saying that at quick glance 4.1.10 looks older than 4.1.6, since we see the 1 before the 0, and usually software versions are shortened, so version 4.1.1 is really 4.1.10000000000… Usually when software gets above x.x.9 the previous number goes up and becomes for instance 4.2.0.

        • mechapathy

          It just seems like an asinine thing to complain about.

          • asinine or not its wrong. if they wanted it to be 4.1.10 they should have started with 4.1.01 not 4.1.1

            You dont count decimal points with zeros on the end else the 0s would be always repeating

          • mechapathy

            This isn’t math, it’s software versioning. There are a thousand ways to do it. None of them are wrong.

          • Royal2000H

            There are a thousand ways to do it. All* of them are wrong.

          • mechapathy

            It’s just that a decimal in a software version does not signify what a decimal does in mathematics.

          • Michael

            Someone who understand fully what I’m saying

        • Michael


        • nope

          Not always if they use the second decimal as a major rev number.

          4 (os version?)
          1 (major version?)
          .9 (minor verson?)

  • T4rd

    Probably still doesn’t show purchased apps. >(

    • Josh Haug


  • big007hed

    I wish they would update Google Search so my location services stuff would work in Google Now! Droid DNA

    • Dude

      Yes! Agreed!

    • Justin Winker

      This update actually does just that… Open the Play Store after you update it, restart after about 1-2 minutes, then it should all work correctly.

      • big007hed

        Thank you that fixed it. Good call!!!

  • EC8CH

    I feel kinda dirty now… like I just checked out a tranny… but I’ma go with it.

    • EvanTheGamer

      That’s not even funny. lol

      • mustbepbs

        It’s hilarious, actually.

    • mustbepbs

      One thing to keep in mind: it alters system files, so OTAs will likely fail should you accept one.

      • EC8CH

        Tranny’s mess with your system files?

        That’s one way to put it.

        • Nav buttons -> HTC First -> Trannies -> System files. That’s a complete day.

          • EC8CH

            Just another day livin’ the Droid-Life.

          • NemaCystX

            lol what a brown noser

          • EC8CH

            pink noser

            THIS…. IS…. DROID-LIFE

          • EvanTheGamer

            Same thing. Kiss arse.


      • really? would unistalling the app fix that tho?

        • mustbepbs

          Unsure. I know that when you mess with the system files and when the OTA does the verification it’ll fail.

        • Michael Lierman

          What? Are you serious right now? Of course not. You have to undo the modification before you uninstall an app. If you buy a power tool and take out some drywall, does the drywall come back by getting rid of the power tool? Of course not. The app is just a tool.

          • James

            What was your purpose of that comment? Like what was your intent? It would seem like it was to answer my question and be helpful but why do it like a huge dick? Like, you dont have to help me, but you can if you want. So if you choose to, why do it like that? Wow.

          • James

            The funny thing is you are wrong in a lot of ways, and your analogy is terrible. I download apps all the time, and remove them yet they’ve left traces all over that i find in File Explorer.

    • optimiss


  • philnolan3d

    Click the Download link above from your phone / tablet.
    Edit: Sorry I misunderstood the question.

    • EC8CH

      ummmm no.